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  1. Big thanks to Whale, very proud of them, received a new pump today with no hassle. sent to me in Spain, great costumer service. Well done.
  2. Whale support have got in touch, Well done them.
  3. My whale pump started playing up this weekend, it started leaking between the flow system and the motor housing, on inspection the pump was hot and making a noise like a plug shorting out. As i am in Spain for the winter i had no option but to take it out and have a look to see if it could be mended, the pump is only 2 years old and still in warranty. Thing is its not anymore as i opened it up and guess what the motor housing was full of water, see pic all that water on table came out, has anyone else encountered this, cant be the norm can it? I have sent pics and a letter to info@whalepu
  4. Thanks to you all. got myself an external caravan charger for now, 85 Euro and run it every day to get to 13 . 5 volts.
  5. Sorry this is the wrong page to be posting this but need advice quick, caravan charger is dead and as you all know no charge means no lights, pump etc. I am thinking about getting a car battery charger for the time being as we are in Spain for some time and just charge the battery at night, would this be advisable. Any advice would be a great help. Thanks.
  6. Hi my FP0814 older whale water pump keeps recharging itself every 60 seconds, been and checked all pipes for leaks but none, what could be the problem?
  7. Thanks all, some great advice. Jeff
  8. jrlong

    Water Pump

    thanks for the advice Gumdrop and Volvovanner.
  9. Hi anybody out there who can recommend a glue to patch my cat clawed awning roof. I want a glue that will glue together canvas and stay glued throughout a very hot summer here in Spain, at the moment I have glued puncher patches and gaffa tap but would like something more stronger and perminant. Thanks Jeff.
  10. Hi, my caravan is a Bailey Pageant Burgundy 2009. I need a new Smartflo water pump and see the model I have is the uv0814 that has been replaced with the fp0814. my question is as I am in Spain and have to have one sent out is the fp0814 easy to fit and will it fit into the space left by the uv0814 and can I just conect the old pipes and wires? in fact do the wires come with the the clip intact so I can just clip the two sets together. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks yours Jeff.
  11. jrlong

    Pine Sap

    I have got a lot of pine sap on the caravan and caravan windows that wont come off with soap and water, Any suggestions please. Thanks.
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