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  1. We had a 62 reg Sorento KX2 without sls, it towed perfectly well for 4 years, Bailey Vigo 2. Prior to that we had a 59 SorentonTitan non sls which also towed really well. We now have a 66 Santa Fe with sls which does not drop down at the rear with the van on and is rock solid. Can't say it is a noticeable difference. The Kia did drop a little when hitching up but not much.
  2. I had bfg cars withe old black and white plates ending in B. We had a small trailer for our camping gear with its own bfg plate, reg sticker and green card! A mate was on leave in uk with his right hand drive car,a stroppy traffic warden was going to report him for no tax disc! Reply was " good luck with that!" He was illegally parked at the time!
  3. Ours had new shoes under warranty in August. The squealing has gone. We have towed to the Dordogne slight sqeal at end of trip when hot but most vans have done that! Certainly much better.
  4. Its a good place to see all the different vans on offer, but does get very crowded. Not interested in another van so I will not go. I am going to the Classic Car show in November. Unfortunately the NEC charge an excessive £16 to park. Luckily my train fare from home is less , so will probably do that. Last year we took our van to Kingsbury Water Park and my wife dropped me off and picked me up at The Hilton by the NEC while she did her own thing. Had a nice break too.
  5. Watch the door catch on the frame too. I caught my arm on it when taking stuff out. Wife put a bit of tape over it. It will get gentle filing along with door strip.
  6. We tow at around 100kph but it may sneak up inadvertently! Been through Rouen Tunnel today, know about the cameras. People were sticking to 70kph limit, there are warning signs!
  7. I think the 6 year anti damp warranty is transferable as long as the van has been correctly serviced and checked. No doubt a fee will be charged.
  8. Try classic car insurance, it should be old enough to qualify and you don't do a huge mileage. Some do agreed value and premiums are lower. I had a classic Range Rover on 3000 miles agreed value for a very reasonable price.
  9. I got in a snake several years ago on a motorway atabout 60mph. I took feet off the pedals and let the outfit slow, luckily it straightened out. It was an 89 Saab 900 turbo towing an Abbey GTS415. Not nice. Afterward I realised I had not increased the cars rear tyre pressures! Once pressures upped. the oufit was rock solid. Lesson learned read the handbook! That was one very quick car, used to take great pleasure leaving tailgating repmobiles behind solo! Our Santa Fe plus Unicorn is very stable up to 70 mph ( in France passing hgv) maybe more. we normally trundle along at 60 mph . where allowed. Do not blast along on downhill bits!
  10. Each to their own. Having served myself I have no wish to wear a uniform any more!
  11. I would think the used value of pre September 19 motorhomes will be stronger. New sales may suffer. Still see plenty of new £40k plus cars about! If we were to replace our Santa Fe it would attract the high tax, ours did not and with only 21000 miles and 2.5 years warranty left its staying!
  12. The outer ring road is not bad, called Franciliene I think, its busy but free. You follow signs for Charles De Gaul airport then Lyon . There are some services but they get full of trucks. Best to check it on a map first as road numbers change. A lot of it was N124. We have been on the Peripherique on a Sunday, it was ok. Once ended up on it on Friday afternoon due to navigation error! Nightmare ? Solid with nutters on motorbikes and scooters weaving in an out of the lanes! Eventually we came off through suburbs with awful roads but found a site on outskirts of city for night. All part of lifes experience!
  13. I do not agree with the extra tax being levied on vehicles over a certain cost. The taxman brought in lower tax or even free tax for low emitting cars. Consequently their sales increased and tax revenue fell! They have to recoup the money somehow!I hope the tax also applies to electric vehicles and hybrids too. They still use the roads. Motor vehicles are cash cows! I suspect a petition will be ignored by our politicians who are too busy squabbling over issues mentioned in the previous post!
  14. I have been caravanning since 1981 never had any damage to the front of a van. Killed a few thousand bugs! I will continue without one. If I do get a bird strike may reconsider! Van is comprehensively insured.
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