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  1. When it's stored? You take it off when you use it, common sense!
  2. I can't take the credit for this, but saw it on another caravan. Cut a piece of awning skirt to about 4" deep, the length is up to you. Thread it into your roof awning channel, and it acts as an overhang to stop rain water running straight down the sides of the caravan, helping to eliminate the black streaks.
  3. I have a Vx Omega and have fitted M. A. D. spring assisters to the rear. Simple to fit, great company to deal with. They've actually improved the ride both solo and towing, can't praise them enough.
  4. It managed to recover one of the batteries, the other one is too far gone, although they are both of the same age/make and Ah. I guess the problem has been caused by charging them in series, and not balancing them occasionaly with a 12v charger. The good news is they are both still under warranty, and my mate has been able to get both replaced, no quibble. He has now decided to buy two smart chargers, and charge them independantly after each game of golf.
  5. Thought this might be useful.
  6. It's also very good for hiding small scuffs/scatches on alloy wheels.
  7. AutoAddict

    Hill Starts

    Couldn't allow that, would upset the noseweight.
  8. AutoAddict

    Hill Starts

    Best solution I've found if I have to stop on a steep hill is for the wife to leap out of the car and apply the caravan hand brake. When your ready to move, shout 'NOW', she releases the hand brake, and off you go. If you try this, please remember to stop at the top and wait for the wife
  9. I've welded a nut on my jockey wheel, superglued nuts to my water and waste carriers, centre of the caravan wheels, use the electric drill for everything - Oh! and by the way, it's great for drilling holes in wood, walls etc. The only problems I have found is, you have to crawl on your hands and knees when fetching water and emptying waste, and the caravan goes around in circles.
  10. You can get the 16amp one off ebay from between £49 - £55. The 16 amp one will cope with batteries up to 200Ah.
  11. Thanks - I'm knee deep in batteries at the minute LOL. We're just experimenting with two 12v batteries for a ride on buggy, the buggy struggles to do nine holes. The batteries have been charged in series on a 24v charger. Obviously we're charging them separately, will keep you informed
  12. Interesting, my mate has a CTEK charger for charging his golf trolley batteries. A battery, which he has disguarded, is now back to fully working order, after charging it on my Ring charger.
  13. So, my Ring charger, which can be set to charge at 2. 4, 8 or 16 amps, you would say, set it at 16 amps when on site?
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