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  1. https://www. eurocampings. co. uk John. https://www. eurocampings. co. uk/campsite/search/countryID/GBR/ John.
  2. Leedslad

    help finding caravan to match my car

    At 1320kg Laden, I think that this combination should work just fine. What do others on the Forum think? John.
  3. Leedslad

    Credit where It's due

    We have always been happy with the service provided by Wandahome Knottingley. John.
  4. Leedslad

    Front centre drawer/table

    Business name:SFM Caravans ltd First name:Liam Last name:McGrath Address:The Cobbles 12a Spring Holes Lane Thornton BD133RA Bradford West Yorkshire UK Phone:01274|832257 Email:sean@sfm-caravans. fsnet. co. uk These folk break caravans. Maybe they can help. John.
  5. Leedslad


    https://www. ebay. co. uk/str/sfmcaravansltd
  6. Leedslad

    help finding caravan to match my car

    What is the unladen weight of the car? John.
  7. Leedslad

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    I think that you're probably right Ian, at least, I hope so. John.
  8. Leedslad

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    https://www. carwow. co. uk/volkswagen/news/3806/vw-t-cross-price-specs-release-date I think it looks fine. John.
  9. Leedslad

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    I'd wait for the T Cross. John.
  10. Leedslad

    Fuel consumption

    I get my best fuel consumption figures on French roads too! 😊 John.
  11. Leedslad

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    https://www. carbuyer. co. uk/tips-and-advice/154824/the-evolution-of-diesel-and-the-secrets-of-euro-6-car-emissions?_mout=1&utm_campaign=autoexpress_sunday_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter John.
  12. Leedslad

    Fuel consumption

    It's a big outfit. As Steven says, try experimenting with your speed. Mine is much smaller but does have a 'sweet spot' at around 58mph on motorways. From your car I would expect 30mpg solo and 18 - 20mpg towing. John.
  13. Leedslad

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    On the very few occasions when I've needed help with our Coachman from Wandahome Knottingley they have been very good. I wouldn't go to Coachman, I would always go to Wandahome if I needed assistance. John.
  14. Leedslad

    Coachman VIP pan drawer

    Fitting an extra catch seems to be a very good idea . We had a drawer in our Coachman Vision wardrobe make a bid for freedom. I'll certainly look at this as a solution. John.
  15. Leedslad

    first trip abroad

    Hi chris76. Bishop Auckland to Dover is a bit of a trek. Have you considered Hull to Zeebrugge? Many people from NE England and Scotland use this crossing to avoid driving down the country to Dover. We live near Leeds and have been very happy using Hull / Zeebrugge for many years as a drive to Hull is far more pleasant than a trek to Dover. We take our holiday usually in SW France and the difference between driving from, for instance, Toulouse and Calais and Toulouse and Zeebrugge is negligible and once back over the water we only have an easy drive home. Something to consider? Or maybe I've 'bowled you a wrong 'un'? John.