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  1. Imagine what it was like before the advent of the M62 ! John.
  2. Drove down to southern France and booked into our favourite campsite, sited the ‘van and then began to unpack the awning. Curtains and pegs had been left at home in Yorkshire. Had to drive to the nearest Decathlon store, 10 miles away to buy pegs and went without curtains that holiday. 😁 John.
  3. Very pleased to hear that you’ve had a good trip. Nothing stopping you now. You’ll be much more confident to return next year! John.
  4. You're attempting to get a quart into a pint pot! They look a nice car but unfortunately not up to towing a modern caravan other than a little one like a Freedom. I used to tow with a 1.6l VW Golf years ago but the caravan was sub 1000kg. John.
  5. I could have written this myself except the part about living near Poole - I live one hour from the port of Hull! I'm now in my my 70's, but fortunately I'm fit and well, so I plan to enjoy my holidays in France, while I can, for the same reasons as Andy! John.
  6. Exactly the same thing happened to us a few years ago. Due to a lorry fire, we were diverted off our route and into deepest Paris. Very entertaining! John.
  7. Uk or Europe next year? We will ( unless there are disastrous unforeseen problems ), be making our usual trip to France. I will not be treating the French any differently. We will continue to enjoy their food, weather, countryside , etc. John.
  8. I have pondered over the rapid rise in ownership of motorhomes. They are (size for size) when compared with a caravan very expensive. I think, but could be well off the mark, that motor homes are considered 'cool', whereas caravans are the preserve of old folk and decidedly , 'uncool'. I welcome your comments! John.
  9. I'm on my third Passat! They're a great tow car - nice and stable. Mine is an Alltrack and I tow a Coachman 2 berth, so I'm well on top of the job, which is just as well as we enjoy visiting some quite rural parts of southern France. Good luck! John.
  10. When you go to France don’t go seeking things which we do better in U.K. as you’re going to be disappointed. They don’t do sausages as well as us but some of their Chipolatas are good on the barbi . We get the butcher to cut a couple of slices of Filet, not cheap but it’s very good and better than most of their steaks, which you could resole your boots with. Don’t even bother looking for bacon, we do it better than anyone. The ‘Full English’ should be eaten on these shores, they don’t have the right ingredients there. I don’t eat cereals over there though I’ve noticed that there are more varieties available now. I don’t think their milk tastes as good as ours anyway. A nice fresh baguette from a proper Boulanger is my choice for breakfast.
  11. We take very little in the way of food to France. The phrase 'coals to Newcastle' springs to mind. All of our usual foodstuffs are freely available in the supermarkets. We take some Yorkshire tea bags. Many of our campsite meals consist of something barbecued (steaks, chops, sausages, chicken, turkey etc) plus salad, followed by French cheeses and bread, maybe some fruit. Breakfast is usually a baguette with butter and jam, maybe the odd croissant or a pain au raisin. The occasional meal out. We don't find ourselves craving 'English things' very much at all, are we odd? John.
  12. I am no stranger to the spanner’s etc. However, I would not be tempted to perform my own servicing and I take special care to have servicing performed exactly how, where and when specified by the manufacturer, since these days, I purchase my caravans new and want to preserve the warranty. John.
  13. You can always tell a Dutchman. But you can't tell him much! John.
  14. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/107105/three-quarters-of-requests-for-uk-driver-details-come-from-france?_mout=1&utm_campaign=autoexpress_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter John.
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