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  1. We last changed our caravan (for twin fixed bed layout) back in 2012. Since then, we been waiting to change to a newer model, primarily to get Alde heating, but there have been one or two other nice changes worth having. Unfortunately there is one significant, not so nice, change...bed size. Manufacturers seem to think men have got thinner and women have got shorter. Each year we check to see if the beds are back to the 2012 sizing...without success. Plus, we haven’t liked the material and design options So we have recently refurbished the interior.... seat foam, covers, curtains and carpets. I just need to change the lights. Ok...we still haven’t got Alde heating, but after 7 years I know how to operate the Truma blown system to get adequate heat distribution....and I haven’t spent £25000 on a compromise. To be honest I am rather relieved we haven’t upgraded (yet again) with all the uncertainty on the future of caravan towing and motorhoming.
  2. You’ve just made me realise that we are all living the nunnery scene from Hamlet.... Two Bs or not Two Bs.... that’s the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, 😂 😂
  3. Have to say all this downbeat Talk has made me feel 100% better over my recent decision to invest in having the caravan seating and decor refurbished. New curtains, carpets, seat foam and covers for a fraction of a new van. This caravan will now do us for a few more years....probably till we all stop caravanning.
  4. I watched a couple of big strapping lads cleaning the solar panels on our single storey Aldi store yesterday. Lanyards, harnesses, safety helmets ..even the ‘mop and bucket’ had some retaining device. It took 3 times as long securing themselves as cleaning the panels. And this on a 30 ? degree roof. I am having a new roof on my bungalow in a few weeks time. I will have to put up with scaffolding around the place but let’s hope they won’t be banging pitons into the chimney and belaying themselves across the huge high altitude traverse. Sorry but if you need strapping to a ladder that’s strapped to your caravan....you really need someone to do the cleaning for you.
  5. It’s very obvious every business that has been having a rough time over the last few years will be looking to seize the Brexit excuse moment and cut their losses in whatever way they feel necessary. That’s not a criticism. The next few years are going to be a difficult trading period. That’s why the last words in that Swift spokespersons statement sounded ominously pessimistic..... “We will ensure that the Company retains the capacity to meet the needs of our customers, now and in the coming months.”
  6. I was told by a local that there is no car insurance in Naples. Locals have 2 cars...one for normal outings and one they don’t need to lock or bother about damage when they go into Naples.
  7. For anyone wanting to visit Pompeii, Camping Spartacus just across the Via Plinio from Pompei entrance is a great little spot to camp. No parking or transport....walk across when the gates open and before the coaches arrive. 👍
  8. Mine is in the garage with the spare wheel carrier and the other caravan ‘spawns of the devil.’ Cant see the point of sitting in the same ‘room’ as your smelly rubbish if you don’t have to. A flip top bin, like we use at home, but placed outside the door, is our choice.
  9. I had a £500 caravan repair 4 years ago. My annual premium is still only £30 more than it was back then. With all the other annual cost of living etc increases that have gone on with our policies, I totally disagree with that statement.
  10. The way it was described to me was the D4 had two great weights hanging behind the rear axle that effected the better stability to the vehicle. Not sure if it’s straight weight loss or where /how the reduction has been achieved, but the D5 ain’t got them. The D4 as a small van whereas the D5 is a big car. To me that sort of defines the difference. I enjoyed towing with the D4 but the D5 is much better for solo driving and perfectly acceptable when towing. Im just not sure it still holds the crown for best large 4x4, all things being considered.
  11. Am I right in saying that it’s like some sat nav that also have to be switched on when relocating large distances to jog them into resetting? I remember a couple of years ago when I took a cheapie back up sat nav to my old in car (out dated) model to the Loire. The onboard one that had been live all the way there knew where we were but the garmin back up, that had been switched off since home, still thought we were at home. It took a hard reset and a longish waiting time for it to eventually get its bearings.
  12. It’s never crossed my mind to remove the turntable from our microwave. 7 years and well over 20,000miles with this caravan and it’s not come out of the microwave once during travel. It always becomes dislodged from its running groove, requiring reseating on arrival at site. Have to say I would be disinclined to caravan if I had to resort to some of the levels of fitment dispersal I read about, every time I needed to tow.
  13. Little aside ... When I got my last new Volvo I equipped it inside with all those bits you never need. I put a pen into its special hole inside the glove box but had to force a piece of ‘packing’ paper down into the casing to get it in. When I told the wife ...she confessed she had rolled up her ‘emergency‘ £20 note into the pen hole. 😢 Run forward a few years and the car was written off in a crash in Italy. While removing the contents from the vehicle in the salvage yard I ‘attacked’ the glove compartment, much to the annoyance of the Italian who clearly was going to salvage as much as possible. Off it’s hinges, I smashed the plastic open to rescue the £20 note ....to the now amazement of the Italian. I jokingly explained to him ....it was used in a robbery and there was money stashed in every corner of the car. I often wondered after I left, if he started trashing every salvageable part looking for easier pickings. 😆
  14. I would add...don’t be too tempted to get a D5. They are not such a rock steady tower as the D4. The electronic steering and reduced weight (500g less than D4) make it a bit more twitchy. That’s said it’s a lovely car to drive solo and still a good enough tower. Thirsty? Don’t ask!!!
  15. I’ve been using them for 2 years while the wife did the sponge dry and normal towel method. I’ve stuck to my guns being a stubborn old bloke. But have just conceded and cut the towels up for cleaning jobs. They are a very poor drying experience as they do stick to your person not having the weight and substance of a proper towel. Many times dressing and finding wet areas the towel missed. That said they dried just as quick as the wife’s semi wet towels.
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