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  1. Thanks for all the advice and information. After much deliberation i decided on Diesel and have managed to get my hands on one of the few remaining Volvo XC40 D AWD. Delivery is end of the month Cheers
  2. Hi all Time has come to replace my Mazda CX5 2.2D .Although I thought it was a great tow car I am toying with a change so I am currently weighing up options for a replacement to tow my Bailey GT65 Verona ( MTPLM 1448 kg ). Diesel options see to be limited nowadays with most manufacturers leaning towards petrol. All the new ones seem to be smaller engines with turbos boosting the BHP. Kia and Hyundai do a 1.6 with 176 BHP. Volvo do 1.5 with 163 BHP, Honda do 1.5 with 171 BHP. After only towing with diesel long term nowadays so I would appreciate input and advice from anyone who t
  3. Hi all Thought i would report back We purchased a second had isabella moonlight ambassador awning with the carbonx poles and it has been on the seasonal for 8 months , North Yorkshire moors in quite and expose location on the edge of a valley so quite expposed and open to the elemetnts We had some quite hairy moments where when we were in bed in the middle of the night we thought the whole set up was going to take off. Must admit we used a vast amount of rock pegs , double pegging etc along with the issabella front storm straps and have to say desite our concerns it neve
  4. Hi all Thought i would drop by and give you an update on the Damp issue. After 8 months on a seasonal pitch woth the wheel arch covered by an awnig for the entire time i had the van damp tested on the day it was returned to its winter storage. Happy to say that damp levels in all areas of the van including the wheel arch areawere within the 0-15% level . Now to decide whether to do a more permanent repair on the area or replace the wheel arch liner which cost £12 plus fitting Cheers
  5. Thanks for all the replies , I fully understand the legal situation as my daughter is a Solicitor so no costs uncured by myself there, and the area of faulty workmanship is a bit of a grey area contractually. As a previous poster stated its likely to be a ''prove it '' situation , but the current situation is i am in contact with Bailey who will not speak to me over the phone and await their reply to my email . Its good news that the part is so cheap and to be honest looking at how flimsy it is on the link , i don't think i would fasten anything to it without some reinforce
  6. Dealer has said nothing more they can do as far as the claim is concerned and it is in my hands to contact Bailey direct which i will do with very little hope of success. They have forwarded me an image of the crack which was forwarded to Bailey at the time of the claim Looks to me it was caused by the fitting of the mudflap .
  7. Thanks again for all the interest. To be honest i am a little skeptical as to the amount of damp ( 24 to 30% ) and if this is the case how long has the fault been lying un-noticed , a temporary repair has been carried out to stop further ingress I will give you all a detailed update when i have had chance to visit the van in storage and also grill the dealer as to the exact findings. Will also definitely be taking legal advice .
  8. Thanks for the replies. Yes we have owned from new , it has been fully serviced and we assumed ( wrongly as it seems ) that the 6 year water ingress warranty was in fact a 6 year water ingress warranty .
  9. Hi all We have a 2015 Bailey GT65 Verona which at its last service a couple of weeks ago showed damp at up to 30% around the wheel arch areas. This was caused by a cracked in side the plastic wheel arch area. ''I have submitted a claim to Bailey for the damp found around your NS wheel arch, unfortunately this claim has been rejected by Bailey stating the following: “Rejected - Due to the component being beyond the initial 24 months of the Manufacturer's warranty. "Structural degradation or other damage caused by water ingress through no permanently Sealed se
  10. Hi all Just found out during its service that my 2015 GT65 Verona has some damp 25-30% in the floor area around the wheel arch caused by a crack in the wheel arch box . Dealer is currently submitting a claim so watch this space. Have to say its a never ending circle with this van , owned from new and this must be the 30th fault
  11. Thanks for that guys much appreciated. Think my plan is to go a little overkill on the pegging, better safe than sorry and storm straps will definitely t be fitted to all three front points from day one. Cheers Jim
  12. Hi all Has anyone had any experience of using Carbon x poles with an Isabella full awning on a seasonal pitch. Just about to purchase an awning for our 2019 pitch would appreciate input and experiences before i take the plunge Thanks in advance Jim
  13. Thanks for the replies, at long last a couple of Isabella Ambassador Moonlight have come up for sale at reasonable prices . However they both have Carbon x frames which i am not sure about on a seasonal pitch. Any thoughts ?
  14. Thanks for the replies most helpful. Lots of option there to be considered We are currently in buy mode as we have 8 weeks or so left until we pitch for the season so watch this space.
  15. Hi all Due to work commitments we will be locating our caravan ( Bailey GT65 Verona ) on a seasonal pitch from March 2019. Ideally we would like to leave the awning erected as much as possible and would appreciate thoughts / advice on what awnings people use on such pitches. We currently only have a lightweight awning so a new one would need to be purchased in time for next year. Thanks in advance Jim
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