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  1. I didn’t realise bathroom scales were so expensive. I use two bottles, sometimes three, and a set of cheap luggage scales. We do use a lot of gas, in 2018 we used 146kgs. Currently have seven bottles to choose from. Ian
  2. I have had a Kampa Air Ace 400 for six years and have never had a bladder explode, I have had the middle sleeve burst, the stitching comes apart, on three different occasions but the awning still stays up but the outer sleeve does have a bit of a bulge. It has been used in Portugal and Spain with no problems except it is now closer to white than black, two cans of reproofer waiting for the next time it is up. Kampa has supplied replacement sleeves all FOC and even sent one to Spain for me. It does collect some water in the corners but no obvious leaks.
  3. Yeah but that wasn’t the point of the post, it was to show that you can get a tow bar equipped car on a test drive. Ian
  4. Nooo! The relay for the fridge cooling is fitted in the car not the caravan. Ian
  5. A friend of mine was looking to change from a D4 to a D5 and Lloyds in Kelso arranged for a D5 with a tow bar for a 3 day test drive. He hated it and bought one of the last D4s. Ian
  6. I finally get to post in my own thread. 3 nights at the Fife & Tayside 70 years celebration rally at Noah’s Ark, Perth. Just the dog and I as OH back in hospital. Our total - 3. Forum total - 140.
  7. The habitation relay works when the engine is running so with the engine off the van uses the car 12v so lights and things are powered from the car. If the engine was running then nothing works in the van except the fridge. Various different vans and cars have all behaved this way. Ian
  8. Get rid of gas and get a 5kw generator and a fuel bowser. Simples. Ian
  9. I regularly have my car hitched to the van and EHU connected, to keep the fridge cold, when I move the van from the side of the house to the front ready to depart. The van 12v system is using the car 12v so would flatten the car but there is hardly anything taking power, fridge control and heating pump maybe. Ian
  10. My Buccaneer nose weight is 150kg and the only thing I could move would be the two Calor lites 20.8 kg for both but as they are further back that would not be 20.8 off the nose weight. Ian
  11. Good job I don’t do early departures now, the E&P beeping would wake the whole site. Ian
  12. Nice site and super bloke, we stayed for a couple of days last year when he was a refuge site. Ian
  13. We were on a rally in France and two of us had to leave by 5am so prearranged with the security to get out and the day before we moved our Caravans from the rally area into the next door empty area ready to roll. On another site in Paris a VW camper made a lot on noise with its sliding door but in the morning the lads came and asked if I had any tools as the door was loose on it’s sliders, a quick tighten and realign and the door shut quietly, maybe quieter. Ian
  14. Check what setting your heating is on 1, 2 or 3kw. It May just kick when the van cools a bit. We had a friend that tripped every site he went to, he did not know his heating was set to 3kw. Ian
  15. I don’t think this will unwind anytime soon. Ian
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