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  1. SimonT

    2018 VW Tiguan

    We tow a Sterling Eccles Sport 1500kg MTLPM with a Tiguan, albeit a 2012 vintage. No problems at all. Spain and back twice in the last year. I pump the car tyres up to loaded max. We have a fair bit of weight in the car with Awning etc. Keep the noseweight about 90-95kg.
  2. We were in Spain for Jan and Feb and had booked all the sites (apart from en-route ones) with the C&CC. We also visited quite a few other sites from the ACSI listings while we were there. They all seemed very full and I would have been nervous of turning up without a booking. We have a caravan not a motorhome and I would probably not be so concerned with a motorhome. Are there any other resources for finding sites which are not listed by the clubs or ACSI?
  3. Indeed you do. But have not been able to exchange it here though! So far I think you are right.
  4. Last year in Spain I exchanged a Camping Gaz 907 cylinder at a campsite. I didn't really take much notice at the time, but the new cylinder was a Butsir branded cylinder. We had moved on to another site before I noticed and considered the implications. Now back in the UK I have asked at one gas distributor and they would not exchange it. Has anyone else encountered this problem? It seems that a 907 cylinder is not always Camping Gaz! I am going to try a couple of other gas distributors, but it seems the bottle is only of any use in Spain! The reason I have a Camping Gaz bottle at all is because they are supposed to be available all over Europe but if it gets swapped for another make, then it is pointless. It would seem that you need to make sure any replacement is branded Camping Gaz.
  5. I am not referring to normal UK cylinders, but specifically to those which are designed to be refilled by the user e.g. Safefill or Gaslow etc. The 'European' cylinders referred to look like specifically German ones. I have not seen ones quite like that in France. BTW I have a French 'Le Cube' Cylinder, a Spanish butane and a Spanish propane but at looking at getting a refillable for other countries which is why I am interested in others experiences with them.
  6. Can anyone give me their direct experience of filling refillable gas cylinders (Gaslow, Safefill etc..) whilst abroad, without having a dedicated fixed filling point. i.e. taking the cylinders out of a caravan or motorhome to get them filled. I have read of users being able to do this, but also some being refused in France and in Spain. If you do this, what has been your experience? I am particularly interested in other countries like Italy, Germany, Croatia and the Scandanavian countries. Thanks Simon
  7. Thanks for the response. I certainly enjoy the planning element. I used your blogs to help plan some of our September-October trip last year. We took a look at El Pino to see if it would suit us, but as I think you said, it's a bit of a marmite site. My wife didn't like it much.
  8. I read your blogs with interest, and am glad you are home safe. We are still in Spain at Vilanova Park but will be leaving for home on Friday via Zaragoza, Larrouleta and the western route to the tunnel. Could I ask what resources you use to find the places of interest you blog about? Do you have a particular way of finding out about places? Thanks.
  9. I think had the option been available for between £500 and £1000 I might well have gone for it. I don't have or want all the items I mentioned (at the moment) but I would like to know that I could add them if I wanted to. At present with the available payload it would be impossible.
  10. We use the Shower, Cooker and Microwave. The option I would like to see manufacturers give us, would be a decent upgrade on payload, say an extra 250kg. This would allow a user to have a Mover, Self Levelling, Air con, Roof Satellite dish and carry bikes on the back and put the awning in the van. It would not require different layouts, just a different axle and possibly chassis.
  11. In October Santander wanted to charge me 5 euro so I found another ATM that didn't wan't to charge me (Grupo Cajamar?)
  12. I use a MiFi and the major benefit is that you can connect an external antenna which gives much better reception than just using a phone. Works well all over the UK, France and Spain. I got mine from www. motorhomewifi. com Also means we can connect multiple devices.
  13. We have bought bottles in France with no problem using a UK address, however we were refused in Spain a few weeks ago as although I could give them a Spanish address, i think they wanted some kind of proof of residency (a guess as i don't speak Spanish)
  14. I have the correct adapters and pigtail from Gaslow and tried to buy a Spanish 6kg bottle from a Respsol garage near Comillas last week. They wanted me to take out a contract, but then refused me as i think they wanted an ID with a Spanish address. on it My Spanish is non existent so i may not have understood. I showed him the address of a villa my friend is staying in but it didn't help. I will try again now we have moved further south.
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