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  1. well im hoping weather will improve we go on sat otherwise im gonna have a van full of moaning kids,, :lol: thanks for replies. The wife wants to visit culzean castle on one of our many trips plus island of arran. . slimseydy as your from the same neck of the woods as me when which way did you go when you went upto Ayr . Haven are saying stay on m74 till junction 12 then the A70 . . But my sat nav looks like it wants to do a senic route. . Regards Chris
  2. Hi we are off to Scotland to a haven site Craig Tara in Ayrshire. I only ever do Cornwall for my main 2 weeks, but for this year we fancied a change of scenery. I know it's a Haven site which is not everybody's cup of tea, but it suits us because of the kids. A Couple of questions then has anybody been to this site is it any good ?? Plus what would you recommend us to visit and see. .. Regards Chris
  3. Thanks for replies. I've just ordered a diesel tuning box to give the truck extra torque and power 30% increase and better fuel economy I hope. No matter i know I will get more mpg in this compared to vxr. Just waiting to av electrics changed to 13pin before I can give it a test. Just before we travel 350 miles to Cornwall.
  4. Hi sorry for late reply. Yes the vxr towed the caravan with ease. I'm sad to see it go. I know it didn't have the torque of a diesel but had plenty power 280 Bhp. I hope the pick up gives me as many worry free towing miles as the vxr. Thanks for replies. I've just read uptp 1200kg in 2 wheel drive and unto 3000kg in 4 wheel mode on the Mazda
  5. Hi I've just changed motors reluctantly got shut of my Zafira vxr and bought a Mazda BT-50 which is the same as a ford ranger pick up. This may sound silly but Having this 4x4 vehicle which is best mode to tow in. Four wheel drive or two wheels.
  6. Yes I agree considering I started this thread and Reads being my dealer. . To which I gave them all the details regarding this after fit. To which we will contact you when we have some info. ..!!! Still waiting
  7. Have you read your email Shane There is plenty of Pegasus owners who would like this upgrade. Cheers
  8. £50 difference is a lot give away. I'm sure the service is the same at all dealers. They all service to the manufacturers guidelines. I've agreed to this price now £200 so no use getting upset Just hope service 2 and 3 are carried out at a price which keeps customers happy.
  9. My peg 546 is at Reads now for 1st service quoted £200 after £30 vat and £20 parts. Pick up on sat. Looking at what people are paying around the country price varies. I thought it was a set price so year 2 £250 add another £50 vat £20 parts = £320. . year 3 £350 add another £70 vat £20 parts = £440. .. Not cheap. This is based on my 1st service or have I gone mad. These are crazy prices. For year 2 and 3. Shane are reads planning on doing any deals for yr 2 and yr 3.
  10. Hi Rinty Look on previous page I've pasted the new peg layouts. The 546 will now be called the Ancona it still has a triple bunk but loses the end room to a corner bathroom. Chris
  11. Hi just a quick update, just spoke to my service dept they have the same part no's and prices that whale gave me. They are working out how much labour time and what is involved before they come back with an all inclusive bill for supply and fit. Chris
  12. With the info that is on this thread regarding this modification. it would be good if other Alutec owners got in touch with their dealers to get a price. Then we all have ball park figure. Cheers Chris
  13. Hi I was on the phone yesterday to Bailey enquiring about the whale modification to the onboard tank. So it fills automatically from your aqua roll. Yes I was told it's available now through your dealers, my dealer knew nothing about this modification. So a further phone call to whale to which I am told yes it is available through CAK Tanks. I am waiting for the labour costs but I have prices for parts Ak902 plumbing kit valve £22. 54 40ltr upgrade tank £87. 53 this is recommended it has an overflow just incase. Tank mounting straps £7. 53 Plus labour for fitting I know the infor
  14. All Blog Posts My Blog Edit Blog Posts Add Bailey Pegasus II Layout Plans Posted by Chris Gage on January 14, 2011 at 11:19am Send Message View Chris Gage's blog These Layout Plans for the new Pegasus II range just released from Bailey Caravans, we're awaiting full specs: Bologna: Genoa: Milan: Verona: Hi here is the new 6 berth layout, I love the new interior of the Pegasus 2 but i prefer the layout of my very old peg 546. where you have 2 separate rooms i understand why they have done this new layout so you have a shower cubicle.
  15. Hi Rinty I used to have the series 6 pageant Bretagne which was a great van, then I placed a deposit on a series 7 Bretagne because we fell In love with the layout you are After we have 4 kids so 2 rooms a massive factor for us. Then Bailey brought out the Pegasus which we fell In love with. Even though we have a few dents on the front. The van is superb. So your asking which one. It's down to personal choice, they are both great vans inside and out. But I would steer more to the latest build. No damp ever hopefully !! Is there much of a difference in price in second values Olympu
  16. Hi yes I'm getting 2 beeps when arming. Just no life in the Pir. Spoke to Reads caravans they have ordered a new Pir for when my van goes in for service. 
  17. Hi the button reset your tlkn about is that on the Pir unit. If so can't find it just the square battery. I will ring tracker up tom. I've got to pay my next subscription any way
  18. Thanks for replies Pir is dead not picking any movement up at all and no lights flashing. So will wait till I take for service. Just a quick one as the van will be 1 yr old when I take it would the alarm be out of warranty does it need to be within 12 months ??
  19. Just been arming the van with 2 beeps still no flashing from the Pir. Will have to put on list of jobs when it goes for it service in jan. I would imagine the tracker should still arm. And yes the battery has a full charge it's connected to mains at this moment.
  20. Hi just noticed the pir is dead in caravan, Does this effect the tracking device ??? So I've changed the battery and it is still dead. My memory is playing me up am i correct in 1 beep arms the alarm and 2 beeps disarms. Which ever one i go for still no pir, It glows red when you remove cover, But I'm not getting any green flashing lights. Chris
  21. Hi just an update. I cleaned the spade connections squeezed them a little bit more so better contact and Hey Presto it's working again. So I'm a very happy person now. Thanks for your replies and help. Regards Chris
  22. Cheers will have a look 1st thing in morning. You can hear the solenoid clicking as you press left turn but roller not moving. Failing that it's a call to powertouch. Thanks Chris
  23. Hi can anybody shine any light to why one side of motor mover has stopped working. I pulled my van out up my drive with no problems both wheels turning. As I tried to put away only one side working. I can't seem to find any fuses. Hoping it was something nice and simple. I lifted the cover of it's brains and it's just a circuit board. It's just out of warranty now so probably an expensive repair. Chris
  24. Hi I've just returned from a weekend in the lakes so only a 55 mile journey. The van was all over the place had to keep speed at 50mph to keep it calm. Not really notice b4 cos van has been on seasonal all year. This is my 3rd van so I'm hardly a novice. It's due for it's 1st service at reads in jan. Hopefully they can shed some light on it. And yes the a. t. c was on green. I'm pulling a 546
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