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  1. Best way to get happy - I did it - Unicorn Barcelona
  2. No Scotchlocks these days - manufacturer specific plug-in looms. Most cars use CAN bus now also
  3. U3 centre light has 3 position switch on the side of the light
  4. The main thing is did the dealer wire up properly I always go to the car dealer. Never had any issues apart from wallet ache
  5. I did a temporary repair with Sikoflex after cleaning up the end caps etc. The temporary repair lasted a few months until the dealer got the repair kit from Bailey.
  6. I presume the original screws were put in with the driver on the wrong torque maybe and have stripped. I have used the epoxy larger screw solution elsewhere and it works fine
  7. Is that the one that you wind down from inside the van?
  8. Thats a worry - do you know how to identify what the correct tyres are ?
  9. The stealer registers it for you - make sure your CRiS stuff comes through though.
  10. asklowey


    What are you going to power with your inverter. I retired my big one (2000w) for the hair drier as it will empty a 120AH battery in 2 uses. I have a 150W pure sine wave that I use for laptop and charging tooth brush/shaver.
  11. Yes you can buy the lamps from later vans and swap which is quite easy to do. I prefer my usbs out of the fag lighter so I can hide devices under cushions so not a plus for me
  12. Did they not grease up the worm screws when it was serviced?
  13. Has to be a nose weight issue
  14. Hi, I am a seasoned rallier and used to have croc clips to connect the battery to the panel in the old days when we arrived on site. The panel is now permanently mounted on the roof and charges the battery even in storage. If you intend doing more than 1 rally suggest you look at having your panel installed, we survive for weeks off grid without EHU even in the depths of winter. Hope you enjoy rallying, we had a slow start but it changed our life in a way.
  15. Yes multimeter time sound like the battery feed is broken somewhere - i havent got a diagram though
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