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  1. I don't know whether the AWD version has a different power shift gear box. but I do remember on my previous power shift Galaxy (front wheel drive) you would get a "hot clutch" smell occasionally from it when towing and particularly when reversing. With my current AWD Galaxy I get none of that, and I tow a heavier Caravan now.
  2. 52000 miles on my AWD power shift and have had no problems with it. Changes are still seamless and smooth. I have followed the recommended gearbox oil changes.
  3. Likewise, I’m on my second Galaxy with Powershift. The current one is also AWD. I’ve had no problems with either cars.
  4. Exactly, also black horse know I'm not happy...The dealers do say that there will be no detriment to the Caravan and will not affect its Value, I have no reason to disbelieve them.
  5. The caravan has been back to the dealers, photos sent to Elddis. Elddis has concluded that it is where the two sheets are joined and is normal that under certain lighting conditions this line will show. They say its within industry tolerance and will take no further action. Elddis also say that all Caravans has the potential to show the same line all be it in different locations. I had a little nosey around the caravan storage at other Elddis "8 series" vans and did notice a similar line all be it in different places and less prominent, although I did notice that some of the silver sided vans were quite prominent. Interestingly in the attached photo the line has kind of disappeared
  6. cause i couldn't think of anything else !! I'm confident the dealership will do the right thing for me. This is after all the forth Van I've bought from them. On the last van I managed to scratch the whole length of one side. When it went in for a service i pointed it out and asked for a quote to polish it out. They did it FOC....now that's service for you.
  7. Thanks for the replies, it’s definitely where the structural member is. I’m taking the Van back to the dealership this week and they will have a good look. Light conditions do play a part, and in the rain it disappears altogether (I shall remember to sell it only when it rains 🤔) the dealers have sent photos to Elddis for their comment.
  8. Picked up my new Avante 840 (Ex Display model) yesterday and noticed when I got home a pale line running the full length of the caravan. (hopefully the picture shows this). When I inspected the Caravan before purchasing. It being a display model we were very thorough, we did not notice this at all. Also prior to towing away a thorough inspection did not reveal this line. It wasn't until after my 90 mile journey home that it became apparent. the other side also has the same line but only just visible. It's not a scratch or, as initially thought a reflection!! Has anybody else out there had anything similar on their Caravans, in particular the Elddis Avante 8ft wide range??
  9. One option is of course to use the caravan over winter. I can’t think of a time in the last 8 years where my Caravan has stood still for more than a few months.
  10. At the Caravan storage site I've often seen various types of portable solar panels placed in the front window to (I assume) keep the battery topped up. There is even a fairly expensive suit case type placed on the floor chained to the caravan. I've often wondered if using a solar panel over the winter is effective. How may here use a panel (not fixed to the Caravan) in this way? and have you found it works ok? The last few years I have just pulled the battery from my Caravan and kept it on trickle charge over the winter.
  11. Even better, 9 year old son who loves doing the manual winding of the steadies ( at the moment 😂🤣😂)
  12. I have the AWD powertouch mover on my twin axle, and yes you can turn it on it’s axle. Occasionally I have no choice but to do this. It does scrub the tyres quite a lot, so perhaps I wouldn’t recommend a 180deg turn 😩
  13. I use https://www. locknlevel. co. uk/ works a treat.
  14. Caravan is back from its service. Forward Window hinge bar resealed. Hopefully no more high damp readings. Rest of the Caravan in good shape. Only problem now is a scratch in the fridge door (glossy back) because the table came flying out of the cupboard. My fault for not securing it properly
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