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  1. We've done it with a caravan without problems and we stayed at Le Pre Lombard at Tarascon sur Ariege. We stopped at the service station right at the top and had the best sandwich I've eaten in a service station. The road down into Spain has some sweeping downhill curves, but is an easy road really. So no problems except I don't know the campsites you mention.
  2. We stored our caravan near to St Aignan for years, but never went anywhere near Paris. Our preferred route was head towards Rouen, but stick to the east of the Seine at Pont de l'Arche, Evreux, Nonancourt, Dreux, Chartres, but then head towards Chateaudun and Blois (avoiding Orleans altogether), and saving on tolls. The Paris route may show as the shortest time - but that's only if you keep going. If (as we were) you're held up in traffic for four hours around Paris then you'll be wishing you took the route taking the longest time!! Checking google maps this morning your Paris route takes 4 hours 27 minutes and is 414 km. My route takes 5 hours and 14 minutes and is 386 km. Viamichelin offers a choice of three routes (including mine with a few differences), each taking between 4 and a half hours and 5 and a quarter hours, so I'm not quite sure how you got a two hour difference.
  3. I'm not sure, Alan29. It would be interesting to see what a lawyer has to say.
  4. No! Sadly not! No refund according to a friend who tried. Terms and conditions here: https://www.campingtravelclub.com/assets/extra/cgv/CGV_2019_EN.pdf - and it does appear the a Silver card will be accepted until the end of 2019 - but I've read elsewhere that it wasn't accepted. There are apparently circumstances where a refund can be obtained - but these are only if the card holder or spouse dies, or a medically certified disability which prevents them using the card (and this must be supported by a GP letter).
  5. Replied to your other post. You can't use your Silver Card, unfortunately! Gold Cards are still (supposed to be) accepted at a limited number of sites, but otherwise check if the site is in the ACSI scheme, otherwise you'll have to pay with cash or a card - but it's worth asking the site if they will offer you a discount.
  6. Camping Cros de Mouton is at the top of a hill........... so no walking into town. There are sites in the town itself - I don't know Camping La Pinede (mentioned above) but we've stayed at Camping de la Baie, Selection Camping, and Le Bonporteau, as well as Les Tournels at Ramatuelle, and others in the area. We have friends who still live in La Croix Valmer and are overdue a visit to see them. I would go back to any of them - but it's a while since we stayed there.
  7. You can't top them up - you can only spend what is on your card already, and that's only until the end of 2019. After that they will 'be no more'. A sad end to what started as such a great idea. We've been using Camping Cheques since they started, and they took us to sites which would otherwise be beyond our budget. Fortunately we saw the writing on the wall and used up our last cheques a year or two ago - once we realised that sites we wanted to stay on were refusing to accept them even though they were still in the guide.
  8. That isn't the area we normally stay in, which is in a cul-de-sac, with parking bays, each with a grassy area, picnic table and benches, and a waste bin. We always stay in the end cul-de-sac as shown on Jaydug's map.
  9. And that's why, if you're not a large commercial vehicle, you need to look for your own preferred route, suitable for your vehicle - otherwise you join the motorway volume of traffic following the diversion and all trying to negotiate the way around a roundabout or through traffic lights. A friend followed the 'authorised' diversation around roadworks on the A14 where it is being widened, and traffic was nose to tail all the way. We followed our own route via the roads through the fens north of the A14 and had a very pleasant run, a stop at a lovely tea room, and popped out just south of Peterborough avoiding any other traffic!
  10. We got involved in one of these closures - but at the same time the A2 was closed because of an accident!! Fortunataely we heard about them immediately we were leaving the Eurotunnel terminal, so with the aid of our trusty map (SatNav was useless as it kept trying to redirect us on to the blocked roads) we managed to zig-zag through Kent. We used 'white roads' and came out nearer to the Dartfort crossing, with only a moderate time difference, and some of that was because we did some shopping in a supermarket we passed on our way. We heard on the radio that people had been stuck in those traffic jams for hours and hours. In these circumstances get out your map and get on the white roads. They might be slow and winding, and take you backwards and forwards but they are there and (mostly) under-used, and they will get you there!
  11. French people have mandatory health insurance to top up what is provided by the state from their social charges. Their insurance is what pays for most of their healthcare costs for many illnesses (though some are covered 100% by the state). So a GP visit costs them (and us) 25 euros - but their insurance pays a proportion, or the whole of it - depending on what level of cover they have. On top of that they pay for the prescription medication they are given at the pharmacy and again their insurance reimburses some or the whole cost. Some costs are only covered by insurance. In my British friend's case these included the helicopter which picked him up from the mountains, the helicopter transfer between the small local hospital he was first taken to, and the intensive care unit, his daily hospital costs, parts of his treatment during his whole hospital stay, and the air repatriation when he needed to be returned to the UK with an accompanying medic and nurse. These are what his holiday insurance covered. Our EHIC covers only that proportion of the costs which is provided by the state, not that which is covered by insurance. It would be wise for anyone who believe that their EHIC is sufficient, and that they don't need insurance, to search for 'What is covered by an EHIC card in (name of country)'. It is almost always possible to take out holiday insurance, even if you have pre-existing conditions.......... it just costs a great deal more for those at more risk! Why should that be do you think? Perhaps because holiday insurers know just how much the charges NOT covered by the EHIC can add up to!
  12. Depending on timings and traffic, there are good sites at Macon: http://www.macon-tourism.com/uk/camping/1/Camping-Municipal-de-Macon Tournus: https://www.camping-tournus.com/en/ Chalon: https://www.camping-chalon.com/ All are close to the autoroute, and then you've the selection already mentioned, above.
  13. W What night? Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be busier than normal because it's peak weeks. The caravan bays may be occupied but there will be room in the main lorries area. An alternative is the services near Boulogne, and it may be an idea to drive in there to see if there is space, just in case.
  14. You need holiday insurance. Our EHIC covers certain payments in Europe, but by no means all, and a friend of ours saved himself £50,000 with a £12.99 insurance policy, after a heart-attack whilst walking in the Pyrenees when only in his forties! Don't go without - you could bankrupt yourself! We use Insure and Go, but there are comparison sites where you can input what sort of cover you want, and personal details, and get quotes. We have separate car breakdown cover which we are happy with, for our circumstances, but again everyone's requirements for what they want from an insurance policy will differ, and there are belt and braces policies which probably cost four times what ours costs.
  15. We too have been stopped, but when we were passengers in a friend's car. Strangely enough it was three times (perhaps over five years), at the same roundabout near Limoux. Each time he passed without a problem - though each time we must have all had a fair amount to drive the night before!
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