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  1. Interesting, because the site where we store our caravan, in the Ardeche in France, had only twelve occupied pitches when we were there at the beginning of September, and they commented that we were the only British that they had seen in the whole season. They are a site which closes early, (mid-September) which perhaps makes a difference.
  2. It's always been the same, and regular travellers to France are (mostly) well aware of the issue, but it's always a good thing to share as it does catch some people out - as it did you. We use a credit card for all fuel purchases, and we are never so near to our credit limit that it would be a problem for us.
  3. Exactly, why pay £100 to not get the test, or the result, when you can save £80. We did our tests and are waiting for the results but i know lots of people who don't bother, since the NHS stopped checking!
  4. I like the Citroen Traction Avant, and very nearly bought one, when aged twenty with my boyfriend , for just £260! We couldn't quite raise enough money, (perhaps £20 short!!!) and saw the same car recently on sale for a considerably larger amount! I also love the Citroen DS.
  5. You don't need a paper copy of the Passenger Locator Form, nor (with Eurotunnel, now) do you require paper copies of anything else. A friend flew back yesterday from Perpignan and she was just asked if she had all the forms, and didn't need to show them either on paper or digitally. But to explain the testing process in France, we had tests at a Pharmacie in France yesterday morning (antigen test, within 72 hours of travel) and received an email in English after about an hour, saying our results were available. There is a link in the email which you click, after filling in your date of birth. You then receive a password (via text or email) and enter the password, to get access to the Certificate. The Certificate is in English. Download the certificate and save it somewhere, but you can also upload it to the Tousanticovid App (once the link is clicked it does it automatically). We then uploaded the certificate to the Eurotunnel website and all our documents were verified immediately. We were very impressed by the whole process and just how simple it was.
  6. We have booked our two day tests with Eurofins at Warrington, £20 each, to be carried out on Friday morning. We are combining our tests with a visit to Ikea to purchase the same sort of mattress we have on our bed at home in France, as it's so comfortable. My feeling is that it doesn't matter whether you get the results or not. The whole point is to be allowed back into the UK with the appropriate number on your Passenger Locator Form, so instead of being ripped off for £90 or even £150 (which some companies charge) we may as well be ripped off by only £20 instead.
  7. We have been in the Aude, and in the Ardeche/Ceze area. We are now in Chartres on our way home 'Sans Caravane' as it remains in storage on a campsite in the Ardeche. We did toy with moving it elsewhere, but we had such a lovely time there that we've left it where it is. We are back in the UK on Thursday after having done our '90 days.... and you're out' post Brexit allowance. We shall be back in December to finish a job we've been doing on our house in the Aude.
  8. If you are already registered on line with your GP Surgery to order repeat prescriptions then you don't have this performance for the NHS App, no photos, no 'performance'. You simply download it! It's worth registering with your surgery on-line system well before you are planning to set off, to simplify the whole process.
  9. Once again Archie has been beavering away in his Dutch garret checking on details of some of the 30,000 plus campsites in Europe and the UK. As usual some of the out of date information has been updated, sites added and removed, and there is a new update available on Archies Camping - September 2021 update For those who dont know Archies, its a free to access website containing POIs,opening dates, and many other details of more than 30,000 plus campsites throughout Europe. These details can be downloaded to your SatNav. It is updated every two months throughout the year. An App is also available at a fee, but the initial fee includes lifetime updates. If you have used Archies in the past and noticed any incorrect information please email Archie through the link on the website. Please share on any other forums of which you are a member, or with any interested Facebook groups.
  10. Being in France, we've recently heard awful stories about people being refused travel because they don't realise their passport is out of date. You need six months on your current passport to travel to Europe. In previous times(!) passports had an extended date if they were renewed before the expiry date. If your passport was rewewed in July 2011 but didn't expire until April 2012, then it will show an expiry date of April 2022 - because the months remaining were added to the new passport. You might think this is OK because you're only going for a month and will be back long before the current passport 'expires', but in fact it actually expired in July 2021 (ten years from the renewal date). It's easy to do, so check here: Check my passport now Gov.Uk. We have met two people who had relatives who were refused travel, and apparently five people on a flight to Beziers recently were affected! Check now. The two people we talked to had used their passport to order pre-departure tests, book in to the airline/Eurotunnel/ and even add ATC information on Eurotunnel, without any issue being raised by the travel company!
  11. We used Staysure, and despite two over seventies, with pre-existing conditions, though the amount quoted was reasonable for our stay of ninety days (single trip policy). At the time (in June, it also covered us for travel against FCDO advice and illness cover for Covid19 - but not cancellation due to Covid19).
  12. 13th June, no one searched us, so they didn't find the bacon, vintage cheddar, and Vietnamese Spicy pork noodles that I wasn't carrying, nor the milk which wasn't in the picnic set, or the butter which wasn't in the fridge. You can, in Lidl. Two packs of 'Poitine Fume' each with seven thin slices, for 1 euro 69 cents. Makes delicious bacon sandwiches in a crusty French baguette.
  13. If you have the NHS App that is now scannable by French scanners, otherwise just show them the 2 of 2 vaccination certificate on the App.
  14. It may all change before you even set off, let alone by the time you return. We're still not investigating what we need to return, and we go back five weeks yesterday!
  15. No, the French scanner will now recognise the NHS App without you needing the TousAntiCovid App at all, just as if it was reading directly from the TousAntiCovid App itself.
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