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  1. I have just read this topic through, and I can see both sides of the (rather bad-tempered) argument. Even my amazing brain power took a few (milli)seconds to clarify what the "scooters" referred to , precisely. So give a little slack, please.
  2. I assumed as much - and they created "super runway-width" roadways on one part of the site last year, which seemed rather over the top (I saw one chap swing in, then reverse his twin into its place while still attached...it was that wide a lane. (The one I have (for the next couple of months anyway) is so narrow that our van HAS to be eased out by hand - even a mini tractor would foul the vans opposite before it could turn). I'll have to reorganise the front garden, then.
  3. I suppose it could be to do with "Location.......". Ours has the "advantage" of being just off the A127 (Southend - London) and only a few miles from the M25 (J29). It does seem it might be better to buy a cheap van each spring, then scrap it in the autumn!
  4. Just received my renewal notice for the Storage area....Last year £540.00, coming year ..............................................£1680,00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't look like a typo, as the "half year" rate is also given (£921.00)
  5. No! That would be bad for the chassis. Beg, borrow or otherwise obtain a jack. If you buy your tyres online, they can be replaced at your home address - save you doing the work.
  6. No, for a B+E licence, the rules are based on the stated Maximum weights of the tow vehicle and the caravan. Even if both of them are used at much less than their max. Actual weights are important for other things, but "Plated Max Weights" are what the B+E needs.
  7. philspot

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    But how do you manage the former without doing the latter?
  8. Could I just add to the sensible suggestion that both you (the tower) and the other bloke (the owner) not only come to an agreement about responsibility in case of damage, but write it down and sign it? It's surprising how often "agreed" decisions come apart when something goes wrong and one of the two parties has to fork out cash. Friendships have to be quite robust to survive!
  9. Try just moving weight back to the centre line - that may be enough without rear-loading the van, which could induce a tendency to sway. (Keep weight away from extreme rear)
  10. I know this is rather!! an old post, but have just read through to this point. BG, you might, by accepting your neighbour's parking where he shouldn't, be relinquishing your right to keep that area to yourself, should you want to enforce it some time in the future. I know it sounds like overkill, but sending him a written memorandum now, laying out the rules, but saying you are happy for it to continue for now, may save legal expenses in the future!
  11. If you take the ultimate short single axle trailer (my baggage trailer, 2m long from hitch to rear, with the axle just aft of centre), the nose weight empty is c2 kg when level, nearer 3kg with the hitch on the ground. Load it up with, e. g. an upright fridge/freezer mounted securely over the axle. With hitch on the ground, nose weight is over 3kg, tilt it right back and it suddenly becomes a negative value, needing a good heave to get it back level again! I don't suppose such extremes are applicable to caravans, but the theory is the same! (This is one reason some trailers for mobility scooters have the deck underslung, I believe - it keeps the CoG low down and reduces the trailer's tendency to pitch.)
  12. I know this doesn't help with wheel access, but "Spairline" (Google it) is a handy way of being able to check your pressure without crawling underneath. (I've got one on the caravan and one for the spare on my Topaz) (No connection with the firm other than as a satisfied customer, by the way) Of course, you've still got to pull the spare out from time to time anyway, to lubricate the sliding bits and check for tyrewall damage, but it does make "in-between" checks easier. Also consider fitting clips, rather than split pins, to the offside carrier tubes -access is then possible from the "Continental" side as well.
  13. It's quite legal, as long as the view is of the road "adjacent" to your vehicle (much like mirrors, in fact).
  14. If you don't mind fiddling with metal, try my non-patented idea. It has worked very well on both the vans to which it has been fitted. N. B. The (aluminium) bracket carries very little weight - the clamp does that- but it prevents the whole thing from rotating, so the tube cannot slip in the clamp.
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