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  1. Apologies Scarab, I wasn’t intentionally targeting anyone specifically, as there were a number of posts that were delving deep into the mechanical science of moments. I actually agreed with what was being said…I just felt we were in danger of muddying the water for those (maybe) new to caravanning seeking succinct help with a basic task. The real problem is getting people to understand the importance of, and bothering with, ANY noseweight measurement in the first instance …….however imprecise their technique may be at the outset.
  2. Sorry… for many people new to caravanning, wanting advice on noseweight , faced with this sort of indepth mathematical computation will cause their eyes to glaze and more worryingly, them to ignore any notion of checking noseweight. Keep it simple. Get a gauge, read the supplied instructions and use it regularly to build your understanding of the right weight for your combination’s best ride.
  3. All very impressive trig, but the fact remains if people are using a proprietary device to measure the noseweight, then those gauges (that fit under the hitch) are only accurate to c.2kg and are manufactured to an unloaded length that correlates within the approved towball height range 350mm-420mm (EC Directive 94/20/EC). The broomstick and bathroom scale users just need to measure their stick to fit the same height range.
  4. I’ve always felt that this perfect towball height measuring issue is ‘straining at gnats’. As the above calculation shows the impact is grams on a 90kg nose weight and 1.5tonne caravan. No one in there right mind would measure a hitch at 20cm lower or higher than the ball. Besides all the proprietary noseweight gauges are a fixed length …towball height . They wouldn’t fit under a hitch 20cm too low and they would wave around in the breeze until the caravan jockey wheel was lowered enough to make ground, if 20cm too high. Of more significance is doing the measurement
  5. As others have said it perfectly normal to get some sway and with longer single axle caravans it’s worse. Increasing car rear tyre pressures a tad may help. But it can take time to get used to the new dynamic relationship between tug and caravan. Any bloke who has pulled over in a narrow lay-by for a ‘comfort break’ and tried to stand still in front of the toilet in a rear washroom, will know how much caravans sway when fast moving vehicles pass close by. Puts a whole new spin on whizzing by. 🤭 Of course when you are moving at 50-60mph, the bow wave effect from passin
  6. It will all calm down when they can go back to the Mediterranean again. Unfortunately there will then be a glut of abused caravans and motorhomes on the market to depress the px values. If anyone is considering upgrading they should sell this year, quick
  7. Somewhere in my photo archive I have the picture of 3 police cars parked in the area allocated for caravans in the M11 service station. I was able to pull into a remaining vacant bay. They returned, some with coffee cups in hand, 15mins later ( 4 officers to each car). Everyone’s at it.
  8. If you get hitch moaning and groaning the first thing to do is unhitch wipe the ball with a wet wipe and rehitch. If it stops moaning it’s probably just dust build up. (Which happens when bedding in new pads) If it doesn’t improve or the noise comes back soon you need to inspect the pads for glazing (rough up with emery ) or damage (replace).
  9. Sadly there will always be people who think they are bulletproof and believe they have total control of their environment wherever they are. My 60yr old cousin didn’t survive ……and two 50yr old close friends are still suffering breathing problems after 3 months. One’s perspective changes when it hits close to home.
  10. I suspect they will still all be sulking too much to come here for some time ….with or without Covid as a reason.
  11. The early XC90s had the same engine as the XC70. With the extra chassis weight it was consequently underpowered. Having owned two XC70s I flirted with the idea of the XC90 to get more weight stability and test drove one. What a shock. It lumbered and wallowed round corners, with poor brakes and lacklustre acceleration. Stepping out and back into my XC70 on the forecourt and driving home was like chalk and cheese. So I stuck with the 96% towing figure the XC70 gave me with my caravan, for another perfect 5 years!
  12. Not necessarily true. I have to manoeuvre my caravan from a narrow lane alongside my property, through narrow gates at 90deg, in the process turning the caravan 180deg , line it up with its garage and backing it inside also through narrow doors. Not long in distance but can take 10mins back and forth to get alignment right to avoid gate posts, trees, garden furniture etc, at each turn. Theres no doubt the first indication the battery is failing is periodic stopping of the mover with recovery after a few seconds….assuming it is fully charged at the outset.
  13. Good to see selfish opportunism is alive and well.
  14. Let’s see what the EU stance will be when peak holiday season arrives and they want our money. Much as I enjoy French caravan holidays, and much as I am frustrated by the population density and iffy weather during a UK staycation, it would be so good if people just stayed at home this Summer. It would reduce the risk, however small, of importing infection and boost the UK economy. It’s only one more year.
  15. Totally agree…that’s why I got the petrol 3L model. Off like a rocket…the Rev counter and Speedometer fly round. Unfortunately the fuel guage flies in the other direction. Still what the heck, we’ve got to use up the available fuel before 2035 anyway. 🤣
  16. Someone once suggested you take 2 skateboards, a kids bike, several footballs and some tennis rackets….then leave them scattered around your pitch on arrival. You might find the next possible neighbours settle further away.
  17. I moved from a 3L D4 to a 3L D5. The D5 is slightly more skittish compared to the D4. But it’s not necessarily just due to the lesser weight. According to LR… The D5 has an ‘electronic’ steering interface which doesn’t respond exactly the same as the traditional methods. (My laymans description of their words) The effect is that there is a microsecond delay in steering response to the steering wheel. Under normal driving (and towing) conditions it is unnoticeable but ( in my actual experience causing me to discuss it with LR) under strong winds and d
  18. If anyone is travelling to North Norfolk destinations in a motorhome, and want a place to stop on the outskirts of Kings Lynn, you could consider either of these spots. Constructed as road entrances for future industrial sites (been there several years!) they are rarely used and large. (Caravans would need to reverse in, which is not ideal, hence suggesting motorhome) Just off the A149 after Sainsbury’s and Hardwick roundabout.
  19. To my certain knowledge there are at least 12 lay-bys spaced out every few miles between Peterborough and Kings Lynn capable of stopping with a caravan....some more cramped than others. Most are rarely used by lorries during the day. The larger ones are on the dual carriageway sections. There are also several large ones on the A148 Kings Lynn to Fakenham if you want to delay your stop a little longer.
  20. I am surprised at that, given Caravanguards own publications supporting caravanning for the disabled..... https://www.caravanguard.co.uk/news/accessible-caravanning-for-people-with-disabilities-24588/
  21. Cambridge Botanic Garden is always worth a visit, excellent venue....but a nightmare to park outside. Park and ride bus goes very close.
  22. We live and learn... what fits our needs at one time doesn’t mean it stays that way! I never wanted to use serviced pitches...”it was for old unfit people”. Trouble is...I am now old and less fit than I was compounded by 2020 laziness. But the requirement during the pandemic to use our on board facilities, meant we found ways to nullify toilet smells and handle wet washrooms made me realise not having to lug water barrels about was actually worth paying a bit more for. Similarly, fixing the legs to the caravan always seemed to me to endanger the integrity of the caravan wal
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