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  1. Thanks everyone for you input, especially Lozzyf! I thought that the strap was there to regulate the distance to the front poles but what confused me was that the Kampa instructions say 'Locate the eyelet on the webbing straps close to the rear pegging points (Rally only not Rally Pro).' We are in France at the moment and I will try to follow Lozzyf's instructions when we move to our next site on Sunday. Thanks again everybody. Robert
  2. I have just purchased a Rally Air Pro 390 awning and have erected it for the first time. Can anyone tell me what the black webbing straps attached to the bottom of the two sides are for? I thought that they were to regulate the distance of the bottom of the two end air poles from the caravan but the straps are too long. Can anyone help? Robert
  3. Hi everyone We have a 2010 Bailey Pageant and we have discovered that several of the net flyscreens are mildewed. We tried soap and water but this was not wholly successful. Has anyone any ideas ? Many thanks Robert
  4. Ian I tried the same reasoned approach with Bailey's but have been told that the warranty on decals lasts for only 12 months. I think they have just lost a loyal customer. Robert
  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'll decide whether to ask the dealer to replace them at the next service or simply to remove the damaged ones completely. Robert
  6. Hi We have a 2010 Bailey Pageant which we keep parked beside the house. In November I washed the caravan with Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner as usual and then, for the first time, I decided to use Fenwicks Overwintering. The other week, after very heavy rain I noticed that the decal stickers above the front window were peeling so badly that I had to remove two of them. The 'BAILEY' decal in the middle was also beginning to separate. This is the first time that this has happened to us in thirty years of caravanning and I was wondering if the Overwintering would have been the cause as heavy rain has not affected any of our caravans in the past like this. Has anyone else had this problem? Robert
  7. Thanks, Norm, I'll give it a try. Robert
  8. We have just changed our minds (once again!)about where to go during June and July and are now thinking about Denmark and Sweden instead of France again. Has anyone visited Sweden? I would be grateful for any advice about sites. Many thanks Robert
  9. The new struts arrived today and I have replaced them. Once again, great service from Chichester Caravans, Bromsgrove. Thanks everyone for you help. Robert
  10. Many thanks for your comments and suggestions, everyone. I have contacted the dealer and they are sending out two new struts. I hope that these last longer than the two previous sets! Robert
  11. There are two struts, one at the head of the bed and one at the foot. Robert
  12. We have a 2010 model Bailey Sancerre (purchased in October 2009) and last May I had to replace one of the gas struts on the fixed bed. I have just discovered that both struts have now gone again and they will not hold the bed open to give access to the locker underneath. They had been working when the van was last used in November and the bed base was left in the horizontal position over the winter so there was no pressure on the struts. Has anyone else had this problem and is there something I should be doing to avoid it happening again? Replacing the struts is easy and they are under warranty but I would not want to have to pay for new ones each year when the warranty is up. I would be grateful for any advice. Robert
  13. Leedslad, I tried to tell her but she said that a divorce would cost a lot more than £250. Robert
  14. After many years caravanning at home and abroad my wife is agitating for a sat nav, just as I thought that she was starting to get the hang of reading a map! I am concerned that some sat nav systems do not take the size of a caravan into account and that we would end up on an unsuitable road - not that it hasn't happened to us before! I would be grateful for information and advice from any of you who have experience of using sat nav, especially in France, Germany and Spain. Many thanks Robert
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