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  1. We tested one, ex Volvo management, one year old fully loaded auto! Lots of power and comfortable. My wife prefers the higher driving position of an SUV. W got a realy good deal on a new Santa Fe !
  2. My 12 year old Saab allegedly has a screw to move the lights, according to the handbook. Supposedley next to the dip bulbs after removing a dust cover! I cannot find it Not taking it over to EU anyway. Our Santa Fe has the active xenon type lights. For driving abroad,you go into the menu on dash using the buttons on the wheel and change the setting. It then gives a warning that beam pattern changed each time you switch on. It was not very clear in the handbook, we found it by scrolling through menus.
  3. We had a Sorento and U3 Vigo, the jockey wheel could bottom on bad speed humps and you should go very slowly going on and off car ferries! I did damage one on a particularly vicious french speed hump, despite going slowly. It bent the wheel yoke a bit, ended up replacing it. I did remove it subsequently on ferries! Now have a Santa Fe and U4 but still take it easy. It sits a bit higher as the Hyundai has SLS. Speed humps are a damn nuisance.
  4. Their choice,, more room for us caravenners on the sites!
  5. We are coming over in June, we love France, I have a reasonable command of the language and like the quieter roads. If the sites ate not busy great! Where to go? Depends on weather! No set plans may go into Holland and Germany for a change. We come back before the peak season and will probably come back over mid August possibly to our favourite site in Loire area! ACSI very useful.
  6. Check the mains circuit breaker. It may have tripped,they can when you disconnect or reconnect. Reset by pushing the switch up. If you are not sure whee it is check handbook if you have it.
  7. We are coming over in mid June for a month, probably come back in Mid August so as to avoid peak times and use ACSI again! Got green cards not bothered wth idp yet, doubt brexit will be sorted anytime soon!Less brits means more spaces!
  8. Me too, one less item to buy and stash on site.
  9. Yes just give them a call,they were very helpful. Thelady saoid it had been taking 10 days, but ours arrived in three.
  10. Saga just sent us a green card for the car and one for the caravan. No charge and valid until renewal day. Not clear if I need idp. Funny how US, Canada and Australia did not!
  11. We got a crit air sticker last year, less than a fiver! If we go into Germany I believe I can buy one from a car dealer or T UV test place. We will have our V5 etc with us.
  12. We applied for green cards from our insurer,Saga. They were informed we were towing. They issued two,one for the car, one for the caravan. It has make model and the same reg number as car. Free and valid to policy renewal date. Have not got idp yet may pop up to post office and get them. We have gb type number plates,there is a gb sticker on the van .
  13. There was a long thread about U4 and tv fittings last year I seem to recall
  14. I considered a small electric or hybrid as a second car, but for less money I can get a small eco petrol or diesel . There are some bargains especially 1 or 2 year old cars. I have a 12 year old Saab soft top which is immaculate, obviously not worth much but has only 70K miles. So its staying for the time being! A local independent services it and everyday parts are available. If BEVs or hydrogen fuel cell are the future then the infrastructure will need to be there. The hydrogen fuel cell looks good, easy enough to fill and clean emissions, there are a few fuel stations now. Fifth Gear TV show tested a Hyundai hydrogen SUV and were pretty impressed but purchase price is high. They also were impressed with the Jaguar I Pace but had to stop for an hour to charge it!
  15. I looked up the Al ko chassis manual online, it does confirm that the bearings are sealed for life but interestingly not protected against water ingress! I would have thought there was a grease seal! Perhaps they mean immersion in deep water for any period of time?
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