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  1. pfr


    The link is helpful however the Swift Handbook archive only goes back to the year 2000. For handbooks before this date you need to ask Swift if they have a copy. If they do then they usually provide a copy by email.
  2. pfr


    I would contact Swift to see if they have a copy in their archives. If they do then they will normally send you an electronic copy. Contact customer services by email at: enquiries@swiftleisure. co. uk or by phone on 01482 847332.
  3. pfr

    swift 17/4 2012 corniche

    This is a Wandahome dealer special and the shipping length is 6. 94m. Hope this helps
  4. pfr

    Alde heating

    With Swift vans the drain is normally under the sink / cooker location although there are a few exceptions
  5. pfr

    Abbey Lancaster

    What year is the caravan? This may help with replies
  6. pfr

    Bleeping noise

    If it is your Stinger alarm internal battery all the instructions can be found on the Sargent website. https://sargentltd. co. uk/tech-support/article/AS300-310-Alarm-System/13
  7. pfr

    New member

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you have a great time with your new van. The awning size for your van (the AA measurement) is 9. 71m/31'10''. If you do not have a handbook for your van you can download a copy from the Swift website. You can get both the Owners Handbook and the Technical Handbook which contains all the spec data such as awning size etc. Have a look at their website https://www. swiftgroup. co. uk/owners/handbooks Hope this helps
  8. Yes it is a simple piece of corrugated plastic. You could probably make one yourself for a few pounds. I have used it for about 3 years summer and winter and found it does the job well.
  9. We have the Jaid designs draught stoppa which sounds like what you are after. http://www. jaiddesigns. co. uk/
  10. pfr

    Crit Air Sticker

    The video on the website provides instructions on how fix the sticker https://www. certificat-air. gouv. fr/en/aide-certificat
  11. pfr

    Truma Ultraheat potential fire risk

    You will have read the generic Owners Handbook for 2007 Swift caravans which comes with each new van and contains the warranty / service info etc for the van. However as Legal Eagle has pointed out there is also a specific Technical Handbook which contains the details about each van type and shows the differences in technical spec and electric wiring etc
  12. pfr

    CMC New Insurance

    My renewal was £5 less than last years premium - not a lot but worth having. CMC said this was due to taking it in house.
  13. The wiring diagram for the 2000 Conqueror is in the Technical Handbook. Here is a link to it on the Swift website https://orbit. brightbox. com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift-Group/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/173/original/9830007_Swift_Service_Book_2000. pdf?1472743579 You can also see a copy of the owners handbook if you do not have one on the Swift website https://orbit. brightbox. com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift-Group/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/012/original/9830006_Caravan_Owners_Hbook_2000. pdf?1472743463 Hope this helps
  14. pfr

    Hull to Zeebrugge & return

    We booked Hull - Zeebrugge with CMC on 11 November2017 for depart 29 July and return 12 August. Did not book camping cheques but did book a site for 4 nights and got good discount.
  15. pfr

    Swift electrics...

    I would first check the mains electric supply fuse in the plug to see if that has knocked out the 240v. Then check the battery main fuse (Red 20amp) usually located next to or under the battery box. If this has blown you will have no 12v.