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  1. Our Unicorn Cadiz 4 has 2 fixed single beds which are longer than my 6'2" body! We swapped from a Vigo 2 with the transverse bed which was only just long enough.(feet could end up hanging off end!) Most of the vans with the side fixed layout have longer beds. The downside is one of you is by the wall and they often have a cutaway section on the other side. Best betis visit some deales and try them.
  2. Its a sad reflection on the manufacturer that they let it leave the factory in the first place. Secondly the dealer should have sent it back immediately, not tried to fob it off on the customer. Sounds like the old days of British Leyland!
  3. You could try Bailey parts, you can order online.
  4. We had an Abbey GTS for years, you could see through quite well, even better when we switched to taller SUVs! No rear window on our Bailey. I can't see why people think they do not need towing mirrors,its the law! I can see it would be difficult to fit them to some vans etc. I had a S3 Landrover with Defender door mirrors. It was difficult to fit towing mirrors to it, but I rarely towed with it. You can get longer arms for LR which they fit to some of the converted variants. In Australia they did repacement mirrors for SUVs etc which were bigger and telescoped out for towing. Very neat idea as they retain the heating and adjustment. Saw them on Land Cruisers and Shoguns plus pickups.
  5. I have a Garmin which is fine, as my 12 year old car does not have one! You can stop somewhere and search for accomodation nearby by selecting campsites ! Also has free updates as long as I own it. Our Hyundai has a built in one which is updated at each sevice, it is not as comprehensive as the Garmin, its Tom Tom based. We still carry and use maps! The Garmin usually gets put in the car in case! I think common sense is an essential extra! An artic got stuck up a farm track near us because the foreign drivervwas using satnav! Despite road signs saying unsuitable for motors! Took a couple of days and a big expensive recovery truck to retrieve him!
  6. A non timber composite could be used but cost would increase. Lots of alternatives. Aircraft use composite floor material of either aluminium skins with a foil honeycomb in between or even fibreglass top and bottom with honeycomb. Its been in use for many years. They also use carbon fibre composites but they are very expensive! The radomes of most aircraft are fibreglass with foam in between the skins, has to be tough to withstand bird strikes rain etc. Fibreglass is transparent to radar. I believe the Freedom caravans are moulded from fibreglass (grp correct term!). Bit like a boat!
  7. I replaced a faulty light on our last U2,the cabling was also tight. There was a cable tie causing it,probably to tidy it up. I cut it off replaced light and tucked wiring back .
  8. Bet they would complain if the travellers pitched up near their homes in UK! Not my idea of a holiday.
  9. Some good friends of ours went from a caravan to a motorhome,then back to a caravan. They found it was too difficult to park it anywhere other than on campsites,which made visiting places difficult. Most of the car parks in our area,especially at public parks have height restrictors, one or two have dedicated motorhome and coach parking. Not for overnighting. I suspect the main reason is to keep the "much loved travellers"away! Last year a bunch of euro travellers took over Shrewsbury park and ride . Not the usual transits and twin axles but very posh cars and vans. Soon after a couple of the domestic variety pitched in the middle of The Range carpark! Bit of an inconvenience for customers!
  10. I am pretty certain there is a fuse inside the cassette compartment,worth checking. Info should be in the manual.
  11. Never had any problem with them, although fiddley to get the wheel off. I used to slide out the carrier,remove wheel and apply copperslip to the tu bes, the thread for the wheel retainer and the locking bolt. Then reassemble. Our current Bailey has a system were you wind the wheel down from under the bed. Seems better.
  12. We hired motorhomes in Australia, one was VW the other Mercedes. Both were dsg boxes and were good to drive. Manuals not popular down under!
  13. If you want to sleep in the van why not! We would use ours as extra room if we had a house full of family, but we would have to fetch it from storage! Neighbours can think what they want, I think football is daft!
  14. Just remove the carpet, middle section ypu should see a rectangular hatch remove the lid which should reveal the battery. There should be a master switch for the mover, which will need turning on. On our 1 year old Unicorn its inside the external locker by the entrance door. The control panel in the van should show the battery voltage, handbook should tell you what to do.
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