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  1. I tow with a 2017 Kuga Titanium X (180) AWD with manual box and 235/50 18" tyres. Bought in May and towed about 3000 miles. Caravan is 1550kg Swift. It tows very well and there have been no issues with power or handling of the caravan. Not noticed any issue at all with the wheel size or tyres. I tend to leave them inflated to higher load setting as we are away most weeks.
  2. You should have an AS210 alarm which is produced by Sargents. You can get spares for the alarm from them at their website: https://sargentltd.co.uk/shop/alarm-equipment/as210products You may find that the alarm battery requires replacement now if it was fitted in 2006. Sargents are helpful if you speak to them. Information on the alarm system is at page 58 of your Owners Handbook and should be helpful
  3. There are no clauses within the Swift warranty in respect of using it as a permanent or long term home. To do so would require Swift to stipulate how many days of the week, month, year etc that the caravan could be occupied in order not to breach such a clause. The warranty conditions are published on the Swift website and there is no reference to length of occupation. https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/owners/warranty/caravans-2019
  4. I disconnect water pipes to either end of pump and filter. Then run pump for few seconds to extract any water left inside. It is an easy job and worth doing.
  5. I have looked further at the Swift handbook for guidance and Brecon is correct in that the system is designed so that you can use en-route heating but not other appliances. It further states that unless en-route heating is in use the gas valve should be closed. I am happy therefore that the system is approved and suitable for use when towing if the caravan or motorhome is fitted with this equipment. I am never likely to use this facility as I always travel with gas valves closed but it is obviously legal and safe to use a gas heating system when travelling if you follow the operating instructions.
  6. Here is a link to the Truma FAQ's on the legal use of their equipment which seems helpful https://www.truma.com/uk/en/faq/operate-truma-appliances-while-driving.html
  7. I do not understand the point you are making. Swift has installed a device manufactured for the purpose of being able to operate gas appliances whilst towing or in motion in a motorhome. Are you suggesting that Swift and indeed Truma will advise a customer not to use the device they have installed on safety grounds because that device is not safe to be used in the way it has been designed?
  8. Are you saying that I could not run the fridge or heating whilst towing? We obviously would not be in the caravan whilst towing but could we not decide to run the fridge on gas to keep it cool? If you are saying that it is not possible to use any gas appliances whilst towing then of course I will take this up with Swift and Truma. For the avoidance of doubt here is the link to the system in our caravan. https://www.truma.com/uk/en/products/truma-caravan-rv-gas-fittings/truma-duocontrol-cs.html It seems very clear that you can operate gas appliances in a caravan or motorhome. If this is not true or illegal then this would be a serious matter.
  9. Our new Swift caravan comes with the dual cylinder auto changeover regulator with crash sensor. It means that we can use gas appliances if we want to whilst towing. Not sure that we will use it much if at all but will wait and see.
  10. First check the road light fuses in the van as suggested. Will normally be on front bulkhead inside seat locker. You should also check the wiring diagram for your van which will help. This is contained in your Service and warranty handbook. If you do not have a copy it is available on the Swift website https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/151/original/Ace_Service_Book_2005.pdf?1472743568 Recent answer to similar problem found that the wiring connector from the 12N plug to the road light fuse board had come loose on the back of the board. May be worth checking all connectors are secure at the back of the board as well as all the fuses.
  11. Swift provide advice on the causes and remedies for condensation in the Owners Handbook (P 155 for the OP's van). In general it is about ensuring an adequate level of ventilation and heating. This is helpful however there are times when caravan design or build can cause or increase condensation problems. Swift acknowledged this several years ago with the introduction of new Smart HT when there was extreme condensation / damp affecting jointing components at the roof/wall corner joints. Swift designed a retro fit insulation kit to overcome the problem new owners experienced and then built this in to new models. Swift along with other manufacturers were aware that condensation could cause problems for soft furnishings and bedding and therefore design and build most vans with spacer boards to seating and beds to improve air circulation / heating and reduce contact with damp/cold surfaces. The OP's van does not have this feature which I think is a poor design decision but not in itself a cause of the condensation. I do not think that the the dealer or Swift will be able to undertake any repairs that would wholly prevent any condensation occurring in the OP's van as this is principally down to the use of heating, ventilation and insulation. A replacement identical van (if provided) would no doubt suffer exactly the same problems. If they are willing to make repairs and improvements to minimise the impact I would probably try these first to see if they made the situation acceptable whilst also managing the condensation in line with the advice given in the handbook.
  12. MartinJB is correct. The 2016 Conqueror did not have internal water tank it was exclusive to the Elegance/Continental. You can check the spec for the Conqueror from the brochure (Aug 2015) available on the Swift website https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/buy/brochures/swift-conqueror
  13. I have a 2015 Challenger as well but am not aware of any large door knobs. There is a standard size door handle to the washroom door but nothing else. Can you explain which are causing your problems
  14. I have copy of the brochures for the van which contain some details of the spec. Send me a PM if you want me to send you a copy
  15. What year is your caravan and which power supply unit do you have in your van? Is it the ESM4 or the NE143
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