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  1. IanV8


    Looking at their website there are various options, which one are people going for? TIA Ian
  2. You could ask on here if there is anybody who lives near the route and is willing to do you a favour but at 270 miles round trip you will be looking at a donation of about £300. What age are your van tyres and when was it last towed? Ian
  3. We were booked to go to Burgos a year ago but the ferry did not get in until 11:30 at night so I asked at the info desk and they gave me a printed sheet showing an area just outside the dockyard entrance. About 12 MHs and 3 Caravans in overnight. The security gate for the dockyard is just outside the fence and the security people park their cars in the same areas as we were in. I think Burgos stays open until the bar shuts but even if the gates were shut there is plenty room outside in the car park. Ian
  4. Only 8 years to go to get free membership. I know a few CL inspectors and they are volunteers but at a recent meeting they were told they would have to become employees, no reason given, but when they asked if they would be entitled to a pension, holiday pay and sickness benefit the people holding the meeting went very quiet. Could be why the membership fee had to increase? Ian
  5. The same happened to me a week ago, was able to cancel the prime subscription there and then but I still have the free trial for a month. Ian
  6. After 42 years membership I will not be leaving. We go rallying in UK and abroad and use the sites and CLs as we go up and down the country. Also have Mayday, van insurance and book ferries with them. 2 years CCC membership to go on their winter sun rallies. Ian
  7. Probably looked like Calor but one of the French bottles. We bought a French bottle this year €1 deposit and about €30 for 12kg of gas. Available at most supermarkets. You will need a pigtail from the bulkhead to the gas bottle which has a connector exactly the same as a British butane cylinder. Ian
  8. As far as motor vehicle insurance is concerned all of our company vehicles and any hire vehicles were not insured but the company had enough funds to cover claims. The military and I suspect councils are in the same boat so there is nothing to stop CMC offering the same. Ian
  9. Another 5 to add please. At Drummohr caravan site helping to run the East centre Christmas Fair charity rally. The last East centre rally. New total - 887 which includes David and Susan from above but not David’s nights on a ferry. Our total for 2019 - 250. Ian
  10. IanV8

    Ice on windshield?

    I have had auxiliary heaters and can currently remote start but it is much easier to just stay in bed until everything warms up. Ian
  11. If going abroad worthwhile having a spare cap for the aquaroll as they are not available outside UK. Ian
  12. We did Portsmouth to Santander and back last winter and had a dog friendly cabin. You can take your dog onto the deck above and there is a covered area with a couple of hoses to wash down any business. There are tables and chairs so you can get food or drinks and sit with your dog in this area. The kennels are at the front of the ship and a bit exposed, I wouldn’t put my dog in them. Ian
  13. Get the dealer to check the jockey wheel clamp is working properly. A lot of recent vans have had the screw bottom in the thread before it was fully tight and a few have also found that the hinge pin on the clamp has bent preventing the clamp from tightening properly. Cut my pin out and replaced with a high tensile bolt, works like new again. Ian
  14. Got a delivery date of Feb/March next year. Ian
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