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  1. Once you’ve decided on the model you want, check out the best retail price on this website... https://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/
  2. Hi oh wisemen.... I am in Calais and my leisure battery seems to be dying. I say ‘seems to be’ because my motor mover keeps stopping every few seconds and needs the red handle switched off and on again to get another few seconds movement. It’s been working fine for several day prior to this event and the caravan charger has been on continuously when on ehu . The panel shows the battery to have 12volts when the mover is operating but 13volts when at rest. Whilst these display numbers aren’t accurate...the drop seems quite large. I am therefore ASSUMING it is the most obvious sign the 4 year old battery isn’t delivering enough sustained grunt and is on its last legs. So I am after getting a replacement battery and wondered if a 110amp Leisure battery is typically available at French exhaust/tyre/ battery depots or whether they just do car batteries? Do I need to go to a specialist supplier and if so is that a caravan dealership (there is one in Calais but shut till Monday)? Suggestions please.
  3. Don’t understand the logic that says France is too expensive, so people are staying at home. Yes, the cost of holidaying in France has increased over the last few years and the halcyon days may be over.....but it’s no more expensive than in the UK. So why holiday at home? And anyway ...a holiday is a holiday when you relax. That means the wallet too.
  4. Most of the French drivers around us here in the last few days have already made their decision...and were all ready doing 90kph. Coincidentally today, I said to the wife, as we cruised along with everyone one else at 90, that it seemed like another draconian measure that would soon fizzle out. They still haven’t got over the tailgating though. Why they feel the need to hurtle along only a cars length behind the car in front, when there is nothing else on the road, defeats me. You stop at a junction and 3 cars ‘stuck’ together hurtle passed followed by a gap of 5 minutes. It’s as if they are scared to be left alone on the roads of the ‘vastie ffields of ffrance’ ....as Shakespeare put it.
  5. We are in France at this moment. Less busy at tunnel than last Sept...so Eurotunnel broke the train to add interest. Campsites are less busy but not just Brits. The Dutch haven’t started coming down in usual numbers...yet! Was talking to campsite owner and she said that even the French haven’t started coming for le weekends. But it has been cool and windy...which apparently puts them off. Maybe it’s just a bit early , slow to get going.....and with all the uncertainty (for Brits) and discontent on the streets of France (ran into a protest march in Calais on our arrival last week!), higher prices (scaring the thrifty Dutch to death) and the cooler weather, people are delaying or deferring departures. In one sense it’s a shame....for the site owners. But on a purely selfish basis...glad you are not here!! Lots more pitch choice and roads even quieter. PS. Supermarket diesel still cheaper over here than messers Tesco/Sainsbury/Morrison/Asda back where we live.
  6. The choice between single axle and twin axle is really down to 1) layout.....2) overall length,....3) gross weight. We have a layout that we like on a single axle. Despite having a big enough tug to tow something heavier/ bigger, we haven’t got the 8m storage space at home that twin wheelers require. Movers are so useful. For one thing they have stopped the guaranteed matrimonial arguments every time the caravan needed ‘manhandling’. The wife couldn’t match my pushing power on her side. She now leaves it to me and peace prevails. When I did have a twin axle I did raise the jockey wheel to lift the front wheels almost off the ground.... they still made contact but with no weight...so made it easier to move. Personally I would fit 2 movers but if you only want to fit one thenput it on the rear and lift the front up as per above.
  7. Oh ok ....that’s 2 more than us lol. We love the area, loss to see and do in the area. Enjoy.
  8. We did that last year....setting off from Honfleur en route to Angers. In fact we stupidly planned to stay in Le Mans before we realised it was race weekend., and all the campsites were full. Motorways didn’t seem overly busy compared to previous years. Of course that area is ordinarily a bit busier than other areas of France, with intersecting motorways and being the main arterial route from Paris to Brittany. Getting to Angers took no longer than previous years. PS. You will love Beynac...that area is the jewel of the Dordogne... imho
  9. We always get the best deals on offer for euros from MSE site.... https://travelmoney.moneysavingexpert.com/holiday-money/?_ga=2.267857486.1520046735.1555703012-599703707.1553349623
  10. That’s about the same as I was charged in February this year.
  11. Yesterday I requested a green card for car and caravan via insurers chatline. Today they phoned me for the make and model of caravan to go on card. They didn’t actually say it’s a separate card...just that the caravan details needed to be declared. Wait and see how many I get.
  12. I confess a couple of years back, my wife was doing some beachcombing on the island as the latest time approached to leave. We hurried to the causeway as the tide was stating to overflow. Halfway across there was a lovely pair of eider duck swimming right by the car, so I stopped to photograph them. Didn’t notice how long we stopped or the speed of the tide....crazy really as living on Norfolk coast we are so use to fast tide flow! So when I put camera down and turned round there was a foot or more of water.....fortunately below the Discos wade depth. But couldn’t help feeling a bit silly (and wreckless) especially as we were filmed by some of the parked motorists on the opposite shore. They must have thought we had konked out and were waiting for the inevitable.
  13. I just started wearing varifocal glasses and the wires are a lot more obvious now.
  14. I have to say that I can see when the windscreen heater is on. I inadvertently switched it on when the windscreen was completely dry and frost free and immediately experienced mild visual moving distortions ...which made me feel a bit nauseous for a few minutes. My wife, the passenger, didn’t see it...so it’s not the same as the op. But switching off the heater was an immediate relief.
  15. I must be a numpty or my part of the world is in some sort of turmoil.....I walked into back garden and got 3 words......walked into front garden and got 3 different words. No surprise there, as the distance was 150feet or more. But when I returned to the exact spot in the back garden I got 3 different words. So went back to the front garden ....3 different words again. I repeated the process 3 times and got 6 different sets of words. How on earth does that give exact guidance? PS I was doing some gardening at the time so not a pointless walk back and forth. 😆
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