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  1. Yes, expect a rise in pressure after the tyres warm up.
  2. Sorento for me, with auto gearbox.
  3. No hook-ups at Glastonbury, and getting water is not easy - be prepared to queue for 30 minutes or more at the tap!
  4. We bought our 2016 Lunar and asked that the mover switch be fitted on the opposite side of the caravan from the battery box, so as to make it accessible, which the dealer duly did.
  5. Our caravan fits snugly into our small back yard, the front hitch up against a wall, the rear about two inches from the gate, the offside tight against the boundary fence. Hemmed in on three sides we have no room to manoeuvre so the wheels can't be turned during the winter 'layoff' ( we don't do winter 'vanning anymore) We've not had any problems with tyres in thirty years so i'm not concerned about that. I have always taken the leisure battery off a couple of times a year and charged it up on a proper charger (sorry, don't know the technical term but it's not a trickle charger) We bought our latest caravan in 2016 and now the battery box is on the opposite side, so is no longer accessible when in storage. Now i've taken to switching the mains on and topping up the battery with the onboard charger overnight, every couple of months or so. Is this going to do any harm to the battery? Would it be better to move the caravan out and take the battery out to be charged? I'd be obliged for any advice.
  6. After a mere two and a half years I find there is a leak in the roof. I am not pleased! I would no longer recommend this caravan.
  7. The headlights on my Kia Sorento have gone rather misty, only just passing the last MOT. I've been advised to get a restoration kit and have looked at the various kits available on line. Unfortunately the reviews are a bit mixed. Some users seem to have success, others are disappointed. Does anybody have experience of them or can recommend a particular one? Thanks in advance
  8. It was. Something went badly wrong and caused massive tailbacks The only problems were traffic problems.
  9. As someone who took 5 hours to drive 41 miles in Dorset yesterday, the OP has my sympathy. We have been stay-at-homes at Bank Holidays for years. Guess that makes me a miserable git too!
  10. Bought a Bailey and a Lunar from them. Excellent service.
  11. We bought our Lunar Quasar 462 new, two years ago. On the very first outing we found an irritating problem and I'm wondering if anybody else has had a similar annoyance. We like to sleep in the dark. Put the lights off in our 'van and you still have: Blue lights from the Fridge Green lights from control panel Flashing red light from Smoke Alarm Flashing white light from Co alarm. .. After a while, as your eyes take on night-vision the van interior is lit up like a Christmas tree! We have taken to draping a tea towel over the fridge door, pegging another over the control panel and have stuck bits of gaffer tape over the flashing lights. Anybody else found this a problem or is it just us old blighters?
  12. I have the Garmin Nuvi 57 which has steered us around Northern France for the last five summers without many problems. My only gripe is the awful pronunciation of the french place names which cause great hilarity at times.
  13. We have the Aspire 2 in our 2016 Quasar. I don't like the way the oven door closes on the latch, it doesn't sound very good, a screech of metal-on-metal. We had a problem with the door hinges coming loose. We took it back to the dealer to sort out. They had to take the cooker out of it's housing to access the hinges! This year the grill burner came loose. Back to the dealer again. It's not a great piece of kit i'm afraid.
  14. When we packed to go to France last year I grabbed a 5 litre grey plastic bottle out of the shed thinking it was the 'Loo blue' When I came to use pour it into the toilet It was a golden colour and thicker than usual. 'Strange' I thought. Looked at the label, Castrol GTX engine oil.
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