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  1. We haven't seen the shuffle but are at York Beechwood Grange site, which is virtually all hardstanding. Trying to get out of the site yesterday was difficult as outfits were queuing to get in before 12. Bit of a squeeze.
  2. Now the rules are changing again in October. We are going to Spain in November so hopefully the new rules will be sorted by then. The travel company are going to update us when our tickets are sent and can arrange the tests etc. Fingers crossed.
  3. We had a Sorento, now a 2016 Santa Fe. Millenco mirrors fit both as far as we know. You can't get diesel ones now. They are petrol hybrid. We test drove a Hyundai which was very nice and very quick. Kia sorento and Santa Fe share the same platform. Hyundai Max tow weight is 1500kg so our Unicorn is just OK. Decided to stick,with our diesel as its low mileage and like new. The 2.2 diesels are great for towing.
  4. Better than a Transit pick up with scrap in the back
  5. Our neighbours grandchildren were very amused When they were less common some of our European friends were impressed when we used one on a site.
  6. 12 nights at Rookebury Park CMC in August 49 for us Forum total 462
  7. We take other holidays, we have booked a fortnight in Spain in November. We like river and sea cruises too, when allowed! Longhaul ones still to be planned once we can.
  8. In these pandemic times I consider a caravan much safer than a hotel, plus if we don't like where we are we can move on.
  9. Our 2018 Cadiz doesn't have it either as far as we know. The standard timer works fine. Must have been an option. We tend to just turn it down at night then up in the morning it soon warms up. If its cold in the night the thermostat starts it
  10. It's the same with car prices, used prices are very good. We looked at a new Santa Fe hybrid. It will tow our van and was a lovely car. Really well equipped and extremely responsive. The salesman offered us a very good price for our 4 year old low mileage one, admitting he would sell it very quickly. Hyundai stopped the diesel this year. The dealer had 5 of the last ones but they went really quickly. The hybrid will tow 1500kg which is ok for us. However even with a good discount we decided to keep ours. The new one has higher road tax because list price is over £40K. Despite being a low emission car.
  11. We gave up tenting many years ago. We enjoyed it when we were young, living in Germany at the time. Having experienced storms and cold we bought a little caravan when we could afford it. We have had hired motorhomes in Canada and Australia and thoroughly enjoyed it, but we are happy with our caravan. Some good friends went from a caravan to a motorhome then back to a caravan as they felt there were too many disadvantages to the MH in UK.
  12. Nor us. Tried a rally once but not our thing. Don't do organised! Had enough of that in the military.
  13. We have towed a few vans and odd campervan off muddy pitches with various 4wds we have owned. I remember watching an SUV attempting to dig itself to Australia on wet grass with its van attached. The site warden turned up and suggested he engaged 4wd. Unfortunately it was a 2wd version. Yes we laughed. I offered to pull his van off with our Sorento but Mr warden got the trusty tractor out . He was not a happy bunny seeing the resulting mess. When we arrived they were using the tractor to site people unless you had a 4x4,in which casethey asked you to engage 4wd and go slowly.
  14. Or its restyled brother the Ital I drove a Marina once it felt like the rear axle was attached by elastic. My own Fiat 128 of same age was way better, but rusted like most did! We have had 3 original Minis, they are good fun. Our current 2019 Mini is a cracker, but it's a baby BMW , UK made.
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