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  1. Another 5 to add please. CL at Staverton to visit the grand kids. New total - 643. Our total for 2019 - 211. Ian
  2. I’ve taken 2 PSUs out using the mover while hooked up. Ian
  3. Another 2 to add please. Wiltshire centre rally at Rowdeford school, Rowde. New total - 609. Our total for 2019 - 206. Ian
  4. A van where everything worked as it should would be top of the list. The one thing I have never seen offered but I would pay for would be a van that was self cleaning. Ian
  5. Another 2 to add please. At La Bien Assise, Guînes. New total - 607. Our total for 2019 - 204. Ian
  6. Another 3 to add please. At Camping La Vallee, Houlgate. New total - 605. Our total for 2019 - 202. Ian
  7. Maypole heavy duty, £33 delivered, excellent piece of kit. Ian
  8. Another 7 to add please. At Chateau de Chanteloup near La Mans. New total - 602. Our total for 2019 - 199. Ian
  9. We love our Air Ace 400, we have had a few problems with the middle sleeves splitting, there are 3 sleeves on each pole, but all have been replaced foc. Ian
  10. I spoke to my local dealer, not the one I purchased it from, and they ordered the bits from the local Kampa rep even sending one tube out to Spain for me and all foc. Ian
  11. Another 9 to add please. FICC rally at Châteaubriant. New total - 572 including David’s. Our total for 2019 - 192. Ian
  12. IanV8


    I was in hyper U yesterday and the only gin they had was Gordon’s. Ian
  13. At the end of last year I bought a 11k from a service station for €15.33 including the gas and he was not interested in an empty, it was a large station with a lot of bottles and LPG pump. No ID and no paperwork. It was butane but the campsite changed it to propane on the first changeover. Ian
  14. If the ATC IDC was having its power switched on and off we would be leaving huge black marks on the road surface and needing new tyres every trip because when it first powers up it applies the brakes as part of its test routine. I remember somebody on here had a problem with his applying the brakes whilst towing but can’t remember the outcome. Ian
  15. I tried to get a loyalty card for one of the big supermarkets in Spain, mainly because it gets a discount on fuel, but because I didn’t have a Spanish address they wouldn’t do it. Ian
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