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  1. Thanks all for the various suggestions, the problem seems to be sorted now. I contacted my mobile guy who reckoned it was probably moisture on the PCB causing a slight short somewhere.
  2. Well I tried this and it seems to have done the trick! Thanks for the info.
  3. There is no knob, it's a straight push button.
  4. Master switch is off. Fridge lights still on. There is no plug/socket arrangement, from what I can see the fridge is connected into the rear of the PSU.
  5. We have a Dometic RMS8551 'fridge in our 2016 Lunar Quasar 462, which is parked at the rear of our house. Since before Christmas I've had it connected to mains electric and had the fridge running (on mains) to keep cool various stuff the wife had got in extra for the festivities (that never happened) Yesterday the last few bits came out and as the fridge was now empty I decided to switch it off. But the blighter wouldn't switch off, the on/off switch appears to have broken, it has no positive 'feel' about it at all. My next thought was to switch off the EHU. With no mains electric g
  6. We bought our Lunar in 2016 from new. It has ceiling lights which are LED and switch on by simply touching a chrome stud in the centre. Four years later i accidentally discovered that these lights can be dimmed by leaving your finger on the stud until it's dimmed down to your liking. Who would have thought! I also found that they are readily available at a reasonable price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-Ceiling-Light-12V-24V-Touch-Switch-Dimmable-Caravan-Campervan-Boat-Lighting/333231485248?hash=item4d9624f140:g:rtIAAOSw-ZZdLxLG
  7. All the movers I've had dealings with switch themselves off anyway after several minutes of inactivity.
  8. I've used vegetable oil in the past, it's not easy to clean off, so i'm going over to silicone spray.
  9. Yes, expect a rise in pressure after the tyres warm up.
  10. Sorento for me, with auto gearbox.
  11. No hook-ups at Glastonbury, and getting water is not easy - be prepared to queue for 30 minutes or more at the tap!
  12. We bought our 2016 Lunar and asked that the mover switch be fitted on the opposite side of the caravan from the battery box, so as to make it accessible, which the dealer duly did.
  13. Our caravan fits snugly into our small back yard, the front hitch up against a wall, the rear about two inches from the gate, the offside tight against the boundary fence. Hemmed in on three sides we have no room to manoeuvre so the wheels can't be turned during the winter 'layoff' ( we don't do winter 'vanning anymore) We've not had any problems with tyres in thirty years so i'm not concerned about that. I have always taken the leisure battery off a couple of times a year and charged it up on a proper charger (sorry, don't know the technical term but it's not a trickle charger)
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