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  1. Thanks Dave, that looks like a great alternative. Would you pick up a couple for me; I have to steel myself for trips to the blue and yellow hell. ..
  2. I'm thinking of fitting a Fiamma plastic pocket to the wall of our Valencia Mk 1 shower cubicle as there is no provision for storing bottles of gel etc in there. I could screw it through the plastic liner into the bulkhead behind but I'm loathe to risk cracking the waterproof liner. I've seen a product called Sugru that describes itself as mouldable glue that I think will stick the pocket to the wall instead but Sugru specifically states that it "does not bond to oily plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon" My (limited) understanding is that the showers liners are made
  3. Must have: Alde heating Musn't have: beds that need making up every night. Simple really.
  4. Why don't you get your kit off and just walk through? Of all the things that could cause the world to end, this ain't one of them.
  5. Look like it's fixed now. Have a good time at the show.
  6. Just had a quick look at the Bailey Owners Club website. I'm trying to view it on a mac with Safari 10. 0. 3 and the formatting is all to cock; can you give your webmaster a nudge?
  7. Uncannily, we had one of these break on our Mk1 Valencia whilst away in the Lakes in September. We ordered a replacement (they only come in pairs and include the whole bracket as mentioned above) from Caravan Supplies Penrith whilst we were away and collected them within 3 or 4 days. Good service from John at Caravan Supplies. I replaced the broken bracket when we got home. I can't remember where I put a Heki pdf that describes how to change it. I found it was easiest to remove the skylight (3 plastic hinge pins to push out) and work on the roof-light at table level. There was a blob
  8. I think we got one of the prime pitches when we stayed at Sunnyside Croft in 2013. Excellent facilities there and lots to do in the area.
  9. F70100

    Electric Bikes

    +1 for the Kalkhoff bikes; they have a wide range of models and sizes but they are definitely not the cheapest, nor the lightest. There's one going on eBay here and 50cycles always seem to be selling off ex demonstrators. Mrs F70100 bought one for herself so we could cycle together. On standard bikes she doesn't do hills. .. but with her Kalkhoff she can easily do 30-40 miles pretty much irrespective of the terrain. The range available with maximum assist from the battery is about 50 miles but she only ever uses eco assist (range 120 miles) on the flat and medium assist when needed
  10. Curious now - are you having to bite your tongue?
  11. On the iplayer at the moment there's 2 episodes of a BBC 2 Scotland Adventure Show Special - The Road Less Travelled if you want to whet your appetite: http://www. bbc. co. uk/iplayer/episode/b06tkc1d/the-adventure-show-20152016-6-special-roads-less-travelled-the-west-highlands-part-1 http://www. bbc. co. uk/iplayer/episode/b06tkwv8/the-adventure-show-20152016-7-special-roads-less-travelled-the-west-highlands-part-2 On second thoughts, don't go. It's awful at any time of year with expensive, terrible food, nothing to drink and fearsome locals. Give Blackpool a try. ..
  12. . .. in the Caravan Club magazine. Although it didn't win the competition when I entered it, it's now being used to promote the next photography competition. No royalties of course, they get signed away when you submit your entry, but, the glory. .. .
  13. I did a half week (3 nights) photo holiday in the Lakes with a pro tutor last november and had a great time. He rented a 5 bedroom (all twins and doubles) holiday cottage (he "camped" in the games room) and sold off the rooms to punters. We got 2 solid days shooting, one with great weather, one with nothing but rain. He runs these trips at this time of year so that sunrise and sunset are at relatively sociable hours. I know he also runs courses on the Norfolk Broads where he charters a cruiser and sells off the berths. I found it to be a very sociable trip, had a good laugh, lear
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