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  1. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 4 to add please. Camping Castillo de Baños. New total - 612. Our total for 2018 - 251. Ian
  2. In the four caravans with movers that I have owned it was possible to turn the mover on with the EHU connected. I used to arrive home from a non hook up Rally with a nearly flat battery and plug in the mains, give it ten minutes then use the mover to park the van until I blew the psu, probably due to back emf from the motors, I managed to blow a second one in the same way. Now if the battery is low I give it 30 minutes on charge and disconnect before using the mover. Ian
  3. IanV8

    E & P Levelling System In Storage

    In over 3 years of heavy use I have only ever calibrated it once and that was at home where it was sitting with one side noticeably high, don’t know why it had done that but a quick manual level and calibrate and it was fine. Ian
  4. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 7 to add please. Camping La Rosaleda, Conil de Frontera. New total - 608. Our total for 2018 - 247. Ian
  5. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 3 to add please. Camping Ria Formosa, Tavira. New total - 601. Our total for 2018 - 240. Ian
  6. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 17 to add please. Caravan & Camping Club Rally at Turiscampo near Lagos. New total - 598. Our total for 2018 - 237. Ian
  7. IanV8

    fridge watts plz

    Assuming it’s a RMSL8501 like mine, mains 190, 12v 170 usage over 24 hours at an ambient of 25c, mains 3. 2Kwh, gas 380g. Let us know your findings. Its not just the 6 Amp limit it is the amount of free kWh you get. Ian
  8. IanV8

    Caravan mover

    They are at the back Geoff. Portugal has been a bit mixed so far but at least the rain is warm. Ian
  9. IanV8

    Caravan mover

    My car does far less damage than my jockey wheel with 150kg nose weight. Ian
  10. We have just come over on that ferry and it was £1281. 55 for a dog friendly cabin, the dog and a 13. 2 metre outfit, return in April. Booked through the Camping & Caravan Club. I have got a note of all the costs from our trip earlier this year when we used the tunnel so will be able to do a cost comparison. Ian
  11. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. Camping Alentejo near Évoramonte. New total - 574. Our total for 2018 - 220. Ian
  12. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. Camping Regio near Salamanca. New total - 573. Our total for 2018 - 219. Ian
  13. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. Brittany Ferries car park just outside Santander port, the ferry was 5 hours late. New total - 572. Our total for 2018 - 218. Ian
  14. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 3 to add please. Black Knowl CAMC site. New total - 571. Our total for 2018 - 217. Ian
  15. Buy it from EuroCarparts when they have an offer on, normally every weekend. A fraction of the price from dealers. Ian