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  1. I've been converted

    Porch awning, so it wasn't too heavy. I just moved the oil filled radiator a little further forward. It drove fine
  2. I've been converted

    I've always been very much of the opinion that a large end bathroom is a waste of space in a caravan, and that I'd rather have the extra 'living room'. However, after this weekend I've very much changed my view. We bought an Avondale Argente 640/6 in November, which has an end bathroom, but had the 6 berths that we wanted. This weekend we've had our first trip out in it, and I'm sold on the large washroom. It was great to have somewhere you could change without being a contortionist, and a sink basin you can actually get near. We didn't use the full size shower, but it was really handy for bringing the wet awning home in. So if you were like me and thought an end washroom wasn't for you then you might just be surprised if you give it a go.
  3. Who else was going away this weekend?

    We're were due on a rally this weekend in the Peak District, but it's been cancelled. Last night we managed to get a pitch at Chatsworth for next weekend instead, so hopefully things will have cleared by then.
  4. Motorpoint

    I know just what you mean! We bought a car today. Just a an Aygo as a runabout, it's an ex-demo car straight from the main dealer. More than happy with the deal, couldn't get a similar one anywhere else even close to the price, but we were in there nearly 2 hours while they went through their 'process'
  5. Will a Skoda do the job?

    I have a swan neck, as you can see in the photo. If you see in the picture there is a plastic cover on the towball, this did trigger the reversing sensors. However I changed it for one of the rubber Alko golf ball type covers, and it's been fine since.
  6. Will a Skoda do the job?

    I fitted it myself and found it quite straightforward, I then paid the local towbar placing the do the programming. I used a proper dedicated electrics kit rather than just a bypass relay.
  7. Tow Bar Fitting.

    I have a 2014 Superb with the same boot arrangement and my towbar wasn't a problem, I'm sure the later model will be the same.
  8. Yes, it's worth checking your handbook regarding headlights. On our Skoda you just a change it to Holiday Mode in the settings, and it adjusts the lights for you.
  9. The "old" Ssangyong Rexton.

    I've not owned one, but we tried one recently and as a towcar I can see it would be great. The only reason we didn't buy it was down to a couple of faults. We ended up getting an Hyundai Terracan, very similar driving experience, and might be worth adding to your list of possibles if you're after something which will get on and do the job without any fuss.
  10. Ferry from Caen

    We used Riva Bella last summer and I'd say it's perfect for the ferry, you'll struggle to find a better option.
  11. Joined The Avondale Crew

    Just booked the first trip away, going to the CC site at Chatsworth in early Jan. Can't wait
  12. Joined The Avondale Crew

    I've picked up our latest Avondale today. We've got an Argente 640-6
  13. Will a Skoda do the job?

    We have a Skoda Superb, it's the 170bhp version. Mostly we tow with our 4x4, but in the summer took our caravan to France using the Skoda and it had no issues in the slightest. The caravan was lighter at 1300kgs, which we were probably near to as we had all the rubbish we apparently have to take with us. The car is very stable towing, I'd put this down to the long wheelbase. I'd feel confident that 1500kgs would be fine, but I wouldn't fancy going over that.
  14. Joined The Avondale Crew

    Off to see a Rialto 640-6 in the morning. Fingers crossed it's not rotten
  15. Upgrading

    Hi Personally we've had a few older vans over the years, which I've bought knowing they have a little damp, so they've been really cheap. At the end of the year I then strip it for parts, and sell it off on Ebay. I've found depending on the spec of the caravan that it's possible to bring in between 1 and 2 thousand. The empty shell I've then sold on Ebay as suitable for converting to a trailer. I've never had any problems getting rid of the bits. Theses days I don't tend to have the time, so we just have a mid priced caravan. The main thing isn't so much the price as the condition. It's well worth investing in a damp meter, and never believe someone who tells you their caravan isn't damp, always check for yourself.