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  1. IanV8

    First Caravan

    Automatic since 1993, the last four towcars, all Range Rovers. Now have a choice of 16 forward gears. Ian
  2. IanV8

    Should I leave electric on?

    On all the time. Ian
  3. IanV8

    Insurance cover abroad

    The limits I quoted are in the Winter Sun handbook, page 109, and it is Intana, the clubs travel insurance. As for the weight it is any car, 4x4, minibus or MH with Caravan or trailer not exceeding 4250kg, my car is 3500 and caravan 2000 which makes it 5500kg and as this is for foreign travel most people would be well laden. Ian
  4. IanV8

    International Driving Permits

    Might have to paint our headlamps yellow as well. Ian
  5. IanV8

    Insurance cover abroad

    The C&CC has a weight limit, 4250kg, and length limit 8m, and my outfit exceeds both. Ian
  6. IanV8

    Welcome pack

    Geoff Only the ones done in this van are in it, the others are in two plastic crates in the house, I can hardly lift the full one. Ian
  7. IanV8

    2018 buccaneer q's

    I bought 10 metres of pipe and cut it into 3 and 7 metres length with a joining piece to use if needed, quite often need the full 10 metres as the waste might be on the other side of the van. If you get two joining pieces then you can roll the tube and plug it back into itself, stops water dripping out and prevents smells. Ian
  8. IanV8

    Welcome pack

    Mine came with a canvas briefcase type bag with all the manuals, radio removing tool and bbq gas connector. The van had a battery, two wheel locks, a hitch lock, hitch cover, waste pipes , mains water hook up pipe, gas pigtails and the compulsory step, mains cable and waste container which was a wastemaster. Ian
  9. IanV8

    Buccaneer Floor Delamination

    Mine has not delaminated but has actually split across the van in two places. You can stand with your feet either side and one part will move up and down where the other side is solid, you could hear the wood rubbing together but that has stopped now as it has got worse. Ian
  10. IanV8

    Kampa electric pump fail

    Update, took the top off and had a look and it was easy to see the pressure switch so shorted it out and tried the pump just using my finger to raise the pressure and it continued to run when it switched to high pressure but it sounded as if it was straining so I hooked up my Ctec type charger and it said fully charged and about 12. 7 volts, that seemed a bit low so stuck my meter across the battery and it was dropping to 8 volts on load. I use a house alarm back up battery in the pump bag. Connected the charger again but selected the motorcycle setting instead of car and it showed a low battery so allowed it to charge for over 4 hours and when I checked the pump it was running like a dream. Ian Smino, thanks for the offer but happy now.
  11. IanV8

    Recommended rallies, Scotland West coast

    Worth checking out the Scottish National due to be held on the first weekend in May at Lanark racecourse, very easy to get to from the M74. Ian
  12. IanV8

    Kampa electric pump fail

    I am not sure I have any paperwork for the purchase, iirc it came from a caravan dealer on eBay. These were the predecessor of the Breeze and Gale. Didn't get round to looking at it today, too busy having lunch on the promenade in glorious sunshine. Ian
  13. I have the yellow pump as shown below and the last time I tried to use it stopped every time it went from high volume to high pressure, tried adjusting the pressure setting but no change. It is out of warranty so I was thinking about taking it apart and having a poke around even if I have to rewire it to take the pressure switch out. Anybody had one apart? Ian
  14. IanV8

    International Driving Permits

    I’m already in Spain so I’m going to ask in the Spanish PO if they can issue one. As far as number plates go I don’t have any with the stars on them but a lot out here do have, l doubt they will all be rushing to the local car shop to get a British plate. Ian
  15. IanV8

    Roadside Signs for Club Rallies

    The Scottish Division and a couple of centres got some made that are like the ones the AA put up for temporary events, they were expensive and very heavy, aluminium signs but steel brackets, and they do take some time to put up. It is not permitted to put signs on trunk roads. Ian