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  1. mike95

    Reversing camera on Unicorn 3

    I fitted this to my Unicorn 2 and now transferred to my S4. Works a treat and never looses its signal. The camera itself is well engineered and robust. Also very nice company to deal with. I would highly recommend this kit. Although its probably not the perfect position I have mounted mine under the rear bumper screwed into the floor. As the day running lights on my tow car also include the rear lights then the marker lights are always on the van too so I have taken a power feed from a side marker light. Hope this helps. Mike http://trailervision. co. uk/index. php?main_page=product_info&cPath=70&products_id=273
  2. mike95

    Accident in Italy

    I had a similar incident a couple of years back and my car insurance covered it. Mike
  3. I hope that it is OK to post here but just to say that I have added some bits in the items for sale section lower down. If not OK please feel free to remove. Thanks Mike
  4. mike95

    Unicorn 4 - Shower cubicles

    We love our new shower too. The one in our Unicorn S2 was fine but this is much more practical than the round one. The grey finish has grown on us too. The 2 drain holes in the S2 were good though. Mike
  5. mike95

    tyres ?

    I believe that its recommended to change after 5 years whatever the condition so I would change them. It just isn't worth the risk for what they cost. Mike
  6. My apologies. It seems I was wrong and it is not an Autoglym product so I don't actually know what it is. They recommend Autoglym products for the aftercare. Whatever it is it certainly works. Mike
  7. It's a professional Autoglym product. You can see all the details and prices here. http://www. tourershine. co. uk/ Cheers Mike
  8. Our new Cadiz got her paint seal from Tourershine today. This is the second van that we have had done by them. Our old Cadiz was done 4 years ago and looked as good as new when we sold it so we know it works. They also renovated the windows for me that were scratched on delivery and now look crystal clear. Thank you Paul & Lee for a great job. The van looks fantastic and I look forward to another few years of no polishing. Cheers.
  9. Maybe a little late with my post here but I have one of these & it is fantastic. Excellent build quality & totally relaible. i have it live all the time too so I always know what is behind. The only small comment that I have is that it is a wide angle camera. http://trailervision. co. uk/index. php?main_page=product_info&cPath=70&products_id=273 Hope it's useful. Mike
  10. mike95

    Locker Door Lock Replacement On Unicorn 2

    Sorry I don't know the detail but we had one done and I know that you have to destroy the old plastic door mechanism to get the lock out. Hope this helps a little.
  11. mike95

    Cadiz Beds

    I know what you mean. Ours was the same. We actually made it worse by adding a topper. I cut some memory foam to shape to bring it up to the same level. Works a treat. Good luck.
  12. mike95

    Budgeting For A Big Trip

    For our 8 week trips in France we usually spend around £5,000. This includes absolutely everything including: The tunnel crossing Red pennant Campsites (mainly ACSI) Fuel Tolls (use all toll roads when available) Sightseeing costs - trains, museums, etc. Food Drink Eating out (quite a lot as we end up doing much more than we plan!) Laundry costs Car washing TBH we don't really skimp on anything so I reckon that this a reasonably accurate cost if you are not counting it too much. Hope this helps. Mike
  13. mike95

    Front & Rear Fairing Seals

    I have the same issue & I find that Autoglym caravan cleaner does quite a good job. Removes black streaks in no time too. https://www. autoglym. com/caravan-motor-home-cleaner?gclid=CPH29LPj49UCFUVmGwoddPkPyA Good luck. Mike
  14. +1. We have also used this one. You can book by email at no cost & they will reserve a pitch for you. ideal stopover. Cheers, Mike
  15. I run our Cadiz behind my Volvo XC60 at 85kg and it tows like a dream. Anything less is noticeably less stable. Anything more doesn't appear to improve anything. Cheers, Mike