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  1. That feature is still working on the app if you prefer to do it that way. Do not know what they plan for the app in future.
  2. I have both a 110 AH and 100 AH and they are both fine for normal use on the caravan.
  3. pfr

    EHU Price.

    I would use as much elec as you need to be comfortable as suggested by the site owner. You may be limited in any event by the capacity of the ehu. Normally either 10 amp or 16 amp so you cannot go mad with consumption. If you think about it if you were paying £90 per month for electric in a house you would expect to be using far more than you are. I am sure that the site owner has calculated that they will not be out of pocket if you use your ehu to its limit.
  4. When logged in you will see map next to your vehicle details. Current location and whether alarm is armed is shown immediately above map. Scroll down the screen to "History" open it and set date range - say just today. Then click refresh and it will provide history of locations on the map. Scroll right down to bottom below the map and it will show you a list of alarm status, battery condition and temperatures for the date range you asked for. Hope this helps
  5. The new Swift Command website link is: https://www.swiftcommand.co.uk/ Not sure that it is a big improvement on the old website / app but initial checks seem OK.
  6. The 1998 Eccles range was fitted with Carver 3600, Carver Fanmaster and Carver Rapide water heater according to the brochure. As Silversurf has suggested you can get user manuals for these and most other equipment on line. Swift have owners manuals and technical manuals on their website but these are currently not up to date and only went back to year 2000. But if you send them an email they can often supply a photocopy version for earlier models
  7. I get the impression that the OP is referring to the little cover on the ehu supply point on the caravan as there is not normally a cover on the 7 pin towing connector fitted to the caravan. Be good if he can clarify.
  8. It is worth clarifying that Swift have not extended the warranty on their caravans / motorhomes - they stay the same. What they have extended is the time limit for having your unit serviced in order to meet the warranty conditions.
  9. I hope that they manage to sort out Swift Talk. I have been an active member since the forum started in March 2010 which was I believe after Swift left Caravan Talk in 2009. Although it has not been properly supported recently by Swift it is potentially a very good resource if managed well.
  10. The current link to the Swift handbooks is https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/owners/handbooks/ Unfortunately since Swift updated their website a few weeks ago they have not fully uploaded the back catalogue of handbooks. At present they only go back to 2011. Which year of handbook are you looking for?
  11. I see that Swift have taken down the Swift Talk Forum today. They say that they want to sort out inappropriate behaviour. Hopefully they will sort out the few members who are a real pain in the neck with constant posts on almost any topic other than caravan related. The Swift message on the forum is: Swift Talk is down for maintenance! Thank you for your visit. Following recent occurrences of inappropriate usage on Swift Talk, we have sadly decided to temporarily suspend the site while we review this activity and determine the measures needed to avoid similar occurrences
  12. Can you explain the problem further. Is it the Command panel? Does it switch on and off? Is there a blue screen? How are you switching the pump and lights on and off if the Command panel is blank?
  13. Do you mean the Swift Command panel is blank or one of the other panels?
  14. Yes you can. You need to use the Remote Access and then the Locate feature. Click on "Get Latest Position" and then click on the caravan icon. It will show you the battery voltage and is updated about every 4 or 6 hrs throughout the day. It also confirms if your alarm is on and if it has been triggered.
  15. On the Swift website they recommend using the handbook form for registering new ownership. See the Customer Services section of the FAQ's https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/owners/faqs/
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