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  1. We had a snooper, and didn't find it much better than our old sat nav. In fact we ended up selling it and reverting back to tom tom. We found it tried to route us down roads that we knew were unsuitable. We now check our route on google earth and ask the campsite for best route. We then down load this to the old tom tom and away we go!
  2. We have a strict no shoes in the van. Always take them off in the awning or if no awning on the door mat. We take them out to hoover everynow and then. We have bought a larger mat to take our shoes of in a bigger area if no awning. I love the feel of walking on carpet in socks!
  3. We uses a protec cover as the van is parked near very big trees. The roof would be green by the spring. My OH cleans it before putting the cover on. I help start it off, but can do it himself now. It takes about 10mins so not bad. It means when we go away we have a nice clean van. No condensation problems as it is breathable.
  4. we do that on some of them, but others are stuck fast. It is now booked in for warranty work with our dealer. I am going to ask him to alter the new clips before putting then on.
  5. I got a good discount + extras by having no trade in and asking. That was for our 2010 peggy. I would consider looking at the Bailey range as ours, apart from a few minor items, has been great.
  6. I would not accept cash myself if selling. The money could be fake. Bank transfer is the best way.
  7. We had the same this year as well, ours is a 2010 model. Will mention it when it goes in soon!
  8. Our local dealer charged less than £150 for our first service and about £150 for the second. They said they were not doing the fixed price and they felt they could do it for their normal costs. Swindon Caravans, excellent service and very help full staff.
  9. I phoned Bailey's to ask if they clip was going to be redesigned. They admitted that it appears there is a problem with the clip, but the only remedy was to replace them. I mentioned about the modification that maybe could be done, said that there was someone on the forums that came up with a solution. The answer to that was "We don't look at the forums". They didn't want to know any details etc. So we are hopefully getting them all replaced. My dealer was very interested in the modification and said he aim is to make it better for me. Dealership great help, Bailey's n
  10. Thank you, I have shown this to my OH and he is going to give it a try. Has Bailey ever accepted that their design in rubbish? I thought the new ones had different catches now.
  11. Last year most of my cupboard catches were very very stiff to open, but over the year they eased up a bit. Well this April they are even worse and it took hours to get into three cupboards! We had to use a couple of tools to ease the clip off the rail. The only thread I can find about it is the one I started last year. Is anyone else having the same problem. When I contacted Bailey last year they said that I could take it in to be readjusted. But to be honest by the time we could do it they didn't seem so bad. We spent the whole week with the cupboards unclipped :-(
  12. We have a Dorema awning bought when we got the pegasus. Ours fits ok, why not phone Dorema and ask them about it? They may have adjusted the pads, but ours seem ok.
  13. I spoke to Bob at Bailey customer service today. That was after waiting over 2 weeks for him to call me back. He said that it can either be taken back the dealers for adjustment or do it myself. I asked about changing it to different catches and he said for this type of door it was impossible. I mentioned the other adjustment and he said they don't read the forums. I suggested that he checks it out. So will try and do it ourselves instead of taking it back to the dealers.
  14. I have just come back from a week away. Nearly all the cupboard doors were near impossible to open with out brute strength and holding the top of the cupboard. I couldn't do it my OH had to and in the end kept all the doors unclipped. I emailed Baily and they said it was temperature, but how annoying to have this problem. I know other people have had the same thing, but is it possible to change mechanism on the door to the new one they are using?
  15. I have replied to Slimgimli and ispy, just waiting for postal addresses. My MIL couldn't use hers, so had two to donote in the end.
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