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  1. We bought a brand new caravan which we rejected and then bought a 3 year old Lunar from Robinsons at Worksop, it has just gone for a service to an independent service workshop just before our 12 month extended warranty ran out and our Lunar Ultima dealer special was given a full bill of health apart from 3 small splits on a tyre which is nothing to do with the manufacturer . I must say on my past experience it really is luck of the draw but for some . yet something tells me that dealer specials seem to be better but why? somebody has to be looking after them other wise nobody would ever buy them, and not only the manufacturer but the dealer are in trouble . My opinion only .
  2. I have successfully rejected a caravan. I didn't want to . It dosent matter who built it as it is the dealer your contract is with. I rejected our van on the 70% moisture content and numerous other big faults too many to list and this was a brand new tourer. Shame as we really loved the van and layout and had the same manufacturer as the previous without any problems. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who is in the legal trade and this helped as what you can read on the Internet is good advice, someone in that field will really be beneficial. I hope that you get this matter sorted and by rejecting this van for good reason don't have any doubts about it, the caravan industry needs to know that they cannot keep building poor standard caravans for top prices and expect the end user to put up with it. Andy.
  3. Good idea has sprung to mind and that's that I filled up the tank using a hose pipe so it wouldn't of been slow so may be worth draining and starting again . Still the problem with the waste tank Thanks for your help much appreciated, Andy
  4. I am not sure exactly what model it is however there is 2 lights on with one saying that it needs the tank emptying and the other saying it Neeson filling up which the dirty water tank is empty and the clean flush water is full . Maybe a Ct4050 model . Thanks. Andy
  5. Hi folks hope you can help me here . I have a dometic toilet with the electronic flush with the relevant indicators on the top of the cistern. When I purchased the caravan i purchased the caravan insurance February this year I noticed in the first week and first day of using it that the tank had a cracking in it and notified the dealer, They said that this will be covered. Fast forward to this month and they know nothing about it yet will honour it as I reported it in the first week Brilliant collected another tank and placed it where it should be and 2 lights are showing 1 that it needs the flush tank filling and the 2nd light that the tank needs emptying. I have messed about to the point where a spacer between the tank and a switch will switch off the red full light however the other light stays on. Tried moving the float and that does nowt Any ideas please? Andy
  6. My 6 month period of rejection will run out tomorrow August 2nd ! The dealers warranty states that it does not cover the windows, this just says to me that this is a get out clause as they know to well of this problem . To pursue this i have nothing in writing only phone calls of which they have not logged . and a visit back to the dealers Worth a letter though or e-mail . I really would just like to buy a caravan without all this hassle, never going to happen is it ? Andy.
  7. Thanks for this great reply I have just pressed on the outside of the windowand heard the air expelling so I am wondering if I was to press on the outside and a other press on the outside and fit the plug would this be a good idea, however my worry is about the pressure in the window once heat gets on it. The caravan i have is a 2014 built but apparently classed as a 2015 it does have the black strip along the bottom of the window with the lunar logo. So still a bit concerned incase this is now another bad batch that is being kept quiet. Thanks again for your help. Andy.
  8. Thank you for your replies. Our Ultima does have the black strip as described with the lunar logo on it. I am prepared to just keep the affected window as I have had high pressure water on it and no problem. Awaiting to hear from the dealer and will dig my heals on this issue as this is a manufacturing fault that has been around for a while, and the principle of the fact they are selling vans with sub standard materials and expecting the end user to pay for it. Andy
  9. Evening all, I don't know what i am looking for here but hoping that you maybe able to help. We purchased a Lunar Ultima in February this year which is over three years old and with this current spell of hot weather one of my front windows is now bowing . when discovering this i removed the little bung on this inside of the window and the noise of the air escaping was unbelivable I have checked my warranty of which i paid extra to extend it to 12 months and to be honest it is pretty worthless as what it covers is minimal and dosen't cover the windows . So i have called in to the dealer to see if this problem is something that Lunar are going to honour as it has been a fault since 2013 i believe . It seems that with the caravan being out of manufacturers warranty and the fact the previous owner has not kept to the service time frames then everything is against me . Also i need to find proof that the caravan has been serviced how on earth do you find that if the vans book hasn't been stamped. My point though really is why should Lunar and this dealer be allowed to sell caravans with a known fault and expect the end user to pay for it, what can i do or any advice please ? Andy.
  10. Slightly off topic but we purchased a brand new Bailey in September 2017, quality control had never seen this caravan from the minute it became a chassis and was subsequently rejected for a lot of reasons more than what has been previously mentioned. We then purchased a Lunar Ultima 410 from another dealer which was 3 years albeit but the caravan has been obviously been somebody's pride and joy and the van has only one little niggle and that is a small crack maybe a 1" long in the toilet cassette which could of been done by the previous owner, and under warranty. Anything else and it is not worth the effort to type . My point though is to add that the build quality of this caravan to the previous manufacturer is 110 % better and we couldn't be more over the moon with this Lunar caravan up till now, just hope this don't bite me now ! Excellent caravan long may it continue !! Andy.
  11. On the way down to Devon last week we stopped at Cribbs Causeway at Bristol, this is a stop i often make with work if i am driving down to that neck of the woods . However on this occasion i have my caravan on the back and stopped here as i know its a good place to stop, it's the Asda store and parking is excellent for me and often there is a few wagons and other caravans in the car park. When i drove in the other day i was trying to find somewhere in the shade to park with having two small dogs albeit i was taking them for a walk, but also noticed that their was a vehicle parked and they seemed to " perk up / eyes on us " as we were finding somewhere to park . As a result i stayed with the car and dogs whist my wife went to get our provisions. Do not ever leave your caravan unattended, if not put on as many security devices on as possible . Motorway services, layby's and car parks are a haven for scumbags that want to take our pride and joy, Be careful out their.
  12. The AluTech caravan that i shortly had convinced me that the system was not the best in the respect that the skin over the insulation on the inside of the caravan was all their was to get a fix in too. Literally 1mm thick. Maybe i am wrong but the fixed bed became un fixed where the screws became loose or had fallen out and the frames around the windows containing the fly screens and the blinds were also coming away with loose fixings. Readings of 25% on the dealers moisture meter in the bathroom was as i was told is down to the fact the AluTech vans did sweat and their was now way for it to escape, ( didn't believe it to be honest ) but that is what i was told. As the other post has mentioned is what they are sealed with that counts and dare i say who is working with that sealant gun on that shift.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to reply, that's enough answers for me and what i would of assumed myself. stay warm and safe, Andy.
  14. Our caravan is stored on our neighbours drive with the electric hook up on. I have been off today and noticed that the icicles and the general build up of ice on the awning rail and the the awning rail protector, of which it was a couple of inches thick, quite worrying. Inside the caravan i have all the cupboards open and the heating set at 10 degrees and dry as a bone no condensation. My worry is the ice build up on the awning rail where i am concerned it gets in the rail and expands and may cause some damage, is their any thoughts on this please . Not that i can do much with the current climate, Andy.
  15. Are you missing the point! This is a brand new caravan with 70% damp. Totally the point that this is a pile of junk NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE from the manufacturer, if you are daft enough to pay good money and except this after this has been repaired from a dealer that lies to you well you my friend are a sales mans dream .
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