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  1. I don't drop the jockey wheel completely to the ground before winding to raise the van off the tow ball. The reason being when recoupling at a later time and maybe after using a mover you may not be able to go down far enough this then requiring lowering a leg to adjust the jockey wheel.
  2. I am really pleased that nobody seems to have had the same issue as that makes me feel more confident for the other blinds in my caravan. Just to say I managed to repair it and after 2 weeks usage all seems well. Picture shows back of blind after removal and before getting the spring back in the blind.
  3. Well my hot water and heating are on electric, are you not on site electrics. I would imagine mine would be high if the alde was on gas and I was caravaning in the winter, but I don't do Rally s and am on electrics. Martyn
  4. We use the oven and gas rings we have an electric ring wich we don't use abroad in case we blow the site electrics. Also I use the Cadac and when it got really hot and the fridge was struggling I put that on gas about 2/3 days. Hot water/ no heating required on electric Alde system. As you probably know Calor recently were recalling the Calor lite and they were hard to get so just in case it happens I'll keep my full one to one side and hopefully empty my other so exchange and have two for next year. Martyn.
  5. I agree also it would be nice to have something really useful and just £22, We had Two full Colorlites and use cooking a lot also Cadac after 10 weeks abroad still haven't emptied one. The full one will be put to one side now for next year's european trip. As I have a full Calor ( not lite ) to use. Off to Filey for 10 nights wonder if I can finish the one I've had 10 weeks out of. Martyn
  6. I don't want an argument I have always weighed my cylinder and I agree when the pressure in the cycling goes down the gauge will go from green to red. I have weighed cylinders ( 6kg ones )after the gauge has gone red. I have found more than 2 kg still left. It's great to look at these formulas if it makes you happy. I just deduct the tare weight from the weight of cylinder plus contents does me. Martyn
  7. Well you believe what you will perhaps you have some evidence. I have bought my Calor lite cylinders direct from Calor I was told this and have used the cylinders since first available in use it seems to confirm what I was told. Martyn
  8. John I was told by calor that the gauge when it goes to red indicates that you have used roughly half so you will have lots left. Martyn
  9. I suppose the rest of Europe do find it strange here. Like street lights are an indication of the speed limit., but they will have much less chance of a speeding ticket travelling up from Dover or Portsmouth as they'll probably be in a traffic jam.
  10. I have a loose blind the strings seem to have come out from the top at one side .I can see they(The strings) are through a spring and then knotted. I have looked on you tube for instructions for fixing, but my search didn't turn up anything useful. Anyone on here any info that could help. Thank in advance or here's hoping. Martyn
  11. I just use my in car navigation when I want live sevices I turn my phone into a wi fi hotspot clic wi fi on the car sat nav and hey ho away you go. I can then google places and get speed cameras etc no subscriptions needed.
  12. Going Portsmouth to Santander large inside cabin end of April one way price £383, but we are still club voyage members till end of May.
  13. I didn't like CC and couldn't be bothered using it on previous, but I am using it on occasions ACC on my new car
  14. I know it was 10 years ago, but it was perfectly alright the drive through Switzerland from tunnel st Bernard pass and out into France were we stopped at Pontalier Martyn
  15. Twas me I was actually on the Brenner highway and had a vignette it was q0 year ago I seem to remember it being a 3 day one costing about £7 at the time so sorry for any confusion only stress was highway signage said caravans inside lane only wich we ignored as lorries queuing for miles can't remember why!!, but if we had fallen in behind them we would have been hours. Martyn
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