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  1. I recall someone on this forum relating an incident when he parked in a row of empty spaces at the far side of the supermarket carpark. He returned after shopping to discover a car parked close up alongside his vehicle....and the rest of the row still empty. The lady driver returned before he had finished loading and so he asked why she parked next to his car with all the other spaces available. She said that if she parked next to a new expensive car ‘they wouldn’t bang her car with their door”. I noticed the opposite effect....after a day out on the marshes I parked my mud splattered 4x4 in the Tesco carpark. When I came out both spaces next to me were empty. 🤔
  2. Must be something wrong with your kit. I’ve had tyrepal for 10years now and only lost contact with 2 defective sensors in that time. Replacement sensors fitted and registered to the wheels with no issue. You do have to store the setting after assigning to a wheel. My sensors vary by 1-2psi ...that said it’s invariably 1 sensor that’s out of step with the other 5. Have to say I am not sure if the pressure reading is correct....as my hand held meter is 1 psi lower and my Ring pump is 2-3psi lower!! Not sure which is correct???
  3. ...and arriving that late often means some things are ‘off’ the menu, having been gobbled up by the French at 5mins past 12.
  4. ‘On the regions website’ ....will have a google now thanks.
  5. Thanks...yes it’s on my list. The regions website lists several but no reviews as such.
  6. Nothing fancy...clean facilities, electric hook up, would do. Sure it’s nice to have a snack bar on site but most don’t open when we will be there in early May. Will check out the Lucay site....but was wanting to befairly close to the lakes so we can be up early (doing some wildlife photography). Thanks for the reply would be interested in anything you can find, to extend our options.
  7. Anyone got recommendations for campsites in this area? For those not sure were this area is it sits 30km west of Chateauroux. thanks
  8. Apologies if this is a bit of a strange question on a caravan forum but it’s worth a try. We are taking the caravan to La Rochelle area in May and friends are joining us there. The problem is they don’t have a caravan and they were wanting to stay in the (reasonable) vicinity of the campsite....they’ve experienced static cabins on campsites before and want to give that suggestion a miss! So do any members have an experience of renting gites etc in that area that they could recommend or point me in the best direction to locate something for them? We will obviously search on line and look at any books we come across.....but a recommendation or suggestion based on actual experience, or something we’ve overlooked, would be very valuable. thanks
  9. I had to lower my LR suspension to get into one underground carpark in Luxembourg. Inside was fine but they had metal bar at 1.85m. on entrance.
  10. In any gathering of more than 13 people, 2 will share the same birthday (day/month).
  11. Silly question. ..it’s not IN the car is it? One of the golden oldies with Volvos was the rear floor heating vent scooped up loose objects and trapped them in. Golf balls were a favourite but I had a canister of 35mm film (remember those days?) that rolled in there and annoyed me one holiday.
  12. Who said anything about no claim discount? You are repeating yourself unnecessarily. 😉 Wasnt considering the discount, as mine is protected. ...it was the doubling of the premium that was out of order. Wouldn’t have been that much if it had been an “at fault’ claim. Back In 2012 I did have an ‘at fault’ claim go against me with another insurer . ..my renewal premium with them went up £25 the next year. It’s Sagas greedy opportunism.
  13. I had Saga insurance when my car was written off in Italy. Red Pennant sent me a tow car to bring us home. When I arrived in UK, I discovered the extra premium I had for a courtesy car . ...only applied to UK accidents. Fortunately Red Penant ‘bent the rules’ and let me keep the recovery car for another week till I found a replacement ( we only have one car) When I needed the legal assistance I had paid extra for. ....only UK accidents. Saga offered me a basic price for the write off. I then went online and found examples of my vehicle age for sale. ..they matched the price. Except these cars didn’t have a tow bar. I suggested they ‘round up’ the offer by £250. Saga. ..” you will need to prove you had a tow bar fitted” Me “ How about you look at the accident photos I sent with a ****** hitch on the back?!! OR the insurance premium statement that says ‘ towbar fitted’ under modifications?” Saga “ How much is a towbar ?” Me “ £700” Saga “That’s for a new one. You need to give me the price for a 5yr old one” Me “where?” Saga “ Try ebay” 30mins searching miraculously found just one 5yr old Volvo towbar in Denmark. ...for £300. So I emailed the link and added £100 too fit it. They rang me 10mins later and said they would agree to my suggestion of the £250 round up. When it came to renewal, the next month, my £200 premium had gone up to £600. ...because the 3rd party ‘hadn’t yet accepted liability’. Saga “ Well if you pay the £600 and this is confirmed then we can revisit the premium. ....within 30days” Me “ But the Police report states I wasn’t responsible?’ Saga “ We haven’t got that yet” Me “ Yes you have . ...your handling agents are the same agents as the 3rd party’s insurers agents. ...and THEY have acknowledged the reports findings. Read your notes!!” ONE WEEK LATER after I had reinsured with another company, I had Sagas renewal . ....£400!! Double my previous insurance despite being proved not to be responsible. Sorry a long post. ...which means avoid a lot of time and stress - be careful of small print.
  14. A bit late to this thread but I didn’t need them till this month. I know some people have been derisory about this franchise, it’s important to remember it is a franchise, so only as good as the people in your area. Ive been very impressed with the people from Boston, Lincs company. The great pleasure brought to my local community when my Discovery wiped out a town centre car parking meter for several weeks, was short lived. A new rear bumper supplied, fitted and painted was quoted at over £800. The damage was just a 4” large crack and a deformed bumper. Chipsaway came and and heated up the bumper (and the garden . ....as it was only 5deg), enabling the technician to deform the bumper back into shape. The crack was filled, sanded, primed and sprayed in around 3 hours. The result was a completely invisible mend and colour match. (I used to do car bodywork back in the 60’s so have a critical eye). Nothing but praise for this guys work. I wouldn’t have wanted to attempt bodywork outdoors in winter! I guess technology has moved on since my day but he was good at his job. Oh the price . ...£200. Given my insurance XS is £150 it was a no brainier. Credit where credit is due. Talking to the guy as the paint ‘went off’, he eluded to their selectivity. His comment was that they will only take on jobs that are. ..to them. ..cost effective. So driving 50miles for a £50 job was a no no. I was fortunate that he had a job 10miles away from me in the morning, so they could halve their travel costs by fitting me in on the way home.
  15. Not (yet 🤞 ) had the mechanical problems that some LR owners use to deride the brand generally, but I have to say my experience with the local dealership has been awful. Poor unhelpful staff (sales, admin & workshop). Scaremongering on repair needs that weren’t necessary ( verified by indie LR garage). Wouldn’t go back to the local dealership again. ...but rather hoped there might be a dealer somewhere that was better? Sounds like they are all from the same mould.
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