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  1. Just taken delivery of a Unicorn III Cadiz. When we arrived at the dealers to collect it, we were informed that most batteries will not fit in the battery box, because of the height. Had to buy a new one, even though our current battery is just under 1 years old. (Anybody interested in purchasing it). I use BP gas cylinders, but the gas cupboard will only take one of them. What is Bailey playing at?? Getting owners to restrict what they can buy at a cost.
  2. Hi everybody During an overnight stop, I would like to be able to use the pump, but stop the hot water tank from getting filled. Is this feasible? Regards Russ Stephens
  3. Thanks to everybody who replied. From all the comments, it will not be a DIY job, as it could invalidate the warranty. Happy caravanning Regards Russ
  4. Hi I am considering installing 3 extra 240v sockets in my Pegasus 534. Would this invalidate the caravan warranty? Thanks
  5. Hi Try a boat chandler. Also try this link: http://www. waudbys. co. uk/products/details/21265. html Regards Russ
  6. I wish to add an extra 240v socket to my Pegasus. I have ascertained that the existing sockets have C-Line stamped on them. Does anybody know who stocks them? Regards Russ147
  7. Hi Radiotwo Was the new socket the same design as the old? If so where did you buy it, as I want to add an extra power socket myself? Regards Russ
  8. Hi Kelly Thank you Bailey, for trying to resolve this issue. I am very pleased with my 534, and am looking forward to many caravanning trips in such a well design unit. What is a PM and how do I send one? Regards Russ
  9. Should point to the rear, which means that the red spot should be pointing to the rear. This is the case on the Pegasus 534 anyway.
  10. Check for kinks in the pipes adjacent to the pump. Just return from first trip. Found pump noisey. Would not work properly when pumping into the hot water tank. Traced the problem to a kink in the white pipe, which was causing a restriction.
  11. I should'nt panick. I have just returned from a weeks caravanning in our 534. Very pleased with it. Used a Sunncamp Scenic Plus, with no problem. Our awning started between the front window and door, and finished just on the window of the bed. Good luck with your caravanning
  12. Can anyone recommend a CL/CS site on or near Dartmoor?
  13. HI Terry Thanks for the information, and the video which I remember seeing. The manual does not cover any of this info. Regards Russ
  14. Hi folks I was attempting to move the chest of drawers on my Pegasus 534 yesterday, with not much success. I assume that one has to take the drawer out, before unscrewing the 2 bolts. How does one remove the drawer? I am sure that I saw video demonstration regarding the flexibility of the front seats, which included the moving of the chest of drawers, when the Pegasus was launched. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Russ
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