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  1. We have our van on a private storage site, we went to it today just to check the van over after we shut it down for winter, no intention of getting out for going any where at this time & found that the Fob access has been deactivated, good idea we thought ,stops anyone trying to go away in the lock down there is always some one trying to ignore the rule, we walked in to check every thing was ok, all good.
  2. We have ATC on our van & ours does work , going to Cornwall last year on a very busy A30 dual carriage way when a delivery van came straight out off a slip road I had brake & swerve to avoid a collision the ATC certainly kicked in & I stayed on the carriage way & never collided with this Tw-t who nearly caused a serious accident? who ended stopping by the road side , ( I think she was shaken up some what) she came by me about 8 mls further down & never even acknowledged me as she went by,
  3. We should been just coming back from a CL in Norfolk ? looks like it may be later in the year? working at home instead what a bummer.
  4. Green Flag Mayday any day, they take you to a booked site & recover you if you are unfortunate & break down, a no size limit ?
  5. I have a 2011 Santa Fe, I never alter my tyre pressures ? leave them at 33psi, towing a Coachman 560 Pastiche
  6. I have just received an email from caravan & camping club, saying ALL sites on their network will be closing from now until further notice,
  7. We had a booking on a CL starting on 29th March for 10 nights, but after the Gov restrictions,as we are both over 70 we rang the CL & cancelled our booking which the owner was please about, she said that it would be best as she had problems getting food deliveries & short supply locally, we had paid a deposit which we told her to keep but she has said she will let us re book when things improve even if next year. best thing to do rather spread this Virus more than it is already.
  8. There is one on the A6 near Finedon , Northampton-shire, they do Caravans, Motor homes, Buses & Cars
  9. we changed our van tyres at 6yr old , new ones fitted, now coming up to 5yr old have checked all around them not sign of wear or cracking so wont be changing them few at least 2 more years, last year I was told that two tyres needed changing soon, but just had a MOT on our car which passed again with no problem, Yet the spare on my car one tyre is from 2011, asked the mot chap if it was ok owing to the age he said no problem it was all good, glad I did not change the last year
  10. We have a Kampa 400 Ace Air awning , yes its heave but I can carry it myself, we lay it out before putting it in the rail I start it off then wife feeds it in while I pull it threw, I use a decorators folding platform to reach the top, once its in position I peg the rear sides down, about 20 pumps & its up ready to peg down, wife sorts the inside of the van & gets the coffee on while I peg out & fit the ground sheets, time all in about 1hr , we wouldn't go back to a poled awning, & we are both in our 70s
  11. When our van was new the microwave plate was in two fitted pieces of polystyrene & wedged across the corners & it still gets wedged in the same place, never moves when traveling .
  12. we used to do most of our shopping @ Morrisons but noticed that when they put items on special offer other items GO up to compensate ? Fuel on offer but they put it up by 4p over the weekend so only a 1p saving.
  13. Walk away & find another site?
  14. Hi Happy Daze, welcome to the club, most of us has done the same, as others say I always now drop a leg if I need to alter the Jockey wheel, live & learn
  15. good move hope you enjoy your trips away in the Monza
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