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  2. I give up with this site. ..........keyboard warriors your welcome to it.
  3. Just got our quote back for Camping Las Dinas for next year, with the awful exchange rate, we are now looking at £75 per night, £525 per week and we were hoping to go for 4 weeks. Think either we are paying too much for a commercial site (3 youngsters to entertain) or maybe we need to rethink European touring.
  4. i would think a local company could easily make you the graphics at a fraction of the cost. Most external vinyl has about a 7 year life span, so it's understandable that they will fade. Manufacturing process has moved on, and modern graphics and cutting machines make the whole process easier. Just need someone to plot the design and cut it.
  5. My Bailey leaked cos some fool put a hole in it. .........god knows how. But it's our 2nd Senator S6 and we still love it, would love to upgrade, but sadly no one makes this layout, yes i know there are loads of fixed beds, but a front lounge that i can layout on being 6'3" is a real seller for me. Hence why i found the latest, loved model i could (apart from the hole) that still had covers on seats, and got used twice. Would i buy a new one, Yes if i found the right layout, but then i'd buy from any manufacturer that did. But I often find that Bailey seem to have a more Family usefulness about them, some of their ideas are quirky, but i sit a read the faults from everyone, still won't make me say 'i won't buy one again'. I had a bad experience with a Kia Sedona, might not buy the same model again, but if they bought out a new design, i'd look at it if it filled my needs.
  6. I think it's a great post, and a great effort from Bailey who to be honest, don't actually have to do this. Let's face it, they are a market leader, and how many manufacturers open their doors?????? Anyone else do this?? There is always going to be issues, hence a warranty, and there will always be a bad dealer that will make it worse. Pretty much the same with any manufacturer of any item. BUT at least they seem to be listening and trying to improve. Think the old attitude of most British Manufacturers was ' we are right, why should we listen and why should we change' is what sank most companies, they will never get it right everytime, no one will or ever does, (they just hide it better!!)
  7. Wife has seen this and reckons we will be having one to replace our isabella full awning. Why I asked, she said because it was quicker to put up! That maybe so, but with the full awning I can remove the side panels and put the roof canopy in a bag if it was wet. I couldn't imagine trying to load that away soaking wet. Not to mention what that will do in hot climates like Spain. Don't get me wrong our fiesta air is awesome but I still like a framed awning, looks neat and square. Awning carpets don't have to be specially made and I can remove panels when needed. And at £1500 it's a lot of money if after 2 years it's useless.
  8. I have a twin axle and use an air bag leveller. Have to say very easy and can get it perfect everytime.
  9. Well, I have managed to get them to see sense, well sort of. Have told dealer the van is not suitable, and to be honest, think the salesman was a bit 'hasty' selling them the van, given they made it clear they were virgins, but they have agreed to issue a credit note dated til March 17. So although we found a suitable van under 3500kgs (elddis Autoquest175) i have got them to hold off anything, and attend the Show at the NEC to see if anything else is available or in the pipeline. Mum was worried that the lower weight would mean they could not take a wheel chair etc if she needed it, just told her thats what a tow bar a trailer is for lol Likely chance is they will find the perfect van, under 3500kgs and thus saving them alot of hassle and tolls fees on the continent, but i would expect them to avoid toll roads, given they have the time too. Fingers crossed they will find something, get a great deal, and start enjoying the van, so far 3 days taken to get this far. ......gotta love parents. Think they are getting me back for all my trouble as a youth lol
  10. yes this is what i have tried to explain to them. The cost of the extra size i don't feel is worth it, and having spent 3 days driving around THINK we have found the one. Elddis Autoquest 155, this gives Dad his ready made bed ( 2 large sofas at front) Mum her large bathroom at rear, and NO uneven floor front to rear for her to trip up on. All under 3500kgs, and seriously under budget by 10k. Yes it doesn't have the enormous rear garage and all that, but have said they can fit air con, and a tow bar, and if needed get a trailer for a mobility scooter IF it becomes necessary. With the money left they can really enjoy themselves, and find out if motorhoming is really what they want to do. Dad in the meantime IS going to try and sort out his C1 just in case, but it gives them hope, and options. Personally i find the whole issue a bit backwards, to have the money or needs to buy a big motorhome, you're likely to be retired, but then large motorhomes you need to take a medical. The smaller ones you need to be pretty agile to get around in. I understand their attraction, but think to me, caravan has alot more going for it and fills more needs for me. .....at least til i get old and grumpy lol
