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  1. I will back up Durbanite here. CMC legal services are totally and utterly useless. If you have house insurance legal cover you can use that rather than using someone like Which. As for being shocked at your van falling apart after 2 years, within the first month of use of mine, along with a host of minor problems the wall cupboards started to part company, and the roof started to collapse. Sadly caravans are very badly made these days.
  2. No, though I would not expect an aluminium skin to make much difference as the skins for the roof and the walls are not bonded together. This link is from a US RV dealer. Some good advice: https://tradewindsrvcenter.com/blog/severe-weather-tips-for-campers
  3. Just done a quick check on Rightmove. In our area there are 556 houses/flats for sale at £70,000 or under with over 200 having 3 bedrooms or more.
  4. Someone will buy it and think they have a wonderful bargain.
  5. Just 3 miles from us. As it happens I have a spare almost full Calorlite sat in the shed unused as I've converted to Gas It. You should have asked. For next time, the Premier Convenience Store in Sedgefield about 5 minutes walk away are Calor stockists, or try Go Outdoors in Stockton, one of many Calor dealers in the area, and there is a Calor Depot in Middlesbrough. Whether they have Calorlite is a different matter. I've also found Kimberley very helpful, but then as I've found over the years almost everyone in the northeast is always friendly and helpful.
  6. Mine too! Especially after waking up in Sennelager next to my Land Rover one day on exercise and finding new tank tracks just a metre away from where I was sleeping!
  7. I realise that, but then you didn't have to pay for the fuel!
  8. You haven't said how old it is. If not new, have the tyres been changed?
  9. Nah! Only 47mm. Anyway, I'd have thought a motorhome like this would be more up your street.
  10. Correct tyre pressures for both tow car and caravan?
  11. Random figures people throw out are useless. Its all very well saying go for 70kg, but figures like this are purely guess work. Weight is on your side as the noseweight is quite low. Load it up to say 50kg noseweight and try it out on the road, preferably a busy motorway if one is near. How stable does it feel? Then try 60kg. Does this make it better or worse, or no different? Then perhaps up to 70kg or down to 40kg. I wouldn't go much lower than this as the noseweight unloads the faster you go. This way you will find a sweet spot range where it is stable. This will determine how careful you need to be with the noseweight.
  12. Avoid option 3. If there is lots of awning damage, then this suggests someone who is none to careful or very inexperienced with caravans. Either way that probably won't be the only damage!
  13. Not a chance seeing they owned Elddis at the time our caravan was built. Benimar. Out of 5 new caravans 4 needed major repairs in the first year. One was a write off after 4 years, and another got rejected after 6 months. Only one caravan stood the test of time, a Trigano. Trigano have been long term owners of Benimar. Enough said!
  14. After the fiasco with the last new heap of junk Elddis laughably called a caravan we though of giving up altogether. In the end we could not give up the life and decided on a motorhome. Any British one was instantly ruled out. We've hired them abroad several times so know what sort of layout would suit us. A couple of days spent at the NEC was well worth it. We've now had the thing 6 months, and really pleased with it. Much better made, how many caravans have a floor 3 inches thick? The large lounge with the electric drop-down bed is a real bonus, a fixed bed without the waste of space. We knew it would be a different way of life, but we are also discovering aires abroad where you can park up motorhomes for the night for free or very cheaply. In the UK there are Britstops where you can park up at pubs, farm shops etc for free. Had a fabulous stop recently by Hadrian's Wall, great meal and even better beer as they run their own microbrewery. The cost for the meal was less than a night at a campsite. Its also great to be able to bomb down the motorway and not worry about overtaking lorries or strong sidewinds. Electric bikes locked in the garage area take care of short excursions out from the motorhome.
  15. Its obvious! All those thousands and thousands of Brits caravanning abroad and ending up dead or in hospital after being electrocuted. Just Google it, there's loads of horrendous stories on line.
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