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  1. If anyone is travelling to North Norfolk destinations in a motorhome, and want a place to stop on the outskirts of Kings Lynn, you could consider either of these spots. Constructed as road entrances for future industrial sites (been there several years!) they are rarely used and large. (Caravans would need to reverse in, which is not ideal, hence suggesting motorhome) Just off the A149 after Sainsbury’s and Hardwick roundabout.
  2. To my certain knowledge there are at least 12 lay-bys spaced out every few miles between Peterborough and Kings Lynn capable of stopping with a caravan....some more cramped than others. Most are rarely used by lorries during the day. The larger ones are on the dual carriageway sections. There are also several large ones on the A148 Kings Lynn to Fakenham if you want to delay your stop a little longer.
  3. I am surprised at that, given Caravanguards own publications supporting caravanning for the disabled..... https://www.caravanguard.co.uk/news/accessible-caravanning-for-people-with-disabilities-24588/
  4. Cambridge Botanic Garden is always worth a visit, excellent venue....but a nightmare to park outside. Park and ride bus goes very close.
  5. We live and learn... what fits our needs at one time doesn’t mean it stays that way! I never wanted to use serviced pitches...”it was for old unfit people”. Trouble is...I am now old and less fit than I was compounded by 2020 laziness. But the requirement during the pandemic to use our on board facilities, meant we found ways to nullify toilet smells and handle wet washrooms made me realise not having to lug water barrels about was actually worth paying a bit more for. Similarly, fixing the legs to the caravan always seemed to me to endanger the integrity of the caravan wal
  6. I guess the main advantage of this method is not having to dodge round surface obstructions like guy ropes, pegs and legs. I can also see that it makes the process of erecting and dismantling a lot slicker. Wonder why I never did that? 🤔
  7. Never had a problem just using the integral hole in the foot of caravanstore leg with a singular ground peg...accompanied by the additional pegged storm straps. If the wind is sufficient to lift the leg pegs with storm straps attached ...it should have been rolled in beforehand.
  8. Stick with the Vauxhall....LR technicians would drive you RR more than you. 😂
  9. During the last year (when we were allowed to move about a bit more) we did wonder if a panel van conversion might have been a useful addition, for day trips .....when cafes and public toilets were closed or still considered ‘areas of concern’ by senior management. Having your own loo and eating/drinking facilities in the carpark did seem an advantage. As our caravan is 10years old but still in good condition, I still think such a ‘day vehicle’ might be useful .....but couldn’t envisage travelling all over Europe in it, as we have for some years, towing a much more capacious carava
  10. That’s a very succinct summary of the relationships between camera settings and their impact on the captured photograph. If it could just add the impact of light on the selection of these settings it would indeed sum up photography.
  11. We have the 1700w. It was quite a bit cheaper and lighter than the plus model when we had it installed in 2017. I reasoned that I didn’t need aircon in the end washroom...reducing the active area to below 7m. And on my single axle the weight saving was more advantageous. Maybe I would have achieved the 10deg drop if I had gone with the larger unit?
  12. How could I have forgotten THAT remote? Spawn of the devil! I can never go seamlessly from one mode to another without making a mistake. I also forgot to say that during last years hot spell (before the replacement of the Truma), I pulled the caravan out of the garage for ‘senior management’ to sit in the aircon ‘garden room’, as she suffers with the heat. It held an internal temperature of 24deg (all windows shut and blinds on sunny side down) with an outside temp of 32deg. So it worked almost as well as the Truma claimed 10deg drop. Just hope this new one is as good at co
  13. Hi Griff I had that very unit fitted to my caravan last October. It was a replacement under warranty after the previous ‘compact’ became too noisy. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out in earnest due to Covid and weather. It’s slightly lighter and more compact footprint than the previous version. There is no doubt it is quieter than our other model but that one was also quiet at the outset.. So it’s a matter of time to see if this develops the similar resonating noise, that made it unacceptable to us (and Truma). The noise level is too fold....the compressor
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