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  1. It feels like there is one and there are wires going into what looks like a strip of LED's. trouble is it's only a thin gap and can't confirm if in fact it is a strip. Doesn't come on with any of the switches so assuming there may be something wrong with a connection. Just asking if anyone on here has a light on their 2019 Alpine 4 in this location. Anorak
  2. No worries Guys and Gals but I have managed to source one from Vision Plus! No answer for the light in the wardrobe though! Cheers Anorak
  3. Still working out all this stuff works in my Sprite Alpine 4. I have purchased it second hand and the slot-in bracket that fits onto the back of the tv is missing from the hinged wall tv mount. Anybody know where I can get one from? Also is there an LED strip light above the top of the wardrobe? It feels like there should be one but I can't get it to work!! All help gratefully received, Anorak
  4. Yep, changed from a run of three Baileys after an Eccles Topaz and an old Elddis. Had a mover fitted, got used to them on 3 previous vans and found them really useful. Looking forward to using the Swift Command system and a solar panel! Always something to learn! I've also managed to change my signature so really getting up to speed. Always found people on here to be so helpful and I've not stopped reading regularly even though I didn't have a van!
  5. Hi All, After a break from caravanning over the past three years I've taken up the baton and rejoined the team. I never really wanted to stop but moving and downsizing meant a rethink. All this virus stuff has made me realise how much having all your own stuff on holiday matters. Not getting any younger, so always viewed in the danger cohort and I really don't feel like getting on a plane or cruise ship anytime soon!! So bit the bullet and bought a 2019 Sprite Alpine 4, is there anything I should know or look out for? After 30 years of 'vanning I still worry!!
  6. I had one of these and had damp in the back corner under the bed. There was also damp found in some of the small corner cupboards at the front, but mine were always dry. As noted by Jezzerb and Reggie, it was at floor level that I had the issues. Never had trouble using my damp meter through the Lino.
  7. anorak

    Decent shoes

    I've given up on trainer style shoes as I've had problems with waterproofing. I now have a pair of Brasher Country Classic leather shoes, with a 'Gortex' type winning. They do a boot and a more trainer style called the roamer. They are all about £100 in Go Outdoors and last for ages, I'm on my second pair and use them on touring holidays as they look smart enough for city use as well. Maybe not so trendy and need to be tried on as I think the sizes are on the small side, but then I'm of 'That Age" !! Cheers Anorak
  8. Has anyone picked up if the Caravan Club are going to run any discounts on the new tag or has this caught them out!! Good news though will make Portugal easier by not having to register a card at the border. Cheers Anorak
  9. Hi Guys, Anyone know of any storage near Agay in Southern France? I have contacted Esterel caravanning and they say there are some in Le Muy and Roquerbrune sur Argens but do not give any actual site details. I have stayed here a number of times in the past and seen vans towed onto site by storage companies but of course did not think to make a note at the time! Doh! Any help appreciated, thinking of either doing this or packing up, we shall see!!! Cheers Anorak
  10. Oh the memories!!! 'Can we have one Dad!! Anorak
  11. Not sure if they make Lunars carpet but Kustom Sport of Barnsley make loose fit carpets for numerous manufactures. Their website is kustomsport. co. uk. Phone 01226 203347. From their website they don't make Lunars but can make them up from paper templates. Hope this helps. Cheers Anorak
  12. Cloverfields at Buxton is open all year, but may be to Glossop! Anorak Meant to say ' maybe too close to Glossop' fingers and brain not connected!! Anorak
  13. Hi, I have a 4x4 Kuga titanium with a 180 bhp diesel engine and I have put it on the local authority weighbridge and with driver and fluids it came out at 1809KG. If that helps. Cheers Anorak
  14. Hi, Im not too clued up on sky and this may have been asked before, but here goes!! I'm having to house sit a house in England which has a sky dish with twin cables, no internet or phone socket near sky dish. Can I merely unplug my sky box and plug it in at the other house? I can't see why it wouldn't work but are their issues? Cheers Anorak
  15. Hi wont be a Pegasus as these were only made after 2010. To get some help you need the model - Pageant? And then help will flood in!! You might have had enough of floods tho!!!😂😂
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