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  1. Undoubtedly my error. but i can assure you it was checked and double checked, obviously not enough. but again I have been at this game 40+ years and safety is paramount in my book,so believe me when I say both the owner and myself were certain it was 100% secure. I never slept a wink for two nights worrying about it. and the reason I posted this was to share the experience and hopefully to save someone else having the same mishap . and secondly to look for HELPFUL information which i certainly received and will put into practice for which I thank the members . even the usual keyboard critics. .who take pleasure in kicking you when your down. . Thanks Stevenj Thats the very chap. .
  2. To be perfectly honest I did not, and in 45 years of caravaning I never have,but I certainly will from now on. I would reluctantly have to second that, after 45 years towing my pride hurt as much as the damage to the van
  3. Serious problem yesterday, whilst doing a favor for a friend by washing her new Alpine 4, we finished the Van and hitched up, double checked the hitch which was showing GREEN. and coupled the Electrics tested them, locked up, and away she went . 25 yards later the van came loose and crunched to the ground . luckily the jocky took most of the punishment and it ripped the electrics from the car. Now, I have been a caravaner over 40 years I also have an Alpine 4, so not exactly a beginner and never encountered this in all my days. as my friend said the green button was definitely showing, and I did my usual checks to make sure it was secure i,e, pushing side to side standing on the hitch . .seemed 100%. My question is has anyone else out there had similar experience. is it some thing I have done, is it a problem with the Al-Ko hitch, I really need to know before I take this further. . Stevenj.
  4. yes had the same problem with my Sprite, brought the shine back with Faracla and a machine polish. then sealed it with polish. . waste of time it didn't last, so I have had it painted,,caravan is like new.
  5. Having Just had the g. r. p. panel painted, I am having difficulty in replacing the front window, Any tips. .??
  6. I have successfully restored the Grp front panel back to almost New condition today. I used Farecla G 10 and a machine polisher. well pleased with the result, will protect it with a good quality polish tomorrow. . Thanks for your help. Stevenj
  7. Thanks "Birdman"..will fix it Tomorrow . .
  8. Can anyone help with color of my Alpine 2010. . I need to have some made up for a small touch in. . Thanks Steven J.
  9. Thanks John, I am familiar with Farecla products, But I was not aware they did a gel coat restorer. I will get on to that right away. .
  10. having a similar problem with The GRP plastic front on my 2010 Sprite Alpine, was wondering if there is a compound I could use, to polish back the gloss. I have a machine polisher. .with the pads.
  11. Cover 2 years old going to check out house, and caravan insurance. looking like Mr Rat is the culprit. Stevenj
  12. Just finished the caravan prep for the winter, washed polished, wheels removed, with the help from "better half" started to fit the Pro-Tec cover, removed it from the bag only to find it completely destroyed by rats or mice, at this time I am unsure which. There are at least a dozen holes some over a foot in diameter, they seem to have just eaten there way through it, no doubt making a nice nest somewhere. It has been stored in one of these Cosco plastic bunkers, I thought it would have been safe for the summer. . going to the cat rescue tomorrow !! Stevenj
  13. I am afraid we are at the time of life where Adult only fits the bill. Stevenj
  14. Yes its that time again,(van Polishing) swear it get harder every year . bought one of these Wax Wizard polishers from Cosco £20 +pounds. On with the " Mer"... polished up with 240volts That will do for Me. Stevenj
  15. Hi . Its that time again to prep and cover the caravan for winter,last year I saw adverts for collars which fitted around the aerial and chimney before you fitted the winter cover, they save the cover being damaged by sharp edges. and as usual this year I cant find any suppliers adverts for these items. "should have bought them last year". Is there any knowledgeable person out there who might be able to point me in the right direction. Stevenj
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