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  1. I think they only make two, a ribbed one and a smooth one. I have seen a ribbed one on a Buccaneer but don’t know if he had to modify the clamp. I have the smooth one, under £35 delivered. Ian
  2. LeadFarmer, I would like to know where you got the fact that it is illegal to refill Calor bottles. I know Calor states that you can’t refill them but Calor do not make the law. Ian
  3. There are a lot of them booking direct with the site and going on the rally pitches. Ian
  4. When I was working we would go away and very second weekend leaving on Friday night often arriving on site in the dark, mainly rallies, and departing late on Sunday. As I worked away from home I would be late on the Friday but managed to convince the company that I should do a five day week followed by a four day week so I was home on Thursday night. Now mainly just go for months at a time but still do the odd weekend. Ian
  5. If you have a twin axle and a mover the pneumatic tyre will destory itself. Have a look at the Maypole heavy duty , not the ribbed one, half the price of the Kartt one and loads of us Bucky owners use them. Also check the clamp screw is not bottoming out . Ian
  6. If you had it I bet you would want it on your next van. Over five years of heavy use and it has been fantastic. The only improvement I would like is for a hydraulic jockey wheel linked into the system. Ian
  7. IanV8


    Which clubs? The CCC & the C&MHC don’t have that requirement. Ian
  8. In over 50 years of towing I have never “pushed the trailer”. Ian
  9. Was it a Buccaneer Cruiser with Kampa awnings? If so I know who it is. Ian
  10. One of mine did that but as they are rusted together it’s no problem. The other is one piece. Ian
  11. No from me, Covid and dog Brexit unknowns. Ian
  12. There are some videos on u tube. I removed the header tank and connected to the two rubber pipes. Ian
  13. Stripped the engine and cleaned it out. Big bill for the owner. Ian
  14. You must have a pump somewhere, on older vans they were in the header tank attached to the lid, on newer vans they are inline near the boiler. I used a hand pump to change my fluid but others have used a 12v water pump. If you don’t use an external pump you will spend ages getting the air out. Ian
  15. My son owns an Audi tuning business and they had an Audi in that was not running well, 25,000 miles and had just had its first oil change. Turns out the whole engine was choked with carbon. Ian
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