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  1. A tip for all Buccaneer owners

    Never seen a Buccaneer with it fitted as standard, mine cost £2 from Catterick. Dead easy to fit if you warm it up in some hot water first. Ian
  2. E&P Levelling system question

    I’ve got a problem at the moment and emailed E&P yesterday as below. ” Currently out in Spain in my 2015 Cruiser and every morning the rear legs have risen allowing the feet to move around and the van is going off level sideways as well. No signs of leaks and I have tightened the valve on the hand pump block. Can you help please? “ No reply as yet but I would be interested if anyone has experienced this. The valve on the block did actually turn about 90 degrees. Ian
  3. New MOT rules coming.

    Looks like an artic to me. Not on a CC site, Almarfa in Benidorm.
  4. New MOT rules coming.

    Not true! There is a fifth wheel sitting on site near me with an artic cab unit parked beside it, matching colour scheme and art work. Will get a picture later. Ian
  5. Seasonal Booked

    We spent our honeymoon back in 74 in a trailer tent at Macrihanish. My father came from Campbeltown so every holiday was there and I stayed with my granny for the whole school holiday going back on the steamer and getting picked up somewhere up the Clyde. Been back a few times for weddings and funerals and flew into Macrihanish airport in an Islander, it landed at the start of the runway and then took off again to fly to the other end. Ian
  6. 2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. Alegria del Mar, Benicarlo. New total - 16. Our total for 2018 - 16. Ian
  7. Calais to alicante

    We have just come from the tunnel into Spain and the cheapest fuel was €1. 35 in Intermarche or Carrefour. On the autoroute the fuel was at least 20c dearer or in some cases 30c dearer. Ian
  8. Hi folks

    Welcome, check out the camping clubs winter rallies, we are in Spain and arrive at our first Rally tomorrow. Ian
  9. 2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. Nai’a Village, Le Barcares. New total - 14. Our total for 2018 - 14. Ian
  10. 2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. Le Clos Auroy, Orcet, Clermont-Ferrand. New total - 12. Our total for 2018 - 12. Ian
  11. 2018 nights away

    We only have the plaques in the van for the rallies or sites we have done with that van, the others are in a large plastic box which is incredibly heavy. I think the early spreadsheet was supercalc. Another 2 to add please. Le Jardin De Sully, Saint-Pere-Sur-Loire. New total - 10. Our total for 2018 - 10. Ian
  12. 2018 nights away

    When I started this I thought it was quite obvious what was required but it would appear that it is too difficult for some so maybe they shouldn’t bother. Like Geoff we lost a load of plaques when a van was stolen but I had already started to log them on a spreadsheet so that I could learn how spreadsheets work, can’t remember the name of it but way before Excel existed. The spreadsheet is actually prepared at home as I plan that years trips, I normally book all my rallies for the year in January. Ian
  13. 2018 nights away

    I have the last forty years listed in a spreadsheet, let’s me see where we were, distances travelled with each van or car. Another 2 to add please. La Croix du Vieux Pont, Berny Rivière. New total - 8. Our total for 2018 - 8. Ian
  14. Forget the spirit level......

    Don’t need any of these things, the van just does it . Ian
  15. Problem with Alde circulation pump

    Many moons ago my Adria header tank pump started to play up but a couple of drops of 3 in 1 oil on the bearings cured it. Ian