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  1. hiya do u no off any good caravan shops locally as i need a window for my elddis wisp . the shop in hitchin cant get us one so is there any caravan breakers that u no off who i could visit many thanks ian

  2. We stock 3" Dia. for 50p and 1. 5" Dia. 50p a pair or a 2 foot Dia. without yellow as you described for £15 A small P&P will apply depending on quantities !
  3. CaravansTV

    Lpg Sticker

    Well it's now been over a year, Have they faded like some people on here insist will happen ???
  4. Great Idea . . . . send the burglers round to the neigbours house, instead of yours . . .
  5. What a brillient idea, it's got be something that will make a lot of potential buyers look more closely at thier range. If they could match the colour of the towing vehicle as well, i'm sure there will be an even greater uptake. ?
  6. As a producer of a Caravan Related Online Show myself, I Know only too well just how much work you have put into producing the Caravan Channel on a regular basis over the years, many hours of research and development, filming and editing to bring a show to the Caravanning Community, and all for FREE - . . . . . and for that, i take my hat off to you ! No matter what people say, without Chris running the Caravan Channel, it will never be the same - Sadly, and end of an era ! Best wishes Lee Jones
  7. Exactly, just clean and move it on a good day ! and don't ask Michael Fish for the weather forcast !!!
  8. I personally wouldn't consider doing it, as apart from the lighting and legal aspect, there are too many parts to get caught up, dangling straps etc . . . . If things can go wrong they usually do, and sometimes things happen you never even think of ! not worth the risk
  9. In nearly every case, when we carry out any work on a caravan, due care and diligence should be applied, as any type of accident, minor or fatal could occur when different and sometimes uncontrollable factors come in to play, which is obviously the case here. Using the correct tools and lifting equipment is vital. If all things are equal and everything is working as it should, the problem of a caravan rolling off a suitable jack/axle stands or even the winter wheels themselves would never happen. Having said that, it's good that the OP has highlighted and brought to every one's attention the possibility that problems can occur, if the correct procedure is not followed. A good lesson learned perhaps !
  10. The first Edition of Caravan Finder Magazine is out today . . . . I'ts free and its online now It's got some excellent video content and articles, very well produced and professional throughout . . . Well done guy's ! Caravan Finder Magazine
  11. Not half as much as i would enjoy making it !!! :D Anyone know them, and can put in a good word in?
  12. Episode 5 has just been released on the website We visit a Camping and Caravan Club Site, A review of OneDryWash waterless Cleaner and an interview with Andrew White ! Episode 5
  13. CaravansTV


    We have just released episode 5 today, and Alex the presenter has done a review on this product . . . He was impressed also !
  14. Hi Gary I will assume you mean 5gb a month and not 5mb ? part 1 is 373mb and part 2 is 372mb, and they are heavily compressed FLV files at my calculation downloading at 2mbps should take about 3 minutes ?
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