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  1. Just paid our yearly fee of £240 for the caravan to be kept in a barn. The price has not gone up in the 10 years we have stored it there. Always someone there when you depart or arrive ,cctv, dogs chained up outside and as I said no one has access without someone being there. got a shock a couple of years back when the door was opened as the owner had put this huge tractor inside to stop the traveller visitors who had parked up the road. Needless to say he has a waiting list. County Durham
  2. Look around any caravan site and see which is the most popular air awning. Kampa by a long way.
  3. I always empty hot water tank, flush and toilet before we travel so no water on board. Have done this since I started caravanning as I was informed it could make the caravan unstable when traveling with water sloshing about in the tanks
  4. Just had the same thing happen to me and I replaced it last week end when we were away. It took about 30 minutes. Good advice to get one with the same dimensions. As already said its not worth getting repaired. Alan
  5. Thanks again, Rozel was at the top of my list. Alan
  6. We are going to do a bit of a tour before we get there. Going to Blenhim Palace then the Mary Rose and after Jersey call at Chatsworth on the way back home
  7. I would recommend Hooks House Farm which is very close to Robin Hoods Bay. We stayed for the first time last year and have already booked for this year. Some of the pitches are not very level but this is no problem as the owners site and level your caravan for you. Robin Hoods bay is a short walk and the views from the caravan are fantastic. Whitby is a very short drive away. The site is privately owned and the owners could not be more friendly and helpful.
  8. Thanks for that. Jersey is on my wifes bucket list.
  9. We are hoping to take the caravan to jersey. Can anyone offer advice on ferries, campsites and things to avoid doing. Thanks in advance. Alan
  10. Just received a refund for my Kampa air pro 260 from my credit card company as I thought it was not fit for purpose due to the amount of water pooling on the roof. Not a great surprise the new 2018 model has had the roof design changed. alan
  11. I think this is one of the best bits of kit you can add to your caravanning experience and have had a 3 pole for a good few years. I was always a bit wary when it was windy that the poles would lift and launch themselves at the side of the caravan. To overcome this I cut 3 bits of pipe that the foot of the pole would fit in and be a nice tight fit then welded pegs to the bottom. So I now fit the shade, observe where the pole is and knock the pipe/peg into the ground then lift the pole into the pipe. The pipe is only 50mm deep but it means the pole would have to lift that distance to become free. It has been up in some very windy conditions and has never budged. Alan
  12. I have got the Kampa air pro 260 and I'm in the process of trying to get a refund due to not fit for purpose due to the lake that appears on the roof every time it rains. I have tried everything from watching the Kampa video to advise given by the supplier and nothing works. It has been returned to Kampa and they say there is nothing wrong with the awning (they would say that wouldn't they). I did ask if they had tried a water test on it to see the pooling themselves but they had not so how can they tell ? The pooling is on the same panel and it's amazing how much water can actually collect. This appears to be a common problem. Apart from that I love the awning such a shame about this common problem Alan
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