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  1. I’m no expert, but I reckon that weather is something which happens in the short term, whereas climate is about what occurs in the long term. John.
  2. Folk often get a distorted view looking at a website like CT as it looks like a nightmare with , seemingly, everyone moaning about their problems. It's human nature for people to moan when they have an issue. I think that in reality there are far fewer problem 'vans around than one would think by reading about the situation on here. People don't come on here to make a 'song and dance' about their trouble free 'van, they simply get on with enjoying it! John.
  3. My wife got a Sony Extra Bass bluetooth speaker to use at home in the kitchen with her Apple iPlayer and it sounds surprisingly good. She got it from John Lewis but I think they're on special offer at Currys at the moment. Well worth a look! John.
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remora
  5. VW Passat Alltrack. V5. Mass in service. 1670kg According to VW Maximum weight which can be towed is 2200kg. Coachman Vision 450/2. MTPLM. 1325kg Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s great to be well on top of the job. I have done a lot of touring around UK and France (they have a few hills over there!) and it’s comforting to know that l can tackle most routes without any worries. The outfit is a pleasure to drive and returns very good fuel costs and performance. I would not contemplate driving the sort of outfit being proposed by the OP. John.
  6. Climate change and increasing temperatures is a fact. I will be spending my usual month in France from mid June to mid July. My wife and I handle warm weather pretty well and I lived in East Africa back in the 70’s. However, if we are to get temperatures in the high 30’s regularly, I will be considering taking my annual trip to France a little earlier in the year to avoid any discomfort. John. 🙂
  7. We have a Fiamma sunshade in a bag, but on the advice of our dealer, we don't leave it in the awning rail when travelling as we were advised it may cause a problem with the awning rain. I can easily put it in the rail when we stop and it's easy to remove when we move. John.
  8. Until there is a viable electric vehicle which can properly meet my needs as a touring caravan enthusiast, I will continue to use my Euro 6 compliant Diesel tow car. My car is probably cleaner than many older petrol cars and certainly emits less CO2 the level of which is on the increase as folk make a switch from Diesel to Petrol. For the time being, electric cars are of no use to me. John.
  9. It's not so unusual to see a car with only one DRL working. DRL lights are not a mandatory requirement unlike the rest of our exterior lights so I don't think it would be an offence to have one out of order. I expect an MOT tester will be along here and will kindly tell us about that situation and whether they are included in the test or not. From a personal point of view, if one of mine was not working I would want it fixed regardless of legality, but that's me being fussy! John.
  10. Our first 'van was an 80's Elddis Mistral which had no mains electrics so I got a kit and installed it myself. We used a battery box which contained a 12v charger, can't remember the name. The system worked fine! Happy days! John.
  11. Which crossing do you use? John.
  12. I agree. It's always good to give credit where it is due. John.
  13. So, you mean SUV not Jeep. That widens the field quite a lot, there are lots of SUV fans on here! John.
  14. Specsavers branches are franchises. You may have found a poor franchise but there are many more good ones around. Any given Specsavers outlet is as good as its management and staff. John.
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