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  1. Thank you, I was beginning to blame myself but hadn’t used the space heater just water. Fingers crippled now 👍
  2. Read this thread as, upon arriving home from 2 nights away and parking van I noticed a fluid trail on the floor. Upon checking the antifreeze was dripping rapidly from black pipe coming from tank plus fluid level could not bee seen apparently empty, this 6 months since service. Anyway wanted to try bleed so as per handbook turned thermometer heating to 30 degrees after topping up the header tank with spare fluid from service. As could find billed points I powered all down and overflow had stopped and seems stable but have no idea what happened or how this cured it.
  3. I do have an 18” Avtex but digital only hence use of Meos for both that and analogue. This sounds interesting but to my old brain a bit gobbledygookish but seems like it should mean that if I get analogue from site it will convert and allow my Avtex to play analogue, have I got it right.
  4. Probably a daft question as i am pretty sure the answer is no, but hope someone can offer advice either way. When in southern Spain TV was provided by the site via a cable and using same connections (screw on) as on satellite but the signal is analogue to get UK stations. This means I take my old Meos tv which has no record facility but of course Humax does so would like to use it. If not has anyone alternative solutions. Being away for two months plus without TV is not an option for me.
  5. I am hard of hearing and have loop system at home but not in van, however, audiologist suggests a sound bar for tv as the speakers are to the rear whereas a sound bar will at least direct it to the front. Anyone used one and of so how was it as a bit pricy ?
  6. Hi all have got the Aires 260 Awning but mislaid booklet with psi limit information so if anyone know it I would be obliged for your help. The other thing is that I have one of the yellow ‘Kampa’ electric pumps which automatically turned off when psi limit reached and not sure wherther to continue using it or use an alternative that plugs into 12 volt socket in car.
  7. Wow, this might well suit and have forwarded it to my daughter. Rather than go through a fake booking enquiry have you any idea of price range? Thank you.
  8. Hi seasoned caravanners of France. My daughter has a hubby and 5 kids ranging from 16 down to 4 years of age and looking for caravan sites in South of France area, not necessarily beach sites but handy for walking into a town or village and have a pool and decent bar/restaurant. Big ask but all suggestions will be researched and considered for visiting during last 2 weeks of August next year. Not after all singing all dancing Haven type of site. Thank you.
  9. Right, the query was on behalf of my daughter + husband + 5 kids and caravan in August 2018 avoiding cabin costs on ferry and minimum overnights en route from Merseyside. Looked at all replies and it would appear best would be - Portsmouth - Caen docking 3pm. One overnight south of Poitiers then early start and single run to Costa. In theory it seems do-able with an overnight on Portsmouth terminal to start. If can sort route and overnight to Costa then we can look at returns route/timetable. All your help is really appreciated and further help will also be well received. Jimd - yes
  10. Just as good as Cherbourg as for my daughter plus husband and 5 kids 4x4 and caravan heading for Costa Brava. Thank you
  11. Are there any ferry services running from either of these to Caen or Cherbourg in the summer months please?
  12. My Bailey has the gas bottles in side locker and although room for two normal 6kg cylinders but with just one and the large blue Safefill it is tight and I have to close door very firmly in order to lock it. Not been a problem but when I took it to be refilled they noticed that outer casing was coming away from cylinder core and recommended gaffer tape at least. Anyway I did that and contacted Safefill who sent me this reply which is both interesting and helpful . “Thank you for your enquiry. May we firstly reassure you that the integrity of your cylinder itself is not compromis
  13. mine doesn't whine but it is very loud when in use and as previously had onboard pump not sure if it is right. Pump is 30 months old
  14. Cheers guys, as suggested emailed the site and told that both analogue and digital will work so no problems for me and can go off happy.
  15. Planning to spend 6 weeks on this site with C&CC rally in January /Feb next year and haven't been there for several years. Does anyone know if an Analogue TV is required as it used to be? I ask as have an Avtex and it only accepts digital TV.
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