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  1. I'm going as usual. I've got an International Driving Permit from the Post Office and a Green Card from my Insurer. Ferry crossing booked. I have not got a dog, but if I had one, I'd speak to the relevant insurer and get it organised. That bunch of idiots down in Westminster will have no effect on my annual trip to France. John.
  2. Breakaway cables are very easy to fit. Just buy one which suits the eye on your towball. John.
  3. Here's my VW foldaway towbar and the clip which I use with it - with no problems. No rattling shackle to fret about!
  4. I keep my 'van in the same situation and cross our back lawn to get it to its resting place. I have a puncture proof wheel which looks and behaves like an inflatable one except it doesn't go down. It's certainly an improvement on an ordinary hard wheel. Whether it digs into the lawn depends on what kind of weather we've had - how soft the ground is! I use 'Trac grip' mats under the wheels moving them ( deftly! ) as my wife motor-moves the 'van backwards into it's place. It's not a 'show lawn', which I suppose is a good thing, but it's okay! We are prepared to accept this situation in order to keep our 'van at home and ready for the off but lovers of a 'show lawn' may not. John. https://www.motorhomeshop.co.uk/a2752-milenco-grip-mat?source=googlebase&kw=&ci=156232467558&network=g&pm=&cid=686235119&aid=36230493112&tid=pla-685487628154&dev=c&mt=&lim=&lpm=9046301&pos=1o5&dm=&fid=&mid=112397357&pid=1031&country=GB&source=google&gclid=CjwKCAjw_MnmBRAoEiwAPRRWW1QC2FfZgg4KQylSi6hlnnen2C-8-XtAU7jdFmi2H5xLiLJFk3hE9BoCAF8QAvD_BwE
  5. I'm not aware that our Coachman came with any defects. Little problems have occurred over the last 5 years but these have been few and minor and have been attended to by our dealer. When purchasing a new caravan, your contract is with your supplying dealer so it pays to have a good dealer who will treat you fairly if problems occur. The caravan manufacturer is insulated from dealing with all but the most severe structural problems by the way the industry works. The fact that a caravan contains parts which are made by lots of different suppliers does not really matter to the owner. A good supplying dealer is the key to happy caravan ownership. John.
  6. I've just started taking medication for raised blood pressure ( no symptoms - discovered by chance ) so I've informed my travel insurance provider and taken a rise in premium. No option, it's not worth the gamble. I've heard of folk getting stung with enormous medical bills when they've fallen ill abroad. John.
  7. I have a damp tester from Lidl (Powerfix). It appears to reflect the readings given by my local service man. Maybe he has one too! John.
  8. Another happy cheap tripod user here! John.
  9. This Youtube video shows the hitching procedure quite nicely. However, before raising the jockey wheel into it's travelling position, many of us like to wind the wheel further down to check that the hitch is properly locked onto the ball which is important. As a newcomer to the Alko hitch, it's worth practising this procedure a few times until you're sure that you've got the hang of it. John.
  10. Both Alko and Winterhoff hitches are compatible with the same towball so I can see no reason to change. I have never had a Winterhoff hitch so I have no reason to believe that it's better or worse than the Alko. The foldaway towball on the OP's Audi looks like a modern one, so no problems there. My only reservation is regarding the amount of clearance between the hitch and the car bumper. John.
  11. It appears to me, that Hillstart has tried to hook up but when driving off, the ‘van has become detached. This has happened to many people. Winding down the jockey wheel to check correct attachment is the way to go perhaps. John.
  12. In what way was it not right? John.
  13. Anti squeal paste! I’ve heard it all now! John.
  14. I think that the ball itself looks the same as yours, but you have less clearance between the ball and the bumper. My previous Passat had less clearance but providing we were careful when hitching up, all was well. Have you actually tried it yet? John.
  15. Here’s mine . I think it has more clearance between the ball and the bumper than yours.
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