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  1. Hi Guys & Gals I have the above and am having a bit of trouble with the fixed bed mattress, its sunk a bit on my side (err yes my side) and I am not sure if its a sprung or foam mattress, does anybody know? If feels like foam but I am not sure. Thanks Kevster
  2. My thoughts go out to the family, such a tragedy to hear something like this. Looking at what was left of the caravan I would not be surprised if they can't come up with a conclusive reason for the fire, a very sad thing to happen
  3. Sorry if this has been asked already but you are using a Freesat box and not a Freeview box attached to the dish. You talk about a dish and then aquiring a Sky dish, but no mention of a Freesat box? Kevin
  4. KevinP

    Fixed Bed

    We moved to a fixed bed last year, just the two of us so the loss of a side dinner is no big shakes. Having now used the van for a year I can't see us ever buying anything else, the benefits of a proper sprung matress far outweight the loss of space. The long and short of it is how important you feel a fixed bed is, manufacturers build different layouts to suit different people.
  5. Hi not sure if you have already thought of this but if you are changing the tyres on the van because they are old and cracked are you changing the spare as well? I had a blow out on the motorway last year on a 4 year old van which had no cracks on the tyres (so it may just have been a puncture gone bad) put the spare on to get home with the intention of putting two new tyres on when I got home, then I thought hang on the spare is just as old so that needs changing as well so had all three replaced.
  6. Sorry to say I took the easy way out and had them fitted as part of the service, he charged me £10 plus the cost of the shockers and I agree they do make a difference to how the van handles. Good luck
  7. Hope this helps. Currently, what would you say the age group of the majority of people who buy caravans/motorhomes are from? In our 40's when we bought our first van and now in our 50's, I would suggest that the lowest purchase group are the under 30's Do you find that lots of people are asking for ways that one could customise the exterior asthetics of your homes? Its a big white box, which most people seem happy with although you will get the odd person who adds a graphic or two Do you know if more people use motorhomes for holiday homes or permanent residents? They are to small to be used as a permanent residence from a practical perspective by most people Have you looked into making these homes more aesthetically pleasing when placed next to an ordinary home? No, Its a big white box, its a bit like the people who put graphics on their wheelie box, they don't realy hide the bin. When looking at all of most caravans/motorised homes, all of them have lovely interiors, yet I feel as if the exteriors lack in variation with design. Do you think if this changed, the target market would improve alot? No, if someone wants a caravan, they want a caravan, I can't see how a change to the exterior would make any difference to their decision to buy. Everyone has their own reasons, although I can't say I have every heard anyone say they would not but a caravan because its a bix white box. If you could say, what kind of financial backgrounds do you see buying these caravans/motor homes? New vans tend to be bought by middle age onwards, your best option would be to pop into a dealer and have a word with the salesmen. Hope it was of some use
  8. It may sound a bit much but I have had a BluRay player fitted into the van Now before you say I am mad hear me out, then tell me I am off my trolly. I stopped buying DVD's around 2 years ago when I bought a BluRay player for home, so when we went away I could not take any of the new movies or TV shows I had bought. I consulted with the boss who agreed as long as it looked neat, so following a discussion with my caravan guy the kit was installed along with a HDMI cable which meet the requirments of the management. I can now watch my new movies and all is peace and harmony when on site, happy days
  9. Well I do like to have my TV working when I am on site, I must admit that I did get a bit brassed off with not getting a signal so splashed out on a Freesat kit which I must admit I have not had any problems with signal wise, 10 minutes, job done I must just be lucky.
  10. Around a year ago I got so sick of not being able to get a terestrial signal (freeview or analoge) that I bought a freesat kit. The disc, tripod, LNB etc was in a kit from Maxview and got a Humax domestic Freesat recever instead of a 12v version. The first go was a bit hit and miss but gets a lot easier once you get the hang of it, it now only takes me a few minutes and have never not been able to get a signal. A couple of points you may wish to note are when it asks for your post code this is so the Freesat box knows which local programmes to recieve. For example if you want to keep up with the local news from where you live use your home postcode you will then get the local programmes regardless of where you are pitched up. Be careful when you use the signal finder, all it does it scream when the dish is aligned with a satellite so you may not be pointed at Astra 2 which is the Freesat satellite. What I do is align the disc as per the compass and then fine tune using the signal strength screen on the Freesat box. Try and position the tripod so the disc can see upwards and pin it down before you fit the dish and LNB rig. I did not and the dish was knocked over by the wind while I was inside the van which damaged the LNB. Good luck
  11. Before he starts servicing the van himself he should consider if this will invalidate his insurance. I lost my last van to an incident which happened when I ran over some large lumps of timber which bounced of a lorry. The insurance company asked to see my service records as the van was over 10 years old, no problems as I get it serviced every year at an approved repair shop, but things could have been different if I had done the service myself. Kevin
  12. I changed both my bottles to Calor Lite and the 10kg saving very much helped with sorting out a high noseweight problem. I was quite lucky as the company I bought the van from changed them free of charge when I told them I was a bit heavy at the front. Kevin
  13. The wireless units are not that expensive so am going to try that option first and if I do have problems will fall back onto using a fixed cable connected in the boot. Kevin
  14. Somewhat of a worry that the dealer does not appear to know what almost every person who owns a van knows, unless of course he just did not know how to fix the electric heater ?? Kevin
  15. Hi Guys. The setup works by wireless not Bluetooth although some of the mirror monitors do have bluetooth its only used to connect to a mobile phone. To give the best results you clip the monitor over your rear view mirror, and the wireless reciever at the rear of the car with a video cable connecting the two. The wireless transmitter is mounted at the front of the van with another video cable connecting it to the camera at the rear, the plan is to power the camera from the fridge circuit so it powers up only when the car is connected. If I mount the reciever inside the rear polycarb bumper and the transmitter inside the front locker I should get a good signal as there will not be any metal panels in the signal line and only around 4 foot between the reciever and transmitter. Kevin
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