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  1. Another 2 to add, North centre AGM rally at Fordoun. My total 18. Forum total 481. Ian
  2. I assume Mr Plodd does not rally. I rally all year round and have needed AWD many times to get my van on and off the rally field. I have also towed many other vans and motor homes, motor homes do not like damp grass. My Sport is full time 4WD and it is interesting to have the transmission display and see the diffs switching between their limited slip functions even on the road. Ian
  3. You could probably remove the socket and fit a waterproof 12 v socket like a cigar lighter, look on eBay under motorcycle sockets. I f you are going to replace the whole fitting have a look on CAK Tanks website, they do all sorts of fittings. Ian
  4. The socket at the top was to power a pump which you dropped into your water container to fill your internal tank, iirc it had power on all the time. Ian
  5. Another 4 to add on Linwater site for the Forth & Clyde centre AGM but not a Rally. My total 16. Forum total 428. Ian
  6. The evolution has two extra wires to each motor to control the engagement motors. Ian
  7. 4 nights at CMC Lochside, Forfar. My total 12. Forum total 403. Ian
  8. 2 nights at a Fife & Tayside Rally at Dovecot caravan park near Laurencekirk. My total 8. Forum total 373. Ian
  9. I have had a 8.2 m van for over 6 years and not had any problems. Stonehaven site used to be 8m but I phoned them and they said no problem. Speaking to a warden on another CMC site he said some are limited because of tight corners to access pitches even though the pitches are big enough but he went on to say if I phoned him he would be able to tell me if I could get in or not. Ian
  10. I had a 2013 and liked it so much I had a 2014 on order when they went under. Would probably still have had it today if I had got it. Ian
  11. The Eterniti vans all had at least 6ft6 headroom and a king size bed but they are 2013/14 and used ones are selling for a lot of money. Ian
  12. My last three cars have all had dynamic suspension and it is active in all modes. The 2010 Vogue had normal and sports settings but I never towed in Sports, when I had a wiring problem and the dynamics were not working it was a very noticeable choppy ride. My Velar and Sport have the latest all singing and dancing modes but apart from having a play with the settings I tend to leave it in auto. The later cars are more stable than the Vogue was, and it was pretty good, even though they are lighter. Ian
  13. 3 nights at the Fife and Tayside rally at the Clachan club site. My total 6. Forum total 360. Ian
  14. Friend on Rally with me had the same in their Swift and another in their Coachman.
  15. I had a look on the VA site and couldn’t find anything there. One of the brochures has a small picture of the control panel but I can’t make out any details and when I scan it and blow it up it is too blurred. Hopefully somebody on here will be able to photograph theirs for you. I am sure it was called the microprocessor control panel and I could not find the repair guys details. Ian
  16. When I had VMs there was somebody who specialised in repairing these control panels. I think I still have some VM brochures which will have pictures. I am still a VA member so will have a look on their website. Ian
  17. A while ago a friend of mine towed a big Hobby behind an imported Toyota Land Cruiser which was plated at 4,000kg, it was also fitted with a tachograph. Ian
  18. Have you got the horizontal pole level or are you trying to do it with the pole slanted down? I always lift the pole to the level and click it into the first hole then after getting both ends done I lift it again to get into the second hole and then lower to get a slope on it which further tightens it. Ian
  19. Got to agree there Griff but did not have that in my Bessacarr or any of the other vans I have owned. Buccaneer circuit diagram shows no fuses. Ian
  20. I have never known of any caravan with fuses in the wiring for lights. Ian
  21. I don’t think it swivelled so trying to get the wheels as close as possible. Ian
  22. My 1980 twin axle Adria had 12” wheels and turned out to be standard on a lot of fiat models. A quick visit to the scrapyard resulted in a spare wheel for a couple of quid. Ian
  23. Not a lot different to a fifth wheel, probably easier to manoeuvre. Ian
  24. I can confirm it doesn’t work and now have the cracked cover to prove it. Appears to work OK on the later vans with a hinge at each side. Mine cracked as I raised it slightly beyond the limit of the struts, struts were off, and it cracked before I could do anything about it. Ian
  25. I am a bit surprised that these sites allow the advertising and selling of bottles that belong to Calor so the sellers and the sites could all be charged with handling stolen property. I sold a Gaz bottle last week for £10 to somebody on our local FB page, it had been in the garage for about fifteen years. Ian
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