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  1. I assumed that was an awning curtain and other external contents reflected. Opening the door at a different angle to reduce reflections might make it clearer. if it’s a perfect circle it maybe something like a suction lifter that has been used ‘badly’ during fabrication.?
  2. Maybe CMC should look at extending/merging their Red Pennant service with Green Flag Mayday? When we had a none towing right off in Italy, they offered to repatriate car and caravan. After I pointed out the car was totally trashed and my car insurers were happy to “leave it in Antonio’s scrap heap”, RP sent a replacement car to tow the caravan home ….and then allowed me to keep that recovery car for a further week while I sourced a replacement car (we only have one car). RP is an excellent service when abroad….maybe they could do a paired down version for UK breakdown and accident recovery?
  3. I tend to agree ….and that’s what I’ve always done. However we have had a series of speed bumps installed around our local roads. The majority present no problems but one, where the camber of the road is steep has resulted in a bigger hump at one side of the road, causing even my jockey-wheel, fully retracted, to touch. I have to move to the centre of the road (oncoming traffic allowing) to avoid this. I also wonder if hitch height might play a part in some cases? I’ve seen no end of towing caravans this year that are very ‘nose down’ when towing. I would be inclined to get the site owner to do something about that as you are paying for storage. ……or take a lump hammer with you next time.😉
  4. I would have thought an email to Swift Customer services might be your best bet.
  5. That’s always been the case for caravans as well. Wardens always said “take a look round and choose a pitch then come back to the office and tell us the number”. If you have selected a pitch, there’s no point in leaving it for someone else to sneak into it while you are informing the office. That said, we always tow round the site and I pitch the caravan in the selected location, while the wife goes back to the office. I don’t really see the difference….you are still taking steps to immediately secure the pitch. I suspect people are really just feeling the pressure and irritation of increased site occupancy.
  6. I think I will wait until the 1st September, the week before we intend to travel to France, before trying to absorb the required procedure. By then, all the likely twists and turns will probably have been ironed out. If not, they will no doubt be clearer and current.
  7. Forgot to add. Try getting a list (from Powertouch) of their registered installers in your region. My local man has old units (after he has done upgrades) kicking around his workshop.
  8. I suppose it depends on where you are coming from and where you want to get to….but the Tunnel seems a quicker option, sitting in your own motorhome, car or even in the caravan (we often breakfast on the way) for 45mins. I am sure that the overcrowded UK poses a far greater risk than the more spacious areas of France when going out and about. By following your personal UK Covid safety protocols (masks, distance, hand sanitise/wash) it should be more than enough when going elsewhere. That said, I am not ready for air travel yet! We did cancel our May/June French trip, mainly because we hadn’t been both fully vaccinated. But are now happy to go in September. It would of course be nice if the border control side of things returned to the previous easy passage by then but I suspect these more intensive requirements may be in place for months to come if not years. So the question is , how long do you postpone your holiday because of more paperwork?
  9. Why not try Powertouch classic spares….. https://www.powrtouch.com/shop-by-category/previous-generation-spares/powrtouch-classic/
  10. Caravanning in France is a far more expansive experience than just ‘slightly better sun’. I suspect the point being made was that the extra paperwork hoops to jump through to get there in these times are still worth it, compared to what’s on offer in the UK. Less people pressure & traffic; more relaxed lifestyle & pace of life; better campsite services & ‘new stuff’ to see. It’s always going to trump a UK caravanning experience.
  11. I am sure that the answer is with your loading but just one other point…. I’ve notice a lot more rutting in the major roads around where we live. My car (being a wide 4x4) struggles to keep a straight line on some stretches, as it climbs up one side or the other of the two lorry troughs. It requires me to adjust steering more than I used to do on these roads, to stop wandering. Given the deteriorating state of our roads from more lorry traffic, I wonder if some of the caravan wandering people are noticing is the same issue as I have experienced with the car?
  12. The history and reasoning about the 85% guideline have been long debated. Many disregard it ( I myself towed at 96% for many years with only a couple of reminders travelling too fast down French motorways.) In 2014 we were forced to leave our tug in an Italian scrapyard after a head on crash just north of Rome. Redpennant sent us a brand new Discovery 4 to tow the caravan and us home to the UK. That change from a car that gave us 96% to the much heavier Disco which dropped the figure to below 70% was remarkable. I had not realised what ‘rock steady’ meant until making that step change with the same caravan. So although I, like many others, was happy and felt fully in control towing well above the 85%, the fact is that the lower that figure (the heavier the car) the greater the feeling of rock steady. Of course budget, other driving needs combined with your experience in loading and towing heavy caravans modify the decision process. But I would always now look for the heaviest tug that fits my bill and ignore 75,85,95 numbers.
  13. The brown poo is not the worst. It’s the blue purple content during the elderberry season. Apparently elderberry stain is the hardest to remove from plastic. How do I know this? Spent an hour trying to remove purple marks on a white upvc window sill this morning that had clearly been there since last year, using the best (and normally very efficient) upvc cleaning fluid on the market. The stain is still there. The wife, who is a fount of knowledge, informed me of this ‘known’ fact about elderberry stain ( I’ve clearly led a sheltered life). Beware of blue poo!
  14. We have always steadfastly avoided going out around here in West Norfolk during July and August, unless necesssary. Click and Collects during the pandemic at 7am didn’t really give us the scale of the traffic issue in this area over the last 2-3years. Needing to visit an elderly relative in Snettisham at 5pm 😱 the oncoming traffic crawling queue stretched from KL hardwick roundabout right back to Desingham bypass….10miles. Fortunately by 8pm it had evaporated for our return journey. Happy Norfolk Holiday🙄
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