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  1. ValA

    International Driving Permits

    Yes, but some people choose to go there! We did when on our first European tour in the 1970s - just to get another stamp in our passport! Others might want to do the same after Brexit.
  2. ValA

    International Driving Permits

    Because in 'the old days' when you went to France you had to paint over your headlights with transparent yellow paint to make them match the headlights on French cars! I'm not sure when that requirement stopped, but I certainly remember doing it.
  3. ValA

    International Driving Permits

    More complications - the new Government guidelines issued on the 5th February, apparently mention three different types of IDP!! There is the 1926, 1949 and 1968 versions..................! The 1926 version may be required for Liechtenstein! https://www.gov.uk/guidance/international-driving-permits-for-uk-drivers-from-28-march-2019 Incidentally the https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prepare-to-drive-in-the-EU-after-brexit contains lots of other scary information for drivers, so it's not for the faint-hearted. Slipped in amongst the pages are mentions about many other topics which MAY be of concern such as trailer registration.
  4. ValA

    International Driving Permits

    Glad to help - and thanks again. We're meeting with friends later this week to renew our Frequent Traveller for the third year running.
  5. ValA

    International Driving Permits

    Thanks for the reminder Bergamo - we just checked our EHIC and they expire on 26/3/2019 so have applied for replacements now! We are likely to be away over the B Day - so thanks and thanks again! This is now one more thing we've got out of the way - along with the cat being tested for rabies, our Green Card, and our IDPs!
  6. Similarly in the Ardeche in France - our campsite (just 11 euros per night for motorhomes to overnight) had plenty of pitches - large enough to accommodate big motorhomes. A kilometre or two away (and by a sign advertising the campsite) two obviously very expensive German motorhomes were parked in a layby off a very busy and noisy roundabout............. and when they left in the morning they had left piles of rubbish and their toilet waste (with blue chemical) poured into the hedge!
  7. ValA

    Insurance cover abroad

    I understood that when you compare the cost of RAC Arrival (which covers Europe) with the combined cost of MayDay plus Red Pennant then the cost is actually less. There is someone on this forum who has moved over to the C&CC policy in preference to Red Pennant, because of the much longer limits to stays in Europe - but I'm sure he mentioned that it was cheaper too.
  8. ValA

