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  1. be careful you may get more people on you boat than you really want in these times.
  2. We have got the Kampa Air Ace 400 it leaked once since, it was purchased in 2018, yes it has faded but no other problems, we find it easy to put up even with the weight of pulling it thro the awning rail, great awning even in windy conditions
  3. We were about to hitch up to go away to Dorset on 31st August & we noticed the front right side window was part filled with water on investigating why we also noticed it had started to come apart @ the seams, I had got all the water out but then the problem was would it come apart while towing? luckily some one @ our storage gave us a part roll on heavy duty clear tape which we put round the side joint which worked well, now the question is can we get the seam re fixed or does it have to be a new window
  4. we have a 2010 Coachman 560, out side of the thetford toilet where the waste container is we have got a small connection plate to plug in a lead to refill the water tank, this is on the pump cable where it plugs into the plate, question is where can i get a replacement plug as one of the flat plug lugs has broken off, this small plug is removable so must be available some where?
  5. We have a 3mt deep awning, we booked a pitch with the C& CC three years ago at that time I was asked the width of van but only if we were taking an awning, when we arrived on the site & Beadnall & was taken to the pitch only then was we asked the awning depth when I replied 3mts they said we would need to leave as there was not a pitch available for a larger awning? I was livid after travelling 300 mls to be told we could not have the pitch, as I kicked up they put us on a pitch on the end of a line so the awning was not intruding over another pitch, never used the C&CC since,
  6. I have the same problem with mine? I had mine pack up completely, replaced the circuit board all fine now, one of the small solenoids had gone. easy to replace, the circuit board it behind the toilet catchment tank.
  7. Although we are with Green Flag, a couple of years ago we got back to our car only to find we had got a rear flat Tyre, I have cover on my credit card with the AA, no problem we thought but it took about 10mins for them to take the call? then was told 55min wait? rang Green Flag a chap was with us in less than 10mins , I will now ring them first, better service than AA.
  8. after being with the AA for many years , we had a turbo go while towing our van, we were towed off the motor way & about 5 hrs later they came & said they would take us home? but wouldn't take the van to our storage site, so later I decided to join Mayday Green flag, best thing I have done, 6 mths later half way to Cornwall, turbo went again, rang green flag 45mins later they picked us up & took us to our booked CL, after our holiday they fetched us & took us & the caravan home & van to the storage, as the garage we used was shut they came & fetched the car from ho
  9. Hi Ashey. this service station at Plusha is very good, & just round the corner there is a small caravan site called Tickles grounds a little quieter than on the A30 think it may be caravan & camping site ? we have stopped here 3 times on our way to Cornwall
  10. We have a Elecasol 110Amp its about 9yrs old & holds at 12.75 volts, but the green glow does not show? do we need a new battery?
  11. Hi Jane V. I had to have my main front window replaced last year with a crack across, you need to look on the window you need to replace & there should be a sticker with the make & numbers on which will help you get a replacement? mine was made by Polyplastic , my van is the 2010 Pastiche 560 , hope you get sorted? mine cost around £450 not cheap?
  12. You would need to know the make of the tow bar,as all are different fittings for the swan neck ball.
  13. We have our van on a private storage site, we went to it today just to check the van over after we shut it down for winter, no intention of getting out for going any where at this time & found that the Fob access has been deactivated, good idea we thought ,stops anyone trying to go away in the lock down there is always some one trying to ignore the rule, we walked in to check every thing was ok, all good.
  14. We have ATC on our van & ours does work , going to Cornwall last year on a very busy A30 dual carriage way when a delivery van came straight out off a slip road I had brake & swerve to avoid a collision the ATC certainly kicked in & I stayed on the carriage way & never collided with this Tw-t who nearly caused a serious accident? who ended stopping by the road side , ( I think she was shaken up some what) she came by me about 8 mls further down & never even acknowledged me as she went by,
  15. We should been just coming back from a CL in Norfolk ? looks like it may be later in the year? working at home instead what a bummer.
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