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  1. guinness

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Just returned from a week away landed at Luton collected car looked at fuel gauge just come onto the red so thought not enough to get us home had to proceed north bound on the M1 so thought Toddington services only need about £25 to get home safely, now I realise services are dear but £1.49 litre for diesel is really extracting the urine but then standard diesel only premium £1.59 so only put in £10 moral of story make sure you have enough for your journey and do not use BP motor way services rip off merchants Martin
  2. guinness

    Alde Header tank pump

    HI Garry if it is the one that fits into the header tank alde do not sell the spares but you can obtain them from a firm believe they are called leisure outlet based in Ilfracombe north devon they are on the alde web site but I will warn you they are not cheap we purchased one in 2017 and it was £127 with 24/48 hrs DPD delivery hope this helps you Martin leisureshopdirect.com 01271 862349
  3. guinness

    jockey wheel

    In the CMC magazine this month February page 85 there is an advert for kartt jockey wheels has anybody used one of these and if so could I have there thoughts on them pls. Martin
  4. guinness

    sutton bank A170

    Hi Geoff thanks a lot for the info much appreciated. Martin
  5. guinness

    sutton bank A170

    Hi Geoff the site is cherry tree park, station road, nawton any thoughts on site would be welcome as we are going on rally with local club Martin
  6. guinness

    sutton bank A170

    Has anybody tried the alternative route as I understand caravans prohibited on this hill and could you possibly tell me what route to take . We are going to Nawton. Thanks Martin
  7. guinness

    Roadside Signs for Club Rallies

    make your own blank number plate with stick on letter/number or most car spares shops will make them for you or ebay
  8. guinness

    Fishing site

    also has a cl site with shower and toilet alongside regards Martin
  9. guinness

    Newbie - What's a CL site ?

    hi there looks a nice site is that a fishing lake behind you if so could you possibly let me know the name of this site pls . regards Martin
  10. guinness

    1990 Bessacarr questions

    tried to join on swift forum made sense to me as they have a joining section on there.
  11. guinness

    1990 Bessacarr questions

    Hope you have better luck with bessacarr owners club than I have had been waiting about nine months now to join and am still waiting thinking about giving up .
  12. guinness

    Decent microfibre cloths?

    used these for years no problems at all would highly recommend buy in bulk last forever get good deals at this time of year
  13. guinness

    cycle lanes/paths

    where we live it is approx. 2 miles to town all covered by a cycle path and 2 way traffic so why do most of the cyclists ride on the road? and Borussia yes we do have cycle paths on the pavement in some towns and as for lunatics couldn't agree with you more think there all in our county lol.
  14. guinness

    cycle lanes/paths

    After yet another cycle rage attack is it not about time that cycles were taxed (or had some registration details visible) wore high visibility of some sort, and were insured and can somebody tell me why the minority do not use lanes/paths or do they just have a death wish. before anybody queries I do not hate cyclists
  15. guinness

    Antisocial awning

    We have a windbreak that reaches from front to back of the caravan body which we had made so that our dogs could have somewhere to play but we always tell people either side of us that we are not being unsociable, then it is up to them if they Talk or not we are not going to lose any sleep over it.