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  1. 664DaveS

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    Mustang convertible appeals to me! Have to be V8 though! Would get popular with fuel station! Just had my trusty Saab convertible serviced and mot tested, it needed a bit of brake pipe renewing underneath near tank, a flexy plus metal bit, I had all 4 flexibles to calipers changed as well. Tester said she's immaculate underneath its only done 78,000 miles. Not bad for12 years old. We both like it so cheaper than swapping! We don't really need two cars now, but the convertible is nice and probably not worth a lot to sell. As long as nothing major goes we will keep it. We have 2 year old Santa Fe for towing.
  2. 664DaveS

    bailey unicorn S4 / dometic RM8551 rubbish cooling

    Our fridge worked fine in France last year despite high temperatures. We have a Cadiz 4.
  3. 664DaveS

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    I believe VW are bringing out a convertible version of T Roc soon. Saw it while browsing mags in well known bookshop! Kia do the Stonic,small SUV looking at their range.
  4. 664DaveS

    Build quality

    I agree,our U4 Cadiz is well put together,due first service soon. Brakes still squeala bit so I will get them to sort it!
  5. 664DaveS

    Fuel consumption

    Our Santa Fe does 39 to 42mpg solo and 26 to 30mpg towing our Bailey Unicorn. Its a manual. Better in France as roads less congested,we do around60mph where allowed on autoroutes. On b roads with 50mph limits its pretty good!
  6. 664DaveS

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Front end is same on all of them,the new Evoque has same front. Wife likes Evoque soft top! New Defender looks a bit like Skoda Yeti! I like the new Suzuki Jimny,looks like a baby Defender! Separate chassis,low box etc 1. 5 petrol. About £15-17K. A bit small to tow anything other than small trailer! I may look at one for a second car, especially if they do the softtop version here.
  7. 664DaveS

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    We often broke halfshafts on RAF series 3 LRs! Usually due to applying the parking brake before the vehicle was fully stopped! Also giving it too much welly could break them!(moi?). They were normally in rear wheel drive except off road! If one broke put it in 4 high and take it to workshop! You used to have to open door and lift out the seat bases to fill the under seat tanks! There was a spout which lifted up to facilitate using jerricans. Civvy ones usually had one tank with a filler cap on side panel! I had my own S3 later on but was careful so avoided breakage! Not sure if it was a problem with later 9/110 and Defenders which use the permanant 4x4 setup.
  8. 664DaveS

    Kia sorento Spare wheel

    Our Santa Fe has a full size alloy spare,not sure if the new model has.
  9. 664DaveS

    Van Man

    Can they come and do the parking cameras here? Seems like the Yellow Vests are still carrying on. They got the fuel tax concessions and others so probably time to stop? Burning peoples cars etc is not good. They want Macron out but he was democratically elected so they will have to wait until next election! Sarkozy and Hollande both booted out after one term, we could let them have Corbyn or Boris We love France but Germany too, having done two tours in RAF in former West Germany. We did a river cruise, Amsterdam to Berlin in 2017 (great) and Amsterdam to Budapest last year. Also great. We found the German people pretty friendly . My rusty spoken German came back too! I speak pretty good French having done an OU diploma. It was very interesting to see former DDR cities like Magdeburg. We did a coach trip into the Harz mountains to towns that were on either side of the old border. Loved Berlin, we stayed in a hotel for a few days after the cruise so had a good look around. May take the van touring in Germany this summer, saw lots of campsites along the rivers!
  10. 664DaveS

    Front centre drawer/table

    We only use the pull out table at the front, ideal for two. The larger table comes out and is used in the awning if it is up.
  11. 664DaveS

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    The new Defender rumoured to cost around the £40k mark, a bit steep. I can see farmers going for pickups like the hilux when their Landies die! Its easy enough to keep a Defender or earlier models going as parts are plentiful and they are pretty easy to fix! I have had a S3 and classic Rangie, both great fun off road with a set of chunky tyres! Used to drive Landies in the RAF, some off road use on Harrier Force, as well as Bedford MKs! My wife bought me an offroad fun day driving an Abbot self propelled gun,Stalwart truck and Landies including the old 101 beast! Great fun!
  12. 664DaveS

    Sandringham CMC Site

    There are hardstandings. We had a very enjoyable stay at the nearby C&CCsite, which was cheaper than the CMC as we get old persons discount! Its more open and spacious than CMC site, but both are nice.
  13. We have hired vehicles in USA,Canada and Australia,they happily accepted the UK license,no need for international one.
  14. 664DaveS

    Vauxhall amongt the most reliable cars

    Its a 2017 survey so dated!
  15. 664DaveS

    Well, we all knew this already - another DM gem

    God job Audi and BMW don't make white vans!