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  1. I just use my in car navigation when I want live sevices I turn my phone into a wi fi hotspot clic wi fi on the car sat nav and hey ho away you go. I can then google places and get speed cameras etc no subscriptions needed.
  2. Going Portsmouth to Santander large inside cabin end of April one way price £383, but we are still club voyage members till end of May.
  3. I didn't like CC and couldn't be bothered using it on previous, but I am using it on occasions ACC on my new car
  4. I know it was 10 years ago, but it was perfectly alright the drive through Switzerland from tunnel st Bernard pass and out into France were we stopped at Pontalier Martyn
  5. Twas me I was actually on the Brenner highway and had a vignette it was q0 year ago I seem to remember it being a 3 day one costing about £7 at the time so sorry for any confusion only stress was highway signage said caravans inside lane only wich we ignored as lorries queuing for miles can't remember why!!, but if we had fallen in behind them we would have been hours. Martyn
  6. We went to Garda some years ago, but from Calais. Our stops were Chalon en Champagne, then the next site was in Karlsruhe Germany easy to find by the sports stadium. Then we made one more stop at a site near Stam Austria before going over the Brenner Pass and down to Garda, May be no help as you going from Caen, but we also like to keep it down to 200 miles a trip. We did continue on after a stay in by Garda to Croatia and came back through Switzerland after St Bernard Pass (tunnel) not using motor ways, but quite easy round Lucerne and into France. Martyn
  7. Let's say you'll have to explain your logic to me one day.
  8. We wouldn't half have had to make the biggest of commitments ie changing to drive on the right.
  9. When our towbar is fitted they then program the ECU with what to change when a trailer is connected.
  10. Except on photos probably should have offered it for sale on here as not a lot of the high spec 185hp ones about. Anyway happy with my deal for the Sante fe well have to have a caravan meet soon.
  11. This Tucson tow fantastic our third year abroad with it, 185hp and apart from bags of power great stability, but so has the SanteFe, but a bigger version and just fancied the big bit. Getting the endurance it's a limited edition lots of toys to play with, but would be happy without the stop start function. Never mined it's there so I'll just get on with it.
  12. And PS Derbyshire fantastic and brilliant weather I wouldn't want to say the location of my cl it must remain a secret.
  13. Like others I would like the engine to keep going for a few seconds before cutting out, but don't get the car till a week on Thursday so will judge it then.
  14. Thanks for the replies I will have a detachable tow bar fitted by my usual very good fitter and will see what happens no doubt they will program the car to know when it's towing and the stop start will be disabled. .My first outing will be to the Rhine, Germany so hope all goes well. Interesting to eead your views on the subject and be informed what to expect. Martyn
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