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  1. Hi, I’ve got a problem with the front bed of my Bailey senator Series 5. when I pull out the bed, the slates catch on the front lip of the drawer unit, and on closer inspection it seems the front board in which the drawer unit is connected has dropped. There are some screw holes at the back of the unit going into the bulkhead which are missing. I want to screw the unit back into the bulkhead and plan to use some L shaped metal brackets into the side of the drawer unit and the bulkhead. Could anyone recommend the length of screw to go into the bulkhead? I’m guessing into about 12mm thick, does that sound around right?
  2. Hi, does anyone one know where I can purchase ceiling joint tape for a bailey Senator i can find the 30mm wall tape on the PRIMA site, but cannot find the thinner ceiling tape.
  3. Bailey Senator 5 Oklahoma. For the first time (after owning the caravan for 4 years) we are using the front bed. On trying to pull it out I noticed the slates did not what to come out easily and on investigation noticed the draw unit has sagged slightly in the centre span. I can repair by raising the whole unit slightly higher with some wedges, but has anyone else come across this problem and carried out a fix?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll have a look when next up at the van. I can live with it, because all the water does go into the plastic tray. Apart from that, love the van.
  5. Hi, We have just come back from our 3rd outing in our bailey senator series 5 which we are very happy with. However, during our 2 weeks away, I think it only rained heavily twice during the night. When I packed up yesterday, I found a significant amount of water in the wet locker (all the water contained within the plastic tray). I can only assume that water got in through a gap in the locker door. Has anyone else experienced this, and can maybe offer any solution, or is it a case of replacing the door seek (which doesn't seem to be showing any wear). Thanks for any advice.
  6. Many thanks. I must be going blind, I looked on the towsure website.
  7. Could anyone advise where I can buy a good quality 5mx3m awning groundsheet ? I'm after a breathable one for my ventura pacific 300 awning, but cannot find anyone who does 3m depth. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  8. Ok. I know this is not going to be easy. I took delivery of our caravan last week (a 2006 Bailey Senator) and it came with all sorts of extras including a very nice awning. However, it also came with a set of very small aluminum poles stored in a bag labelled Pyramid Products Ltd. The poles consist of 13 (yes, 13!!) poles about 60cm long which have a black collar at one end. It then has another 5 poles which are the same length but consists of two poles one inside the other. I cannot find any cover/material which could go along with these poles, and they do not seem strong enough to hold anything together. It is possible that something could be in with the awning as I've not had chance to open this up as yet. Based on that vague description, does anyone have any clue what they could be
  9. I think my wife and I have aged quickly. We are ready for bed before our kids Ours kids aren't actually that young and when we go away we normally play cards or a board game and then go off to bed. Really like the senator, it seems a nice van with. Bit of quality to it.
  10. I thought I would give give you an update on our purchase. Having said that the most important thing to sort out first was the layout, we had decided on a 6 berth fixed rear bunk. After looking at several and taking the kids along to try out, I started to get put off. Mainly because I felt my kids would get to big for the bunks quite quickly. I was especially concerned about the top bunk because they seem to lack headroom and my son had trouble getting in and out of it. After sitting down for a couple of days my wife and I changed tack completely and started looking at 4 berth with a fixed double bed. This meant we could use the 2 front benches as beds for the kids and these are a lot better for access and size. The end of this story is I've agreed a price on a very nice Bailey Senator Oklahoma. Very good condition, lots of extras and at a very good negotiated price (subject to survey). Should pick up in a couple of weeks and hopefully it will stop raining soon so we can try it out. Can I thank everyone for the advice and help given. I hope we have made the right choice
  11. Thanks for the pointer. Hasn't heard much about ace, but the layout looks very similar to caravans we saw this weekend. Might pop up and have a look.
  12. Have you decided on a layout? I think that helps so that you can narrow down your search.
  13. We'll, we had a bit of a wonder yesterday to have a look at some caravans. Got to look at a bailey pageant s5, lunar quasar, abbey vogue, sprite sportstyle, sterling 540 All seem to have positives and negatives. Out of all of them I liked the bailey which seem to have been looked after better by previous owners (no internal damage) and the abbey was nice except you could tell it had been used a lot (lots of silly little bits of marks and minor damage) Was surprised a few of them had damage to kitchen/tv work tops. My wife preferred the lunar quasar because she felt it was the most comfortable and looked the nicest inside. Now got to think my next move. I know this is an impossible question to ask (and I'm sure dealers on here will turn away ) but what sort of reduction on advertised price (say £7000) does anyone think is possible if paying cash with no trade in?
  14. I didn't mean to cause a debate about the quality of avondale's One of the things I liked about them was the bunks went fully across the back, other makes appear to have tried to include storage/cupboards down the side which reduces the size of the bunk. I'll keep looking and not completely discount the Avondale.
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