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  1. Thanks Mike It's got a 2 year warranty which runs out the end of this month, but if that's the repair, I'll get it sorted myself the same as you. Cheers Phil
  2. Outnumbered, that's it exactly. I've been in touch with Vango and they told me to get in touch with their repairs department. Was yours fixed under warranty? And those pics are after the repair was done? What do you mean when you say check when I've had the repair done as Vango cannot repair the issue?
  3. Its like an off white colour fabric type thing Its a Vango Kalari air awning, I'll get in touch with Vango in the week, just wondered if I could get to explain it a bit better
  4. Did'nt think to take photo, and we're home now. You know the awning piping , the round bit that attaches the awning to the caravan, you slide it through the rail. Well, just off that is a length of tape, I think it covers the join between the piping and the awning. Griff, yes on the awning, not on the caravan
  5. I'm not sure what the correct name is, but its the tape that runs the length of the awning rail, about an inch wide. The awning piping goes in the rail, the tape runs with it so to speak. I'm not sure if its to waterproof the awning or what. Anyways, noticed this weekend its all starting to peel away. Any ideas what to stick it down with, or what I'm actually looking for so I can buy some more and replace it. Cheers Phil
  6. Give Specialised a ring, they were very helpful when we were in a similar position.
  7. Morning all Can anyone recommend a hitch lock that can be used while hitched to the car please. Its for a trailer with a bog standard hitch, no slots for ALKO hitch lock. It's not for use while driving, just when stopped. I have to use my trailer once a week, and have to leave it unattended on the street for an hour or two, so just want something to deter visually as much as anything. I can't get a length of chain around it without crawling under the car, so this is out, cos I don't want to be doing that in bad weather. Thanks.
  8. Mike, yes it was two 7 pins converted to a 13 pin, so that maybe it. Other half has the van at the moment, so I'll have to wait to check it later.
  9. Silicon seems the way to go then, I'll have a look at it tonight. Thanks everyone.
  10. Evening I have'nt long had a 13 pin socket fitted to my tow vehicle. Every time I've gone to use it, when I flip the cover open, rainwater has run out. Will this hurt anything? Should it be sealed so it should'nt happen? I'm going to ring the fitter this week and see what he says. Thanks Phil
  11. Has anyone had trouble with the Vango sucker hook things? Our new awning has them.
  12. We could have lived with them if they had the elastic stretched across the window to hold them against the window, but the poled version did'nt. Who know's why cos the air version did( I think ). We actually liked them when they were open, just thought they were rubbish at being closed. But the Kalari had the blinds and we both prefer those.
  13. Well, after looking at the new Kampa range today and hating the curtains set up, we had a total about turn and bought a Vango Kalari 380. Looks very well made, and proper blinds not curtains, can't wait to get out and give it a go now.
  14. Thanks Lozzy, will check it out. The trouble with looking at so many is everything starts to blur into one and I lose track of where I'm at Edit. ...The Varkala is inflatable I think, we want the pole version.
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