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  1. price dropped to £15,450. ....bargin
  2. Looking for a bargain? open to offers. .... http://www. gumtree. com/p/caravans/elddis-crusader-super-cyclone-2012-£15-950/1083642384
  3. markdj


    Put another decal on top?
  4. I wonder what they did then?........ report please
  5. We had an elddis 556 for several years, great van with the kids. We didnt have and problems with it, it stood up well to family life! Only thing to watch out for in particular of that model is the 'garage' door making a good seal. We ended up putting a stick-on gutter/eyelash over the top to stop water running in to the seals. Also the bottom of the very narrow wardrobe can have ventilation issues, need to keep the door open when not using.
  6. The 2012 models were old construction style but panel design of the later models. ...not the previous design where a few members have issues with side panel cracking. So as for the 2013 models, as it is broadly similar to ours, ours has been great! Does concern me the minority few are shouting loudly. ...potentially devaluing my perfectly good van. ....
  7. don't need to uprate in the eyes of the law. ..the axle rating are what count!
  8. Cheers Dave, I'll have a look Jay cheers. ...but they make quite a few axles! Likey to be SWING rubber suspension axles, braked, axle load 1050 kg, wheel brake S 2005-7 RASK ta chaps
  9. Its the actual axle load limits I'm after rather than Elddis proclaimed loadings! Cheers Mark
  10. We've a 2012 super cyclone. .currently in storage away from home. . Does anyone happen to know the max axle loads are please. ta Mark
  11. Did have a td5 es, all the toys, 7 seats etc. ..auto. ..great for towing, now got a disco 3 tdv6 auto. ..even better for towing, go spoil yourself, you know you are worth it!!!
  12. Really hope it all gets sorted. ...feeling for the folks who have lost their vans. .. http://www. gloucestercitizen. co. uk/PICTURES-Huge-blaze-burns-caravans-Croft-Farm/story-20169341-detail/story. html
  13. Just depends where the politicians want to put our money. ....normally where they get the biggest bang per buck for the . ......
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