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  1. I have a standalone tracker alarm. If it is triggered it sends me a text message and GPS location of caravan. Battery operated and portable.
  2. Just to clarify - the yellow lever under the bunk is the drain cock for the hot water held in the Alde boiler that will go to the taps. If a van is stored in winter it is a good idea to open this drain so that the hot water system does no freeze. With the lever (which is in a crazy place) is vertical the drain is open and horizontal when in use. So when you first connect up the system has to be filled from the aqualroll 15-20 litres and then the pump should shut off. I always fill with the kitchen tap open to shift the air and let you know when it is full. Turn the tap off and the pump should stop after a few seconds. When you turn the bathroom tap/shower after a fill you will get a bit of spitting whilst the air is cleared. Hope that helps.
  3. Assuming it is a U3 there is a pump in the internal tank and one in the aquaroll. Fill the tank by pumping from aquaroll
  4. Looks bad - however the gasket does the work - a smear of gasket sealant on the surfaces would have done the job and looked better. Mine is the same BTW
  5. Could be the pump impeller stuck - happens often. Access is from inside peel the fascia from the flush switch carefully.
  6. Nicely explained I think it is usually the one presented at the amplifier with the blue coloured sleeve
  7. Best way to get happy - I did it - Unicorn Barcelona
  8. No Scotchlocks these days - manufacturer specific plug-in looms. Most cars use CAN bus now also
  9. U3 centre light has 3 position switch on the side of the light
  10. The main thing is did the dealer wire up properly I always go to the car dealer. Never had any issues apart from wallet ache
  11. I did a temporary repair with Sikoflex after cleaning up the end caps etc. The temporary repair lasted a few months until the dealer got the repair kit from Bailey.
  12. I presume the original screws were put in with the driver on the wrong torque maybe and have stripped. I have used the epoxy larger screw solution elsewhere and it works fine
  13. Is that the one that you wind down from inside the van?
  14. Thats a worry - do you know how to identify what the correct tyres are ?
  15. The stealer registers it for you - make sure your CRiS stuff comes through though.
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