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  1. It is the shipping length they need. And welcome. Ian
  2. Another 2 to add please. Knaresborough CMC site at Scotton. New total - 196. Our total for 2019 - 106. Ian
  3. Another 2 to add please. Chatsworth Park CMC site at Bakewell. New total - 194. Our total for 2019 - 104. Ian
  4. If they do one close to 91 degrees C then that should be fine. Ian
  5. Another 2 to add please. Midland centre rally near Tamworth. New total - 192. Our total for 2019 - 102. Ian
  6. Alde thermal fuse dyl yzjg df915 91degrees C. Used to be sold by Maplins for under a £1. You don’t even have to remove the old one, just solder the new one across the old. Ian
  7. Depending on what else you have plugged in the load monitor may only allow 1kw which I find does not get very hot. It’s ok if you get the van warm on gas and then use 1kw. Ian
  8. Another 3 to add please. Newbold Grounds CL near Staverton. New total - 190. Our total for 2019 - 100. Ian
  9. I’ve seen them fit movers at the CMC site at Strathclyde but they move the van out of the storage area onto a large parking area within the site. Ian
  10. Another 1 to add please. Salisbury Hillside CMC site. New total - 187. Our total for 2019 - 97. Ian
  11. Another 1 to add please. Carefree Nurseries CL near Fareham. Only 12 miles from Portsmouth. New total - 150. Our total for 2019 - 96. Ian
  12. I went prepared with a Spanish adapter and hose at end of last year and when I was filling one of my British bottles in a garage I asked the attendant how much it was to buy a Spanish bottle and he said the price of the gas, I explained I didn’t have one to exchange and he said he was not bothered. Two of the big sites we were on would lend you a bottle for a €20 deposit so you don’t have to carry the thing back and forward to UK. I discovered a slight problem when I exchanged mine in that they gave me a very new bottle and the adapter did not turn the gas fully on but if I lent on the adapter the gas flowed so a block of wood and a bungee cured it, next bottle was an old one all OK but next was a new one and same problem. Looks like the tolerances are a bit dodgy or I’ve got a faulty adapter. Ian
  13. Another 4 to add please. Fuentes Blancas, Burgos New total - 149. Our total for 2019 - 95. Ian
  14. Steve, if only once a year then OK, I changed mine 24 times last year. The brackets with the straps are just screwed to the bulkhead because I took mine off to reposition the buckles to make them easier to reach. Ian
  15. My second VanMaster was built towards the end of the Tommy Green, Mr VM, era. We collected it from the factory, stayed locally for 3 days and took it back with about 20 faults from bits missing to squint door handles, it was all fixed and delivered to my door 4 days later. In the second year of ownership, VM under new management, part of the shower broke and the attitude was nothing to do with us and wouldn’t even tell where the showers came from but when I found out they were also out of business. Shortly after damp appeared in the rear toilet wall, eventually traced to there being no sealant on the rear high level brake light. This was repaired by the new company at my expense and included a new rear inner panel which did not match the rest of the van but because it was the whole panel it looked deliberate. I have heard that Phil is only producing one van a year now so how long that will continue I don’t know. Ian
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