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  1. Bolted to the grab handles with u bolts, easy to take off and on.
  2. Another 8 to add please. Camping Les Amiaux, Saint-Jean-de-Monts New total - 293. Our total for 2019 - 151. Ian
  3. They were using the 2700 chassis derated to 2200 or 2400. I saw van 91 at the 2015 cc National, an elderly couple from Lincoln. Ian
  4. Clearview mirrors, not cheap though.
  5. Mine were fine on the full fat RR but aren’t quite wide enough on the Velar partly because they have to go on the flat section which is the inner part of the mirror. I did see a D4 in Spain with truck type mirrors which replaced the standard ones and adjusted out for towing, I tried to lad the picture but can’t at the moment. Ian
  6. Only £25 if booked through CMC for 2 adults. Ian
  7. A heavy duty chassis was available with a weight upgrade to 2200kg and mine was further upgraded to 2400. The 2200kg upgrade was a different chassis with upgraded axles and wheels, the 2400kg was just the label. My serial number was 49. Ian
  8. Another 7 to add please. Camping Haliotis, Pontorson. New total - 285. Our total for 2019 - 143. Ian
  9. We’ve been out here for 9 nights now, Bien Assise was quiet but had been full the weekend before we arrived with vans parked on grass verges as well as pitches, La Vallée was about 2/3 full and Haliotis is very quiet about 1/8 full. Weather has been very poor with heavy rain including thunder last night. Ian
  10. Another 4 to add please. Camping La Vallée, Houlgate New total - 278. Our total for 2019 - 136. Ian
  11. Another 2 to add please. La Bien Assise at Guînes. New total - 274. Our total for 2019 - 132. Ian
  12. Another 1 to add please. At Bearsted CMC site. New total - 273. Our total for 2019 - 130. Ian
  13. Another 2 to add please. At Burford CMC site. New total - 255. Our total for 2019 - 129. Ian
  14. Another 3 to add please. South Glamorgan centre rally at Bibury. New total - 253. Our total for 2019 - 127. Ian
  15. I thought the pitches on Castillo were very small, I had to park the car on an adjacent pitch and couldn’t have put my awning up. Did not like the pitches at La Manga but we had a roadside pitch. Ian
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