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  1. I am considering buying a static for my use and occasional use by my children/grandchildren. I am looking at a couple at the Shorefield country park site. Has anyone got any opinion of this site or can anyone suggest any other sites in this area. I would consider both fully facilitated sites and quieter ones and would expect the fees to reflect the level of amenities. I am very aware that this is an expensive move but look upon it as a lifestyle choice. I am the wrong side of 65 and may as well enjoy what I have saved for. Please don't suggest lodge only sites as I haven't saved that ha
  2. Sound advice from you all - thank you. It would be wise not to let my heart rule my head over this. I will shelve this great idea and if it comes into my mind again I'll take a lie down until it wears off!!!
  3. My local dealer has an 2018 Alari RI for sale. Even though Lunar are in trouble I am still attracted to it and it is at an attractive price, My concern is why is a van this new back in the dealership for sale. When I was talking to the sales manager he said "this van has had some teething troubles but what vans don't" This immediately raised some concerns and the first thing that came to mind was is it a rejected van. The dealers is offering a 12 month warranty on it but I have to assume that any manufacturers guarantees will now be void. If I pursued it would it be worth getting an independen
  4. Credit card. Everything else is sortable if you have this.
  5. This question came up last year and here is the answer I gave then. I can't guarantee that the information is still 100% correct but it's worth chasing up. I live in Gosport and over the years have looked a few times. There is one at the back of Highlands road, can't remember the name but will try and find it if you want me to. Over the years I have considered it but every time I go there to find out about it no one is there and they were never good at returning calls. They may be much better now, I haven't needed storage for a number of years. Similarly a couple of years ag
  6. Today I connected the red lead of the meter to the positive battery terminal with the caravan lead still attached and the black meter lead to the black caravan lead which was disconnected from the battery. The reading was 0 volts with the sun shining on the solar panel. I presume this means the solar panel is dead. I then connected the meter between the black battery terminal and black caravan lead with the meter switched to 10 amps and the reading was -0.3 I pulled each fuse in turn and there was no change so my suspicion is that I do not have a problem and that the drain I expe
  7. Durbanite. Thank you for your reply, it is exactly the response I needed, but not necessarily wanted. You may have saved me spending many thousands of £. I have to admit the Buccaneer is definitely in the camp of "want" not "need" I will just need to soldier on with my 2009 Fleetwood heritage (first world problems)!! Shame really as I really liked the idea of the self levelling but am loathe to spend 3K retrofitting it on a 10 year old van.
  8. Thanks for your replies but I think I may need to rephrase the question. Does anyone tow a Buccaneer with an automatic Hyundai Santa Fe? Looking at the specs the fitted detachable tow ball has a max nose weight of 100kg. All the indicators are that it is unsafe to do so as, from reading here it seems almost impossible to get the nose weight down to 100kg. I am just hoping that I am overlooking something as I like the look of these vans. It would be good to hear from anyone who actually tows with this combo.
  9. should I disconnect both the red and black leads from the battery to check this?
  10. DACS. Thank you for your post it is interesting. Maybe I haven't got a discharge problem. I will double check tomorrow to make sure I am reading/connecting the meter correctly. I suppose it is possible that my solar panel is working after all. I will cover it up when the meter is connected and see if that makes a difference.
  11. I am considering buying a new Buccaneer but am a little confused about towing it. I have a 2016 Hyundai Santa fe which is capable of towing the van according to the caravan club matching service, albeit at the top end of the legal limits. I currently tow a Fleetwood Heritage TA without problems. What confuses me is the nose weight issue. A number of people on this thread have mentioned nose weights of 140+ KG. My Santa Fe tow bar is not rated anywhere near this level (80Kg I believe) also I thought ALKO chassis had a limit of 100kg. Before I make an expensive mistake can someone confirm
  12. My solar panel looks like it has water damage so I assume it is not working. The meter was connected with the red lead to the battery terminal and black on the (disconnected) battery lead. I will connect the meter again and pull each fuse in turn which should at least identify which circuit is causing the problem.
  13. The caravan was connected to the mains but I had switched the mains off. it has a solar panel on the roof but I don't think it has worked from the day I bought the van. I have an external 150w panel which was not connected at the time. If it is going to take a couple of weeks to drain the battery I can cope with that as it is kept at home plugged in to the mains. I am more concerned that the 0. 23 amp will drain the battery faster than the solar panel can charge it when away. It is very unlikely that I will be off grid for any more than a week at a time so I may be worrying needlessly
  14. I am having a couple of niggly electrical problems with my 2009 Fleetwood 640EB. One set of LED lights do not work and the awning light does not work when switched on from inside the van but does work from the remote key fob. I have no idea if these are related. A while ago a local repair workshop replaced my kitchen heiki rooflight and fan with a non fan unit so I do not know if that could be related, the electrical connections for that must have been isolated somehow (chock block)? Also last year whilst I was away off grid for a few days I felt the external 150W solar panel was not
  15. Have you solved this problem or do you still need the code?
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