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  1. In Norfolk, Holbrook Leisure have taken over the Bailey franchise (which includes Bailey trained Alu tec service fitters) from another well known Norfolk dealer. In my short time in dealing with H. L I have found them honest, reliable and well worth recommending. They have also taken on most of the staff from a Norwich dealership that has gone into voluntary liquidation recently.
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    I fitted mudflaps to my Bailey Bordeaux when I had it. I bought some largish second hand caravan flaps of eBay, cut them to the size I wanted which removed the old shabby fixing holes, screwed them to a 40mm square treated timber batten with large SS penny washers to spread the load and then screwed the completed item onto the floor behind the wheel arch. Worked perfectly and kept a lot of crud from coating the underside, cheaper too ! (The same mudflaps had been on a previous caravan before the Bailey never caught up and stayed put on that too)
  3. As long as you don't buy **** brand (Only responding to CC Mag leisure battery non test ! Don't ask me, I don't know either )
  4. Don't be in a hurry to spend £1000+, get some cheap throws and use these to start with . Like most after a while you will be changing your van and you will never re coup the expense. No I will not be changing you say ! well believe me once the bug has bitten you will be along to the dealers to look for a lighter/heavier/bigger/better/ fixed bed/ separate bed/ etc etc van, if you insist on new upholstery then as someone else has said Belfield are a good bet. Happy vanning
  5. Hi Paul, what you may need is a charger /recycler to test and charge the battery. If you go to a local Model Shop (aeroplanes not female model type ) or *bay and buy a charger for the batteries they use. There are ones that log the amount of charge that the batt will take, they also can cycle which can remove the "memory" effect. The one I have linked to needs a 12v supply or there are types that work direct off 240v http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/New-iMax-B6-Lipo-Li-Po-NiMh-Li-ion-LiFe-RC-Battery-Digital-LCD-Balance-Charger-/400597594073 This may not be exactly the one you need but it should point you in the right direction, you will need to hook up the battery with a temporary made up lead onto the contacts on the battery, make sure you have them right polarity. . Boating going fine Derek
  6. I had the same happen to me, down to about 3v, thought it must be the radio/signal booster which I think I left on for a week after playing a CD, recharged the battery, pulled the radio fuse, and it was down to 10. 9v after a couple of days. Re charged again. When the techie came to service the van I asked him to bring a new battery (the old one is 5 years old) he tested the old battery on a load test for 20 minutes with no voltage drop(12. 5v) just been away a week and no problems this time with old battery ! A fully charged battery should stand for an hour or so before testing voltage, 12. 5-12. 9v should be ok with a headlight bulb or similar across the terminals as a load. Try charging with an 'intelligent charger' such as a Ctek (or cheaper version that Lidl or Aldi do)
  7. just need a phono to auxillary cable phono aux. bmp
  8. If you have a tee, approx 2 foot piece of water pipe, and an end stopper, just cut it into the system after the pump and higher than the nearby pipework if possible, the trapped air in the pipe acts as a spring just like a surge damper all for a couple of quid or so !
  9. I contacted my insurers (Saga) when I changed from 18" to 16" and they were not concerned, as you say, my base model can also come with16" to 19" rims, so as far as they were concerned all were standard. I did ask them just to note my telephone call on my records for future reference. Since changing, I have noticed smoother quieter running solo and more stable when towing as the car doesn't seem to tramline. On un repaired country roads (normal round here) potholes and uneven kerbs do not hold the fear they once had ! As far as the speedo goes, it reads about 2mph quicker than my satnav says I am travelling at, but the overall circumference difference is minimal (less than 10mm ) when I checked on a tyre comparison website http://www. kouki. co. uk/utilities/visual-tyre-size-calculator
  10. Hi Pete Mine was retro fitted by the Ford main dealer, I went looking for the 'plate' and couldn't find it in the expected place, so they sent me a new one. I didn't dare admit in the meantime I found the plate which was hidden away on the welded on part the towball fits into and not easily visible even then you have to use a torch and lay under the car ! But I did get good service and can recommend their after care department. Best of luck Derek
  11. try contacting them direct here for info: http://westfalia-automotive. co. uk/contact. html (contact form and telephone no ) I had a problem with mine which they quickly resolved (missing data plate)
  12. Sounds like a bad electrical connection either in the plug or the socket causing heat build up. This shouldn't happen, possible fire risk
  13. Not retractable but my Westfalia was shiny black, which was a paint coating which needed cleaning off, wet and dry emery and hard work! If you have contaminated the pads, you should be able to revive them by laying under towhitch and cleaning the side pads with W/D again, then use brake cleaner aerosol to give a good spray (not lying under now !) to clear the dust away. If this is not successful its new pads I'm afraid. Good luck
  14. Be careful about blocking off the windows with cardboard or car windsceen reflectors in hot sunny conditions. There were reports a year or so ago of damage being caused by the heat built up between the DG panes and delamination/warping occurring. Very hard to see but most new windows now have a small clear sticker on them warning about leaving an air gap beneath/above (depending which way the blackout blinds pull) to stop damaging heat build up between the blackout blind and the plastic window
  15. Just to set the record straight Xtrailman, mine didn't "fall off", in one case a stupid pheasant wiped it off, and in the second I was forced into the overhanging hedge by an oncoming wide load on a country lane. No attached towing mirror wouldn't stand up to this and in my opinion clamp on Milencos adjusted correctly give a superior vib free view
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