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  1. My other car is a VW Passat Alltrack. John.
  2. Yes Gary, there are regular races including an entertaining 24 hour event. John.
  3. Hi Ern. It has a 602cc air-cooled flat twin engine delivering a mighty 29bhp. Miles per gallon low 40's in everyday running and about 50 on a long run. It's a 1987 car which I bought in 1989 for my wife who was going back to teaching full time and needed transport to her school nearby and a 'shopping trolley'. I had always quite fancied one, so it was a bit of a treat fo me too. I joined the club 2CVGB where I met lots of other like minded idiots! John.
  4. https://extraservices.co.uk/locations/leeds-skelton-lake/ John.
  5. If you're not ready for an electric vehicle, Petrol and Diesel ones will be available until 2030. John.
  6. We have always kept our caravan in the garden. Our battery is kept on charge but everything else is switched off. This way we have never had any problems. John.
  7. No water pump needed! But it has needed lots of other stuff over the years.
  8. Hi William. Do you have any drawings or pictures? I'm sure that many folk will be interested in your design. John.
  9. I think that 'slab of beer' is an American term - they say it in Australia too. Excuse me but I think it's a bit heavy to pick someone up about their spelling. It's easy to miss out a letter or whatever, particularly if you're using a phone or small tablet. John
  10. When the 'van was new and we were collecting it, the dealer told us to fit our battery and then insert the solar panel fuse. Ever since then, when disconnecting the battery, I have first removed that fuse. John.
  11. Both made from Ten Cate fabrics, as are Dorema! John.
  12. Same story here. We had our Isabella extended by a similar amount by Trio Pair in Pontefract and they made a beautiful job of it and it fitted the 'van perfectly. John.
  13. All this is some distance away. Sales of petrol and diesel cars are set to continue until 2030, so I could ( if I so desired ) buy a new one in say 2029 and run it for 10 years. By which time I'd be 92 and not too concerned about future developments. Politically, road charging is something of a hot potato and Labour have already considered it and chickened out, so it's an idea in progress. It could be some time before any of this stuff takes effect. John.
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