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  1. I am 70 in November so renewed my license online. I have lost the 3.5 to 7.5 t and minibus entitlement as you need a medical chit for those and a paper application. I am not likely to need those categories anyway! I used the passport photo, which was on my last license anyway and got my new license in a few days. I still have my full motorbike license too. It was free. B+E is still on which is outfit up to 8.25 tonnes total, way more than our outfit. Joys of getting older
  2. Don't blame you but I am a retired layabout now
  3. I keep fit doing the aquaroll,wastemaster,loo cassette walks We have two aquarolls reducing the exercise, one runs out swap it over refill later! Useful if using onboard shower!
  4. Hyundai do, one was tested on the Fifth Gear program, at the time they said there were 8 or 9 fuelling points for them in UK. I saw a road sign to one in Cirencester when we were there on CMC site this year. Has to better than hauling heavy battery packs about and quicker refuelling.
  5. We visited the Shrewsbury dealer a while ago they had quite a lot of new Swifts and the Coachman vans. Our friendly Bailey place had no new vans in Sep but are probably waiting for the 22 models. They had some new motorhomes but all sold. We are not in the market as we are happy with ours.
  6. No gas lights either We always joke that the motorhomes must be underpowered if they need a small car to push them
  7. Our Hyundai salesman was very honest and said he would love to have our 5 year old low mileage Santa Fe as a part exchange. We were tempted by the ex demo top of the range hybrid one, but high price and road tax were against it. A good saving on new and a lovely car though. When we bought ours we said we would pay by bank transfer which pleased the salesman as he didn't have to go through all the finance options. He was happy making a sale! Took it in for its service and mot yesterday a lot cheaper than changing it! While we were there we looked at the Ioniq EV, it is very nice. If we weren't caravanners it would be very tempting.
  8. Our local Hyundai/ Honda dealer are excellent sales are professional , service very good. As are our local Mini dealer. We had 3 Kias before . The dealer ( they also do Ford and Mazda) was pretty good for sales but poor for service, but got better.
  9. Bailey used to sell vans in Australia which were assembled there. Not sure if they do now. Different spec to UK models and quite pricey. The NZ ones may have been supplied from Australia.
  10. Some vans had a couple of lights that were mains only, the rest 12v via leisure battery and charger. You don't always need a leisure battery on mains as the charger/ power supply provides 12v. If you have no leisure battery or it has discharged no 12v when not mains connected. There may be a switch on the caravan marked car/ caravan. This would need to be switched to car and possibly a 12v master switch too.
  11. The ceramic element fan heaters are very good and safe, apparently developed to heat aircraft holds in cold climates. We bought ours years ago when we had an Abbey caravan . It had a gas only heater in it so we used the fan heater instead, it's selectable 1 or 2KW and thermostatic.
  12. We have a ceramic fan heater too, we used to use it in older vans as its very efficient and safe. It has been used in the awning occasionally. Yes I am very naughty. When we are away our house is using very little electricity, or gas! We have solar panels on the house .
  13. We use a small oil fired radiator in our conservatory in winter, just on frost setting. It just stops any damp. Once some sun gets on it soon warms up being SW facing. The insulate Britain muppets would be very cross with you using a heater in an awning
  14. We will probably go automatic next, no choice with hybrids! Kia still do one diesel Sorento, only one model and auto. Probably not worth making a manual box now. Toyota Land Cruiser and new Defenders are autos only.
  15. We have holiday insurance with our bank account. If you have that give them a call.
  16. Not the RAF, they retired the Tornadoes in 2019.
  17. Another 15 at York and Boroughbridge for us. Our total 64 Forum 539
  18. We had a Saab 900 turbo towing an Abbey GTS it did about 18mpg. A later 9000 2.3t was fractionally better. Both could easily spin the front wheels pulling away so you had to be gentle! Traction control was your right foot. Cracking cars as heavy so stable when towing.
  19. We used to tow with petrol cars before diesels were so common. They were fine especially turbos. We had 2 Saab turbos which were superb towcars if a little thirsty. We have a Mini with a 1.5 t petrol engine, it is very torquey in all the gears. It is not a towcar. We have seen a Cooper S estate model towing a Swift Basecamp. The S is 2 litre turbo.
  20. We were offered a very good price for our 4 year old Santa Fe against a new one. The dealer told us he could sell it very easily. He actually told us that WBAC or Arnold Clark used car place( which is up the road from Hyundai) had been offering very good prices. New Santa Fe is petrol hybrid and can tow 1.5 tonne, our diesel can tow 2.5. You can still get a diesel Sorento new. Only I model and over £ 40K so you get stung on road tax.
  21. It's a type of wheel lock.
  22. Halford can mix aerosols if you know the paint colour name. I got one for my old Range Rover. Possibly not available for caravans. Worth asking.
  23. Easy enough to fit especially with mover. I just line it up by eye. Awkward if using a levelling on near side at times. Must be tricky on a twin axle with two locks though. Never had scratches on the wheels either.
  24. There are a lot of new caravanners and motorhome owners about so possibly inexperienced. Some motorhomers may not have driven a big vehicle before, and may have hired the MH. This year we have seen some right numpties driving them. We have hire MHs in Canada ( pretty big)and Australia (Sprinter van conversion) but I had driven trucks in the RAF. Wife had driven a couple of hired vans so was fine too.
  25. If you have a classic car they can be exempt from some congestion city charges. No VED or mot if over 40 years old! I would definitely have an MOT if I still had my classic Landie. I guess it's because they are not used much. I strongly feel that electric cars should pay VED they are vehicles and use the roads!
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