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  1. What sort of sites do you like? Most in that area are large sites, with 'full-on-facilities' and entertainment etc. We liked L'Amfora which is south of Roses, at St Pere Pescador. Very high quality site, with excellent sanitary facilities, including some pitches with their own private facilities. The newest block is really state of the art... There is a long (somewhat windy - but it's a windy area) beach directly from the site, a few bars and restaurants in walking distance, and the site has good bars and restaurants, and also a well-stocked well priced supermarket. Some pitches in the centre may be rather tight but pitches on the periphery of the site (never that far from facilities because it's an almost square site) tend to be bigger and the private facilities pitches are bigger still.
  2. Like you we decided 'better safe than sorry' and had our cat blood tested back in November last year. Her rabies blood titre was positive, so no repeat injection needed, and we now have that piece of paper should it ever be needed. We have a house in France, and need to be able to travel at any time, so it was important to us that Brexit wasn't sneaked in whilst we weren't looking or paying attention!
  3. If you go to Les Genets first, ie in June, then you should be able to get in without booking. If not there are other lakeside campsites around the same lake. We love the Aveyron, but not that part! If it were me I would go just a bit further south still and get a riverside pitch somewhere along the river Tarn in the Gorges du Tarn between Millau and St Enemie.
  4. Like John, we had no problems with queues. May 2013 - it was my OH's 65th birthday.
  5. We visited Versailles whilst staying at Camping International at Maisons Laffitte which is about half an hour away. The site is alongside the River Seine, and Maisons Laffitte itself is a nice suburb, with a train station and trains into central Paris. I think a 'day rover' (bus, train, one boat trip) cost us 10 euros, but that was six years ago.
  6. One thing we discovered when booking via the CMC is that you can't ring them outside office hours, or at weekends, if you have a problem. We were on our way to a crossing booked via the CMC a few years ago, when my mum sadly passed away suddenly. We rang the CMC to cancel our crossing for that night, but unfortunately it was Friday night and no one was there. Nor were they there on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday which was a Bank Holiday. When we eventually got through it was on Tuesday morning. For us it didn't particularly matter as it was a serious reason why our crossing had to be cancelled but for others, perhaps with a reason for amending rather than cancelling it could be a problem if you aren't able to get through to them for four days. The ferry companies will not Talk to you at all if your booking was via the CMC. In the end the CMC sorted things out, agreeing that it was not our fault that we couldn't get through, so we did get the offer of another crossing at a time to suit us
  7. Yes, we stay overnight. This time (late August) we set off from home in Yorkshire and got to Chartres for our first night, and then arrived at the caravan about 5.30 pm the following day. This is using our usual non-toll route, via Rouen, Chartres, Orleans, Moulins, Nevers, Clermont Ferrand, and then across country on the N102 from near to Brioude to Aubenas and down to the site. The caravan was all set up on pitch, and we just wound down the steadies and hooked up, got out the table and chairs, and had a meal on the table, with a bottle of campsite wine, by 7.00 pm. We have to drive down because of our cat - who loves the campsite life!
  8. I would give them a ring. No site is going to be completely booked, for every pitch, for a whole season!
  9. Prairies de la Mer - haven't stayed there, but it's on the beach near Port Grimaud.
  10. We store our caravan on a campsite in France, in the Ardeche (gorgeous mountain walks, cycling - with a cycle track right outside the site and plenty of mountain bike routes), with a river for the dogs for when it's very hot. It costs us 185 euros per year. For that we have storage and the site owner, Jerome, tows the caravan on to a pitch for us for when we want to stay at no extra cost, and removes it again when we leave. He will even put the hook-up in, if we're arriving on a hot day and want the fridge cool before we arrive. We also tow it away elsewhere when we wish. When staying we simply pay the daily rate for the pitch - in low season it's an ACSI Card site so costs us 13 euros including hook-up. In high season it's about three times as much. It has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, with a reasonably priced menu, a take-away in high season, some 'theme nights' in high season, and there is one very clean sanitary block including a heated area for early and late season and two children's bathrooms. We drive down, because we have a cat and none of the budget airlines will take pets - the only option is an expensive pet-flight - so make sure you factor in the drive. However if you weren't taking the dogs you can fly to Nimes or Avignon which are both about an hour away and there are flights in the summer from Stansted. We insure with Towergate, and our renewal costs are modest. We have twice claimed for non-fault accidents whilst keeping the caravan in France and both have been sorted without any problem whatsoever - though we did choose to bring the caravan back to the UK for our favourite local dealership to do the repairs. If you want more details please send me a personal message.
  11. Thanks 'Thanks very much' (in Text speak)!
  12. You can get a bus which takes you to within 200 metres (height) of the top, some details here: https://www.rometoolkit.com/whattodo/pompeii_vesuvius_bus.html Whether it's worth it depends on the conditions on the day you choose to go up - but beware, in March, it's likely to be very cold.
  13. Thanks JanandJay - I've altered the link now. I wonder if someone could post this information on the UK sites section as I've tried and it just disappears each time. I think it may be something to do with the site not allowing duplicate posts.
  14. There is a new update to Archies Campings on line today. Archies Campings ) For those not familiar with it, this is a website with files of POI's for more than 33,000 campsites throughout Europe, which can be downloaded and installed on most types of SatNav. There is access to an App which can be used on smartphones, or tablets, and used when not on-line. Archie has been doing a lot of work on UK sites, because users have complained that not all UK sites take tents, and that a lot of the sites listed (Club sites) were members only. As a result these sites will be a separate download from other UK sites. Other updating work has gone ahead as usually, changing opening dates, phone numbers, etc. Please share this post with any other forums where you think it provide useful information. As well as camping and caravanning, these could includ motorbike groups, hiking groups, etc.
  15. On another discussion group someone has received an email from the campsite Riva Bella in Ouistreham to say they will be closing on 3rd November until 3rd April 2020. Those heading for Spain via Caen would be advised to look for alternatives.
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