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  1. Another 1 to add please. Club site at Stonehaven. New total - 741 including Susan’s 2. Our total for 2019 - 240. Ian
  2. Had one for over 4 years now, 27,333 miles, very battered, zip coming apart, windows for lights gone but it still protects the van. If we weren’t thinking of changing the van I would be buying a new one. Ian
  3. Stored in the microwave where it is used. Many vans and thousands of miles with no problem. Ian
  4. Another 3 to add please. Highland centre 550th celebration rally at Muir of Ord. New total - 738. Our total for 2019 - 239. Ian
  5. The DG, Nick Lomas, was at the SCC AGM last week and reported that there has been an increase in motorhome members since the rebranding. Ian
  6. After 6 full size RRs I have just changed to a Velar and it is an awesome tow car, got a few friends who now have Disco sports and again they are very impressed. Had a half day Land Rover Experience yesterday and was amazed at what the Velar could do. It might be worth booking two one hour sessions with LRE and trying two different cars, don’t think you can change cars on the half day one but you could ask. Ian
  7. Another 8 to add please. SCC AGM Rally at Noah’s Ark, Perth. New total - 735 including Susan’s 2. Our total for 2019 - 236. Ian
  8. The fridge needs a 12 volt supply for the control circuitry which comes from the battery or charger, if both are u/s that’s why your fridge won’t work. Some fridges have the option of fitting batteries behind the control panel, 4 U2 I think. Ian
  9. If you do need to buy it go to euro car parts . Ian
  10. I got my repsol cylinder for free from a garage, only paid €13 for the gas. Ian
  11. Another 4 to add please. East centre rally at Linwater. New total - 725. Our total for 2019 - 228. Ian
  12. Could you not have asked the dealer to fit a Thetford and agreed a reduced price for doing so? I have commented on the size of the Thetford on 2020 models in another thread on here. Ian
  13. We went into a dealer yesterday to have a look at the Xcel models but he is not getting them in for another 2 weeks but he had a Laser 665 on show. We had a look around and were very impressed by the standard. I have never liked central toilets but the set up in this van really impressed both of us so I tried sitting on the loo to see what the legroom was like and even though there was plenty leg room the toilet bowl felt very small. I had a quick gestimate of the size using hand measurements and when I got back to my van confirmed it is much smaller than my present Thetford. When we go back to see the Xcel I will have taken a few measurements and compare the size. Could be a non starter as I already find the present one small. Ian
  14. dobo

    ian did you ever find that door part for me ? thanks mick

    my address is

    150billingham rd


    co durham

    ts20 2uf


  15. Strange how most other countries in Europe have much smoother motorways. Ian
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