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  1. asklowey

    Gas connection.

    I have a surplus of pigtails from all the vans I have bought but I stick with a lifetime steel braided thing I bought - great quality too - PM if you want the supplier
  2. asklowey

    Water pressure

    Like you say each one to their own. However in France on holiday I have seen mains pressure limiters (which are quite crude TBTH) fail in the night as the pressure has built up to beyond what they can handle. Internal plumbing failed and wet lockers result. May be a one off but the pressure in my van it limited by the 12v pump and the whale limit switch.
  3. asklowey

    Water pressure

    I have to agree with WispMan I would never have mains water connected to my van even if it is supposed to be pressure limited. Much prefer the ballcock idea in the aquaroll - no soggy bedding if anything goes wrong
  4. asklowey

    Bailey Barcelona 2011 heating system fault?

    It could be that the 2 issues are unrelated. Get your meter out and see if you have 12v at the heater (under the black cover). If not trace back. Is it the Alde control panel that doesnt light ? - check volts to that also.
  5. asklowey

    Bailey unicorn alu tec ceiling coving

    Can you give us a bit more info / photos but @Mr Plodd is right the trim just clips on.
  6. asklowey

    Bailey Service Record

    Of course the van may have been service by an accredited workshop in which case it is unlikely that Bailey's records have been kept up to date. For a warranty claim you will need to produce receipts/records for any gaps in Bailey's on line system (I had to ). I wouldn't buy a van that new unless I had sight or written confirmation regarding the service (presume just 1 service?)
  7. asklowey

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    I have the S3 Barca - you soon find a place for all that detritus you had in the front locker - mostly in the local recycling facility. Its great to have the longer seats at the front and all of the necessary gear got redistributed OK. So the message is move on . . . . . or don't buy a Bailey
  8. asklowey

    Bailey Unicorn Awning Rails

    Pad reverse = all that is required
  9. asklowey

    Draining Alde fluid.

    This job cost me £130. 00 on top of the annual service to have the 5 year fluid put in. The guy had all the tubes, clamps, pumps etc and it is all up and running with no air locks. I would normally do these sort of jobs myself but I though that was good value.
  10. asklowey

    Specialised Accessories Caravan Cover

    Never use a cover - just use the van all year round.
  11. asklowey

    Wiring for ATC

    I agree - manufacturer's dedicated looms may seem expensive (especially Landy) but they have the correct connectors, cable grade and fuses installed. I have corrected a few home spun wiring jobs where short cuts were taken in this area.
  12. asklowey

    Wiring for ATC

    Make sure it is earthed via PIN 13 and not via pin 11 or 3 - good idea not to bridge the 3 earths
  13. asklowey

    Unicorn 3 Onboard Tank Filling

    Update on solenoid vale I fitted - still working and doing the job
  14. asklowey

    Help!! Unicorn water pump

    Hi we are assuming that this is at least a U3 where the pump sits in the aquaroll and not under the bunk?
  15. asklowey

    Water heater not working

    Is this both on gas and mains?