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  1. I have just emailed Devitt (CMC) insurance as I took out new policy with them. They said that they did need to know if tow bar was fitted although it will not affect the policy in anyway. They class it as an accessory. Frank
  2. I have the free Green-Zones EU app which covers the whole of europe. Very useful in showing you the various zones in each country with maps etc. You put in which Crit Air, Umwelt Plakette or other certificates you have for your car/motorhome and it shows you whether you are permitted etc. You can search by towns, countries or areas etc. Very useful if you are touring through several countries. Frank
  3. I have had one for years and got a new one each time we have changed the car. Also have the Umwelt Plakette for Germany just in case we visit zones in either country. Easy applications for each one. Both are designed to be permanently stuck to windscreens which I found to be a nuisance and so I put them in tax disc holders which I can remove when in UK. Frank
  4. I was previously with Quote Me Happy and they are specific in their FAQ's that you do not have to tell them that you are towing a caravan or trailer. Good policy and easy to amend with no charge for doing so. Never queried whether to advise about tow bar. I am currently in process of changing to CMHC car insurance. No questions about any modifications to the car. The policy docs include specific details of the policy covering you when towing a caravan or trailer and of course is designed for persons towing. Frank
  5. Tracker was not free unless your dealer included the subscription as part of your purchase deal - mine did not. Worth having a look back at your purchase documents to see if you paid for it or not. It cost £95 per year. Frank
  6. pfr

    So am I evil!

    I would discuss this with the Warden and ask if it acceptable for the neighbour to be effectively occupying the grassed area of your pitch? Frank
  7. I would give Sargent a call in the morning. I do not have Tracker and so mine says "Remote Control Subscription" not Tracking Subscription like yours. Did you subscribe to Tracker for 2 years when you bought the van? Frank
  8. Ours is Oct 2019 and still has 3 yr on original subscription. Suspect an error with yours and may need to contact Sargent. Log in on the App and click on vehicle details where it shows you the list of model, purchase date, dealer and remote control subscription. Mine shows Oct 20th 2022. What does yours say? Frank
  9. The cartridge is within the top part. You remove the tiny screws (torx if I remember) on top. Have a look the attached file which is in German but explains the process. I found that I needed tiny tools to do the job. Frank BTW ignore the wires shown Kartuschen-Schalterwechsel_Vector (1).pdf
  10. The cartridge is usually a 35mm Reich cartridge. However I replaced the cartridge in our previous 2015 Swift and found it to be the 28mm cartridge. Best way to find out is to remove it and see unless someone else has removed one from the same van as yours. Frank
  11. Totally agree. Command is a waste of time and money. The radio will hardly ever work and I have had to disconnect command from the Alde heating system once again. Like you I do not want gimmicks that are unreliable and I will also never buy another Swift that has this system. Maybe Swift have seen the light and will in future dump this from all models. Frank
  12. Just moved from Wales to Peak District and seems to be ok again. Frank
  13. I have got the sign in problem at the moment. Will not accept my details. Anyone else affected? Frank
  14. In my view neither local authorities or indeed the Government should be spending any money on providing subsidised facilities for motorhome owners. The private sector should be providing such services and motorhomers should use them. The local authorities are short of funds and we have hundreds of thousands of residents on housing waiting lists, thousands who are homeless and millions living in substandard homes. If money is available it needs to be spent on helping accommodate these less fortunate people in society. It would be a disgrace in these circumstances to spend money to help accommodate wealthy motorhome owners so that they can have a freebie or cheap holiday break. Ask local councillors or MP's where they think the priority should be. Explain to young people born and brought up in popular holiday areas that they cannot be helped to live where the are from but motorhome owners can be helped financially. Frank
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