    Insurance cover abroad

    Earlier in the thread the OP mentions Red Pennant, and there is a long discussion on the CMC forum about insurance. It was specifically about MayDay (the CMC) UK breakdown - and gaps in this insurance when the caravan is stored elsewhere but a person's home. This is a reply from the CMC as to what is actually covered (rather than what you think you are paying for: (Quoted in full to avoid misunderstandings) First of all, please accept my apologies for the long time in posting a response to this thread. Obviously this is quite a complicated subject, and as it refers to a set of policy terms supplied by a third party partner business - in this case Green Flag - I had to ensure that they were happy with the response. To that end, my second apology is for the length of the following response - but again, I wanted to be as clear as possible and get my response as thorough as I could. To that end, having discussed the situation with Green Flag at length, hopefully the information below will clarify what is and is not currently covered: Firstly, we must clarify the difference between ‘Nationwide Recovery’ (which is the ‘normal’ recovery element of the policy); and ‘Dual Recovery’ (which is the policy feature that tries to facilitate a Member being able to continue a holiday or break in the event of a breakdown). So, for Dual Recovery, if you are on your way to a pre-booked camp or caravan site and suffer a breakdown, your caravan will be taken to the site and then your car will be taken to a local repairer and every attempt will be made to repair it during the length of your stay. After this, reunification of car and caravan depends on the scenario in question, but can be summed up as follows: if the broken down car has been repaired during the trip duration, it would be the customer’s responsibility to collect it and reunite it with the caravan before driving home; if a repair has not been achieved during the length of the stay, Mayday would work with the customer to recover all the vehicles to one single destination under the terms of ‘Nationwide Recovery’, as detailed below. Therefore, the only ‘double drop’ scenario would be the initial drop of the caravan to the site and the car to the local repairer on the way to a camp or caravan site. For Nationwide Recovery, which includes recovering broken-down vehicles after a trip or on a journey that is not to a pre-booked site etc, recovering car and caravan to two different locations does not currently apply. In this situation, Mayday’s terms and conditions do not include cover for a caravan to be taken to a different destination to your car. You can choose whether to be taken to a garage to repair your car; or taken to the storage facility where your caravan needs to be left; or taken to your home – at which point you are then responsible for collecting and transporting any vehicle to any further destination. However, there are occasions where cover may be provided ‘outside’ the terms and conditions. For example, if the storage facility for the caravan is on the way to the final destination where the car is being taken, and there is little or no impact in cost, a double drop might be provided as a gesture of goodwill, but would be entirely at the discretion of the Mayday recovery operator. Finally, if a Member also has the ‘Super Cover’ level of the Club’s Caravan Cover, Section 4 of the cover wording (Miscellaneous Expenses) includes reimbursement of up to £3,500 for “Removing the vehicle and/or caravan to the nearest repairer” OR “The cost of returning the vehicle and/or caravan to your home address”. In effect, this means that whichever Mayday breakdown option you choose, your Caravan Cover will ‘plug the gap’ in the double drop issue. I should stress that, at this time, the Member would need to arrange the second drop, pay the cost and claim it back, and that this is only available for the ‘Super Cover’ option of our caravan cover, and not the ‘Standard Cover’. Meanwhile, we are in continuous discussion with the Mayday team at Green Flag about product enhancements, including improving these areas of cover, and are working to assess the impacts of a double-drop service on the Mayday contractor networks, to assess the service provision and price impacts of any changes. As a result the thread goes on to discuss the costs of the CMC Mayday (via Green Flag) plus Red Pennant, against the C&CC Arrival (via the RAC) which is the C&CC alternative. There is a comparison site which compares what both provide in the event of certain scenarios: https://www.rac.co.uk/breakdown-cover/caravanandmotorhome which may be worth reading for those who are considering Red Pennant especially as the C&CC policy covers up to 350 days in Europe. I know that quotes will vary from person to person, but there are replies stating that the combined cost of UK and European cover is actually less via the C&CC than the CMC. For anyone seriously looking at cover it will be worth getting quotes from both, comparing the costs, and reading what is actually covered.
  9. 1. The ACSI Camping Guide shows you ALL the ACSI inspected sites, but only in Great Britain, Ireland, France Spain and Portugal. 2. The ACSI Camping Card Guide shows you only those sites which offer the ACSI CAMPING CARD discount but in all the other countries too. Yes, you get the discount card with both books, but if you're going to Germany, Holland and Luxembourg and want to look up sites in those countries, then Guide 1 isn't much use to you.
  10. Sorry to hear that Ivan Leslie - as you say not a good first impression.
  11. Definitely not the sort of caravanner who would consider that the sort of place I wanted to spend any time in!
  12. ValA

    Insurance cover abroad

    T The OP has taken out medical/travel insurance - but is talking about taking out Red Pennant on top. Here is what he already has: Things now seem a little more complicated with the car/caravan combination. What I currently have is: VW Assist (AA) UK/Europe home/roadside/recovery/repatriation - valid for 3 years from the purchase of the Caravelle. Covers caravan recovery up to 7. 6m (overall length). UK home/roadside/recovery (Call Assist) as a package through my car insurer (Fish/Ageas). Covers caravan recovery up to 7m (body length). Caravan Club standard accident/theft insurance (covers Europe). Bailey caravan warranty (have not yet enquired about claims procedure whilst abroad). Personal travel/medical insurance and EHIC
  13. ValA

    Insurance cover abroad

    What gaps in your insurance are you trying to cover? It seems that you have already got what you need to me. If you want 'belt and braces' then Red Pennant (or the C&CC alternative which is said to offer better cover at a lower price) will offer that but I'm really not sure what you are trying to cover which isn't already covered.
  14. ValA

    American Express Cards

    They will only refuse use if the balance in your account, or your available credit limit, is lower than the maximum amount which might be taken. ........... so when on holiday keep your balance topped up, and be aware of your credit limit and you'll never have a problem.
  15. ValA


    We went about forty-five years ago - when you could just wander into tents without booking in advance! The campsite we stayed on, in Munich, was very very very busy - so much so, in fact, that when we woke (after a none booked night out wandering around various tents) in our hired motorhome someone had pitched their tent so close that we couldn't open the door!