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  1. As requested. Ian 314 b.bmp Missed one. 314 b.bmp
  2. 2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. CL near Carlisle, Dalston Leisure. New total - 158. Our total for 2018 - 105. Ian
  3. I have got a few but only because they came with model Range Rovers. I’ve got about 360 Range Rover models all different and only Range Range not Land Rovers. Ian
  4. Not that trivial. My wife had the bed come down on top of her and was trapped half under the bed for over a hour and only got out when I went to look for her. Badly bruised legs and very shaken up. Ian
  5. 2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. West Warwickshire centre rally at Barnstones CP after the Midland centre rally at Tamworth was cancelled due to flooding. New total - 157. Our total for 2018 - 104. Ian
  6. 2018 nights away

    Another 5 to add please. CL at Staverton, flooded so in farm yard. New total - 155, I think smino0-1 has added his total in above. Our total for 2018 - 102. Ian
  7. Sanef Toll Tag

    I used the non stop lanes but had to remember it is 30kph not 30mph. Ian
  8. Sanef Toll Tag

    Just back from a trip through France to Spain and back using Sanef tags for both. No problem going but coming back had four failures, first one leaving Spain had to hand the tag to the operator who typed the number on the back into his computer, second one in France when it did not recognise the tag but told by speaker just to pay as it was a fixed price one, third one again in France did not work and speaking to the help line they could not understand where we had joined so they rang off, contacted them again and told to wave the tag at the optical reader which worked, the fourth one was strange in that we stopped and nothing happened for ages went to take the tag off to wave at the reader but before it got there it beeped and the barrier opened. I will be taking up these points with Sanef when we get home. Ian
  9. Front Towing Cover

    Been using mine for just under 3 years and over 18,000 miles, dead easy to put on and take off, I can take it off before the van has finished levelling itself. It goes in the gas locker in the space vacated by the waste container. I don’t like Marmite but do like Bovril. Ian
  10. 2018 nights away

    Hope you dried it out, the Scottish National is there in four weeks time! Another 2 to add please. Berkshire centre rally at Cockpole Green. New total - 144. Our total for 2018 - 97. Ian
  11. 2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. C&MC site at Alderstead Heath. New total - 134. Our total for 2018 - 95. Ian
  12. I use them on the Range Rover and they are solid, maybe all to do with the car’s suspension. Ian
  13. 2018 nights away

    Another 4 to add please. Camping Bal. Tournehem-sur-la-Hem. New total - 114. Our total for 2018 - 94. Ian
  14. Ep hydraulic levelling

    There is a limit to what it can cope with. Ian
  15. Buccaneer Caravel 2015 TV Aerial

    My dealer fitted a Telco directional FOC after I complained about the twig. Ian