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  1. Mains water and waste water drainage are the benefits of a serviced pitch. I've never bothered with one. I'm happy to get my own water and dispose of my grey water. John.
  2. Looking at the photo, it’s very obvious where your jockey wheel should be. The owner of the carelessly placed ‘van should be given the option of moving the caravan to the correct place or removing it completely. Rough justice is not an option. John.
  3. You'll need some way of levelling your 'van side to side - ramps, pieces of wood etc. Front to back is easy - just wind the jockey wheel up or down checking the 'van is level using a spirit level or whatever. When the 'van's level both ways, drop the steadies. I really like the 'van to be level, it doesn't take very long once your practiced. John.
  4. Watch out for one of these signs! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=sauf+riverains&tbm=isch&source=hp&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwir1JvChYThAhXxw1kKHXHDBKYQsAR6BAgFEAE&biw=1735&bih=884 John.
  5. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ispreadsheet-office-sheets/id306226132?mt=8 John
  6. Yes, both places are well worth a visit. When visiting Bordeaux, I use the Park & Ride in the north of the City and take the tram and find this makes life easier. I’ve visited France many times now and when covering a lot of miles, I use the Autoroutes and their excellent services. I accept the tolls as part of my holiday costs. John.
  7. I’ve been using the Milenco mirrors for some time and I really like them. Last year, in France, a pigeon flew into one and took it out. The road was quiet so I stopped, trotted back and retrieved it. The glass was cracked but still useable. Lucky! I always carry a spare but didn’t need it that time.
  8. My wife's a very good navigator too ( no you can't have her! ). She uses road atlases and the Sat - Nav in concert, but her main resource are the maps. I drive ( when we're towing ) and she navigates, no arguments. The Passat Alltrack has a built in Sat - Nav but for use on our trips around France we prefer our trusty old Garmin. The Garmin is a general use type, not dedicated to truck driving etc. I hook it up to the computer every few months to keep it up to date, especially before venturing over the water. John.
  9. I wonder if Coachman are following this debate. Maybe I’m wrong, but I still think that an opaque blind would keep most of the people happy, most of the time. 🙂 John.
  10. No chance of us managing with the small table when Leedslass has produced one of her culinary masterpieces. Where would we put our wine glasses? John.
  11. We've had our Isabella awning so long, I can't remember when we got it. We only use it for about three weeks year, during our annual trip to France . It has given sterling service, used with several caravans of the 460/2 size. We did have it made 200mm wider some years ago. It doesn't look new, but still looks perfectly tidy - a tribute to Isabella! John.
  12. Maybe the blind could be replaced with an opaque one? John.
  13. We take the large table from it's storage place, use it, clean it and replace it. No worries. We don't have four around our two berth caravan's table very often but we manage. I don't see how you can compromise short of buying a bigger caravan. John.
  14. Can you give us more info re your Lunar and your tow car - weights of both ? Sometimes folk on here have experienced similar problems with certain car/caravan combinations and may be able to offer advice. Borussia ^ has given some good basic tips about tyre pressures and keeping nose weight close to the max. John.
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