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  1. I must say that’s a fantastic overview of CLs in Scotland, Burstneraddict we will be planning our third trip to the Highlands next June and will find your notes very useful. Thank you for your posting.
  2. Hi I would never have given that a thought it being cheaper I was just thinking it would be lighter? But maybe there isn’t a lot of difference really, just trying to keep weights down. But thanks for your reply.
  3. Just looking at the advert in this months Caravan and Motorhome Mag for aquarolls and have tried to google the weight of the new aquaroll which has a thinner wall so should be lighter but can’t seem to locate it, you think they would have the weights on the website but they dont appear to be. Has anyone already done a weight comparison between the original one and the economy one, wondered what the weight save would be?
  4. Hi Stevan Thank you for your reply, well as long as it seems ok then I would much rather use the awning we have than get another.
  5. Luping98

    Non slip mat

    Would this be non slip on carpet? We have a mat just inside the van door which slips all over the place!
  6. We have the above awning and recently changed our caravan, the awning will fit but will on one side be across the window, can anyone advise if they have erected an awning across part of the window please. We really don’t want to change the awning as we only use this one for around 3 weeks each year. Any advice would be appreciated,
  7. I wonder if anyone can advise regarding the storage of these plates when towing? I have for many years put them into a plastic tub protected by bubble wrap when towing, however having just downsized to a smaller van I did wonder whether they would be ok in the upper cupboards in the metal racks? Any comments please? Cheers Linda
  8. We still have 3 years of our warranty left, but don't you feel it becomes an absolute pain having to keep taking your van in, I can't begin to tell you the list of problems we have had with this van! It's just awful.
  9. I am quite concerned about the comment made by the dealer regarding weight - sounds very much like a case for equality and discrimination could arise from comments like this being made casually!
  10. Hello. We can emphasise totally with you having purchased a Lunar Quasar in 2014 and have suffered with a range of problems from leaks, heating system for hot water stopped working, microwave needed replacing, windows at front were coming open no locking catches on front windows all in the first year and when we took it in for its 3rd service this year yet another leak and problem with the alarm system which resulted in the strip across the front top being replaced. We have an ongoing front locker leak which we were told a week ago Lunar do not have a fix for! The battery transformer packed up as well! Awful, awful customer service, what a shocking company,
  11. Has anyone else had a problem with the front locker leaking, we have pointed this out to our dealer each year whilst it is in for a service. Holes have been drilled in the bottom which was supposed to cure this, however this year we have told that Lunar do not have a fix and that most caravan front lockers leak! Having previously owned Abbey, Swift and Bailey which all never had locker leaks we were somewhat disillusioned. In fact we are extremely disappointed with our 3 year old Lunar and the list of faults and leaks would be much too long to put into this topic! Having said that if anyone has any suggestions for a cure, my husband has wondered about trying to modify the hinge sections?
  12. We currently have an Isabella Magnum porch awning and are considering changing to one of the air awnings, mainly because they look so easy to put up. However I have noticed a number of these for sale on well known sites and wondered if people were not impressed with them? Would appreciate any feedback before we go ahead and make a decision.
  13. Thanks at least you have seen a few on the road which sounds positive. Just would be useful to get some comments from someone who owns one.
  14. We are currently looking to upgrade our tow car and the Mitsubishi Outlander does appear to be right size for us. Although we have looked at one and the dealers gave us a good sales pitch, we have only seen one on the road! Does anyone have one? We would greatly appreciate any comments relating to its towing ability, reliability etc to aid us in making a decision on our next car.
  15. We received our guides this week via Vicarious books, so they must be dispatching about now. What a great benefit ACSI is super discounts on site fees off peak.
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