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  1. Planning to go to Osbourne House as a day trip with car only, in May, what should I do or expect. Firstly do you have to book in advance or just turn up, secondly how much does it cost approx, thirdly do the Camping and Caravanning Club and Caravan and Motorhome Club give a discount. I will be travelling in school term time from Portsmouth to Hyde, any advice wil be greatfully received. Thanks
  2. Ok, got that, so might have to wait longer, hopefully not too long,
  3. I find that you are a lot more vunerable if you leave your computer on when not in use, the answer I believe is turn it off when not in use, I use Microsoft Essential and never had a problem !!!, saves energy too.
  4. If they cant see where there are going its hardly surprising
  5. That's great thanks, so just to confirm, the matt slides out of the frame then you can remove the frame itself by taking out 4 screws, simple when you know how.
  6. Does anybody know how to remove the door mat on a Swift Fairway 2013 model, it appears to be glued down, mine is cracked, anybody know how to remove it, don't want to spoil the floor, don't intend to replace it, will use with normal mat as they are more trouble then they are worth, they make it difficult to clean the floor.
  7. I have had it checked over by a Witter tow bar fitting dealer who said it was ok and made a healthy clunk when fitted, for those who know Witter when the swan neck is inserted there is a clunk and the blue knob turns so that there is a green indicator showing to show its correctly inserted and fitted, then you if you prefer you can lock it in place to stop thefts etc, however we noticed that you can still turn the blue knob even in the locked position and remove the tow ball, what caused this we don't know, there was no visible damage from being struck by the rock, as a precaution I have bought a new swan neck to ball, way out of warranty. I shall be more cautious in future and not assume its ok before I move off because I always thought they were fool proof if properly fitted, a salutary lesson.
  8. Before I tow again I will have this checked. Yesterday I was preparing to get ready to go home, as part of that I always use a bit of wet and dry on the tow ball, stops squeaking, when and I noticed that my Witter flanged detachable tow ball was loose and about to fall off, this was very alarming so I went to the warden for advice and recommended a local garage. What I find alarming was why did it come loose, I had already done 200 miles with the van and the tow ball always stays on for the duration of the holiday, the tow ball is always locked on and the indicator showing green and a very audible clunk when fitting. I was wondering what might have caused this to happen and the only thing I can think of was when I was driving at dusk without the van in heavy rain a rock had fallen of a dry stone wall into the road which I hit at about 30 mph on nearside, there was a very loud double noise so I pulled up to inspect the tyres, nothing obvious so continued on my travels so I can only conclude that the rock after I hit it with my front nearside tyre must of then hit the tow ball. What I find worrying is how this might of happened, always thought the mechanism was fool proof and the tow ball couldn`t come dislodged but I shall now be very wary to check for movement. I know people will say that I didn`t fit it correctly in the first place but I can assure you that I did and have used it quite often including 4 weeks in France. What I did notice when I got under the car was the locking wheel was half turned even when it was locked by the key so I can only deduce that the rock hit it at a considerable force dislodging it. Like I said at the start I will be having it check out by a fitting specialist before I tow again checking for cracks etc, as you can imaging I had a very nervous journey home even though the mechanic said it would be alright.
  9. I know this might sound silly, why not use a spirit level, can't understand why a simple task has too go hi tech.
  10. I couldn't find were to put the grey water on a site near Le Man so I decided to put it down a road gulley and I got a right dressing down the owner, made it perfectly clear he was not happy` in French` and showed me where to dispose the water, wont do that again in a hurry.
  11. Got stuck on the Nantes ring road couple of weeks ago, make sure you get into the right lane, the French can be stubborn letting in, also the Aires on the N137 are disgusting, one in particular was built of steel sheets plates obviously to cut down vandalism and the toilets were in a terrible state.
  12. Yes John, I have a copy of the book, I was born in Boston so my locals bases where Coningsby, East Kirby and Spilsby.
  13. I want upset the locals, ie don't mention the war. I have always been interested in 617 Squadron, born in Lincolnshire, a true 'yellow belly', and my father was a friend of a non flying technical officer.
  14. Obviously the dam, I'm not niave to expect the place to be the same, just being their will suffice. The crash site are all marked with a cross, obviously the locals will not adverts the fact.
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