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  1. We always drain the water off too, for the same reasons. John.
  2. My 'van is fitted with an external gas point, however, I rarely use it. For safety reasons and flexibility, I prefer to carry an extra bottle of gas for our barbecue. John.
  3. Leedslad

    8k tug

    I have owned three VW Passat estate cars with manual gearboxes. They have been excellent tow cars and trouble free. Just my experience, other folk may have different experiences. John.
  4. Maybe Reich have already considered that? John.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Reich-Tlc-Towball-Load-Control-Nose-Weight-Gauge-single-Axle-Caravan-/173927056259 Nothing wrong with bathroom scales and piece of wood ( the right length ), but this Reich device is light and portable. John.
  6. Going over, Hull - Zeebrugge this weekend and heading south in search of summer. John.
  7. https://www.wandahome.co.uk/ John.
  8. On the odd occasions that I've needed help with a problem, Wandahome Knottingley have been very helpful and I have no complaints about their service. Knottingley (Ferrybridge) and South Cave were once one concern but for some time now, the only thing they have had in common is the name 'Wandahome'. John.
  9. It’s important to be legal, but in my mind it is of paramount importance to be safe. Logiclee hits the nail on the head when advising not to exceed 100% ratio. John.
  10. Another vote for paint stripper. Mask and protect every area except the ball itself, paint with stripper and the paint comes off easily - no sanding, grinding or struggling in any way. John.
  11. Caravan sound systems are generally a bit poor. As Flying Grandad ^ ^ ^ says, a standalone bluetooth speaker is well worth a look ( and a listen! ) and will probably outperform the speakers fitted in caravans. At home, in the kitchen, my wife ( Leedslass ) uses an iPod to feed a bluetooth Sony speaker and the sound is surprising good. Maybe something like that would work for a caravan? John.
  12. I'm going as usual. I've got an International Driving Permit from the Post Office and a Green Card from my Insurer. Ferry crossing booked. I have not got a dog, but if I had one, I'd speak to the relevant insurer and get it organised. That bunch of idiots down in Westminster will have no effect on my annual trip to France. John.
  13. Breakaway cables are very easy to fit. Just buy one which suits the eye on your towball. John.
  14. Here's my VW foldaway towbar and the clip which I use with it - with no problems. No rattling shackle to fret about!
  15. I keep my 'van in the same situation and cross our back lawn to get it to its resting place. I have a puncture proof wheel which looks and behaves like an inflatable one except it doesn't go down. It's certainly an improvement on an ordinary hard wheel. Whether it digs into the lawn depends on what kind of weather we've had - how soft the ground is! I use 'Trac grip' mats under the wheels moving them ( deftly! ) as my wife motor-moves the 'van backwards into it's place. It's not a 'show lawn', which I suppose is a good thing, but it's okay! We are prepared to accept this situation in order to keep our 'van at home and ready for the off but lovers of a 'show lawn' may not. John. https://www.motorhomeshop.co.uk/a2752-milenco-grip-mat?source=googlebase&kw=&ci=156232467558&network=g&pm=&cid=686235119&aid=36230493112&tid=pla-685487628154&dev=c&mt=&lim=&lpm=9046301&pos=1o5&dm=&fid=&mid=112397357&pid=1031&country=GB&source=google&gclid=CjwKCAjw_MnmBRAoEiwAPRRWW1QC2FfZgg4KQylSi6hlnnen2C-8-XtAU7jdFmi2H5xLiLJFk3hE9BoCAF8QAvD_BwE
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