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  1. Thanks for the heads up. The reason I am posting is, that after 6 months, the onus is on me to prove it's a faulty van. I feel it would be a stronger case if I could cite that there are others with the same problem. I'll give them a couple more weeks then start an action against the dealer.
  2. We have an Elddis Affinity 550 bought new in May 2018. We noticed recently that the front offside corner steady did not align with the hole for the winder. Took a photo and sent to the dealer. Van was going in for other warranty work so agreed to it being fixed in January. Dealer contacted us to say that the floor is parting company with the body and would need to be returned to the factory for repair as it's unsafe to tow. Still waiting after 4 weeks to be advised when it would be fixed but dealer advises that Elddis keep requesting more information from them. Is anyone else having
  3. Had one locker with this problem. Took off the catch and found that, when the door was assembled, they had missed the pilot holes that should have been used. Simply a matter of re-positioning and it's worked fine since. Colin
  4. Same as MPG. Ordered the 3 part front protection and was quoted £53 odd. When I picked up the van they had fitted the bumpers as well but only charged the original quote. When i queried it, they said it was what was sent by Bailey. I don't use a full awning so the coverage of the awning channels is not a problem.
  5. Check if there is a small reset/test button inside the pir and try pressing it. It's at the top right of the battery holder. Solved the opposite problem we had when the alarm kept going off be itself after the setting in period.
  6. We had a problem of our pir activating after a couple of minutes of switching it on. Found there was, what appears to be, a reset button inside the case, towards the top right of the battery holder. Pressed this and the pir behaved afterwards. You could check if your model has the same and give it a try. Cheers
  7. My wife and I both have a Kindle, one them is the 3G version. We both find them fantastic. The original idea was that they would be great for for the caravan, saving on all that weight but they have actually taken over from normal books. In addition, the 3G version allows me to surf the web whilst I'm on the bus going to/from work. We've downloaded well over a 100 books, the vast majority costing less than £1 or better still free. My wife checks the Amazon site on an almost daily basis as she has found that Amazon constantly re-prices. Book's she have bought for 70 odd pence are a f
  8. Hi Scousevxr Yup. If you open up the PIR (screw located underneath) you will see a small button to the right of the battery holder, about half-way down (if I recall correctly). Hope it solves the problem. ------------------------------------------------ Ooops. Missed what you said about the square battery. Mine takes 2 AAA so looks like a different unit.
  9. I had a problem with the PIR too. The batteries had fallen out of their holder and I replced them. After that, everytime I set the alarm, the PIR would trigger after the default activation time and sound the alarm. Most annoying. Noticed a button to the right of the battery holder and pressed that. The alarm immediately went off. After that, the PIR has worked fine. I assume this button is a test/reset function so I would give it a try.
  10. To put in my tuppence worth, I'm more than happy with the Peg. It's roomy, bright and comfortable, tows well and ideally meets our needs. Yes, I have has several issues and I list them below. The van's been back to the dealer twice and mostly everythings Ok now. Problems that I would consider build issues and should have been picked up at the factory : - - One flyscreen would not pull down due to it being trapped under frame. - Kitchen flyscreen would not stay down due to wrong tension. - Draught from around fridge. - One of the front transfers had dirt under it. - Blob
  11. Our new Peg developed the same problem as Spideygirl - board had dropped. Fixed by dealer. The mechanic described how to repair it should it happen when we were away. Using a sharp knife, lever up the edges of the rectangular flush button decal. The idea, I believe, is not to fully remove it. This should give you access with a small flat blade screwdriver to level the board back into place. Haven't had to do it yet so don't know how simple in practice. Good luck.
  12. Without a doubt - although I hope to see out the 10 year guarantee first.
  13. I had the same problem. Took the van back to the dealer as part of a few bits or warranty work and the door now opens and closes really easily. There must be some way to adjust the door but I don't have a clue how it was done. I would get your dealer to fix it.
  14. We always used the Portsmouth crossings. Travelling from Edinburgh that gave us a relaxing overnight rest on the ferry then an 8 hour drive to our destination in Vendee. We preferred to stay away from the coastal sites and found a very friendly site Camping l'Eden at Montague http://www. chambresdhotesfrance. com/camping/85/domainedeleden. htm. It's where the french stay so dont expect then to try and speak english. It's a few years since we stayed there but at the time, they had an outdoor swimming pool, horse riding, fishing, hang-gliding and they ran social events, picnics, etc.
  15. This is my only gripe about the Peg. The unladen noseweight is 80kg. Add a couple of 6kg gas cylinders and the central chest and it becomes 116kg. To get the noseweight down to about 85kg, we have nothing stored forward of the fridge line other than the 2 gas cylinders and before travelling, move the chest to under the bed.
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