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  1. Start a rumour on social media that the birds have been seen on some remote uninhabited island and they will all clear off there! Silly sad people !
  2. We didn't go to France this year but plan to go next year, if there are restrictions and extra hassles due to brexit, so be it! We have had a few breaks in UK between July and October which were great. Van back in store but may get it out if we feel the need. Not half term though!
  3. We are sticking with our 66 Santa Fe as its low mileage and a great towcar. Still a year warranty left. I would probably get another or Kia Sorento, as the new models look lovely. There will be hybrids later so a consideration. We have a Mini Cooper convertible as a second car, it has a 1.5 three cylinder turbo 138 bhp. Very responsive and a lot of fun with good economy. The electric one looks good too so may think about it but we do like the convertible.
  4. We have a 2018 Cadiz and are very pleased with it. The warranty is 3 years with 6 anti water ingress cover. Ours is dealer seviced and has had no major issues. Only faults being a sticky mains rcd, water pump and smoke detector fails. All replaced under warranty. We are currently waiting for the spare wheel winch to be swapped as it stuck following a wheel change for a leaking valve. ( £33 for a new tyre pressure monitor valve!) You need to check the services have been carried out correctly so you can transfer the warranty. The vans have Tracker so you would need to change
  5. There are taps for the gas appliances usually under the kitchen area. The main pipe comes in then divides for supply to each appliance, these could have been switched off. They have red knobs side by side.
  6. This was covered on this forum a while ago. I insulated the ducting on our then owned Pegasus. I think you can do a search on the forum. Search button at top, if no joy then perhaps the nice moderator or administration folk can assist?
  7. Our 2018 Cadiz has had a few faults. Squealing brakes, faulty water pump.smoke detector. All replaced under warranty. Latest issue the winding mechanism for the spare wheel stuck after having a flat tyre due to leaking valve. Warranty claim in. Spare wheel is under the bed where it will probably stay as safer access! No other issues. We love the van and use it a lot covid not withstanding! Our dealer, Cosford Caravans, sorted all the issues in their usual efficient manner!
  8. You can get an adaptor, it plugs into the 13 pin and converts it to 7. If you have 2 x7 pin plugs ( black plug and grey plug)they do one which splits to 2 . Caravan dealer or online , possibly Halfords will do them. You connect the 13 pin plug in the car socket. Then plug the 2 caravan plugs into the grey and black ones on the adaptor. I have a 2 x7 car one to 13 pin caravan one in garage somewhere. Car has 13 pin socket now.
  9. Gets my vote, with al the uncertainty it makes sense! Bah humbug!
  10. There is a large in crease in the number of motorhomes about. Sadly a few selfish individuals arecspoiling it for the rest. I used to work with a motorhomer who avoided sites at all cost, staying in laybys etc. His choice. He was known for being tighter than a certain part of a duck!
  11. Another 17 for us at Bourton on Water and Moreton in Marsh. Total 308
  12. If it has the onboard pump there is a small filter which goes into the aquaroll. If it has a submersible pump no.
  13. Somewhere near tne water heater there will be a drain valve. It has a yellow lever on it. If the lever is vertical put it horizontal before you try to fill the system! Or all the water pours out the drain! When you have finished using the van, open the drain valve and leave the taps open mid way betwen hot and cold. This will drain the system preventing possible frost damage. You should also empty the loo header tank by flushng the loo water into the waste until it stops, then empty waste. In the loo compartment there should be a drain pipe with a bung in the end. Remove the bun
  14. They come with some washers , last time I changed a pair just put the same amount of washers thet were on each side. Are the pads pushed back in completely?
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