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  1. IanV8

    Battery Drain

    The master does not turn off the alarm or tracker systems as well as the fridge and on the two VanMasters that I owned it did not turn the Alde heating off so you could tow with the heating on. Ian
  2. We bought our air ace 400 in 2015 and it leaked a bit through the seems the first time it got wet but has been fine since, a couple of the middle sleeves have burst but replaced FOC by Kampa. It has started to fade to a grey colour and when the Kampa rep saw it at the Scottish National he said I needed to reproof it as the fabric gets fragile as it fades, he appeared the next day with two large cans of proofer. Ian
  3. Commercial sites are open today here in Scotland and it is chucking it down. We will wait until late August and see what happens. Ian
  4. Used to be common, check it has not blown the cowl off of the flue or the inlet under the floor, we used to go searching for cowls that had been blown off. Ian
  5. I had my VanMaster resealed at the factory many years ago and they fitted new awning rails, can’t remember the cost but not cheap. Ian
  6. The reason for banning rallies is that they are a social gathering and the ban has not been lifted. Rallies are limited to 5 nights without local authority permission and do need an exemption certificate. If you go ahead and organise an unofficial rally you would not be covered by the club’s insurance and if something went wrong you could end up being sued for a large sum of money. Ian
  7. 2018 Range Rover Sport, 11616 miles, 306 Bhp, 700 Nm. My eighth Range Rover. Trip to Spain and back averaged about 16 mpg and used lots of ad blue, towing 2000kg quickly, hope it improves when it gets more miles on it. Ian
  8. Opening on the 3rd if you have your own facilities. Ian
  9. My OH has said she is not gong back for at least a year. The only advice the CMC gave us was listen to local advice and we were on one of their winter rallies and when I asked about a site in UK to break our journey I was told they were all closed, which they were not. Ian
  10. Quite a few are because there are FB groups for some of the rallies and people are discussing dates and bookings on there. There appeared to be some confusion over pricing but I think they were quoting the daily rate not the discounted rates for 30, 60, 90 days. Ian
  11. I have had the email as well, very disappointing. Ian
  12. It might be a silly question but how about another set of gates to allow it to go straight in? Ian
  13. No, got it on my Range Rover Sport. Ian
  14. IanV8

    Gas setup

    I agree it is a Spanish fitting but I think it is a Spanish regulator because it is different to my adapter. Regulators are sold everywhere in Spain but the adapter is much harder to find. If it is a regulator it will have its output pressure stamped on it. Agree with the suggestion to get it back to standard but keep the Spanish regulator for when you go to Spain. Ian
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