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  1. Now have correct mixture in the Alde system and no air. Have looked at air gaps behind seats at front and they appear to be about 19mm. Looked at unscrewing the seat backs but screws are hidden behind seat buttons. I’ve attacked one but its resisting, don’t want to damage them so how are they attached? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for all the pointers especially the improved air flow from SamD. This weekend will be investigating further. We have experienced slow warm up from cold. I think I’ve removed all the air from the system by turning the pump up for about an hour. Just need to get to the correct percentage mixture in the system.
  3. Vanmaster Occasion 640 with transverse bed 2010 vintage. I can only find two bleed points - one next to the boiler at the front and the other is the radiator in the bathroom at the back. Does anyone know of any others please.
  4. Update:- Well the unit started, maps appeared,found satellites, and showed the car, the car followed in the correct place on the map, what’s not to like. Everything went well until (there’s always an ‘until’) I thought why not try a route to home and then it was all downhill. It worked out the route but froze on that screen. Have tried to restore multiple times tonight but no joy. Now back to original fault Dilemma - what to do, send to London for promised warranted repair for £40 plus postage ( to an old unit that will not update if TomTom has its way). Or bite the bullet and buy a Garmin 770. Anybody got experience of the Garmin, I would appreciate any comments please.
  5. Thanks Shipbroker, I did do a search for possible threads but must have not used correct wording, However good news, after 3 hours of grief I now have maps on the screen and it appears to be as it was (I live in hope). The acid test will be tomorrow with a road test.
  6. I have a TomTom Go 1005 Caravan and Camper which started to misbehave at the end of March when it couldn’t see any roads. It settled down when a new map was downloaded but only for a short time and now according to TomTom it’s now flubbered and needs to be binned as they say they no longer service this model or keep any parts (apparently it’s memory is no more). The TomTom forum is full of people who appear to blame a problem with the new map creating this issue. Was wondering if anyone on here has had a similar problem. Mine will switch on and show the start screen then move to the TomTom name and logo then go back to the start. This then continues for hours and hours and hours. I’ve reset the device and downloaded the restore files to it but it refuses to cooperate. Anyone had a similar experience or knows if the memory can be replaced in the unit. Thanks.
  7. I've used cycle racks on front and back of a Knaus carrying 4 bikes. No problems. However it did have a longer A frame than British built vans. I have seen, some years ago, a rack on a short A frame on a Dutch van that was elevated so the bikes were not down at A frame level but a about 2 to 2. 5 feet above the A frame and therefore take advantage of the rake of the caravan to mount further back out of harm's way when manoeuvring. You could also mount a camera at the rear of the car to keep an eye on bikes when manoeuvring.
  8. Tracker has been sending it's normal monthly health checks, the last one on 27 Sept, then last Wednesday I received a message "GPS Alert time is not set. Please text back the word 'time' to set time to same as your phone". This I have done 3 times but it still keeps sending the message again and again and again. Anyone with any ideas.
  9. I had this experience many many years ago in Germany by a large German lady who was puffing away on a a cigarette. She even tried to snatch the ignition keys. This was when we were hitching up and no movers in those days. She didn't get the keys and I suggested, very forcefully, her cigarette smoke was harming my environment and my lungs. She went off with her tail between her legs so to speak.
  10. That makes two Huws with a Vanmaster then - unless you know anyone else
  11. Go to the disco 3 forum and check the chassis numbers for oil pump breakages and check if when the cambelt was done did they change all the other pulleys and the oil pump if necessary. If they should have changed the pump and didn't the engine could be on borrowed time. Timing belt tensioner is bolted to oil pump housing and the 2007-2008my are all suspect. For some reason the ford engine supplied to Land Rover over this period had a different - weaker - mounting for the tensioner. The end result is the snapping off of the tensioner and catastrophic engine damage follows.
  12. Did the whole length of Norway up to thr North Cape using as many coastal roads as was possible - stunning scenery to say the least. Took us (wife two children and four bikes) six weeks if I remember correctly. Retuned through Finland to Helsinki and a Silja Line ferry to Stockholm and then return to Denmark and ferry home. Trip requires careful planning as distances on a map look short but because the roads are very twisty turny it's a lot longer. We had a Disco 300 series and a twin axle caravan. Roads can be narrow and steep ( low range gears for one hill to get up and first gear high range to descend another safely). Internal ferries only operate a short timetable ( guess how I foun out).
  13. CCTV footage being looked at and two people are in the frame so we could get a result.
  14. Landyman


    I used to have a pair of wing mirrors back in the seventies that allowed you to pivot them outwards for towing. Slightly unscrew knurled plastic nut thingy and rotate mirror through 180 degrees and tighten nut - simples. Modern day units could be located on a pair of tubes (to hold wires etc) and slide out, tubes would be non visible in normal use and give minimum drag when mirror moved outwards. Could even have presets on tubes for set distances the delux version would of course be electric winding out on a rack and pinion system. Of course the present day ones are expensive enough so dread to think what these would set you back!
  15. Thanks for all the pointers. Finally telephoned and the advice given was to check the batteries voltages. If the button battery is low then I'll change that but if it's the iPod battery then it could be destined for the bin as it was suggested that the live mapping facility could end in the dim and distant future. Anyone got any suggestions for a possible replacement.
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