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  1. The municipal in Bayeux is very good. New sanitary block and huge new pool complex next door. Its a pleasant walk into the town centre.
  2. Beds made up, twin singles. Spare set of bedding in bag under one bed on our long trips.
  3. There should be a large washer on the jockey wheel securing clamp lever. If it is missing it could cause the problem. Our last van did it, then I realised the washer was gone, dealer gave me a couple. The tip about using a cordless drill for the steadies is great, you can get the adapter for the steadies from a caravan shop or online.(Towsure should do them). We have one, it saves a lot of work. Aldi or Lidl quite often have drills, remember to charge it! I got mine in Range, good price with 2 year warranty.
  4. There are 2 sites at Hanley Swan, CMC and C&CC, actually 3 if you count the scout camp!
  5. Ours started creaking on the way back from our June France travel. The van had to go in for the noisy brake shoe replacement so they checked the hitch pads. Cleaning did not work! They were replaced so just over years use, but a lot of miles. The technician said to ensure the towball is kept very clean, and replace it ifscratched or worn. Ours bolts on so its easy. I clean it thoroughly before use, it can develop surface rust if not used, even with a cover. Its fine now and only odd squeak from brakes when hot! No squeals.
  6. We visited Canterbury in September. They wanted £12 each to get into the cathedral. No chance!
  7. Ours too, replacement one is more substantial. I have glued old one.
  8. Us too used for many years just changed friction pads once. We sold it on when we got first van with the stabiliser hitch.
  9. We have a 2018 Cadiz, we have spent quite a lot of time in it. We chose the layout as the beds were long enough for me, most fixed doubles are a bit short. Yesca bit narrow but very comfortable. The van is light inside and appears spacious. No real issue with no window in the wash room. it has 2 skylights and very good lighting. Happy with ours.
  10. Lovely sound, I had a classic Range Rover which sounded awesome. Drove a Shelby Mustang on track, that sounds amazing and was pretty damn quick. Ony better sound Rolls Royce Merlins on Spitfire, Hurricane or 4 of on Lancaster!
  11. Have you checked the voltage across the battery terminals with the leads disconnected? If you have 12v or 13 v its ok. If not it could be dead.
  12. La Bien Assise at Guînes should be okay, although it closes very at end of September.
  13. We are on our 6th Bailey over a period of more than 20 years. None have had major issues, any faults have been repaired by our dealer. (3 Pageants, 1 Pegasus and 2 Unicorns) We have been very pleased with them. Our current Unicorn Cadiz will be 2 next March, we really like it. (Max weight 1400Kg) Just back from our second month stay in France. The squealing brakes were replaced before this trip, much better just odd squeak when hot, previously very abs (audible brake system!) Issues Al ko cheapo plastic jockey wheel split, probably caused going on ferry and a mean french speed bump! Bought a new one but I will probably get a heavy duty or pneumatic one and remove wheel before going on a ferry! We have a Towsure shop not far away so will have a drive out and get one, wife will probably want to go to Merry Hill shopping place too
  14. Another 30 , 4 in UK, 26 on 4 sites in France. Total 721. Have not added up own total yet!
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