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  1. A couple of Spanish forums have reported that Spain will not enforce the 90 day rule. Ian
  2. I am sure they will enforce any time limits as there will be money to be made from those who overstay. I was looking at my planner for next year and having deleted the Scottish National and the National the only thing on the planner are the provisional GPS and dates for ordering medicine. Very sad state of affairs. Ian
  3. Been there, needed two more 4x4s hooked to my RR to get us out of very deep mud, so deep the van’s A frame was stuck in the mud. The front one was on hard standing. Got a photo somewhere. Ian
  4. I had ATs on a Range Rover Classic and they were frightening on damp roads, no ABS so locked very easily. Ian
  5. I carry a reverse cable and a polarity tester and have never used them. Must go and take them out to save weight. Ian
  6. I have towed loads of outfits off muddy rally fields but have got stuck on a couple of occasions because the event organisers brought 4wd tractors onto the sites and they just chew the ground up. On both occasions the mud was so bad the A frame of the caravan was ploughing through the mud so it was like towing a dead weight. Ian
  7. A few patrol cars in critical areas, £1000 fine if no valid reason for travelling . Word would soon get around . Would probably have to be a change in law. Ian
  8. I had a failed one replaced and the new one failed about a month later, when the engineer came back out he said he had fitted the wrong one previously, it was too small and loose in the pipe it fits in so probably overheated. Ian
  9. As I understand the Scottish rules don’t allow us to travel to an area with a different tier. I am in Dunfermline which is 2 at the moment so I can’t go to Edinburgh which is 3. If Stirling is 2 and Loch Lomond is 2 you should be OK. In theory that rule should stop any English from coming here. These rules are for non essential travel. Ian
  10. You don’t say where you are but I am in Dunfermline and have a Yamaha E600 generator for sale, it is only 600 Watts so would not run your microwave. It has only been used a couple of times each year and has a whine from the generator bearing but not too bad. Looking for £100. Ian
  11. Check the outside panels and windows for any scratches or dents because as soon as you leave the premises the dealer will have nothing to do with them. Same for the interior. I would never collect a new van in the rain as it can mask any defects. You can download the handbook from the Elddis website prior to collecting so you are aware of how things work. Enjoy your new van. Ian
  12. New total 540 having added in those above who did not add their own. We have not managed any since lockdown as the OH has not been well. Ian
  13. I was 24 when we borrowed a caravan for our summer holiday and bought one later that year, towed by a Range Rover. I had camped since I was about 5 and then used my future father in law’s trailer tent for a few years including our honeymoon. Now 68. Ian
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