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  1. With the old one I never folded it at anytime, I tended to roll it up across the front of the van as I took it off than the sausage shaped package goes into the gas locker. Yes the inner does come into contact with the outer. Ian
  2. I have just had a new one delivered as the previous one is worn out. The instructions say fold it with the outer surface face to face and the picture shows it going into the bag with the inner surface showing. It also came with two clips which look like clothes pegs but no mention of what to do with them, I have emailed them to ask what they are for. Ian
  3. I bent mine when I had a manual engage one, PwrTouch fitter came out and replaced it under warranty, he remarked that he did not remember fitting it and when I said I had fitted it he said the warranty is only one year but PwrTouch had authorised it. I grounded it on a National rally and dragged the temporary cabling for the EHU away up the site because it jammed a wheel and I did not notice in the wet conditions. Jacked the van loosened the clamps and used the mechanism to push it back then a quick knock with a hammer to position it. Clipped a kerb in a car park and knocked it onto the tyre, Mayday came out and fixed it, he said it was not his first. Ian
  4. We use free standing metal grids, one at home to stop him going upstairs and one in the van so we can keep the door open. They can be linked together to form a longer barrier. Mine came from eBay. Ian
  5. As I understand it it was only the D3 that had any problems and it was where the receiver for the detachable is attached to the rear cross member. Some had the cross member replaced and others had bracing bars added which made it difficult to remove the ball. Ian
  6. I think sitting in somebody else’s driveway counts, just need Susan to add her nights to the total. New total - 905. Ian
  7. My review from a stay in January 2018. “On arrival the road was blocked by a no entry banner with a load of French writing suggesting an entry further on. Turns out the instructions were for cars attending a bowling match and resulted in us going about 5 Kms down the road to turn. Reception was shut with no instructions, on ringing the bell on a nearby residence a very young girl who spoke no English managed to convey she would call somebody. Some time later some staff appeared and explained they were trying to deal with potential flooding of the site. All Caravan pitches were waterlogged so we were told just to park round the corner from reception. Hook up was down a steep grassy bank. There was one toilet block open but water had to be got from a tap in a sink, the Elsan emptying point was locked so I had to empty down a toilet bowl. At no time during our stay was anything on site open including reception. Totally unacceptable especially at £24 a night. Maybe the site inspectors should visit during the winter for sites that are so called open all year”. Ian
  8. Happy new year to everyone on here. Following on from last year just say where you were and add the number of nights to the running total. Ian Admin comment: Warning. For your own security, don't post anything prior to going away as there are ne're-do-wells out there who may be able to take advantage of this information but please feel free to add information after the event. The first 2 of the year at a West centre new year rally at Peebles, the last West centre rally. New total - 2. Our total for 2020 - 2. Ian
  9. Van is nearly 5 years old so out of normal warranty but still covered by sale of goods act but as I said the OH does not want to go down that route. I spoke to Elddis and they replied there is no limit on use as long as it just for leisure use which is all ours had been used for. We had a Bessacarr which had to go back to Swift for a complete new floor. Ian
  10. Another 2 to add please. The last 2 of the year at a West centre new year rally at Peebles. New total - 893. Our total for 2019 - 254. Ian
  11. Sorry to see that you are giving up but you will miss the RR, still not sure I made the right decision giving mine up. If you are selling it put it on fullfat. Ian
  12. My floor has delaminated and dealer said we were using the van too much and would not do anything. I was going to take legal action against them but the OH didn’t want the bother so we just live with it. Ian
  13. The wing mirrors on the last RR were £800 each, camera and blind spot monitor built in. The headlamps on the current car are almost £3000 each. Ian
  14. I use an electric pump, the Kampa yellow one, to blow up our air ace 400, takes less than 2 minutes. I used to plug it into the car’s 13 pin socket but then bought a 12v alarm battery, about £10 from the bay, which fits in the carrying bag and will inflate the awning about 5 times on one charge. Ian
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