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  1. 664DaveS

    Service due

    Bailey did the same, I had ours done before the lockdown, its backmin storage, I hope the deale rship manages in these difficult times .
  2. We take a walk around the area for an hour or so, we have a very large park nearby, few dog walkers about and joggers. The police are patrolling . We keep our distance from others and will only go to the shops when we need to. Probably fortnightly, apart from a short walk to local place for milk. The govt have said no unnecessary journeys which going out for a drive to a quiet spot would be!
  3. Happy with our outfit, but I wouldn't say no to a Range Rover to tow with and a Porsche 911 convertible as a plaything.
  4. My wife worked as a Health Visitor and had deceased people reappear on her caseload list after being taken off. The IT whizzkid did not believe her until she proved it!
  5. I am too old to be recalled to RAF at the moment, reserve liability ended at 60! Wife left the NHs 6 years ago so at the moment not being asked to return, She is 66.
  6. Ours is a 66 manual, keep the tyre pressures as stated its fine. Don't forget to check tyre pressues including spare, tyre pressure monitoring doesn't work on spare! They are very good towcars
  7. Funny the extinction rebellion lot have gone away! Probably panic buying and emptying supermarkets! Saint Greta Grumpyberg has gone quiet too, I expect she's back in Sweden
  8. I totally agree with you. We can only go with what is being done, if virus was allowed to run unchecked who knows how many deaths could occur.
  9. I left school at 17. Started work for a few years then joined the RAF for 24 year. Closely followed by 18 years as lecturer. I had 3 '0' levels out of 7 I took! Probably down to lack of effort on my part! Got my qualifications in the RAF by part time study. No proms or gap years! Having gap rest of life now!
  10. My wife popped to Tesco for some washing liquid, no problem but no milk except the blue top which we do not use. She said most people were doing normal shop, but some moaned if not allowed to have more than 3 of any items. Poor lady on checkout said she was worn out and sick of some ignorant people. Our local small supermarket/post office had pretty good stock albeit limited range. Managed to get milk, 2 litre last us a week. No flour or pasta but had bread. We have a bread maker which we like to use cannot at the moment. Seems to be millennial brigade who are worst. Me first attitude.
  11. I am a very naughty boy too! Did do the bathroom scales once, and always load the van the same so its pretty well ok. Heavy awning goes in the car. Along with wine on return from France! When we collected it new, it felt a bit unstable as empty but it was a careful 10 mile tow to home! Its done lots of miles all over UK and Europe solid as a rock. With our Santa Fe we are below 85% recommendation anyway. I always check wheel stud torque and tyre pressures including spare tyre. Nothing wrong with petrol tow cars, its only comparatively recently we have had turbo diesels. We used to run Saabs, from 99 through to 900T and 9000T, they were excellent tugs, if a bit thirsty due to being built like tanks! Our 900 Turbo did about 20 mpg towing an Abbey GTS! Very rapid cars though! Not towed over 85%
  12. Not really necessary travel so we not going away now. Our van has been out for servicing and will go back to storage tomorrow. Battery will have had a good charge. When things improve we can go off again, hopefully across the channel as well as at home.
  13. My wife is a retired nurse, they are talking about recalling them. She has not done hospital work for years as she was a health visitor and latterly worked in safeguarding children role. She is recovering from a spine injury so cannot do heavy lifting . No doubt they will be in touch if they need to. I am ex RAF but at 68 too old for reserve liability and as ex avionics technician not much use to NHS! Dads army relaunched? We could guard loo roll stocks!
  14. We use minimum facility sites sometimes, usually empty the loo every other day on those. If site has loos we use them , if van loo gets used no problem. The pink stuff in the flush tank helps it smell nice plus good old air freshener spray in the compartment! Used to use Elsan loos when I was on deployment with RAF Harrier force, non flushing type. Often in a tent or surrounded by hessian screening, not pleasant but needs must!,
  15. Good news, just had ours done, never mind its going back into storage tomorrow. Gave us a chance to empty out stuff and give battery a good charge.
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