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  1. Have to say, this is some van: http://icelandbycaravan. blogspot. co. uk/p/how-did-elegance-stand-up. html Should look good behind, say, a BMW 525d msport. ..
  2. Made it. ..back home again. . Wonderful trip - in some ways even better than our Morocco jaunt. Pics and Elegance review on the blog Thanks for reading G
  3. Swift have posted a number of promotional videos on their site that explain the SMART HT construction method quite well. There are a number of differences from just 'SMART', including the use of high tensile polymers to provide the 'curved' front and rear and more significant use of advanced adhesives. I think I'm correct in saying that the only bit of wood is in the bed slats. I've just got back from a 2000+ mile trip towing one of these around Iceland on pretty demanding roads and I am a convert. Very strong indeed, inside and out. I've posted the blog link elsewhere, but I repeat it here as it has links to Swift and Practical Caravan videos on the construction. Forgive me if you know all this anyway. http://icelandbycaravan. blogspot. com
  4. All going brilliantly so far. .hope I don't regret saying that. .. All going brilliantly so far. .hope I don't regret saying that. ..
  5. I'm with henrypartridge on this. This seems to be a brave move by Swift with such a large capital investment and innovative design. They seem to have identified the weaknesses with other solutions (condensation, part wooden construction) and their solutions look to be well conceived, well designed and executed. Although looks are a personal thing, I think the Elegance/Continentals are the best looking vans I have seen - but what looks to be a high strength of the construction is the most important factor for me. Let's hope that our circular tour of Iceland proves the strength point! (see post in the section)
  6. I understand that most, but not all, of the main roads on the circular route around the island are surfaced. We have a map showing this issued by the C&CC although we do intend to take some of the optional unmade coastal roads. We'll see how the first one goes, I guess. The Touareg has proven to be pretty tough so far - depends on how the 'van takes to it really. I'll either do a summary report here or put up a link.
  7. Heard no rumours but it would be nice to see an extension of SMART HT across the range. ..would it not? Could we see a merging of the Challenger/Sterling Elite with the Elegance/Sterling Continental ranges? No idea but that could start a rumour. .....
  8. Well, our wait is almost over - we pick up an Elegance 570 on 10th June and, if all goes to plan, four days later we depart on the Camping and Caravanning Club tour of Iceland and the Faroes. We reckon that a month in the 'van, travelling around the perimeter of Iceland, some of it on non-metalled roads, should be a pretty good test. We'll be towing it with our VW Touareg and we're interested in how it tows (we're used to a twin-axle Searcher), what it's like to live in and how it stands up to the punishment of what might well be a challenging trip. Fingers crossed. If you're interested in following us - and seeing some images and comments about the van and country, here's the blog: http://icelandbycaravan. blogspot. com I'll re-post when we return(!?) in July G
  9. Very impressed by the design and the sheer ambition behind this van. See new post re our forthcoming Iceland trip in one of these.
  10. I also have a Comag easyfind. ..purchased from a company trading on ebay for around 40% less than the new price with 1 year warranty. Providing the setup procedure is followed it works extemely well. The great advantage of easyfind is that only the satellite you are looking for indicates green on the LNB. If it's green then you will almost always have a good picture without having to check the TV. I combined mine with a Mansar Easyfind dish for a quick set up.
  11. Thanks for the comments - very helpful. I have taken the plunge and bought the Mansar dish with a refurbished Comag easyfind receiver off Ebay. Not the cheapest solution but it is an absolute doddle to use - even for a satellite newcomer like me. Once set up it's possible to put it in the 'van - then just bring it out and stick it in the same place and bingo. Highly recommended for travelling in dodgy foreign parts.
  12. Hi There - Any help/feedback would be much appreciated I am purchasing a sat system after much frustration with freeview and to allow us to get BBC news when we tour Europe and beyond. Has anyone any experience of the Mansar dish? It looks a sensible device to me and the dish diameter should do us as long as we accept that we can't get Astra beyond mid France. I have yet to anyone using it- hence the hesitation.
  13. Well - as others have said, it's brave and innovation is to be welcomed. There is a difference between innovation and misjudgement though. Like the kitchen, Like the shower/washroom, but: the shower & bedroom are at opposite ends the lounge seats are not for evening 'loafing' These seem to be fundamental problems to me; there is also insufficient clearance at the bedroom entrance (I'm thin) which could easily be solved. The discontinuity of the external design is a serious flaw in my eyes. I would be surprised if this generates sufficient orders to make this investment work - but, hey, I may just be too conventional.
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