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  1. I am an ex coach driver as well and tacho is the way I work our trips out why rush and maybe have an accident especially when your retired do you have a wish to get to the pearly gates earlier than necessary.
  2. 01507 760496 Coupland caravans bessacarr agents
  3. guinness


    you could try disconnecting and reconnecting battery worked for us and not a penny spent.
  4. Hi have been using Garmin sat navs for quite a number of years and am at the moment using camper760 lmt-d had this one for approx. 3 years have had no problems at all get free updates and was originally recommended to Garmin by a person in Halfords who I had never met before who said most pilots used those so thought to myself if its used by pilots must be good so the rest is history . Hope this helps regards Martin
  5. Have a look at the Garmin range they do one for caravans (camper) which you put all the details in car and caravan length ,height width etc we bought ours from Aldi might be worth having a look at there website as they are doing caravan items from 11/04/2019 Martin
  6. we have this one was £56.oo approx. with cc discount have found it a very good piece of kit the manufacturer is Kartt jockey wheels advertised in the cc magazine.
  7. Hi and welcome I would suggest that you remove the battery take it home and charge it up regards Martin
  8. HI whereabouts did you purchase the accessories from and what was the price pls. thanks Martin
  9. there's never a policeman about when you need one it's also quite amazing how many people don't use mirrors would have thought that could make your insurance void ?
  10. Had one wouldn't have another one to many faults to mention poled awning every time have a look on ebay get some good deals on there all of ours came off there. Martin
  11. most definitely no this could make site owners review there charges and for a few of us will not be able to go out as much if at all which could possibly force sites to close as losing revenue is not a viable propersition for any buisness
  12. HI you get what you pay for Isabella/Ventura as far as I am concerned are the best awning you can get they have been around for years Kampa are ok but if you decide to go for an air awning remember you have to pitch them on level ground there are plenty of posts on here about these awnings hopefully that will help you . Martin
  13. Yes we got back home ok thanks. Just thought we could have a laugh with a change of fuel I thought it would lighten things up but there you go can't please everybody lol Martin
  14. Just returned from a week away landed at Luton collected car looked at fuel gauge just come onto the red so thought not enough to get us home had to proceed north bound on the M1 so thought Toddington services only need about £25 to get home safely, now I realise services are dear but £1.49 litre for diesel is really extracting the urine but then standard diesel only premium £1.59 so only put in £10 moral of story make sure you have enough for your journey and do not use BP motor way services rip off merchants Martin
  15. HI Garry if it is the one that fits into the header tank alde do not sell the spares but you can obtain them from a firm believe they are called leisure outlet based in Ilfracombe north devon they are on the alde web site but I will warn you they are not cheap we purchased one in 2017 and it was £127 with 24/48 hrs DPD delivery hope this helps you Martin leisureshopdirect.com 01271 862349
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