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  1. I suspect a lot more people maybe switching to motor homes and camper vans purely because they are more able to avoid the herding that happens on many large campsites especially by wild camping. We love our caravan and have always frequented (when possible) CLs and small sites even when in Europe. Drop the ‘accommodation’ and move about less incumbered. But one thing more than anything else is making us consider a small motorhome. The fact that you have your own loo and refreshments on board. Visited a NT property last week and the marshalling to cafe and toilets, although done admirably well, didn’t inspire us to linger...for either. We said how nice it would have been to have your own loo and refreshments ‘in the car park‘ before you move on or go home. Food for thought next year...if Covid is still staring us in the face.
  2. Make an enquiry here or Talk to them... https://www.sgs-engineering.com/gas-struts/enquiry-form Cheaper, faster better service than caravan dealers and a quality product.
  3. Don’t suppose you can trace the wiring back from the Ultrastore to at least get some sense of direction? The technical booklet link above has got the wiring diagrams.
  4. I just wear disposable gloves.....on as I get out of the car, off before I get back in. Having spent years making and working with radioactive chemicals, wearing gloves was a daily routine. You get into a mindset that everything you touch is dirty and dangerous....and now more ever, that could be true.
  5. From memory ...on my 2012 Swift there was an electric water heater rocker switch down at floor level alongside an aerial socket? at the base of the front offside bench seat where it meets the front drawer unit. My wife was forever switching it on and off with her heel!! I rewired it up top alongside the gas control switch. Why it was ever so ridiculously and remotely positioned from the gas switch I will never know. Worth getting on your knees and having a look.
  6. Went to my local Screwfix today, having ordered a click and collect item. They had a guy in a little gazebo ensuring you had previously ordered and there were 2m yellow queuing strips along the side of the building. Two ‘bays’ at the counter with screens ....all apparently safely controlled. And yet.... The outside queue area was down the side of the building. The building has anti ram raid (or bad driver) defences in the form of metal posts every few feet. With one exception (ME) every man in that queue lent on, fondled or rested their bare hands on the top of the posts....a normal habit we might all have when queuing. It’s the little things that can trip us up.
  7. This is the handbook for 2010 Swifts... https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/024/original/1089175__Caravan_Owners_Handbook_2010.pdf?1472743472 And technical specs here... https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/102/original/Challenger-Conqueror_Tech_Handbook_2010.pdf?1472743525
  8. Whatever car you buy now...it will be worthless in 5 years time. That includes hybrids, because the technology advances will quickly outdate current offerings.
  9. I have no doubt there are small petrol cars that perform with reasonable economy. I thought the op was talking about tow cars? With one exception, I’ve always towed with petrol vehicles. The extra cost / mile has never bothered me...it goes with the patch. Only having one vehicle at home was an economy we made some years ago when my wife took early retirement. The only downside to petrol towing vehiclesI have found is their range. The fuel tanks need to be bigger! We took a joint caravan holiday in Austria with my sisters family a few years back. Towing similar size /weight Swift caravans I was having to fill up a lot more frequently to my BIL in his diesel Peugeot. He was at pains to point out I must know all the garage owners across Germany. 😆
  10. If your raison d’être is mpg, don’t get a petrol car....it’s as simple as that. If saving money isn’t an issue, get the car you WANT to drive.
  11. The SR suffix was a descriptor for Swift caravans that had the new Sun Roof fitted. Now dropped because they all have them.
  12. My gripe is people moaning on about needing ‘guidance’ from strangers on how to stay safe and protect their loved ones. It’s blindingly obvious .....but people don’t want to hear ‘keep your distance from friends, family and the public in general’. People are not looking for guidance they are just looking for an angle, a loophole in the guidelines that will enable them to say “this doesn’t apply me”.
  13. They have a Tapas detector which you breath into when you check in.
  14. I think you have a point there. Listening to a party going on across the road from us, I am at a loss what guidelines are in force now for such gatherings. Whatever they may be, the alcohol fuelled raucous silly little boys will be oblivious to them...and potentially take the virus home to mum and dad. I fear that a return to anything approaching normality for older and at risk people will be a long time coming. But it’s really down to us to look out for our own safety and as such it may be irrelevant what country you are in.....unless you catch it.
  15. Havent got any magic solution but if the gas strut has ‘degassed’ or failed in some other way Talk to these people, giving the details written on the side of the strut and the key dimensions. There’s an online enquiry form if you prefer. They are quicker and cheaper than caravan manufacturers....and make a good product with guarantee. sgs engineering
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