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  1. Come on Stevan, stop spreading common sense. 😉
  2. She has become increasingly full of her own importance. Sad because I used to like her style. Now she would make a good Home Secretary. 🙄
  3. The vaccine would be solid surrounded by cardice and need to be elevated to nearer room temperature to be administered. For some weeks I was subjected to a sadistic nurse who gave me jabs in my bum....straight out of the fridge. (That’s the solution not my bum 😆) I soon learnt to ask the nurse or doctor to let me hold the phial for a while to warm it up before that was injected. Makes all the difference ...no pain. And that was just from a domestic +4 fridge.
  4. There was a huge rockfall there in the 1950s wiping out several houses but miraculously only 3 people were killed. According to the commentary on the Gabares river trip. 👍. Lovely place.
  5. I read that title and thought Cliff Richard had followed Des O Connor 😱 “Too many leaves falling from the tree of our generation”. ☹️
  6. You are missing the point. All these devices/methods assume you want to remove every last vestige of the water. If you want to completely empty a pipe line you need to generate plug flow....which can’t be done with these sort of airflows/pressures. So you will always leave some water into the pipes. As you rightly say, having ‘headroom’ to expand on freezing is desirable. My point is why bother going to these extra lengths to squeeze out the last drops of water when it isn’t necessary ...as you point out.
  7. I would have thought the first prerequisite would be to ensure the caravan you buy has a damp free history, in the hope it continues damp free.......as Ireland will be a tad wetter than Lincs.
  8. All of these methods assume you can generate plug flow. There is no guarantee that where there is an airway over ‘puddles’ of water in pipe work that the air won’t just flow round them. Unless the velocity of the air is sufficient to displace these pools they may well sit there...in a draught.
  9. Who is spreading fear? That’s a bit melodramatic. All I am talking about is caution. Until the vaccine is confirmed to work without unacceptable side effects AND every age band has the vaccine, we can’t relax our guard. Sadly many people just need the slightest glimmer of optimism to throw everything to the wind....that’s why we are having a second wave.
  10. The point is the virus can live on surfaces for several days. Just like any germs and viruses we can transport them. Who knows.... vaccinated people may be able to exhale infected breath. They can certainly transport it on their hands and the things they have touched. Interesting suggestion. Do you vaccinate the residents in care homes or the staff and all visitors ...who will have more exposure to the virus outside?
  11. Whatever floats your boat. 😆 The reason I raise this point is that I am sure there are many couples who may have a difference of opinion on taking the vaccine....or simply be in different vaccine access age bands. I cannot see us getting back to anything like free, safe movement, for a long long time.... until everyone is convinced of the safety of the vaccine and enough is available to cover all ages.
  12. Just because you have the vaccine doesn’t mean you won’t ‘carry it’ to a loved one that hasn’t been vaccinated. If, for example, you prop up the bar at your local with asymptomatic friends, then ‘blissfully protected’ from your shot you go home without adhering to strict hygiene measures, you could still infect that loved one. You would still need to wash your hands and face in soapy water for 20+sec before kissing the unvaccinated wife. So not back to normal.
  13. We have something like this hanging in the entrance. The soles are faced inboard so you don’t brush past dirty soles. Any dirt is contained in the pockets and emptied when we get home. There are lots of these sort of things but you need to get the right ones with fewer but wider pockets for bigger shoe sizes that suit your needs. We use spare pockets for torches, tv controller etc.
  14. On a perhaps more serious note, I have always thought that wearing face masks correctly must offer some protection. And any help you can get and give to prevent the virus spreading is going to be a bonus. To that end, why haven’t the football clubs been marketing branded face masks? I bet a huge group of mask dissenters would soon adopt the new fashion statement to show their affiliations? I bet the bloke who marketed hoodies never expected the take up.
  15. Sound sense .....to those that have the common sort. Sadly I feel a huge section of our population if faced with this example would be dashing off to a Tesco and panic bulk buying Kraft cheese slices. Then moaning about lack of clarification from the government as to the flavour of cheese required, how many layers, if mature is safe and how to attach the little elastic straps.
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