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  1. I assume with the TT live with in built sim I will be able to search for a destination ie campsite and then go to it.
  2. Just a little addition to above comments be aware that a single axle caravan is much more manoverable off the car than twin axle. If your going to have a mover no.problem, but thats also more expensive for a twin axle.
  3. Hi Cloughie where have you gone from CT. Not like you to stay away perhaps the Mods know something?

    1. Johnaldo


      He was on-line on the 6th.

    2. lunarsorentoman


      It seem he no longer on on CT

  4. Sainsbury's automated phone system will ask you to imput your Sainsbury's card number to be classed vulnerable, but if you haven't got one they tell you to go register on the government site. Iceland will also direct you that way when they have a dedicated hour for vulnerable people to get home deliveries.
  5. Go and register on the government website. I have had 3 deliveries since lock down, but would have been easier if like you I was designated shielded and registered.
  6. Is there no Salisbury near you or Iceland with you being shielded should be no prob
  7. If your vans out of warranty and you're not using it why not wait and get it serviced at a later date.
  8. Can't help with the drive round Madrid, but a nice site in Galicia, Camping A' Vouga Louro/ Muros. Within easy drive of Santiago d' Compostela and beautiful position overlooking the beach. Page 612 ACSI book. Will be coming home via Madrid in June so will look at this thread with interest. Martyn
  9. I know John no offence taken bit like people from your neck of the woods and like to say they live in the cotswolds and neighbours of prince Charles. Ha ha from the Port and proud of it.
  10. My shower base was replaced under warranty pss plastics put a wedge shaped slope under the new shower tray and it helps a lot. The reason it was replaced was when the van was levelled the shower collected water away from the drain.
  11. Barb has a check list things to do inside the van before we travel this being on the list.
  12. Yes John I fitted the bolt shortly after I got the van. All my baskets move forward together so the bolt locks them all in position. It was the baskets that pushed the door open. Since fitting all has been sound
  13. I find that if the baskets are secure the door stays shut.
  14. I have received a new blind under warranty, but the repaired one still going strong. I now have a spare that will fit any of 3 windows.
  15. I don't drop the jockey wheel completely to the ground before winding to raise the van off the tow ball. The reason being when recoupling at a later time and maybe after using a mover you may not be able to go down far enough this then requiring lowering a leg to adjust the jockey wheel.
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