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  1. tony23

    Skoda Octavia

    Well done everybody great info. I have convinced myself to go out and buy Octavia 2. 0 tdi estate with DSG gearbox . Again many thanks to all above
  2. tony23

    Skoda Octavia

    Again guys many thanks for the above info a real help Anybody got any information /experiance of the DSG Auto gearbox? love to hear from you
  3. tony23

    Skoda Octavia

    Good information thanks a lot guys
  4. tony23

    Skoda Octavia

    Have downsized van so got rid of my 4x4, caravan loaded is 1200kg,the octavia looks a good match,budget is up to 10k so looks like should be able to get 07/08 reg with sensable miles. Advice please, Hatchback or estate? 1. 9 or 2. 0? Manual or DSG auto? I like the idea of the auto, keen to hear from anybody who has got one, what are they like for towwing Thanks tony
  5. Many thanks for all the aboue guys, I think the only way to find out if it will work is to do a tempory muck up. So I am off to see if i can borrow a valve from a plumber mate. Will post when done. Again many thanks
  6. Thanks for that, i do have a faily low flow rate head fitted already. My problem is setting up and maintaining a constant flow and temperature.
  7. I seem to use a lot of my hot water,fiddleing with the over sensitive manual mixer tap fitted to our 2009 ranger gt60,which uses the normal plug in pump with outside water container, water heating via truma 8ltr unit Has anybody tried fitting a domestic type thermostatic shower valve of the type used on tank feed systems which i understand work on a fairly low head ?
  8. Hi I have replaced the piezo and spark electrode,also thermocouple,It runs, but only on the small pilot jet. I have checked and cleaned the main jet, I think it must be a problem in the valve. Looks like I will have to give up and wait for the service agent. Unless anybody has any thing worth trying ?
  9. Thanks for that I will give it a try in the morning
  10. Hello There, Just bought a 2 year old van,private sale Its fitted with a Truma S 3002P fire which i can not light on gas,cant get any of the service agents to look at it for 6 weeks and have holidays booked befor then. Have checked gas is present at the connection going in to the fire. I get a small belt of the Piezo if I hold both connections and press it. Should I be able to se a spark in the inspection window when pressing the Piezo ? I cant at present. Any body know of any common faults that i could have a look at ? Thanks
  11. Hy I have a 2000 stirling eccles topaz,the a-a measurment in the book is given as 8910 & this checks out when measuring along the awning channel and projecting from the futhest forward point on the rail to the ground, likewise the rear. However when I enter details of van on isabella site & one of the other manufactors sites, it comes up with 9300 ?. Also some makes are sold as a fixed size ie [650], others as a size no ie . Does the measurment go to the bottom of the mud wall or mid point? Any help would be appreciated. Tony
  12. Many thanks for your help, just got it, jammed micro switch on one of the taps
  13. Hi, Just back from w/e away in van. Pluged in Whalemaster pump put in full water barrel,wont stop running, tried spare pump, same, i have 3 taps with micro switches,Book not very helpful says may be low voltage,i have new battery, it suggests that if tap switches fail it will stop flow. Any help please. Tony
  14. Thats great, what i hoped to hear, but ibetter look at tax thing Thanks Tony
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