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  1. I suggest you visit your local dealers and look at as many models as you can to get the overall picture. John.
  2. Many thanks for your explanation Xyleth, I still don't feel in any way 'doomed' or that I'm being spied upon or controlled in any way. Nothing has occurred which would make me feel that anything sinister is afoot so I will continue to enjoy the convenience of the smart meter setup. John.
  3. This must be a problem with your supplier. The human element is at fault, not the meters. John.
  4. We have smart meters for gas and electricity. I can't see why folk have a problem with them. We don't need to have the meters read or send in the readings. It cost nothing to have them fitted and we were assured that if we switched suppliers the meters would still work. Our energy bills have not increased. I don't spend time watching it. I find the conversations about folk avoiding having them fitted very puzzling. The only downside is that the meter reader is out of a job. John.
  5. Oohh, maybe it does, I never gone looking for one. John.
  6. The Passat doesn't have an oil temp gauge. Water temp gauge doesn't move once up to normal and we've towed up looong hills over in France. John.
  7. I agree with Ern ^. I used a drill for a while after making an adaptor ( before they became easily available ) and I too gave up bothering with it and it now stays at home in the shed until some time when I find I need to use it for some reason. I'm still sound in wind and limb and think that this is due to taking exercise - including leg winding! John.
  8. My sympathy to the OP and his online battery purchase. For others wanting a reliable company selling online I thoroughly recommend TAYNA batteries. Orders placed before 12.00AM are delivered the following day and I have had no problems with their products, both for cars and my caravan. John.
  9. I’ve not heard ‘hard of listening’ before - I like it very much. John.
  10. We've been taking our 'van to France every year for many years but not this year. It will still be there next year and hopefully we will be able to go then and be protected with the promised vaccine to ward off the virus. John.
  11. Agreed ! Bags4Everything are great. They keep a stock of popular caravanning items and will make bags to your own design and measurements. Our latest awning came all in one bag and we wanted it in two, so my wife had them make another bag for the poles and pegs etc. - perfect ! https://bags4everything.co.uk John.
  12. Car transporters seem to cause very strange air currents. Don't get too close behind one and overtake very carefully ! John.
  13. You need to measure the nose weight. Some useful info here - John.
  14. Speak to Raymond James, it should be a warranty job on a 2 year old 'van. Many people have experienced similar problems as it's a regular problem on touring caravans I'm afraid. John.
  15. I've never had a motorhome. I can appreciate some of the advantages they might have, but not enough to convince me to change. We don't have a large caravan - quite small by todays standards, but add the awning and we have plenty of space. I've never disliked towing, in fact, I enjoy my driving with the 'van in tow. When the 'van is sited we have a nice comfy big car to go off shopping and sightseeing etc. I'm not anti motorhome - it's just another form of caravan. John.
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