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  1. ericfield

    Saga & others European length of cover

    Who said anything about no claim discount? You are repeating yourself unnecessarily. 😉 Wasnt considering the discount, as mine is protected. ...it was the doubling of the premium that was out of order. Wouldn’t have been that much if it had been an “at fault’ claim. Back In 2012 I did have an ‘at fault’ claim go against me with another insurer . ..my renewal premium with them went up £25 the next year. It’s Sagas greedy opportunism.
  2. ericfield

    Saga & others European length of cover

    I had Saga insurance when my car was written off in Italy. Red Pennant sent me a tow car to bring us home. When I arrived in UK, I discovered the extra premium I had for a courtesy car . ...only applied to UK accidents. Fortunately Red Penant ‘bent the rules’ and let me keep the recovery car for another week till I found a replacement ( we only have one car) When I needed the legal assistance I had paid extra for. ....only UK accidents. Saga offered me a basic price for the write off. I then went online and found examples of my vehicle age for sale. ..they matched the price. Except these cars didn’t have a tow bar. I suggested they ‘round up’ the offer by £250. Saga. ..” you will need to prove you had a tow bar fitted” Me “ How about you look at the accident photos I sent with a ****** hitch on the back?!! OR the insurance premium statement that says ‘ towbar fitted’ under modifications?” Saga “ How much is a towbar ?” Me “ £700” Saga “That’s for a new one. You need to give me the price for a 5yr old one” Me “where?” Saga “ Try ebay” 30mins searching miraculously found just one 5yr old Volvo towbar in Denmark. ...for £300. So I emailed the link and added £100 too fit it. They rang me 10mins later and said they would agree to my suggestion of the £250 round up. When it came to renewal, the next month, my £200 premium had gone up to £600. ...because the 3rd party ‘hadn’t yet accepted liability’. Saga “ Well if you pay the £600 and this is confirmed then we can revisit the premium. ....within 30days” Me “ But the Police report states I wasn’t responsible?’ Saga “ We haven’t got that yet” Me “ Yes you have . ...your handling agents are the same agents as the 3rd party’s insurers agents. ...and THEY have acknowledged the reports findings. Read your notes!!” ONE WEEK LATER after I had reinsured with another company, I had Sagas renewal . ....£400!! Double my previous insurance despite being proved not to be responsible. Sorry a long post. ...which means avoid a lot of time and stress - be careful of small print.
  3. ericfield


    A bit late to this thread but I didn’t need them till this month. I know some people have been derisory about this franchise, it’s important to remember it is a franchise, so only as good as the people in your area. Ive been very impressed with the people from Boston, Lincs company. The great pleasure brought to my local community when my Discovery wiped out a town centre car parking meter for several weeks, was short lived. A new rear bumper supplied, fitted and painted was quoted at over £800. The damage was just a 4” large crack and a deformed bumper. Chipsaway came and and heated up the bumper (and the garden . ....as it was only 5deg), enabling the technician to deform the bumper back into shape. The crack was filled, sanded, primed and sprayed in around 3 hours. The result was a completely invisible mend and colour match. (I used to do car bodywork back in the 60’s so have a critical eye). Nothing but praise for this guys work. I wouldn’t have wanted to attempt bodywork outdoors in winter! I guess technology has moved on since my day but he was good at his job. Oh the price . ...£200. Given my insurance XS is £150 it was a no brainier. Credit where credit is due. Talking to the guy as the paint ‘went off’, he eluded to their selectivity. His comment was that they will only take on jobs that are. ..to them. ..cost effective. So driving 50miles for a £50 job was a no no. I was fortunate that he had a job 10miles away from me in the morning, so they could halve their travel costs by fitting me in on the way home.
  4. ericfield

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Not (yet 🤞 ) had the mechanical problems that some LR owners use to deride the brand generally, but I have to say my experience with the local dealership has been awful. Poor unhelpful staff (sales, admin & workshop). Scaremongering on repair needs that weren’t necessary ( verified by indie LR garage). Wouldn’t go back to the local dealership again. ...but rather hoped there might be a dealer somewhere that was better? Sounds like they are all from the same mould.
  5. ericfield

    Roof top AC OR Under the bunk AC

    Much of the noise from our roof mounted Truma unit comes from the compressor resonating through the caravan bodywork. ( similar to the internal water pump transmitted noise) If I was converting a vehicle I would pay particular consideration to attenuation.
  6. ericfield

    Electric Motorhome .

