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  1. We have a twin axle with toilet / shower combined and we both have a shower before going out and thats on electric only and its scalding hot. We have a 40Ltr on board tank and make sure the aqua roll is full. With both of us we still don't use anywhere near it all. Most of the showers are the same size both single or twin axle.
  2. OXY

    Twin Or Single

    We have a twin axle abbey. 1800kgs and have just had fitted a Truma TE R. This just drives two wheels but moves our caravan quite easily. £1495 Fitted at your own place home or site. Definately worth it as it makes final manauvering simple and you could park on a sixpence. We looked at the four wheel models but went with the truma because of the weight. They will move up to 2250kgs. But only weigh 33kgs.
  3. When applying the 7% equation to calculate the caravan nose weight, should it be 7% of the MRO or the total MTPLM.
  4. We have a Swift, last years model and the water will only work from the in board tank. When it gets to half full then the outside pump in the aqua roll kicks in and refills so we always have enough for two showers and washing up everyday. But ours is actually under the van outside so I don't know how this would be in winter.
  5. Whilst Abbey may not be in production anymore other equivelent models will be. We have a 2009 Abbey 625. There are two other models in the Swift group which are exactly the same caravan. The swift Challenger 625 and the Sterling Ameythist. This the same thing as they do with commercial vehicles, they sell the same van under different badges. Both of the others are exactly the same model, Every fitting, catch and all the equipment are in exactly the same place, only the colour of the furniture and cloth are different and the graphics on the outside. Check the details of the one you want against others made by Swift and you will find others the same.
  6. We bought a brand new Abbey (made by Swift) last July and the first two times out we had exactly the same problem. If you search you will find it on this forum. I was not a happy man at first but After a few calls to the dealer and Swift they sent us a new board which I fitted myself. I don't think there is any other way of doing this except changing the board. As you said they know of the fault and the faulty ones are marked with a certain serial number, which I can't remember but ours was one with that number. It is the main 12v fuseboard but is actually a controller as it contains proper circuits with chips etc. There are about 12 push fit plugs but if you put the boards side by side and swop each plug at a time then its quite easy. I would demand a new board from your dealer as this is certainly not cured. The system has to be filled properly and the water let to drop to half way for it to happen, my guess is the dealer is not testing it properly. When the system fails to refill if you turn the pump off and on again then it will kick in but this is not possible if your in the shower. I'am a Signmaker too.
  7. We have one from B&Q cost £40 for the dish and reciever. Then bought a tripod from ebay for £20. The whole thing works great.
  8. OXY


    We bought a brand new Swift van last year and the last two weeks with the heating on we had slight condensation in the windows and roof lights.
  9. I Have now moved the bracket up and the tv will swing right back into the cupboard with no problems. Just push a pillow in when towing.
  10. We have a 2009 Swift Abbey 625 six berth and the layout is exactley the same as yours. We have a 22in flat screen on that bracket from Tesco. The bracket needs to be moved up slightly for the TV to go right into the recess if your travelling. Otherwise its fine for the bedroom or lounge. We tried a 19 inch first but it seemed a bit small when sat right down the front in the lounge.
  11. We have one of these. ....Brilliant. http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/Satellite-dish-tripod-stand-for-camping-and-caravan_W0QQitemZ350307694187QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_ConEle_SatCableFreeview_RL?hash=item518ff7366b
  12. If you apply it wet then you will not get any bubbles or creases.
  13. Not sure if I can post this on here as it might get seen as an advert. I run this type of sign business and can produce cut graphics or adhesive signs from photographs of the dogs providing you have a decent photo to start from. If you Pm me with your number then I will ring you. Hope this helps.
  14. OXY

    Caravan Cover

    Be careful with covers and buy a good quality made to fit one. We bought a Cozy deluxe from Riversway leisure a few months ago and when fitting it caught at the bottom and ripped really easily, I'am not sure it was even big enough even though we bought one for a 23' and when we measured the van as instructed it was 22' so it should have been big enough. It ripped so easily that we just put it back in the box and never bothered with it.
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