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  1. There must be different versions of IPhone 6, what version software is installed
  2. Tried to download the new NHS app on my IPhone 6 and been told that phone is out of date, brilliant start, it appears you have to have upto date software installed only available on newer phones. Being elderly I thought it would be a comfort to know I had been in proximity to a carrier but it's not to be, can't afford a new phone, he ho.
  3. Thanks for suggestion, will try the hairdryer method first, ps the Paintseal is under the decal. Thanks
  4. I need to remove a peeled decal from the rear panel of my Swift Fairway, firstly what is the best way of doing this don't really fancy a hot dryer method, worried it might bend or distort the plastic, anybody successfully remove one, have looked on Utube but they are mainly metal bodies. The other problem I have is that the body have paint-seal applied, will this come of also, the decals is old so might be brittle, does that make it easier. Advice please.
  5. The Aldi in Studley is badly sighted, causes gridlock in the village, cars turning into the store causes back up to the near roundabout, the A435 is a very busy road with lots of HGVs so the opportunities to turn are limit. The same could be said for the Broad Lane site being on the same road and close to a roundabout, we will see.
  6. The National Trust has announced that all their properties will close by 20th March but the parklands and coastline will remain open so people can enjoy the fresh air, also the RHS has cancelled all their flower shows until July including the Chelsea Flower Show, its going to be a quite few months.
  7. I see from the Mail online tonight that the government are thinking of banning the elderly from going outside for a duration, media hype or what. Are they going to do our shopping or are we too starve, watch this space.
  8. Thanks for comment,going to Chester Fairoaks instead.
  9. Thinking of visiting this site next month on my way to the Lake District, however having read the reviews on the website I am now having second thoughts, most of the reviews were from last year and were not too favourable, can any body give me an updated review and has the site improved. Lots of adverse comments were about dogs but we dont have a dog but they say their is dog mess on site which I would not be happy with, had it paddled into our van before. Comments appreciated.
  10. I am taking this all in, there some good arguments for and against, little concerned that if you terminate early there might be a financial penalty, my wife can't drive so the car would have to go back, question for the leasing company, keep your comments coming.
  11. I am thinking of when I replace my car later in the year I am considering leasing the vehicle, do you consider it a good or bad idea. First question, would you be allowed to fit a towbar, any info on this would be useful. Second, is there an age limit on leasing, I am 75 years old, would medical history be taken into consideration . Thirdly, anything you consider I should take into account. Like I said, I am thinking about it, so suggestion against the idea I want to hear, particularly people of ''three score years and ten' .
  12. Thanks for all the info, taken it all in and warnings, many thanks.
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