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  1. I would say Classe 2. Two axles on the car, one on the caravan, lower than 3 metres. See what you think here: https://www.autoroutes.fr/en/vehicle-classification.htm If you have to dispute it and press the button, then all you have to say when someone answers is "Class Der Seel Voo Play" and they will immediate cancel the wrong category and another ticket will pop out. No one will discuss the issue with you.
  2. Often sites in the area around Perpignan, and down by the Spanish border are huge, and busy. For anyone looking for a quieter site in a quieter area, but still within driving distance of the beaches of the Languedoc coast, and the Spanish border, have a look at Camping La Mignane between Montescot et Bages (near to Elne). There is a supermarket half a kilometre away, plenty of restaurants locally, and friendly owners. There is an open camping field without hook-ups for tents, but also more private pitches with electricity for caravans and motorhomes. There are also mobile homes to hire for €500 euros per week, peak season, and €350 euros at other times but at present €230 euros per week (that's the discounted price at 30% off) - which is a real bargain for anyone looking for a last minute holiday. There is also 30% off low-season pitches. Flights to Perpignan can be had in the next couple of weeks for £14.99 one way and £20.00 the other way (Stansted to Perpignan). Here's the website: Camping La Mignane, Pyrenees Orientales Lots to do in the area, beaches, vineyards, the Little Yellow Train, lovely villages such as Castelnou and Villefrance le Conflent, the Cathar castles, gorges, streams and waterfalls, abbeys, and gardens, mountains such as Canigou, and even day visits to the Bay of Roses or similar in Spain.
  3. We've tended to use the A2 for our last few trips because of extensive roadworks on the M20. Has anyone used the M2 recently who can confirm that it's currently free of restrictions or otherwise?
  4. Our friends have just left the Drome this morning, and are now near Meze - looks like they had a narrow escape.
  5. Pont de l'Arche, definitely, or if you get a little further south, Le Pres Eglise at St Remy sur Avre (Nonancourt).
  6. One of the noisiest groups we ever came across was a rally of Dutch Born-Again Christians. We'd seen them arrive - about forty caravans - at the first site we were staying on - Moulin du Roch in the Dordogne, but we were leaving as they all arrived. A week later, on La Bastide in the Ardeche we saw them once again pulling in. This time we were literally surrounded by them, with organised prayer meetings, happy-clappy singing to a variety of musical instruments, and 'speaking in tongues' going on all through the day. Apparently they'd been on the site in the Dordogne where it had rained every day after we left, and for four days the site was flooded and they couldn't leave. As it was still raining they decided to 'go south' and by absolute coincidence ended up where we were once again. Fortunately all their happiness, musicality and born-again-ness was over with by 6.00 or 7.00 pm and after that they were quiet. They were definitely very happy and kind people - and as we were not on our pitch much during the day we weren't affected particularly, but if you were the sort of person who likes to sit reading quietly it may have been a different story.
  7. Unfortunately site owners don't always take action even after several people complain. We were on a (favourite and normally quiet) site in the south and two caravans with people from the UK (Leicester football team supporters) arrived together. They set up either side of us, and opposite a Dutch couple. Then they noisily put up their awnings, flag poles, football flags and bunting, and an outside television each, and once set up got out the beers and sat down to watch football on TV. The televisions were outside and very loud, but even worse they then proceeded to shout, jeer and cheer, to each other over the top of us - totally ignoring us. This went on late into the night and next morning (TV already on) the Dutch man had a word with them. It didn't make any difference, so then he came across to us and asked if we would have a word with our countrymen as they weren't taking any notice of him. We did, they basically told us that it was none of our business (and worse). The noise continued throughout the morning, so we went to reception who were sympathetic and said they would see what they could do. When we came back in the afternoon they were still at it and other people walking past were starting to comment to us - I think thinking that we were part of the party because we were also from the UK and between the two noisy caravans. That night it was intolerable. Both televisions were on loud, both parties were drinking and both parties were still shouting and commenting at each other over the top of us until the early hours. We'd had enough and next morning went to reception to tell them we were leaving early - and found the Dutch man already there saying the same thing. We both left by about 9.30 am - and both went to another site down the road where we found peace and quiet.
  8. I've never been next to a Freezer Van (and indeed I'm not sure exactly what one is) but we've found air-conditioning intrusive, so I don't think it's acceptable. On a Eurocamp site many years ago, the Eurocamp couriers enjoyed partying into the early hours, and despite being asked to 'shush' by lots of people the music continued. My OH went out and pulled out their hook-up from the bollard, dragged it away in another direction around the side of their tent and tucked it neatly under a bush. Fortunately they weren't well organised enough to have a torch and it was a pitch-black campsite.
  9. Lots of similarly unthinking people, of whatever nationality, run their air-conditioning units all night long. If there is any sort of movement in the fan you get the combination of the compressor noise, and a sort of 'whoosh, whoosh, whoosh' . You're fortunate that the weather isn't encouraging that, too, or you could have noise from both sides.
  10. Where in France are you? Everyone I know says it's cold and 'not like June at all'.
  11. It is's any consolation it's absolutely awful in the UK too. It's cold, wet, and more like October/November than June. At the moment it says it's nine degrees - our garden thermometer shows slightly less - and the sky is a uniform grey. There is a high forecast for today of eleven degrees. Mind you, where we should be in France is only eleven degrees, with a high of thirteen!
  12. I don't know what other people are experiencing, but we ring up (on whatever number - my OH has it on his phone), they take our details and we pay by card. No recorded messages, no hassle at all. We renewed ours in seconds when it was due back in March.
  13. Which site was this, please, just so that we (and others) know that there are specified arrival times? It's very very unusual for French sites to make new arrivals 'afternoons only'. We've arrived on site at any time from an early breakfast, to just before closing time without problems, and on one site which we use a lot there is sometimes a queue when the site first opens, with people waiting to come in.
  14. Read about it on google - it's not the fuses which reduce the amount of copper, but that the way UK wiring is done requires less copper wire, but needs the use of fuses, and it's too complicated for me to explain!
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