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  1. Although fewer of us are camping/caravanning at the moment, Archie has been beavering away updating and changing details on Archies Camping. For those who don't know, this is a datababase, and App, with details of more than 33,000 campsites throughout Europe. The database has files which can be downloaded free of charge, from the link about, and whilst you have to pay a small fee for the App, thereafter there are lifetime free updates, approximately every two months. The App can be used off-line if you have no internet connection. The new update has just been put on line, so existing users
  2. I think you should say which site. It's not a good recommendation that they haven't even offered a compromise solution.
  3. But a mask would help, which is why we've been wearing masks in public since the start of the pandemic. We've aslso been hand-washing, social distancing, and staying at home as much as possible, boosting our immune system working in the garden, and eating well. I think that's all we can humanly do.
  4. Yes Dijon to Le Pommier is just about right - giving you plenty of time to set up that day! We love the Ardeche and store our caravan there. We shall be there at the beginning of August with one of our sons.
  5. We always used to do what you're doing - but crossing about 10.00 pm - and then the nearest autoroute service area when we felt we needed to stop for the first night. This isn't quite as easy as it was because of migrant issues, with several smaller areas being closed along the autoroute south. Many times we stayed at the Aire near Ste Hilaire des Cottes, which was large enough, had decent facilities and showers for the morning. (Warning, this is quite a long time ago now and things may change). Then we picked somewhere for an overnight stay whilst travelling so that on hot days we didn't
  6. I would go via the Mediterranean side. Stop off somewhere around Collioure and visit - it's probably going to be as quiet now as you'll ever find it. The drive along the Med is lovely and there are plenty of other places to stop/visit - Gruissan is lovely, as is Aigues Mortes and the Camargue. Then up to Millau via the Pas d'Escalette, and stay in one of the lovely sites along the Gorges du Tarn - making a drive up the Gorge and back over one of the Causses. Then either further north on the A75 visit the volcanoes of the Auvergne, or do a cross-country trip to the Dordogne region, staying
  7. Thank you very much Eddie! Both Archie and I greatly appreciate your help. I now have access to my account again thanks to Admin.
  8. Have you a link to where it says that? It's important for campers and caravanners - but from what I've read the FCO are now just about to lift the advice against all be essential travel - so if this is the case does it really mean 'only if you fly'? There does not appear to be this sort of organisation on P and O, where a 'Forum friend' of mine reported that the stairwells were the normal chaos, pushing and jostling to be first down and the on-board experience was no different to normal, with only a few people wearing masks.
  9. Why don't all the people who usually go on these rallies get together and just book their own stays, and 'carry on as normal'.?
  10. Thank you Lutz. We hope to be joining you in France very soon too!
  11. We have 'continuous membership' but each year, like Jaydug, we receive a renewal notice and we have then the option to confirm and pay, or reject the subscription.
  12. We stayed there years ago, when they were doing up the pavements in Joinville! They were replacing the tarmac with lovely old cobbles. I expect it's all finished now, and probably quite beautiful.
  13. We have a Swift Caravan, built in 2000 - which has a fixed bed and a separate living/dining room, and a kitchen area. There are very similar layouts in older caravans, but we had an Adria with a very similar layout from about 2010 which would be a great caravan for your adventures. (It was our UK caravan and we no longer caravan in the UK so sold it a couple of years ago). Adria caravans are well-built, well insulated, and suited to long periods spent in different climates. You could pick up a ten year old Adria with very little mileage, or useage, for a lot less than your proposed budget
  14. Have you, by an chance, reached a 'milestone' birthday? Insurance quotes go up exponentially after 'a certain age' and about every five years thereafter.
  15. If you renewed BEFORE 01/04/2020 you keep your PLUS benefits until your next renewal date. If you renew AFTER 01/04/2020 you lose them immediately.
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