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  1. I think the CX5 is also available in petrol form. Range Rover V8 petrols are good tugs, I had a classic 3.5 efi. Bit thirsty though but sound lovely! An lpg version is more affordable!
  2. Its the rules, no big deal if it makes life safer thats good. I went for a haircut, they asked me to wear one , no problem. Just got our caravan from store, the owner was wearing a mask and asked us to. He is over 70 and his wife is vulnerable having had cancer treatment, happy to comply. Our van is stored undercover so he meets us, opens the building and helps us push it out of the slot to hitch up,
  3. Souns like it's on standby. Is remote control ok? Try switching it on with switch on the tv.
  4. Probably was speaker cable, that and twisted connections, disaster waiting to happen! Good job you sorted it .
  5. What happens after three warnings? Extra duties known as "jankers" in the forces, or sentenced to the naughty step?
  6. You can't please everybody! I may use the loo facilities probably shower in the van to help the hardworking staff! One of our boked sites has no facilities, we have used them before they are fine. £16 a night too! If not happy stay at home and free up spaces for others! The club is doing its best.
  7. Check the length of the tranverse beds, some are a bit short. We had a Bailey Vigo which is the same layout. At 6'2" I found the bed only just long enough. If you are not so tall not an issue! We swapped to Cadiz which has 2 singles longwise each more than long enough.
  8. 664DaveS

    Basic toolkit

    We bought a small toolkit in B&Q several years ago, it is in a plastic case and has a good range of kit, not too heavy and sits under a bed box. We have duct and clear tape, WD 40 and some cable ties. Spare bulbs and fuses. A cheap multimeter lives in the van, very useful. Van came with spare wheel jack and wheelbrace. We have a bottle jack in boot of car. When we first stared caravanning we had older vans and cars so used to fix and sevice them myself. Spares and tools accumulated then.
  9. We had 3 Fronteras as my wife had lease cars , only Vauxhall allowed. We had 2.0 Sport petrol, a 2.2 diesel short wheel base and finally a 2.2 diesel Olympus long wheel base. All were good towcars, not trouble free and our local dealer was not the best. We binned lease cars for tax reasons and went to Kia now Hyundai. I wouldn't entertain a Vauxhall now.
  10. They should look at Ineos site! It has beam axles and heavy duty coil springs and dampers. Used on roughty toughty 4x4s like Defenders Jeeps Land Cruisers etc.
  11. We let the garage do it, both cars under warranty. The Santa Fe has a health check one year service the next. As we don't do a high mileage, we pay for optional oil change at the health check. Just me being fussy. My Mini has no dipstick just a check through on board menu. I can't even see the brake and clutch master cylinders! Probably under the plastic covers. No mention in handbook, it tells me when service is due when I start it. Next year! Last oil changes I did were when I had my classic Land Rover and Range Rover a few years ago.
  12. We are waiting a couple of weeks and not going far or a break. Longer trips late August and September hopefully! Fingers crossed kids back at school too!
  13. You need to check the connector where it plugs into the van, maybe a loose wire or short in there. It should be accessible inside . Make sure connections are clean too.
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