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  1. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. C&MC site, Culloden Moor at Inverness. New total - 254. Our total for 2018 - 156. Ian
  2. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. C&MC site, Clachan at Killin. New total - 252. Our total for 2018 - 154. Ian
  3. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 1 to add please. C&MC site, Maragowan at Killin. New total - 251. Our total for 2018 - 153. Ian
  4. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 4 to add please. West centre 800th celebration rally at Bridge of Allan. New total - 250. Our total for 2018 - 152. Ian
  5. I agree that you still need blocks especially if you are on soft ground and want the jacks to lift the van but after many years of not having E&P I can judge what is needed. Ian
  6. I’ll just stick to my E&P system. Ian
  7. IanV8

    E&P levelling

    If it can’t raise the front it stops, flashes all the arrow indicators and bleeps. I have had it a few times and just raise the front on the jockey wheel and then use the manual setting to lower the steadies. Ian
  8. IanV8

    brittany ferries

    Booked my sites yesterday and was told Brittany will release timing and prices on 24th July. The C&CC did know the times but not the prices so I have provisional ferry bookings. Ian
  9. IanV8

    Some Figures From Our Trip To Europe This Year

    About 16 but it did get down to 12 when we left Benidorm due to high winds and many hills. We tow at 100kph and it does not slow down on hills. Ian
  10. IanV8

    E&P levelling

    I’ve got the same system and in theory you cannot damage it when in use as it cuts out if you try to overload it. My van is at 150kg nose weight and if the nose is very low the system cannot lift the front until I assist it with the jockey wheel. It does cope with very uneven ground. Lynn&Steve, have you got any pictures of the damage? Ian
  11. IanV8

    What's an empty Calor Lite worth?

    I use 2 lites on a club site because I’m probably on my way to a venue where there is no EHU. Probably have about 10 refills every year. Ian
  12. IanV8

    brittany ferries

    I was informed the ferry dates would be a week later which is a bit crazy as I can’t book my sites until I know I have a dog friendly cabin. Ian
  13. IanV8

    Blue hose swollen in heat.

    I have an old Hozelock flat roll up hose which has a woven cloth outer, being using it for over 20 years with no problems but I don’t think they make them now. My original Whale blue pipe failed after about 15 years but it seemed to be a better standard than the current one. Ian
  14. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 3 to add please. Balbirnie Park C&MC site in Markinch. New total - 239. Our total for 2018 - 148. Ian
  15. IanV8

    What does this switch do ?

    As AJGalaxy stated it is for the heated seal and was standard at one time. Stops the seal freezing to the freezer compartment. Ian