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  1. Agree with Joanie reverse then drive forward a short space seems to free everything up always works for us. Martin
  2. Crikey Andy that is an eye opener stay safe and take care hope everyone gets well soon. artin
  3. Many years ago we had been to Spain for a holiday on our return came to customs and as we went through the green channel and was passing through just happened to notice a woman in the red channel with one of those hard type suitcase with the lid open full of Dunhill cigarettes must have been a heavy smoker don't know how many ciggies you could pack into large suitcase but should think a couple of thousand would not be a problem there stood beside her with a big grin on his face was the custom officer must had made his day. Another time when i was a coach driver had been to France and Bel
  4. I have to agree with Andy on this one i too think we will be in full lockdown again tomorrow and yes fine them with a heavy fine £1000 sounds good to me also name and shame them and print number plates as well then the whole country will know who these covid idiots are no sympathy at all. Martin
  5. My dream car, had 3 triumph 2.5 pi 1971,1973,1974 and absolutely loved them, i am so jealous dgreaves you would not believe it don't think there is much chance now since retirement been driving nissan navara second car being shanksy pony still wow when i see stag on the road other half thinks i'm mad but there you go it's my dream not her's. Martin
  6. I feel that the tier 4 area should have been brought in straight away as now you have all these people trying to get away from these areas and taking all the people who unknowingly/willingly have the virus dragging it everywhere in the country according to the news trains will not be having the 2 metre rule as there are now too many passengers just about says it all . Get ready for a full lockdown again after Christmas. Martin
  7. We are in the same position gone from tier 1 today to tier 3 tomorrow so we went and done a big meat shop yesterday not good . take care stay safe Martin
  8. Oh my god Gamages that use to be our Christmas treat go and visit father Christmas, board the bus from east ham to holborn it was a lovely day out thanks for reminding me of the lovely childhood memories shame the children now will never be able to do this .The other shop was Hamleys the toy shop in regent street which i believe is still there fantastic times no money but who cared. regards Martin
  9. Would it have been a better idea to ask the general public wether to stay in lockdown or not as it appears there are a lot of people who do not wish to take a chance and will stay at home or is it like the caravan industry who do there own thing and do not bother about what the punter thinks. Martin
  10. Well looks like the majority of us agree lets stay in lockdown so covidididiots take note THIS MEANS YOU . Martin
  11. As it is a possability though not very likely, that we could be in lockdown over Christmas how many people think this would be a good thing to rid us of this damn pandemic answers on a Christmas card please . Martin
  12. my tyre fitter reckons just as good as bfg
  13. Just changed my tyres (4) cooper at3 s the last one's had 50000 on them so why change what you already know are good . Martin
  14. £67000 fine obey the rules there there for a reason sorry no sympathy. Martin
  15. Where we live in lincolnshire there is a cycle/pedestrian path for 2to3 miles from our village to town we have lived here for 28 years have i seen 28 cyclists use it in all that time have i hell as like our next door neighbour is a cyclist when i asked him what he thought of the path he replied i wanna stay alive i'll keep using the path i think the cyclists not using cycle paths are just tired of living or have a death wish and there hand signals or should i say finger are just unbelieveable .
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