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  1. The CMHC have Sites open for essential workers and full timers. Ian
  2. I was booked into Le Futuriste for Easter on our way home from Spain but came home early. I got an email saying my €56 deposit would be held over for 18 months and this was in accordance with the local regulations. Ian
  3. I would be interested in a quote for a Buccaneer Cruiser in Dunfermline when you can do your Scottish tour and can offer you space on the driveway for overnight if needed. Ian
  4. I would never have another van without the full system. I wish they would develop a hydraulic jockey wheel system linked into the jacking system. Ian
  5. I used to plug my pump into the 13 pin socket on the car but then purchased a 12v alarm battery for about £10 and it fits in the pump bag. Will do about 4 inflation of our Kampa air ace between charges. Ian
  6. No problem got my van serviced on Wednesday, they came to the house and did it there. They are doing 2 caravans and 2 motorhomes on a 3 day working week. Ian
  7. At the side of the house with the door lined up with the utility room door so one step away. Ian
  8. I had my van serviced yesterday and the mobile engineer said Alko no longer refurbish axles. He visited Fraser to see what he was like but will not use him as he, the mobile technician, would be responsible if anything went wrong with the repair. What he will do is remove the axle and get the owner to arrange the repair and then refit the axle. Ian
  9. The op booked through the CCC so should get in touch with them for a refund, they may automatically refund him when it gets nearer to the time. Ian
  10. Our local LR dealer sent an email saying they were closed except for emergency repairs but the salesmen were working from home and could arrange pictures and videos of any car and then deliver the car to you for a test drive. Ian
  11. I used Churchill years ago with no problems and would have used them again at the weekend but their website would not let me put the reg number in even though it had the correct model from money supermarket so will be on the phone to them today. Ian
  12. IanV8


    Not correct, all modern fridges need a 12v supply to run the control side even on mains or gas. Ian
  13. Would have been at the Scottish National at Scone Palace with about 300 other vans but van still in the drive. Ian
  14. Ours is at the side of the house and can be plumbed in but because we managed 60 nights earlier this year we have no inclination to sit in it yet. Might use it this weekend as it should have been the Scottish National. Ian
  15. We’ve had a delivery and a click and collect from our Tesco. The only change to the parking is that they have used some of the car park to make a queueing area much like Disney. The queues are long in the afternoon but hardly any in the morning and evening. Ian
  16. Been on a few over the years and regularly stay at Newbold grounds, that was the one with the full size tractor, to visit the grand kids. Ian
  17. Jezzerb No because it’s only up for a short time as you fix the locks, could do damage to the front floor if the jack collapsed. I have had mine up on both jacks and the wheels all off to get new tyres fitted. Ian
  18. Just remember you have to go back to auto before you can raise the jack. Ian
  19. I can’t see how the ferries can start carrying passengers if this country or the country people are travelling to are still saying “essential travel only” . It will be pretty obvious that people towing Caravans are not on essential journeys. Ian
  20. BBC F1 site suggesting all European races will be run behind closed doors and possibly two races at some venues on consecutive weekends. Ian
  21. We drove from the tunnel to home towing the van, 500 miles, a few days ago and never got stopped. Reading the rules here returning home is not listed as essential. Ian
  22. We would of but even those who were booked on the site for the next couple of months had to leave. They moved into holiday flats and left their vans on the site FOC. Ian
  23. Another 1 to add please. At Chorley in a friend’s driveway. New total - 73. Our total for 2020 - 70. And that will be that for some time. Ian
  24. I am in somebody else’s driveway on the last leg of the journey home. 1800 miles with only 1 site open is a real PIA. Will be on my own driveway this afternoon. Ian
  25. It’s normal they are slack so they can move, if they tightened the tolerances they would jam up with road muck or rust. Ian
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