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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324253522632 I have this one which works very well. I used some nylon spacer washers so that it fits correctly between the forks.
  2. My drive slopes a bit, so I measure the nose weight with the caravan in the attitude it would be in, if it were attached to the car ( very slightly nose down ). I find that the attitude of the 'van - nose up or nose down makes quite a difference to the reading obtained when weighing the nose. Hope this makes sense ! John.
  3. I don’t think that my comment was uncalled for . Mr Plod gave excellent advice regarding testing the hitch by carrying out a test with the stabiliser disengaged, but you chose to ignore him. John.
  4. Plod - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink !
  5. We have been taking our 'van to France annually for many years but we didn't go last year and nor will we be going this year. Looking forward to going next year when we go go from mid June to mid July and we think that the Virus and the Brexit politics will have settled down by then. We book the ferry with the Caravan & MH Club for the discount but we do not book sites in advance as we like to keep these things flexible.
  6. Leedslad

    B+E test.

    I tow with a car which has a manual gearbox because that’s what I’m used to doing. I passed my test in 1966 so I have B+E on my license. I don’t feel compelled to drive an automatic as I feel comfortable with a manual gearbox. I drive a 4WD VW Passat Alltrack. John.
  7. My Dad was a caravaner and back in the 50’s we would stay on farms. No non-return valves then. The farmer showed us his milk tank and told us to take a jug and help ourselves. Health and safety had not been invented then. Some of the best days of our lives. None of us ever fell ill. Just saying ! John.
  8. https://www.thetowcarawards.com/tow-car/volkswagen-passat-3/
  9. Same here. However, I don’t push my luck and my tow car is well on top of the job. John.
  10. I wouldn't be without a mover. I'm a long time caravaner and I've seen 'vans grow bigger and heavier over the years and I reckon a mover is pretty much essential these days and should be standard equipment. Whilst not in the olympic standard, I can reverse reasonably well but there are often situations where a mover makes the job so much easier for this slightly built 72 year old ( we keep our caravan in the garden and things would be difficult without one ) . John.
  11. Our 'van has vinyl flooring like many others. When we go on our 'big trip' in the summer, we usually remove the carpets as the vinyl is easier to keep clean and we save a little bit of weight. John.
  12. Never had a windbreak. Couldn't see the point. I suppose it might deter ignorant folk from walking through your pitch though. John.
  13. x2 ! We carry Awning, Awning Carpet and outdoor table and chairs in our car ( Passat estate ) along with a few smaller items. John.
  14. Car dealers are, in my experience, woefully ignorant when it comes to towing equipment. Many German cars with factory fitted tow bars came with just the wiring for road lights. I once bought a new Golf with tow bar and discovered this to my cost. Ever since, when ordering a new car with tow bar, I have specified that it will have electrics fitted for all lighting, plus wiring for fridge and trailer battery charging. John.
  15. My wife tells me that good things come in small packages ! John.
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