    It would seem convenient for campers to charge their vehicles on sites. I am surprised site owners haven’t installed diesel and petroleum pumps for the convenience of visitors before now. Oh, hang on, we all go to FILLING stations for that. We won’t need the proliferation of cables to houses and sites around the whole country, if the industry FIRST sorts out the technology to enable us to FILL with electricity at the redundant fossil fuel filling stations. It’s ludicrous to expect everyone will have direct access to charging at their home or even camp pitch. The thinking is all wrong.
  7. ericfield

    3. 5t Signs In France

    To me it’s always been clear that the signage refers to plate weights not actual weights. After all, if the vehicle’s actual weight is higher than the plated weight . ...it’s already breaking the law before it reaches the sign! I presumed the least weight possible was the purpose of the sign? I had often wondered whether a (for example) 3. 5T sign meant the gross train weight or the individual components of the connected train. Common sense should have kicked in and made the comparison with an artic lorry. I always suspected it meant GTW but confess on a couple of occasions ( in France ) have ignored this logic for . ...shameful convenience. At a specific village campsite we have visited for many years, such a sign has been recently erected at ONE entrance to the village. The implied alternative course is to go round a detour of the more industrial areas roads which brings you back to the same road a mere 100m further on. ..in the market place ( so the shops can still be serviced). The difference is that this first 100m go past the 10 or so posh detached houses, whereas the continuation of the road comprises small shops and older terrace style roadside houses. Read into that what you will!
  8. ericfield

    Newbie -thetford c262 flush tank HELP!

    Apart from overfilling the toilet on site, you need to ensure the tank won’t spill over when towing. So make sure the tank is no more than half full when travelling. I use a 2litre water bottle to add diluted solution to the tank every couple of days. Better to refill frequently than over fill. Never understood why Thetford didn’t introduce a simple sight 'manometer' glass/plastic tube to indicate fill level. ..or even a digital float? As previous post, if you see the water upto the fill hole. ..stop.
  9. ericfield


    Because we couldn’t find a new caravan that improved on our current, for the last 4 years we have stuck with what we have. Last year, however, we decided to pimp it up a bit. Changing curtains, carpets and bedding has really freshened up the caravan interior . ..and our perception of it! My sister however, traded in her 10 year old model because, the water heater didn’t work anymore on electric and the fridge no longer worked on gas. The water pump was making a noise and the Truma space heater wasn’t very reliable. They got a camper van. ...and now, after 12months failing to embrace motorhoming, are looking for a used caravan 'just like the one they had. ..but a bit newer'. Had they spent a few quid and got the problems fixed, maybe changed the interior, like us, they would have saved a LOT of wasted expense and got a fresher looking, fully functioning 'new' caravan.
  10. ericfield

    Help needed 2011 Stirling Eccles Quartz

    If it’s like my 2012 Swift you have to part disassemble the interior locker 'ceiling' board and waggle the plywood ceiling panel free. The light fitting is fixed to the reverse of this plywood. Crazy design! You may find the tube has just 'twisted' free . ..as they rely on the pins being twist locked in place after insertion. They can come loose with all the movement when towing. If you can get your fingers onto the tube over the plastic diffuser before dismantling it might be worth twisting it to see if it remakes contact. As I recall, the failure problem never applied to pre 2012 models. At least, Swift said my 2012 model didn’t need to be changed.
  11. ericfield

    Front / rear friction pad life

    I’ve done 15000miles towing this caravan in 5years. This year I sensed passing vehicles were starting to have more effect, so I changed them. Have to say, pressing down the stabiliser requires significantly more effort now. So clearly they had been deteriorating for some time.
  12. ericfield

    Swift Elegance noisy water pump

    Also. .... the rigid pipe work connected to the pump transmits the vibration noise. Sliding some of the grey foam pipe insulation along the pipe work can damp the transmitted sound.
  13. Really glad we toured the beautiful wild deserted areas of Scotland back in the 70s. Things can only get better worse. https://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-45940644
  14. ericfield

    Working for a pitch on site

    . ...and how much you value your spare time. When I go away in the caravan I want to relax and enjoy myself, not skivvy and cleanup after other people for a few quid.
  15. ericfield

    Working for a pitch on site

    Am I not understanding correctly? Why would anyone want to take their caravan a way for a week and work 32hours of it?