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  1. Both my Velar and Sport had stop/start and it still operates with the van on the back, both LR fitted tow bars and electrics. The live feed will still be present but the fridge power will go off when the engine stops. I have to say that my stop/start hardly ever stops towing or solo. Ian
  2. I looked all the way through my copy and could not find the puzzle then realised it was CMC mag I was reading. Ian
  3. I had a problem with one of mine not coming off the tyre unless it was helped, spoke to PwrTouch as it was still in warranty and they suggested checking the spade connectors for the engagement motors and it turned out that 4 out of 8 were loose, crimped them up a bit and all good. Ian
  4. I have ACC on my Sport and also had it on the Vogue, the Vogue used to cut out at 20mph with flashing lights and beeps but the Sport will actually slow the car right down to zero and stop and then displays a message “car held touch accelerator to continue” or something like that. I use it all the time towing and solo and never touch the paddles unless I am having a play. Ian
  5. I know four CL inspectors and all of their visits are unannounced. Ian
  6. Over 20 years of hard use, made by a centre member who had a fabrication business. Cost, a bottle of Morgan’s Spiced. The industrial carpet is to stop the dog slipping and does not hold water. Ian
  7. It is not a CC rule or local authority approval. It is a government thing which gave the clubs the right to issue a licence to the owner if they meet certain conditions. When I was on council it was discussed about raising the number of vans but the feeling was that any attempt to change the rules could result in the clubs losing their right and it going to the local councils. Ian
  8. I just have the car registration registered with them and they collect the fee from my credit card when I use it about once every two years. Ian
  9. The Maypole has a locker ng pin to prevent it winding down. Ian
  10. Save your money and buy a Maypole heavy duty, about half the price, £32 delivered. Excellent wheel even with my 150kg nose weight. You do have to grease the top bearing on receipt. Ian
  11. I worked in India a few years ago and we used to get low value notes from the hotel, they were brand new and came stapled together in a bunch of 100 one rupee notes. Sitting in the bar of a five star hotel one night a guest came up to the bar and ordered six drinks stating no ice in any of them, he went back to his seat and we watched the barman fill his shaker with ice then the drink and pour into the glass keeping the ice in the shaker, he then refreshed the ice and made the next one. When we explained why the customer had said no ice he was surprised. The ice as deli
  12. Nicola’s statement yesterday was “do not book anything for Easter” so it looks like Scotland will be in lockdown Until after then. Ian
  13. 3 in 1 dry ptfe spray from Halfords. Ian
  14. Yes because they fill the well that the tyre bead has to go into. Kwik fit used to do mine with no problem but stopped doing them so I went to Sava Tyres and the more mature fitters said no problem, no extra charge . Ian
  15. Had it on my Adria at 9 years old, my Bessacarr at 2 years old, when we collected the van from the factory there was a pile about 10 feet high of faulty floors and got it on my current Buccaneer at 3 years. Ian
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