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  1. Walk away & find another site?
  2. Hi Happy Daze, welcome to the club, most of us has done the same, as others say I always now drop a leg if I need to alter the Jockey wheel, live & learn
  3. good move hope you enjoy your trips away in the Monza
  4. I think you need a drop plate to lower the tow ball?
  5. Great that they caught her ,hope the right length of sentence will be received not just a fine, a least a long jail term well done to the police involved.
  6. We had same problem on our Coachman, I unscrewed the end of the tap spout & found the filters in the end of the tap blocked up with crust from the water, hope this helps
  7. We have a powrtouch we had it fitted in 2007 to a bailey, taken off in 2010 transferred to our Coachman & its still going well, only had one problem with the hand set (wire came lose) great bit of kit.
  8. Be care full, check the front above the windows for signs of cracks , see attached , I had to have a new front fitted on my Pastiche 560, done under warranty in 2014/5 now in 2018 cracked again.
  9. I have the same model & same problem, I found there was a fuse behind the waste container also a small circuit board behind, I found that the circuit board had failed , once I changed it all worked fine, cost was about £12.00
  10. Hi Kelper, welcome to caravaning enjoy the experience.
  11. while away a couple of weeks ago, some thing hit the middle front window & put a crack in it, I sent photo & claim form in on Monday this week & this morning got a letter to say its been excepted & now being ordered by Glossop caravan service center, thanks go to CMC insurance & Devits for prompt service, just have to wait for the replacement to arrive
  12. Try Kenmore Caravans they keep lots of different spares, worth a try. I have got a crack in my 2010 Coachman just in the process of getting a new one, I got one quote of £975.00 supply only? you will need to take the dimensions between the rubber seals from inside & the size of the overall size of the window & in the corner of the window there are details of the manufacturer & some numbers take all details of this as well take a couple of photos as well
  13. We have booked into Causeway Croft in Kettlewell , looks like a nice small site with hook ups & I have towed my van to here & over the top road in to Hawes before, with out problems , my van is 2.25mt wide 7.45mt long.
  14. We went to our 2010 Coachman Pastiche 560 a couple of weeks ago to give it a clean, I noticed two small cracks in the front above the windows, three year ago we had the same problem & coachman arrange a complete new front to be fitted, I have checked for screws there are none where the cracks are, think they are stress cracks, taped them over for now, I am looking into have a firm in to do a small cover wrap over the area above the windows?
  15. great awning, we have the Kampa 400 Ace Air, I do not find that heave to lift or put up? I use rear poles & Limpets, I made some middle supports for the front , use them when its very windy to help support the air poles from moving.
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