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  1. Aren't the government talking about banning hybrid electrics as well as pure petrol and diesel? So it doesn't matter what the towing limits are on phevs. We might have to wait a while longer until they clarify what is to be banned from new sales.
  2. Another vote for Tanya online store for batteries. Reliable delivery, keen prices. (tayna.co.uk)
  3. Agree the hand basin is rubbish ... whoever put it in only ever washes their hands in it. If its was a he, then he must use an electric razor, because to have a shave using it is a nightmare. There are missing towel hooks too. Sometimes I wish I'd kept with the Series 3.
  4. I removed the wheel and carrier as soon as I got the caravan home. Wheel in plastic bag under bed near axle. Keeps it clean if ever you need to carry it out to fit it. The carrier weighed just over 7 kg. I'm with Grandpa Steve ... recycle the carrier to the dump.
  5. Would this problem cause instability when towing?
  6. Topic has been covered before along the lines that if someone nicks your van, would you want it back, because you never know what the toe-rags did to it while it wasn't yours. And then there's the cost of the tracker renewal, which is generally more then the discount from the insurers, so it's not worth it ... And in your case the additional cost of replacing the battery. Unless your Seville has a sentimental value to you and /or there's no other van in the world like it! I wouldn't bother and let it lapse. Spend the money of another / better security device.
  7. Agree, Wet and Forget. It killed the moss on my garage roof.. It can then be cleaned off with scrubbing or nail brushes. (Although on my roof i used a stiff yard brush!)
  8. My mate has a 2.0 CRV Auto 2017 and his towing limit is 1500 kgs. So he had to replace his van earlier than anticipated to get one with a MLTP of 1490 kgs.
  9. I've bought new vans ( a Bailey and an Eccles) from each of these dealers and had no problems with either. Any warranty work has been done without any quibbles and communications have not been a problem. Can't comment on your choice of vans though.
  10. Couldn't agree more. I had to put up with the 18 in 'Sport' wheels to get the spec for a Panoramic sun roof. The next car was the same type but lower spec . ..Titanium vs Sport, but the ride is better, and the tyres last longer and are a lot cheaper.
  11. We go every year to France, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland ( past 15 years) etc and find that the' Camping Card' as supplied by ACSI card pays for itself many times over. We found we couldn't buy one on the Continent so have it on recurring payment from the ACSI site. We already have ours for 2018. Just be aware that the low tariffs end at the start of the french holiday season, usually at the end of June. We haven't found an' ACSI pitch' as such ( ie one of the less desirable or specifically directed to ) ones on a site - so far it's been find a pitch and let us know which one you are on.
  12. We currently have a Cadiz but wanted to try the new mid bathroom layout as in the Cabrera. No-one had one for us to look over and we ended up at Chorley on the way back from Blackburn and looked inside a Sterling Eccles 560 which is similar in most respects except that it had a much more modern lighter colour scheme and longer bed, but no ATC. On a CC site in Brecon last week we were next to a Cabrera so as you'd expect, we examined each other's vans. Not a great deal to choose between but the Cabrera owner said she'd wished she'd seen the Sterling earlier. Good service so far from Chorl
  13. Just used the services of a mobile approved workshop while staying on a site near Knutsford at the start of July, and found it so much quicker and easier. Explained Alde heating fluid change warranty requirements of which I was unaware. Would definitely use them again next year. Find them here http://www. approvedworkshops. co. uk/search/ Incidentally just as he was about to leave, he got a mobile call from a customer who had a problem while on site . .. and it just happened to be on the site we were on . .. I bet the caller was impressed with the speed of response! Saves so much
  14. Happened to me the other week. The blade would open and close with the cassette outside, but when inserted it only opened halfway and the bar on the loo would not allow it to open fully. I think it was caused by opening the blade while sitting on the loo, the body weight slightly deforms the plastic loo and the slider mechanism jams and the stops working. Solution . . Remove cassette, then on hands and knees look up the loo hole (ohhhh. ... what fun!) use a cross head screwdriver to release the screw on what looks like a white plastic 'cog'. Check the the trap slides across and replace th
  15. Bet it costs a fortune to replace and has a special part number as well.
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