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  1. It might be worth waiting until you've been out a few times. If you're new to caravanning you might actually find you enjoy relaxing and doing other things so much you don't really watch TV. Our TV rarely comes out of it's bag, and if it does all the free channels are easy to obtain on the normal aerial.
  2. We've had no problems at all with it this weekend, found it all very straightforward. My wife started with a cough on Thursday, so as she's a Type 1 Diabetic she booked a test for Friday evening as the cough remained the same. She was in and out of the test centre within 10 minutes. Results came through early this morning to say she was positive. No much later my phone app pinged to say I'd been in close contact with someone and need to self isolate. Today I've not been able to taste a thing, so decided a test might be a good idea. I went on the app to make the booking which took all
  3. If you do decide to change it don't go asking for recommendations! You'll get about 200 options with everyone convinced theirs is the best! lol
  4. It will certainly pull a caravan. I think the concerns are more around stability. A high sided wedge of caravan can have quite an effect on a car if the wind gets up. Do you know anyone who has a lightweight caravan who might let you have a tow of it? That would at least give you a chance to assess if it feels right. If it was me then I'd probably change the car if I could. This would also open up the range of caravans you could consider.
  5. If it has a limit of 1200kg, then you can't tow 1250kg. Although not ideal you might be best to look at changing your car.
  6. There's no problem at all with collecting it. Only people in Tier 3 areas are advised not to travel outside of their area, along with people not travelling into a tier 3. No issues with going from a 2 to 1. This covers what you can and can't do https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-levels-what-you-need-to-know
  7. We have an Energas bottle, not as widely available, but we're lucky in that there's a depot in Derby. If they don't have any bottles on site ready filled they refill your existing bottle for you. I got a fill up last week and it was £17 and some pence.
  8. Thanks for the reply and feedback. In the end we decided not to risk it and have bought a Vango instead. It was more expensive, but we've been happy with it.
  9. Having had a quick look all of the towbar manufacturers appear to say a bumper cut will be necessary, but I believe it's where the bumper goes underneath the car and isn't visible. It looks a relatively easy one to fit. I've not yet had a towbar which interfered with the parking sensors. It sounds to me like they're trying to push you into a more expensive removable bar.
  10. Well we did a bit of shopping last night, and ended up with neither! Instead we've bought a Freelander 2, so slightly different to the plan, but the good lady is happy enough and it should tow the caravan without too much issue. I suppose I should sell the Range Rover Sport now, but I might see how long I can get away with keeping it as a weekend runabout lol
  11. Yes the MOT info updates straightaway. When I had ours tested the other week I'd been able to pop on and see it had passed before the chap came to tell me the result.
  12. My main reservation with an E class is the noweweight limit of 84kgs. I would need to be run dead on it, as our caravan isn't happy under 85kgs, and normally I have it at 95
  13. Yes the GLC is more money than we're planning to spend. A GL would be a possible, but it's really down to an E-Class or ML.
  14. I'll not make that mistake again! I thought it would be a nice surprise, but her face when I rocked up with the RRS was a right picture
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Looking through a few old posts you're not the first to question the stability of the E-Class, so I'm thinking that might not be the best choice.
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