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  1. Know anyone with a 3D printer? A tad better...https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sterling-Sprite-caravan-100mm-plastic-chrome-finish-self-adhesive-S-badge-SB4/382670360359?hash=item5918ee4f27:g:~XUAAMXQxzZRcQDQ Know anyone with a 3D printer?
  2. I was after looking at a new Motorhome as advertised on Marquis website. When I rang the Suffolk branch (my nearest) they told me that they don’t have all the manufacturers at every branch. That’s understandable. AThe Lunar model I wanted was held in Yorkshire. I said I would go to their Yorkshire branch. What then followed were multiple annoying calls ranging from initially suggesting I pay a 10% deposit to get the vehicle brought down to Suffolk....then paying a deposit of £200 to get it brought down. I said emphatically I wasn’t going to pay anything just to examine a vehicle and was happy? to drive to Yorkshire myself. Clearly this guy wanted to keep the sale in his hands because I had at least 4 calls (unanswered but voicemails) asking me to discuss ‘where I was with my decision’. If I was the sort to feel pressured I would have felt very uncomfortable...as it was I was just sick of his voice. My brother in law has had very poor after service on his motorhome from the Surrey Marquis dealership. Don’t know all the details but it was to do with not honouring their guarantee on a used sale. edit: just remembered that the other problem my bil had was their ‘package of goodies’ advertised with the vehicle in their special offer.... was not as advertised....a 25ft ehu cable was actually only 10ft. And they refused to change it after the event because he had used it, only to check how everything worked at home. He was really peed off because Marquis had only just taken over the dealership that he had used for years...and it seems no one cared once they had his money. A far cry from the previous owners.
  3. Only if they are buying new cars. Contrary to the current depressing depreciation projection for my 3L V6 ...it may just hold some value if tuggers want a used model. 👍
  4. Maybe an aside, but very relevant. Until hybrids can raise the battery range significantly (without detrimental weight increase ) they are not going to excite the majority of diesel drivers. I wouldn’t consider one while it’s range is below at least 50miles....preferably 100miles. I have in the past dismissed hybrids as a mere stop gap till EV come fully of age, but the video makes an interesting point in how to use hybrids to best advantage. I just need a few more battery miles to make them work for my motoring.
  5. Someone knocked on our door at 21:55 this evening....amazon prime delivery for the wife left on the doorstep. They already brought one parcel at 11am.
  6. Far too many vehicle movements. Need to de-incentivise unnecessary travel in the most effective way.
  7. I drive a big 4x4 for several reasons ... We only have one car...it has to tow a big caravan around Europe and do the shopping at Tesco. I can afford to drive a big car....because I only have one set of insurance, tax, mot, repairs and renewables. No matter how much we contort ourselves, abolishing SUVs with ICEs will have little impact on the environment compared to commercial traffic. Amazon Prime is doing far more damage. But more importantly... After a major head on crash in europe my wife is now very nervous in traffic. (The main impact was on her side) The Discovery sent out by Red Pennant to recover us gave her that extra elevation and the perceived slower traffic speed, which was enough to reassure her on the drive home. She has never felt confident to drive herself since the accident and residual back problems make it more difficult getting out of normal height cars. So we still drive a Discovery.
  8. I was in a massive queue behind a tractor on the A14 a few weeks back. He never pulled over for well over 5miles. Does that count as between fields I wonder? I eventually managed to overtake several, less confident drivers plus him ....only to see the ‘individual‘, in my mirror, eventually turning off the road. (Sod’s law)
  9. Really don’t understand why UK blue badge holders should have discounted toll charges in France? I thought toll charges were there to help with the upkeep of the road. Do blue badge vehicles cause less wear and tear? .
  10. Not going to faff about with cans for a quid. I thought the Tesco voucher specified one fuel per filling?
  11. I’ve never quite understood the logic that says it’s beneficial to exercise ‘in traffic’. ..whether that be on two wheels or two legs. And I don’t mean being run over ....that’s a given. We are told that the IC engine particulates in the air are harmful to children and people with respiratory problems. Just living near traffic congested major roads is x times more harmful. And yet... there is this huge movement to expand our lungs and quicken the circulations system by riding a bike, jogging or running around the same smog riddled streets. Gulping in far more of the nasties than a sedate walk or better still exercising elsewhere. I only have to cross one main road to walk the dog in the park but the air quality in that moment is noticeably poorer. I can’t help thinking that cycling and jogging, like all the other things that were once good for us, now bad for us or bad for us, now good for us, will one day be looked back at in horror. “You mean they opened their lungs and gulped in the fumes back then?”
  12. I’ve given away 2 such vouchers in the last month...because my tank is full and I am not going anywhere at the moment. Just picked another up at Tesco this morning! So do I go somewhere to burn off fuel, so I have room to fill up?? N0. Its a shame the vouchers have such a small period of use....just dont do enough mileage these days on a regular basis to make it of value.
  13. Have towed with petrol for last 25years (apart from a brief period with a smelly diesel). Never once had power issues or even considered a diesel would be better....apart from the mpg. Since we only have one car that caters for everything from European caravanning to shopping at Tesco, I will continue to use petrol until electric comes of full age...or I give up driving, whichever is the soonest.
  14. We last changed our caravan (for twin fixed bed layout) back in 2012. Since then, we been waiting to change to a newer model, primarily to get Alde heating, but there have been one or two other nice changes worth having. Unfortunately there is one significant, not so nice, change...bed size. Manufacturers seem to think men have got thinner and women have got shorter. Each year we check to see if the beds are back to the 2012 sizing...without success. Plus, we haven’t liked the material and design options So we have recently refurbished the interior.... seat foam, covers, curtains and carpets. I just need to change the lights. Ok...we still haven’t got Alde heating, but after 7 years I know how to operate the Truma blown system to get adequate heat distribution....and I haven’t spent £25000 on a compromise. To be honest I am rather relieved we haven’t upgraded (yet again) with all the uncertainty on the future of caravan towing and motorhoming.
  15. You’ve just made me realise that we are all living the nunnery scene from Hamlet.... Two Bs or not Two Bs.... that’s the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, 😂 😂
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