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    coarse angling, 4wheel drive,f1 motor racing
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  1. guinness

    Newbie - What's a CL site ?

    hi there looks a nice site is that a fishing lake behind you if so could you possibly let me know the name of this site pls . regards Martin
  2. guinness

    1990 Bessacarr questions

    tried to join on swift forum made sense to me as they have a joining section on there.
  3. guinness

    1990 Bessacarr questions

    Hope you have better luck with bessacarr owners club than I have had been waiting about nine months now to join and am still waiting thinking about giving up .
  4. guinness

    Decent microfibre cloths?

    used these for years no problems at all would highly recommend buy in bulk last forever get good deals at this time of year
  5. guinness

    cycle lanes/paths

    where we live it is approx. 2 miles to town all covered by a cycle path and 2 way traffic so why do most of the cyclists ride on the road? and Borussia yes we do have cycle paths on the pavement in some towns and as for lunatics couldn't agree with you more think there all in our county lol.
  6. guinness

    cycle lanes/paths

    After yet another cycle rage attack is it not about time that cycles were taxed (or had some registration details visible) wore high visibility of some sort, and were insured and can somebody tell me why the minority do not use lanes/paths or do they just have a death wish. before anybody queries I do not hate cyclists
  7. guinness

    Antisocial awning

    We have a windbreak that reaches from front to back of the caravan body which we had made so that our dogs could have somewhere to play but we always tell people either side of us that we are not being unsociable, then it is up to them if they Talk or not we are not going to lose any sleep over it.
  8. Maybe we caravanners ought to start wild camping then we could get all the caravan sites to shut and that will take the unemployment total sky high seems to me that a lot of these motorhomers are just plain selfish and do not want to put there hands in there pockets but will be the first to complain if it all goes tits up , maybe the cl/cs owners should start charging motorhomes not using there sites for use of the facilities the one's we have spoken too do not seem to earn a lot out of there site anyway so could be more income for them and as for those that shop at supermarkets, when the local shops close down you will be the first to moan and I speak from experience as we live in a village where this has happened not brought on by us though can't beat local produce .
  9. guinness

    information pls

    has any one heard of campsitechatter. com please or is this a scam thx
  10. exactly right keep what we have no debt
  11. we went and bought nothing lol
  12. personally I always think that you get what you pay for in which case I would always go for an Isabella/ventura . you can buy one new or obtain one used from the auction sites it depends on the size you are looking for Isabella minor/magnum or ventura cadet/marlin hope this helps regards Martin
  13. guinness

    double skillet

    Hi all hoping you can help me out here about ten years ago we bought a double skillet from a firm called d&f promotions at the nec show have been trying to contact them to no avail have been on there website to see if they are doing any shows but nearest date I can get is 2010 tried email but keeps coming back mailbox full so knowing how good you guys are on here thought I would ask you by the way the skillet is brilliant, ideal for caravanning take care guys and gals regards Martin
  14. guinness

    Hosepipe ban

    why not use showroom shine polish does not need water as you do not need to wash car/caravan first or go onto ideal world shopping channel (freeview 22 www. idealworld. tv) as they also have a waterless cleaner on there hope this helps regards Martin
  15. We were supposed to be away on a rally at Applewood country park with our local club on Thursday night I wAS taken ill with gastro interitus, my partner phoned the club marshall to inform him we would not be attending the rally and he in turn said he hoped I would be better soon and thank you for letting him know . This was all done on Friday morning today Saturday I have just received a phone call from our chairman to inform me very apoligetically that I was going to have to pay the full amount for the rally as the site does not accept cancellations, so thought I would look through there website and can find no mention of this anywhere your thoughts on this please . regards Martin