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  1. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. North centre rally at Carnoustie. New total - 539. Our total for 2018 - 198. Ian
  2. IanV8

    New Year overseas suggestions

    We will be at La Manga for new year but first time so don’t know what it’s like. Ian
  3. On free prescriptions, over 65 and live in Scotland but not worried about costs. Will be ordering online in 16 weeks time and getting our daughter to collect and post and also trying to get them in Spain. We are on a C&CC Rally so they will know which doctors and pharmacies speak English and are helpful. Any extra we acquire will be used on the summer trip. Ian
  4. IanV8

    3500kg towing capacity cars

    My 4. 4 TDV8 RR returns about 18 mpg towing 2 tonnes but I do tow quickly. 310 BHP and 700Nm of torque so should cope with anything. I suspect if you have 3. 5 tonnes on the back you may be taking it a bit easier so might get more, however you will be driving around in luxury. Ian
  5. Interesting responses, thank you. I can order our repeat prescription on line so no problem getting the meds but there does appear to be some probs in posting, going to ask my pharmacist tomorrow if he can arrange posting, if not will try getting our daughter to do it, she is an Optometrist so has medecal qualifications. Don’t have any problem paying for them in Spain as that will be trivial compared to the other costs, sites, ferries, fuel and tolls. Will be changing surgeries on our return as OH has had other problems with this surgery. Ian
  6. We are leaving this Friday for a 6 month trip to Portugal and Spain and as we both have regular prescriptions for medicine I asked the doctor if we could stock up before we went and was told no just order 10 days before you go, so ordered 3 lots of medication but the doctor only approved 1 lot, after a verbal complaint they have issued a second prescription but said we can’t have the third. A written complaint to the practice resulted in a reply that if we go away for more than 3 months we have to de register with the practice, register with a practice where we are staying and then re register with our own practice when we return. Does anybody else have this problem? Ian ps if I stop posting you will know we did not get our meds.
  7. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 3 to add please. SCC AGM Rally at Noah’s Ark Perth. New total - 420 including David’s. Our total for 2018 - 196. Ian
  8. IanV8


    Welcome from Dunfermline. Ian
  9. IanV8

    Caravan and Motorhome Club sites

    We use them a lot whilst travelling up and down the country, always well signposted and easy access. We also use CLs but quite often they have narrow gates and can be very muddy, on one we had to unhitch and use the mover to get the van through the gate. If you don’t like them then don’t use them. Ian
  10. IanV8

    E&P Compact System

    Before I had the E&P system I used planks under one side to level the van, if you want to raise the whole van 3 inches then use 2 3 inch planks plus extra planks on the low side. You soon learn how much you need to get level. Ian
  11. My sat nav only accepts lat long in degrees minutes and seconds so I made an excel sheet where I list my sites using decimal degrees and it converts them for me. There are free converters on line but it is a pain going in and out of them. Ian
  12. IanV8

    CL Site Videos

    I have spoken to a few CL owners who say they have submitted pictures to the club and they do not get published. Ian
  13. IanV8

    HELP! Lone female in France!

    If mains is getting to the system then there should be a plug with cable shown on the screen. Ian
  14. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    sminoO-1 Yes. Another 4 to add please. East Centre AGM Rally at Linwater. New total - 381. Our total for 2018 - 193. Ian