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  1. Did mine without any adaption at all just plugged a adapter into the 12 V socket for the TV it gives 2USB and 2 12 V cigarette lighter sockets £9.99 job done
  2. And try and to come into the corner of a locker or wall cupboard where you intend mounting the controller
  3. That’s what I would do mr plod but convert the existing inlet into an awning socket via fuse
  4. I have fitted several and never had a leak the only hole is where the cable goes in and the glands available guarantee a leak free job for years. I can’t mention brand names but there is a well known mastic/sealant used by most for fixing the corner brackets. Easy DIY job
  5. Big van just interested what are you going to toilet with or are you going to leave it on the site
  6. Certainly not a factory fit get it removed it could be hiding something
  7. asklowey


    False activation has been experienced here when the road changes camber rapidly. This must fool the sensors.
  8. I have a standalone tracker alarm. If it is triggered it sends me a text message and GPS location of caravan. Battery operated and portable.
  9. Just to clarify - the yellow lever under the bunk is the drain cock for the hot water held in the Alde boiler that will go to the taps. If a van is stored in winter it is a good idea to open this drain so that the hot water system does no freeze. With the lever (which is in a crazy place) is vertical the drain is open and horizontal when in use. So when you first connect up the system has to be filled from the aqualroll 15-20 litres and then the pump should shut off. I always fill with the kitchen tap open to shift the air and let you know when it is full. Turn the tap off and the pump should stop after a few seconds. When you turn the bathroom tap/shower after a fill you will get a bit of spitting whilst the air is cleared. Hope that helps.
  10. Assuming it is a U3 there is a pump in the internal tank and one in the aquaroll. Fill the tank by pumping from aquaroll
  11. Looks bad - however the gasket does the work - a smear of gasket sealant on the surfaces would have done the job and looked better. Mine is the same BTW
  12. Could be the pump impeller stuck - happens often. Access is from inside peel the fascia from the flush switch carefully.
  13. Nicely explained I think it is usually the one presented at the amplifier with the blue coloured sleeve
  14. Best way to get happy - I did it - Unicorn Barcelona
  15. No Scotchlocks these days - manufacturer specific plug-in looms. Most cars use CAN bus now also
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