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  1. We drove from the tunnel to home towing the van, 500 miles, a few days ago and never got stopped. Reading the rules here returning home is not listed as essential. Ian
  2. We would of but even those who were booked on the site for the next couple of months had to leave. They moved into holiday flats and left their vans on the site FOC. Ian
  3. Another 1 to add please. At Chorley in a friend’s driveway. New total - 73. Our total for 2020 - 70. And that will be that for some time. Ian
  4. I am in somebody else’s driveway on the last leg of the journey home. 1800 miles with only 1 site open is a real PIA. Will be on my own driveway this afternoon. Ian
  5. It’s normal they are slack so they can move, if they tightened the tolerances they would jam up with road muck or rust. Ian
  6. Another 1 to add please. At Aire de La Baie de La Somme. New total - 75. Our total for 2020 - 69. Ian
  7. Another 2 to add please. At Forest View site, Dorceau, open as a refuge site for those travelling home, super site and owner. New total - 71. Our total for 2020 - 68. Ian
  8. Felt like it compared to filling station car parks. Ian
  9. Yes on my 4wd system. Ian
  10. Arrived on site yesterday and met at the gate by Peter, the entrance is closed off by crowd barriers so you have to phone ahead. Pitched in the orchard which is normally the family area, plenty room as the pitches are not marked out. The adult only area round the lake is closed off as there is ground work going on there but looks very nice. Water, Elsan and EHU all available but an extra donation is expected if using EHU. A little out of the way for a one night stop but we will use it when we can come this way again. Dog is booked for the vet on Monday morning and the site dog walk area is 22 acres just across the road. Ian
  11. Another 1 to add please. At Aire de la Porte des Landes Quest, south of Bordeaux. New total - 69. Our total for 2020 - 66. Ian
  12. I hadn’t at that time but did last night, booked in for two nights and he has arranged a vet for Monday morning. Ian
  13. Got E&P levelling now but used to drive the van up my blocks on the good wheel and that allowed the other one to be changed. Ian
  14. Left the site yesterday and spent the night in a filling station in between Madrid and Burgos. zero degrees this morning. Ian
  15. Another 1 to add please. A Repsol filling station half way between Madrid & Burgos. New total - 68 Our total for 2020 - 65. Ian
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