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  1. We had this problem and tried the Thetford toilet cleaner but were unable to remove the yellow stain completely. After four years of putting up with it I made up a dilute bleach solution 10:1 (Yes I know you are not supposed to use it) I gave the bowl a wipe round with it and he presto it was white again. I then rinsed it out many times to remove any trace of the bleach and then emptied and rinsed the cassette. Since then we have been away to Spain for two months and used the toilet every day. It has only just started to show a little yellowing again. I will get the bleach solution out again before our next trip. We also stopped using any chemicals in the flush tank after black bits and a seized pump. I think the toilet now actually stays cleaner and less smelly . We now occasionally spray the bowl with the Thetford rinse spray.
  2. We have a 2012 Tiguan 4Motion DSG and tow a 1500kg caravan. Boot space is a bit small but I like everything else about it. We have towed dozens of times with it in the UK and France. In the last two years we did 4 trips down through France and around Spain and Portugal for 2 months at a time. All was good until the last trip when in southern Spain, whilst not towing, the rear differential broke. 2 weeks and 5000 euros later we continued our trip around Spain and back through France to the UK. I don't know if this was just bad luck or whether all the towing was just too much for it! We may look at a Kia Sorento for our next tow car but I would like to get a bit more use out of the Tiguan having paid so much to get it fixed.
  3. I went for Safefill too, as I can top up the cylinders before leaving for a long trip in Europe. Previously with Calor I had to either leave with a partly full cylinder or pay for an exchange with gas still in the cylinder to ensure I left with full cylinders. The cost wasn't so much the issue as convenience.
  4. Yes, that looks quite a bit worse than mine as well. My cover was also supplied by swift when I purchased the van, but is the same make as one I had on a previous van that did not seem to have this problem.
  5. The gap was 5-8mm in places when the cover was on. It is now down to 3mm. It is unlikely there are any leaks as it was just lifting up towards the middle and all the seals look good Thanks for that. I had not heard of it before. We love this van and there is nothing else like it any more so I will just wait to see if it improves without the cover on.
  6. I don't know if it actually melted as such but it was definitely stuck hard to the solar panel.
  7. After we returned from Spain in March, I cleaned the van and put the cover on as usual. When checking it recently, I noticed a gap appearing above the internal wall between the bathroom and bed. The screws attaching the wall to the ceiling were being pulled out and it appeared the roof was lifting away from the internal wooden wall. Today I noticed this happening in three other places where there is a floor to ceiling wall and in some places there was a 5-8mm gap. On getting the ladder out to check the roof, I found that it was incredibly hot. It seems the hot air was being trapped between the cover and the van roof and just getting hotter. The cover has a transparent section where the solar panel is and this had melted onto the solar panel and was fairly well stuck in place. I cooled this down with a bucket of water and was then able to peel it back and get the cover off. Once the cover was off, the roof cooled down fairly rapidly. I then gave it a quick wash down with cold water. The gaps inside have reduced considerably but are still evident. I suspect this may improve once we get a bit of damp weather as the ceiling board is currently dry as a bone. I have never heard of this happening before due to a cover. Needless to say the cover is staying off for now (maybe for good). Anyone else had a problem like this? BTW The van is a Sterling Eccles Sport 554 2015.
  8. We changed to using just water in the flush tank after suffering with the dreaded black bits and finding the pump clogged up so it kept stopping. No problems from just using water and the wife says the toilet doesn't smell any more. Result!
  9. +1 Used it in France, Spain and Portugal so far. Brilliant
  10. Red Pennant will not bring you home, if the car can be repaired before the planned end of your trip. I have sites booked until March so unless the garage say they cannot repair it, I have to wait for them to do so. If I was currently back in the UK I would consider the new car option, but logistically I cannot go down that route.
  11. To answer a few questions. The Haldex pump had failed on a previous trip, and had been replaced (It was giving me wheel spin in the damp). The current problem seems to be the gearing inside the differential. With the car lifted up an the wheels turning you can hear a row from the differential. It sounds like a box of bolts being shaken around. The rear wheels don't turn smoothly and sometimes stop. Disconnecting the rear drive might be possible but not something I could do and not something the VW dealer would do for me. As for flying home and buying a new car the logistics of that would be beyond me and I suspect would take longer than the extra 3 days I have to wait currently!
  12. In rural Spain that's not going to happen I'm afraid. If I was in the UK I might consider it.
  13. So we are in Spain, and the rear differential on my 2012 Tiguan 2.0L TDI has failed big time. I wasn't towing at the time. The car has done about 110 thousand miles and towed probably about 15-20 thousand. My Caravan has an MTPLM of 1500kg. The repair is apparently is going to cost me about 4800 euros and the parts will have to come from Germany as they don't have any in Spain. I have no alternative but to get if fixed, as we are in the middle of a two month trip around southern Spain. Is this just bad luck or am I expecting too much from my Tiguan?
  14. I installed one of these on my car. It came on when the reversing lights were activated. Never tried voice command. I gave up using it, as I could not get traffic information at the same time as the camera was connected. Garmin say the power cable that is used with the camera should work with traffic, but it never worked for me.
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