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  1. I insured ours on the basis of only have a hitchlock and paying a little bit extra for no wheel locks. In reality I fit a couple of Milenco Wraiths, which like the Nemesis locks are easy to fit.
  2. I wouldn't say that anything is included, other than leg winder and hook up cable. Then when your buyer tries to get your price down you can through them in for free to seal the deal, rather than knocking any money off.
  3. craigderby

    2013 Quattro EW

    Great layout. L shaped front lounge, side dinette, fixed bed, and full width rear washroom.
  4. craigderby

    Grand Cherokee CRD Limited

    Lots of grunt, and very well equipped.
  5. I suppose most like to feel safe, and when towing a larger SUV type vehicle gives that impression. We're guilty as we have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It does nothing other towing the caravan or the boats. We also have an ageing Volvo V70 which could probably tow the caravan, but it's just ticked over the 200k mark and I don't want to kill it quite yet. Mostly we use our newish Aygo which will do most things, apart from a big shop or taking the dog anywhere.
  6. I only really want it to make life a little easier when it comes to levelling and pitching in tight spaces. I've never had one before and always managed to get in places, just think it might be easier now and again. Rear axle makes the most sense, but then I'd need to either relocate the spare to the inside, or to get the brackets so it can be mounted further back.
  7. Hi Slightly delayed reply, but I'm thinking of fitting the the same to our Quattro EW. Did you fit it to the front or rear axle?
  8. I'll be interested to know how you get on. We're looking at options at the moment, and wondered about them. The thing putting me off is the porch area at the front and how well it would stand a head wind. I was worried about the wind getting under and trying to lift it.
  9. Hi Just wondered if anyone has an Outwell Cove 400A? We're thinking of buying one, and I'd be interested in any user feedback. Thanks
  10. We're sneaking in 2 more trips before the end of the year. Poolsbrook CMC site next weekend, and a as yet undecided location between Christmas and New Year.
  11. Yes I see you have the same. It really is a great tugger
  12. They've been really goood to deal with from when I made the first enquiry by email right through to today.
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