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  1. There really are some sad people on here I do not have to name them we all know who I am talking about if all you have to write is negative information and ignore all the advice that is being given out then you really are an idiotic lunatic who ought to save his breath (anyway you might need it) just shut up before you cause something you might regret (suicide) this is a very serious situation and quite a few people are very worried about it just (foul language removed) off and go and play with yourself somewhere else. To all our N H S staff you are doing a great job Thank you. Martin
  2. So is caravanning classed as a leisure activity if so then that's the end for us for at least 12 weeks me thinks boohoo boohoo boohoo only good point is swmbo has laid out her plans 2 sheds 1 summerhouse and 30+ fence panels all need painting I will need to get away by the end of that lot .
  3. some people just do not know when to keep there mouths shut what would we do without Jaydug's blogs keep up the good work and take care Jaydug. Martin
  4. failing all this you could try giving sergeants a ring they do most of the panels for swift caravans. 01482 881655 Martin
  5. Minibus and 7.5 ton licence medical over 70 years has to be every year . If you are not using them why do you wish to keep them save your money I gave mine up last year at 71 regards Martin
  6. Tonic water ice and a slice that's me better safe than sorry if someone has an accident with me and smells of alcohol I would have no qualms about asking police to attend wether injuries received or not. Martin
  7. Hi all and a happy new year to you all. I am led to believe that the drink driving law has changed in that it has been decreased from 35 to ? hoping that some of the police/ex traffic officers on here can enlighten us on what the limit is now me personally i think it should be 0 that way there is no excuse anyway if you drink and drive you only spill it lol. Martin
  8. Sounds like your control panel has packed up give alde a ring they are usually good and should be able to help you out. Martin
  9. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and cloughie take it easy and think of the money you will save not drinking lol Martin
  10. Hi Gary we joined 3 years ago but everytime we booked a rally they cancelled it the other thing we did not like was that if the rally was 7 days you could not just book for 3/4 days without paying full rally fee think it is a case of the only way you can find out is to join for a year and give it a try .we no longer belong to it but that was our choice . Hope this helps Martin
  11. All cyclists should have lights fitted bit like cars back in the 1950's heaters were a fitted extra the other thing that really annoys me is that we have a 2-3 mile cycle track on an A road (A15) do they use it cause they do not if you see 10 cyclists in a week using it you are lucky are these people stupid or are they just tired of living the cycle lanes are there for there safety .To those of you using the lanes thank you at least you are safe. Martin
  12. Hi you could try Sargent electrical PHONE NO 01 482 881655 Martin
  13. We use a Pro-tec cover hardly weighs anything and keeps the front clean but a friend of ours tod us that he had been told by his dealer to leave it on in storage to stop the front panel going dim hope this helps. Martin
  14. If you are member of caravan club could try twit toos cl at skegness shower and toilet on site and all hard standing, fully serviced pitches nice peaceful site.
  15. e93a first car I ever owned cost me £35 good old days when we used to do all our own repairs even lying in the gutter to do work underneath , good old days and good music as well.
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