  11. yes i read your post, sadly i checked with dad if he had taken a copy, and he hadn't which is unusual for him to be honest. The money isn't the issue, they have spent so long looking into options, (even went away with 'a place in the sun') to look at places in Spain, but mum doesn't like too much heat. They have done caravans (hence my love for it) but mum doesn't feel comfortable as a passenger when towing. So i suggested a motorhome as that way they can go where they want, when they want, and enjoy the later years of their life, and spend their money rather than leave it tied up in property etc as i have no interest in getting inheritance. Would rather a huge pile of pictures of them around Europe than a pile of money. Mum's limited mobility (has good days and bad) meant that a motorhome would mean she could still have a lovely view, still get about, without actually having to leave the unit, and if dad wanted to sit outside and sun himself, mum could sit inside with the AC on. Have spent days wandering around motorhomes, hours of research only to find Dad had lost his C1!! Frustrating and hear break at the moment. Yes, the renewal system is confusing as another site says a DLM1 form is needed and another says something else. DVLA are as helpful as a chocolate fire guard as they just keep sending him a pile of forms about taking a HGV course!!!
  12. Wondering if anyone here has had this problem and can help. Dad turned 70 and at the time had no ideas about license entitlement changes, so renewed online as advised. 3 Years on and they are looking to purchase a motorhome, fallen in love, put a deposit down only to find he does not have the C1 needed to drive anything over 3500kgs. Dealer is very understanding and has offerred a credit note for their deposit (£2500) til they either get a suitable motorhome in under 3500kgs, or if Dad can get back his C1. Has anyone had any experience in getting it put back, understand he has to have a medical and pay for it etc,but DVLA is not the most helpful and just send him around in circles. They have tried looking at smaller units, even caravans, but their individual needs pretty much rules out a van, and really narrows down their options, so far the lightest we have found is 4250kgs.
  13. we have 3 boys and have vanned since they were born, we have tried them all, BUT it all depends on your children. My 3 boys now aged 12 9 and 7 are still coming away and loving it, yet we have a 4 berth van with a fixed bed. They agree it works better for them than it may seem, i will explain. Youngest will fall asleep early, so does this on the fixed bed, we all sit up the front, then the other 2 make up the front bed, we then carry the youngest to the front, and he joins his brothers, leaving me with a ready warmed bed. In the better weather the 2 eldest want to sleep in the awning, but the front bed is always there should they need it. We had the Bailey California (1500kgs) and that worked fine, only reason we changed to the Wyoming was for a larger shower and longer front lounge. By removing the front drawer unit, and fitting wrap around seating, the front bed is 6'4 long by about 7' wide, more than enough space for 3 of them, in fact at times i am jealous of the space!!! However, we learnt this by buying different layout vans and trying them til we exhausted options, expensive way, but are now left with a van that is future proof as far aw we are concerned. When they all get to the point of not wanting to go away (god forbid it) we will have a very spacious van to ourselves lol
  14. We are on our second terracan. Simple and effective. Loads 9f room without all the unnessary complicated electronics. Very reliable and tow very well. Respectable on fuel solo and towing. Just pulled over 4 tonnes over the pyrenees in 35 degree heat without a sniff of a problem. Our only problem will be when the time comes to replace it as they no longer made them after 2007. For your budget you could easily pickup a well maintained model without starship miles.
  15. Gone

    No Space

    Considered this myself, but still unsure. Liked the idea of a crew cab etc but think they are classed as commercial vehicles and some have very limited towing capacity. Would be interesting to hear what others have as we tow 1800kgs and all my cars are covered for business use as self employed. 9 seater ones are a definite no as I heard they are difficult to insure especially for business even though I'd be removing all the seats
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