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  1. we have a 2008 625 awning size 1068 so it would be a 1050 hope this helps Martin
  2. try googling caravan breakers they should be able to help Martin
  3. Thanks everyone for your help we now believe it to be the relay and have an idea this happened before on our previous vehicle about 5 years ago once again thanks much obliged to you . regards Martin
  4. works ok on electric not tried gas
  5. We have a 2008 besaccarr cameo 625 with fridge on lower part and freezer on top separate items, when connected to our truck 12v showing on fridge control panel all we get is a clicking noise anybody help or ideas. thx Martin
  6. 2009 Nissan Navara Aventura d40 diesel pick up auto 100008 miles 172 bhp 22/24 mpg single 17/20 mpg towing had it 4 years great towcar pulling a twin axle 1845kg not thinking of changing as does the job for us pulls like a train can't see point of fast car while national speed limit 70 mph content to plod along 55/60 suits us fine. Martin
  7. Hi Michelle we are a short distance from the Colsterworth services on the A1 but if you are going to take a break their going north bound just past the services entrance and straight on at the roundabout for a short distance there is a truckstop on the righthand side believe it is called the A1 truckstop recommend the food mmmmmmmmmmmm not sure about overnighting in layby we do it to avoid the traffic jams around York ring road. Martin
  8. Hi Michelle seem to think the café you are talking about is called the Highwaymen fantastic breakfast we usually leave home about 2200 /2400 and stop the night there in the lay by so first in for breakfast lol never come out hungry also stop there on the way home mmmmmmmmmmmmm Martin
  9. We have banner battery for car and caravan never had a problem Martin
  10. Hi Michelle and welcome to the forum just look at it this way you made a mistake but at the end of the day you are the one that has repaired it and the satisfaction and knowledge that you have obtained from this deed will make you feel so chuffed with yourself you will feel on top of the world ,good luck with your adventure and get out there and enjoy our glorious pastime/hobby. Martin
  11. Mayday for us excellent and polite service had it for 14/15 years now used them twice definitely recommend them. Martin
  12. finally a light at the end of the tunnel i'm sure I speak for most of us on the forum when i say hurrahhhhhhhhhhhh Martin
  13. Have a look at the outsunny tables on ebay all brand new just won one normal price £37.99 my price £19. 50 that was slatted size 116 x70 Martin
  14. They look great because they are great you have to be a millionaire to stop on a caravan club site if you are a pensioner like a majority of us on this forum. Martin
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