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    Leeds West Yorkshire
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    Hill walking. Foreign travel. Citroen A series cars.
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    VW B8 Passat Alltrack 2. 0L TDI 6 Speed manual.
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    Coachman Vision 450/2 ( towing at about 77% ).
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    2016 approx

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  1. Try typing ' Alde 3020 thermostat' into Youtube, there are often useful instructional videos on there. John.
  2. Sorry about the 'metal block' typo. It gave us all a bit of a laugh anyway. John.
  3. Our 2 berth Coachman has 65psi too. John.
  4. Mine's twenty years younger than your's but I still prefer to keep it looking like a 2CV.
  5. I've noticed that the wearing of any kind of hat seems to give a driver a metal block !
  6. When I was young, I would laugh when old ( er ) people would grumble about us young drivers. Well, now I’m one of the older drivers, I’m finding that the current standard of driving is shocking . I don’t know what the answer is to the problem.
  7. Does it just apply to the Tiguan or are other VW cars with swivelling affected too ? John.
  8. My Wife likes cleaning our car - now, that's what I call a 'GOOD THING' ! On our annual ( usually ) trip to France I like to clean the front of the caravan as it gets covered in muck and insects on the journey so we take waterless wash and wax cleaner with us for the purpose. It's worth the effort. John.
  9. http://www.tyred.org.uk/decoder Tyre age decoder ! John.
  10. I read about this problem and bought a green key to put it case it happened to me whilst we were away, but it never happened . I must be doing something right ! John.
  11. It seems clear that the weights are a bit tight. When we have to consider the weight of 2 adults and the dog and leave the carpets at home, then clearly we are clutching at straws. Maybe worth considering a change of car. John.
  12. Leedslad


    Caravan Talk Classified !
  13. I miss our annual month in France as much as anyone . Missed out last year and will miss out again this year but I'm prepared to wait until next year, when hopefully, the virus and the politics will have abated. John.
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